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Packers-49ers matchups: Part I – Cobb vs. Rogers and Cox

The 49ers play the Packers Saturday at the Stick. In the meantime, I’ll break down the key matchups. WR Randall Cobb vs. CB Carlos Rogers and CB Perrish Cox The 49ers have struggled to cover the best slot receivers all season. The 49ers faced Randall Cobb, Percy Harvin, Victor Cruz, Danny Amendola, Chris Givens, Wes […]

Rogers sizes up Marshall, Hester, Bennett, Amendola and Cruz

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Carlos Rogers said Friday afternoon in the media tent about the Bears wide receivers and how they compare to Danny Amendola and Victor Cruz – two receivers Rogers has struggled to cover. Q: What makes Brandon Marshall stand out at wide receiver for the Bears? ROGERS: That guy’s big – […]

Goldson on Eli Manning: “He can pull a rabbit out of a hat at any time.”

SANTA CLARA – Dashon Goldson spoke in the media tent Wednesday afternoon and he wore Patrick Willis’ jersey as he answered questions at the podium. Here’s everything Goldson said. Q: How much of a threat is Eli Manning? GOLDSON: Eli’s a very good quarterback, very accurate, tough guy. We faced him twice last year, and […]

Cruz on the 49ers defense: “Dashon Goldson covers a lot of ground.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Victor Cruz said about the 49ers-Giants matchup to Bay Area reporters Wednesday morning on a conference call. Q: The Niners have shut down some good QBs and limited opposing passing games. How have they done that? CRUZ: I think it’s their aggressive play. I think their safeties do a good […]

Cruz on what he expects Sunday: “Hopefully a lot of Carlos Rogers on me.”

SANTA CLARA – Victor Cruz spoke to Bay Area reporters Wednesday morning on a conference call. Here’s what he said about his rivalry with Carlos Rogers. Q: Do you have a rivalry with Carlos Rogers? CRUZ: I guess so. That’s what the media likes to call it, but I think it’s just friendly competition. Q: […]

Coughlin on New York Giants: “We haven’t gotten much pressure this year.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Tom Coughlin said to Bay Area reporters about the New York Giants Wednesday morning on a conference call. Q: How much of the success of your defense is related to your abilities to get pressure on the quarterback with just four guys? COUGHLIN: That’s always been our strong point. We […]

49ers-Giants matchups: Part IV – Willis, Bowman and Whitner vs. Bennett

The 49ers play the Giants on Sunday at Candlestick. In the meantime, I’ll break down a couple of key matchups per day. TE Martellus Bennett (6-6, 265 pounds) vs. Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman and Donte Whitner With Dashon Goldson and Chris Culliver taking away the deep passes, Eli Manning probably will have to throw short […]

49ers-Giants matchups: Part III – Culliver vs. Hixon and Randle

The 49ers play the Giants on Sunday at Candlestick. In the meantime, I’ll break down a couple of key matchups per day. CB Chris Culliver (6-0, 199 pounds, 4.36 40-yard dash) vs. WRs Domenik Hixon (6-2, 197, 4.39) and Rueben Randle (6-3, 208, 4.43). When the 49ers played the Giants Week 10 last season, Culliver […]

49ers-Giants matchups: Part II – Victor Cruz vs. Carlos Rogers

The 49ers play the Giants at Candlestick on Sunday. In the meantime, I’ll break down one key matchup a day. CB Carlos Rogers vs. WR Victor Cruz When the 49ers and Giants played last season, Rogers covered Cruz on almost every pass play. That’s because the Giants like to line up Cruz in the slot […]

East Coast vs. West Coast: The Battle of the Wide Receivers

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat’s sports section is doing a special playoff package every day this week, and for Wednesday we’re focusing on the Giants and 49ers wide receivers. The great Phil Barber was assigned to write on the Giants wide outs. I got the Niners wide outs. Quite a contrast. To read about the […]