Tank Carradine: “Whenever the doctors tell me I’ll be ready, that’s when I’ll be ready.”

Cornellius “Tank” Carradine spoke to the media after the 49ers’ morning practice on Friday. Here’s a transcript.

Q: What have the 49ers told you about how fast they want to get you back from your knee injury?

CARRADINE: I’m just worried about what the doctors are saying. Whenever they tell me I can go back on the field, I’ll be ready.

Q: Are you expecting to be ready for training camp?

CARRADINE: Whenever the doctors tell me I’ll be ready, that’s when I’ll be ready.

Q: Are you feeling good?

CARRADINE: Yeah, I’m feeling great.

Q: What kind of football activities are you able to do right now?

CARRADINE: It depends on what the trainers tell me.

Q: After the draft, the 49ers talked about you adding more muscle, the way Justin Smith and Ray McDonald have in their careers. Has that process already started for you?

CARRADINE: We’ve talked about it. That will come along.

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