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49ers fans should wish for a Bears victory

This is my Sunday column. Twelve reasons to root for the Bears Sunday if you’re a 49ers fan: Reason No. 1. The Niners front office may start thinking Blaine Gabbert is the franchise quarterback if he beats Chicago, and may decide against taking a quarterback in the first few rounds of the upcoming draft. This […]

"That's why they play the game." ... John Madden... - htwaits

49ers’ salvage plan probably far too late to matter

This is my Friday column. The San Francisco 49ers hit the iceberg weeks ago. So, why are they benching Colin Kaepernick now? What does this move say about the mindset of the franchise? We’re looking at two issues here: the Jim-Tomsula issue, and the Jed-York-Trent-Baalke-dynamic-duo issue. Although the issues are similar. Let’s deal with the […]

Fan 77 excuse me, but I want my fair share of the pie... I've been ragging Kaeps flaws since Alex became a Chief...... - OREGONINER

49ers and their flexible code of conduct and punishment

This is my Friday column. Whatever they need, however they can justify it. On Aug. 31, 2014, 49ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. He was throwing a birthday party at his house and allegedly got in a fight with his pregnant fiancé. Police arrived at 2:48 a.m., found bruises […]

Plant.... - Grant Cohn

Trent Baalke on Aldon Smith, Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis

SANTA CLARA – 49ers’ general manager Trent Baalke just spoke with 49ers’ beat reporters at Levi’s Stadium. Here are selected quotes. Q: What’s your impression of Aldon Smith these days? BAALKE: Aldon’s like any young player, he’s growing up, he’s maturing. You see that with a lot of these guys. Some of them get themselves […]

I like B2W's suggestion that there should be 2 different offers, one with more guaranteed money. Then let Aldon decide.... - sebnynah

For 49ers, this season all about one man

This is my Sunday column. SANTA CLARA – Training camp for the San Francisco 49ers started today. What person on the 49ers is this season all about? Is it the man standing in the middle of the practice field directing drills — head coach Jim Tomsula? No. Practice isn’t the full picture. Games may not […]

Grant is 100% spot on with this article and it sure has riled up the Jed/Baalke cool aide drinkers. Facts speak for t... - Nick

49ers face facts about their identity

This is my Saturday column. SANTA CLARA Do the 49ers have a face? They certainly used to. They had Jim Harbaugh, hands down the face of the franchise the past few seasons. Who made the Niners nationally relevant for the first time since the ‘90s’? Harbaugh. Who made them winners again? Harbaugh. Who made it […]

Mid, Grant' premise dealt with 'one' person being the face of the franchise - I was responding to that.... - AES

Tom Brady and Patriots claim the crooked crown from 49ers

This is my Wednesday column. The 49ers are off the hook. They can thank the Patriots. Until Monday, the Niners were the NFL team with the worst history of cheating and paying for it. Until Monday, the Niners had received the largest fine in the history of the league. The NFL fined owner Eddie DeBartolo […]

Tomsula also saying that Moody is a guy that is standing out; but it is just OTAs.... - cubus

49ers’ draft had a distinct NFC West influence.

This is my Tuesday column. Look at it from Trent Baalke’s perspective. The 49ers’ general manager has to build a team that plays in the NFC West — the toughest division in the NFL. Last season, the Niners’ record was 2-4 against NFC West teams. Against the rest of the NFL, the Niners’ record was […]

You've asked me what I would've like to have seen Harbaugh change. I didn't think of it at the time, but not throwing mo... - exgolfer

Baalke on not drafting a corner: “There were times we tried to address it. The board didn’t fall that way. Sometimes it doesn’t.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is the transcript of Trent Baalke’s post-draft press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ public relations department. Today was an offensive-heavy day, but I’m curious about the 5th round selection of Bradley Pinion. What did you see in him as a punter and what does it mean for P Andy Lee? “First […]

If reason dictated peoples actions than those actions could more easily be quantified and more predictable. What makes a... - Willtalk

Baalke: “Five or six guys you could say that we coveted at that spot.”

SANTA CLARA — Here is the transcript of Trent Baalke’s post-Round-1 press conference, courtesy of the 49ers public relations department.   Can you talk about what happened at 15? Obviously, Armstead still on the board, Kevin Johnson. Were both of those guys considerations and that is what enabled you to drop two spots down?   […]

I take cash. No checks.... - MidWestDynasty

49ers need talent, not good manners

This is my Saturday column. Let your general manager do his job, Jed. You keep saying you want to win with class, as if you know what it takes to win in the first place. As if winning is a given and what matters is the players’ moral standing. You should make yourself the general […]

Interesting....... - Razoreater

49ers have no simple solution to Willis’ absence

This is my Friday column. SANTA CLARA It was a test. I knew the correct answer to the question I was going to ask Trent Baalke. I wanted to see if Baalke knew the answer, too. Baalke was sitting in the 49ers’ media room facing a semi-circle of reporters, answering questions about the state of […]

I agree that losing Willis is a big deal - losing Crabtree won't hardly be noticed.... - Berdj Joseph Rassam