The lockout looks to end in a week

Talked to a league official this morning. Wanted to know if a new CBA was an imminent as ESPN reported Thursday.

“Don’t worry about the weekend,” this person said. “Even if there is a gentleman’s agreement, a handshake in principle, it still has to be ratified (signed) by all the owners and player reps. I can’t imagine this would happen in a conference call.”

Given the fact the owners are meeting next Thursday, my source said that would be the time for the lockout to end. Signatures would be needed before camps open. And if it does end on July 21st, no exhibition games would be in jeopardy except the Hall of Fame game August 7th, which, all things considered is no great loss.

Hall of Fame weekend would still transpire, said 49er Hall of Famer Bob St. Clair.

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