Takeo Spikes disappointed on draft day

Takeo Spikes, the 49ers linebacker, likes what his team did over the three-day draft, with one exception: He was sort of hoping the Niners would select his cousin, Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes.

“I really thought we were going to get him in San Francisco,” Spikes told the Boston Herald. “I thought that was going to happen. They really liked him. I talked with our GM (Trent Baalke) and our linebackers coach (Vantz Singletary) about him several times. It didn’t work out, but I think he’s in probably just as good a position where he is now, maybe even better.”


The Patriots took Brandon in the second round, at No. 62 overall. The 49ers took Navorro Bowman 29 picks later.

Read the full story here. It’s fairly enlightening.

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