Ted Ginn Q&A


Ted Ginn spoke to the media under the hot Santa Clara sun this afternoon. He wore a sweatshirt and loafers – an outfit much too hot for me in this weather but, hey, some like it hot.

Here are selected quotes from the group interview. Enjoy.

Q: How is this offense different than last year’s?

GINN: It’s different – more words. It’s kind of similar, just get open and throw it to the person.

Q: What were your impressions of the tempo of your first practice?

GINN: A lot of guys were excited, team was excited, Coach was excited. We went out and executed plays. You’re going to have some miscues but that’s what goes on the first day. I think we all went out and enjoyed ourselves and had a good time.

Q: How difficult is it to learn a new system?

GINN: I’ve been in this [league] for a while. Five years, three different staffs, four different staffs. You just come in and learn. You show what you’ve got and hope the coaches believe in you.

Q: First impressions of Kaepernick?

GINN: He’s a great kid with a big, strong arm. The only thing to do is hope that he matures better and better and comes along, and once Alex comes back and he can get the knowledge that he has they should go well together.

Q: When you were brought in last year did you think you would be worked in more as a receiver?

GINN: Yeah, for sure. Coming in I had very, very high expectations for myself as a receiver. It didn’t really turn out that way but I’ll just come back to the drawing board and do it again.

Q: I’m surprised to hear you say this year’s offense is similar to last year’s. Last year’s offense did not have a good reputation. This one, there are high expectations for it. My feeling is you’d say it’s quite a bit different. It doesn’t feel that way to you?

GINN: When I say different I’m talking about the terminology. I’m not talking about the expectations of how we execute it or how we didn’t execute it.

Q: Do you feel the expectations are higher?

GINN: For sure. Everybody comes in with high expectations. That’s the beginning of the year, that’s why it’s the start of football.

Q: With Crabtree out are looking to get a jump start?

GINN: I’m just going out and competing and just keep playing no matter what’s going on. Just go out and have fun and show the team that one [player] goes down and another one can step up.


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