Does Alex Smith hate the Cardinals? Smith: “Hate is a word I wouldn’t use.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Alex Smith said Thursday afternoon about the 49ers upcoming game against the Arizona Cardinals. Q: Do you hate the Arizona Cardinals with a passion? ALEX SMITH: Hate is a strong word. They’re a division opponent. Obviously, there’s a lot of history there – we play them twice a year. Great rivalry. Hate is a word I wouldn’t use. Q: Every time you go there it…

October 25, 2012

Roman: “We’ve had some looseness on a couple occasions on the interior blitzes.”

SANTA CLARA — Here are quotes I selected from the transcript of Greg Roman’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers. Opening Statement: “Getting ready to play a really good Pittsburgh team. They’re ranked really high against the run and pass. Starting with their D-Line, really start with their nose tackle there in the middle, Casey Hampton has been there for a long time, knows the defense. He’s very stout,…

December 16, 2011