Tony Wragge: “We’re looking at the guy in the mirror every day.”

SANTA CLARA — Backup tackle Tony Wragge sat at his locker this afternoon and spoke earnestly on the offensive’s line performance on Saturday and their current state of mind. Here’s everything he said. Q: The offensive line is under a lot of scrutiny. What’s the mood with you guys? WRAGGE: The mood is just to get back to work. Alignment, assignment technique, and execution – that’s what the coaches have…

August 29, 2011

Tony Wragge on fan violence: “Probably the biggest thing I think about other than blocking a 3-technique on Sundays.”

SANTA CLARA – Tony Wragge was the first 49er to speak to a group of reporters in the locker room this morning. He wanted to talk about the Saturday’s violence at Candlestick park, and when he was asked if he gets worried for his family’s safety during a game, his wife and two daughters who watch from the stands, Wragge almost shouted, “Yeah, heck yeah.” Here’s the transcript of everything…

August 22, 2011