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Mike Shanahan on Alex Smith: “He’s done an excellent job preventing interceptions.”

Here’s is the transcript of Washington Redskins head coach and former 49er offensive coordinator Mike Shanahan’s Wednesday morning conference call. Q: If you had to put your finger on what’s been going on in Washington during this losing streak, how would you do so? SHANAHAN: You just can’t talk about one thing. There’s a combination […]

DeAngelo Hall on Alex Smith: “He’s dinking and dunking.”

Here is the transcript of this morning’s conference call with Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall. Q: Did you and Carlos Rogers get to be pretty close when you played together for the Redskins the last few years? HALL: We hated each other, actually. But, no. I got a chance to definitely hang out with him, […]

Baalke talks like Tuna

Niners general manager Trent Baalke entered the NFL as a Jets scout in 1998 and spent his first three seasons under coach Bill Parcells.