The 49ers cap situation

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports this morning that the 49ers have over $30 million in cap space.

Some of you asked whether the 49ers have to spend a minimum amount of that cap room this year, but they don’t. Individual teams don’t have to spend a minimum amount until 2013. This year, the league as a whole must spend 99% of $3.184 billion.

In related news, Manny Lawson has reportedly signed a one-year contract with the Cincinnati Bengals worth $3 million.

Meaning the 49ers could have afforded him, they just didn’t want to resign him – it sure seems that way. They could also afford to resign Dashon Goldson and Aubrayo Franklin. Do you think they want to? Should they?

If they don’t, what should they do with that the cap room instead?

Does it seem like they have a plan to use it this season, or do you think they’ll save it for the future?


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