These tweets are dangerous

Something strange, even sinister, seems to be happening to your 49ers.

It started on May 18, when rookie wide receiver Kyle Williams sent out this message via Twitter: “so pissed… this bird really just tried to swipe my beats by dre clean off my head!!!”

Followed less than a minute later by: “now they broke best buy better gimme a refund for this sh*t. hahah cant even be mad tho hella funny”

And it was funny. A bird swooping down to attack Williams’ high-end headphones? What could you do but laugh it off?

But another tweet came flapping in today, this one from backup quarterback David Carr. At 6:27 p.m. he posted this: “Walking to grab some dinner and was attacked by a blackbird, seriously clawed the back of my head and tried to pick me up! No time to play it cool, ran like my boys to cupcakes”

OK, nice metaphor by Carr, but no amount of humor can mask this disturbing trend. Fifteen minutes later, the QB was still jittery. “not sure that I’ve ever been that scared,” he wrote.

How far will this go, people? Will it be funny if Michael Crabtree gets his eye pecked out by a blue jay and has to wear an eye patch like the guy on the Raiders logo? And why? Why is the animal kingdom rebelling against the 49ers?

Carr had a theory: “I think it may have been a relative of the bird I hit last week” he tweeted.

I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure the Cardinals and Seahawks are involved in some way.


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