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Five key questions for the 49ers

This is my Sunday article on the 49ers. For the 49ers, training camp is about becoming the best. Second place isn’t good enough anymore. Enough with second place. Win the Super Bowl before the window of opportunity closes. With that in mind, here are five key questions the 49ers will face in training camp. 1. […]

Those guys are flankers. They typically play on the right side of the offense. Brock probably will line up on the left s... - Grant Cohn

49ers mini-camp: Phase 2 of a laid-back offseason?

Last year’s offseason was completely different than this year’s offseason. Last year was strenuous. Jim Harbaugh made every practice extremely competitive. Players got hurt. Michael Crabtree blew out his Achilles’ tendon right away. So, Harbaugh created an open competition for the No.2 WR job. That didn’t work out so well. Quinton Patton broke his finger […]

AES As much chance as a snowball in hell... - OREGONINER

49ers’ top-5 position battles of the offseason

To get you prepped for Tuesday’s OTA, here are the 49ers’ top-five position battles. 1. Chris Culliver (6-0, 199 pounds, 25 years old) vs. Chris Cook (6-2, 212, 27) vs. Dontae Johnson (6-2, 200, 22) for No.2 cornerback Culliver is the favorite – the 49ers spent a third-round pick on him in 2011. But he […]

Exactly, Richardson and Harvin will stretch the field and then throw Lynch into the mix. S/b exciting to watch to watch... - Mary

How good of a wide receiver is Stevie Johnson?

Last season, Stevie Johnson played poorly. But he had injuries. The three seasons before last — 2010, 2011 and 2012 — he was productive. He caught 237 passes for 3,123 yards and 23 touchdowns. Is Johnson a good receiver, or just another receiver who put up numbers on a bad team? Consider that from 2010 to […]

Stevie Johnson had a 15.4 percent drop rate last season, a 13.9 percent drop rate in 2012, a 6.6 percent drop rate in 20... - Grant Cohn

49ers draft grades (the ones that count)

Here is my Monday column grading the 49ers’ draft. Before we grade the 49ers’ draft, we have to agree on a grading criterion. I propose a simple one: Are the 49ers better than the Seahawks now? That’s the only question that should matter. That’s a pass-fail question. The 49ers added depth. They addressed needs. They […]

Opp's forgot Boldin and Ellington oh, Vernon D, and oh, Miller Sounds like an overwhelmed secondary for Seattle.... - DB

Report: 49ers acquire Stevie Johnson from Bills for conditional 2015 4th-round pick

Adam Schefter just tweeted that the Bills have traded wide receiver Stevie Johnson to the 49ers for a conditional 2015 fourth-round draft pick. Surprising trade considering how deep this draft’s wide receiver class is. On the other hand, Johnson probably is a better player than any receiver who will be available during the fourth round […]

I am really unclear - why does everyone think Crabtree is so great? He has one 1,000 yard receiving season and is not pa... - akosh33

The 49ers won’t spend a lot on outside free agents

Here’s a very interesting tidbit from the great Mike Sando on Trent Baalke’s free agency philosophy. Sando asked Baalke at the Combine when is the right time for an NFL team to spend a lot of money on an outside free agent? And here’s what Baalke said: “There’s reasons why we don’t do it and […]