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The 49ers’ five sure things

Thanks for your generous responses to my earlier post. Our discussion of the top 49er storylines turned into a lengthy list of concerns. Adam, among other readers, pointed out the defensive backfield and the offensive line as two more areas of anxiety for the 49ers. Thank you, Adam. Let’s look at the team from the […]

Rathman’s role may not be reprised in Harbaugh’s WCO

Jim Harbaugh may have memorized those Bill Walsh installation tapes, but it’s worth noting that he’s never used a fullback like the 49ers once employed the versatile Tom Rathman, who had more than 40 receptions in four of his eight seasons in San Francisco.

Four coaches will be retained, but will Alex Smith?

When asked about being a first-year NFL coach and dealing with the uncertainty regarding the league’s labor situation, Harbaugh busted out one of his mottos, coming, perhaps, to a T-shirt near you, “All obstacles can and must be overcome.”