The Bravest Man at 49ers Fan Fest

The Award for the Bravest Man of the Day goes to the guy who wore a black Tim Brown Raiders jersey to the 49ers Fan Fest.

I was near him as he walked through the parking lot, and as he approached the gate he encountered a group of about ten 49er fans. They objected to his jersey.

So, they let him know. They wouldn’t look at him, but they stared straight ahead and pulled their shirts over their mouths and shouted many rude things, the least of which was, “Go home! Get this guy out of here!”

At one point the group passed a police officer in the parking lot. One of the 49er fans shouted, “He’s drunk! Get this Raider fan out of here!” The policeman laughed.

This Raider fan and I entered the stadium at different gates, so I lost him for a while.

I watched practice on the field from the east sideline, and the crowd of about 8,000 sat behind me. The Raider fan sat in the front-right side of the stands, and I know this because everyone was yelling at him.

Sometimes Alex Smith would throw an incompletion and you’d hear boos and you’d think they were for Smith, but really they were for the Brave Raider fan. Any time he got up and left his seat he got a round of boos. This must have happened three or four times.

So here’s a question: What would happen if a Brave 49er fan wandered into a Raiders’ Fan Fest?


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