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49ers Week 11 grades: Colin Kaepernick

SAN FRANCISCO – The 49ers destroyed the Chicago Bears 32-7 Monday night. Here are the grades for Colin Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick: A+. Jeff Garcia said Kaepernick should check it down all game. Steve Young said Kaepernick should use his legs. Kaepernick said to heck with that. He came out winging it. He saw that the […]

Steve Young on Kaepernick’s development: “He’s on 1-80 in Davis and he needs to get to Reno, but at least he’s on the road.”

Steve Young spoke on KNBR Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Colin Kaepernick. Q: How do you think Kaepernick did against the Rams? YOUNG: I thought he was thumbs-up. A young player in a tight spot. Had to go down and kick a field goal – did it. Had to bring the team back […]

Alex Smith on the Lions: “The D line is definitely a strength of theirs. I mean, just look at them.”

SANTA CLARA – Alex Smith spoke in front of his locker Wednesday afternoon. He talked about turnovers, Randy Moss and the upcoming opponent – the Detroit. Lions. Here’s a transcript. Q: You’ve gone 185 pass attempts without an interception? Who do you give the most credit to that? ALEX SMITH: Throwing the football – the […]

Steve Young says Alex Smith is, “The centerpiece of ‘If he’s successful, we’ll be successful.'”

Ralph Barbieri asked Steve Young about Alex Smith Wednesday afternoon on KNBR. Here’s what Young said. BARBIERI: I was never convinced the Jim Harbaugh fully trusted Alex Smith until the end of the Saints game. Is that fair to say? YOUNG: “Well, let’s get a little perspective. They’ve been together on the field for six […]

Nice going, Alex, now do it again (Lowell column)

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat just posted my dad’s column for Thursday, so I’m linking to it. When they post my article I’ll link to that, too. Here’s an excerpt from my dad’s column: “Alex Smith had one great game. Check that. He had one great part of one game. He needs to show it […]

Steve Young on the Niners defense: “They’ll figure out a way to keep that score 24 or less.”

Ralph Barbieri and Tom Tolbert interviewed Steve Young on the KNBR this afternoon, and here’s what Young said about the Niners’ upcoming matchup with the New Orleans Saints. TOLBERT: What’s Alex Smith going through this week? What was it like for you your first home playoff game as a starter? YOUNG: “Well, way different from […]

Steve Young on whether Alex Smith should be a Pro Bowl alternate: “It’s just fun to talk about Alex in these terms.”

Eric Byrnes asked Steve Young Wednesday on KNBR if Alex Smith should be a Pro Bowl quarterback. Here’s what Young said. Q: Should Alex Smith have been a Pro Bowl quarterback? Or if someone fell out – Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees or Eli Manning – should Alex Smith take his place? YOUNG: “Emotionally I’m […]

Steve Young explains the over-my-dead-body quality in great quarterbacks

Here’s one more excerpt from yesterday’s Steve Young interview on the Razor and Mr. T show. Ralph Barbieri asked Young about Tim Tebow, and he replied in general terms about what makes great quarterbacks great. Q: What’s your explanation for Tim Tebow’s success? YOUNG: “There’s no question in my mind that there’s a relentlessness to […]

Steve Young on quarterbacking in the red zone: “Be the artist and create something to get the ball in the end zone.”

Steve Young spoke with Tom Tolbert and Ralph Barbieri on KNBR Wednesday afternoon. Here is the part of interview I found most interesting. TOM TOLBERT: How do you cure Alex Smith – I shouldn’t say Alex Smith, I don’t know if that’s fair – but the Niners of their red zone woes? Can you make […]