My thoughts on Gabbert

I am not a Blaine Gabbert fan at all.

He hardly ever threw the ball downfield in college. He was a system guy who threw bubble screens, smoke routes and other quick passes.

At Missouri, he completed just 30 percent of his passes that traveled more than 15 yards downfield.

Obviously, Gus Bradley saw enough of Gabbert last year to know he was not and will not be the long-term answer for the Jaguars.

This was a WEAK trade for the 49ers. I don’t see how Gabbert is an upgrade over Colt McCoy.

      1. Someone evaluated him high enough to take him 10 overall. Better value than Colt who was drafted in round 3 I believe….This is where Harbaugh increases his contract value by getting this kid to play up to his potential….

        1. Someone evaluated him high enough to take him 10 overall

          Someone also evaluated RG3 high enough to take him 2nd overall.

        2. I agree. The 2 trades were pretty much steals. Gabbert and Jonathan Martin! Both working on rookie contracts! Gabbert, to me is like AS. If Alex would’ve got traded 2 years after he was drafted, the same thing would’ve been said. Fact is, neither had good coaches early in there careers. Harbaugh gets ahold of Gabbert much earlier than Alex, I believe he turns him into what he made Alex! Easy!

      2. Neither is fales! He can be drafted by the dopes accross the bay that drafted your other favorite QB Wilson. Lol

      3. I’ll take Harbaugh and Baalke’s opinions over yours any day of the week, Grant. We’re talking about the coach who brought Alex back from being a career backup at best to being better than he ever was before he arrived. He obviously sees something in Gabbert that warranted the team making the trade. He is an upgrade over McCoy and we’ll see how it plays out.

  1. Grant, I’ve read his salary is not guaranteed and see this as more of a free agent signing. I doubt he’s intended to upseat McCoy.

  2. I don’t see any disadvantage to this trade. Gabbert was evaluated fairly high by many teams in 2011, so he isn’t void of talent. I think a change of scenery will do him some good. This is a 6th round pick for a backup QB…so this trade won’t have a major impact on either team. I think everyone is making a bit too much out of this trade.

    1. The downside to this trade is wasting $2 million AND our coaches’ and players’ time in trying to acclimate Gabbert to what we’re doing on offense. If we’re not careful, we’ll be letting a team like Arizona leapfrog us, as they’ll be adding Veldheer and their 1st round pick from last year to the only big weakness on their team, the O-Line.

      1. I’d imagine the 49ers will be letting Mr. Gabbert know that he will either be accepting less than $2M, or he’ll be released in due course.

  3. It’s a 6th round pick, who cares? Coming out of college he had a first round grade from almost every team (which was what, just three years ago?). The reward outweighs the risk by a longshot. He was terrible in Jax but never had a chance, he was screwed from the moment he was drafted. Let him develop under a real coaching staff for a year or two on the bench, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being a solid backup. If not, it’s only a 6th round pick. Not the end of the world.

    There’s a small chance that the stars align and he ends up being a stud. You never know.

    1. Grant apparently cares. That 6th round pick we gave up is mortgaging away our future! Look at all the downside to the trade! Oh noes

    2. Kelly Stouffer, Tim Crouch, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, David Klingler, Andre Ware, McGwire out of San Diego State all had first round grades when they came out, too. How did those first round grades pan out??????

        1. go back and research 6th round draft picks. obviously, one who comes to my mind is from down the road from the ‘Stick – a guy named Tom Brady. never discount the value of a late round draft pick if a GM does his homework and works the small schools, too.

  4. Grant,

    I couldn’t agree more with your opinion of Gabbert.

    Having said that, between you and me, and Harbaugh and Baalke, I’ll take Harbaugh and Baalke when it comes to assessment of NFL QBs.

  5. Being a Cornhuskers fan, I was able to have a good look at Gabbert when he played at Missouri. My conclusion was that he made a great college QB but a lousy NFL QB, and I have yet to see anything my opinion on him.

  6. I’m actually liking this trade. Gabbert is a high ceiling player who was saddled with a terrible organization devoid of talent. He got his face smashed in so many times he got gun shy. For a sixth round pick, which probably wounldnt make our roster anyway, we get a player with the potential to be a very solid backup and with a scrambling QB like Kaep insurance is a must.

  7. Great trade, give the qb whisperer a chance to turn him around, for a 6th rounder? Nice. Montana couldn’t have made the jags a respectable team Grant, you are flat out wrong on this one. Low risk, high reward.

    1. totally agree with this move. lots of draft picks in the stable. a player that coach and many others thought highly of. size and speed, strong arm if reports are true. plus they will need arms in camp if nothing else.and gabbert finally gets a shot with elite coaches and players around him without the pressures he came into the league with.

  8. I absolutely hate what we’ve done so far. Waaaaay too much money for Bethea. Gabbert is total garbage, and yet will suck up another $2 million on our cap. Why not sign Byrd instead of Bethea and Gabbert? I would have been nearly the same cost!!

    This year’s FA period is even worse than last year’s.

    1. 4 years, $21M sounds fine to me (vs. Whitner’s $28M). Why is that too much? We don’t even know the guarantee yet. Could be a totally fluffed up year to year deal with easy outs.

      1. Again, we need JUICE. I’m fine with a Bethea on say a one-year $3.5 mil contract to replace Dahl. And I was never a proponent for signing Whitner because I think Reid is better playing close to the LOS, and covering TEs and RBs, which is what Whitner did.

        1. Sorry sully, but have to disagree on Reid. He’s better playing deep, keeping the play in front of him, and attacking the ball.

        2. Lol! Replace Dahl? Ha, Bethea is way better than that. He’s not quite the hitter as Whitner but he is a sure tackler and better in coverage. Whitner had 5 huge penalties, tho legal, but still penalties that cost us. Bethea had none. He’ll fit in nicely IMO. Smart player!

    2. Sully,

      Get yourself a drink and chill. Bethea is cheaper than Byrd and has no injury history unlike Byrd. You also would have to sign a backup QB whether you signed Byrd or not. Then there is the problem with giving a big contract to an outside FA which immediately causes some descent among your regulars who wonder why the new addition is now one of the highest paid players on the team.

      FA has just started and they’ve filled two holes within the first hour. The sun will come up tomorrow I promise.

        1. Bethea is a stud…have you watched him play? He played behind a not-so-hot Indy DL front and now can flourish behind arguably the best front 7 in the NFL. What’s not to like??

          1. I love the Bethea signing. He played FS for Indy. Now the 49ers have two almost interchangable safeties, which is what Fangio wants since it makes the 49ers defense even more difficult to make pre-snap reads against.

        2. Again, we need JUICE.

          We need STUDS.

          What are you, 16? Is your ID good enough to get you that pitcher?

          Well-run, successful teams didn’t get that way by being big players in the early stages of free agency. That’s not how you build sustained success.

          1. “Sustained success?” What are you 65? We want Super Bowl rings. That doesn’t come from the Gabberts, McCoys, Dahls, Betheas (at the price we signed him for). And as for big signings, I’d say Brees worked out well for N.O. I’d say Avril worked out for Seattle. I’m not saying we should overpay the wrong guy. I just don’t like us shelling out a few dollars here and there to a bunch of guys who will make zero different in the W-L column.

            1. Sully:

              If you want Super Bowl rings, then you don’t want the 49ers to take the approach you are advocating. It’s proven time and time again not to work.

              Neither Avril nor Bennett was an expensive, mega contract, first day of free agency type player. They were pieces that Seattle added to a solid core of players drafted and developed over the past 4-5 years. Seattle won the Super Bowl because of that core, not because of those two additional pieces and definitely not because of Harvin. I’d argue that over the course of the 2013 season, the 49ers got more out of Boldin than the Seahawks got out of those three.

              By the way, sustained success beats sustained mediocrity, like the Redskins and the Cowboys, two teams that have approached free agency the way you want the 49ers to, namely by overpaying for free agents.

              Baalke is setting up the 49ers to have maximum flexibility in the draft. They can take the BPA regardless of position. In fact, they can use their 5-6 picks in the first three rounds of an incredibly deep draft to take the BPA multiple times, thereby increasing the chances of getting that JUICE you crave and giving them the best chance to remain one of the most talented teams in the NFL. Or, if there is one player above all whom they feel is a true difference maker, they have the ammunition to trade up and get him without leaving holes unfilled.

              I’m sorry the team isn’t thrilling you by making splashy signings in March. But that’s not how Super Bowls are won.

              1. CB, I’m not suggesting the team HAD to sign someone big opening day. I’m saying, rather than spend $10-mil a year collectively on Gabbert, Bethea, and E. Wright, it would be better to A) spend it on a V. Davis or J. Byrd, or B) Wait until later and sign the Avril/Bennett-types that have been left without a big market, or C) Extend one of our most productive players, whether it be Aldon or whomever.

              2. Sully:

                I don’t think the 49ers have precluded themselves from doing B or C.

                Moreover, signing one player to an overpriced mega-contract fills one hole, and if that player doesn’t live up to his contract, the team may be hamstrung for years. The 49ers have filled three holes, with the possibility of more to come, and doing so can focus on doing some real damage in the draft (the only real source of low-priced, high quality talent) without worrying about overreaching for need.

                And without knowing the contract details for Bethea, Wright and Gabbert, we have no idea what level of commitment the 49ers made to them.

              3. I would rather pay Byrd $9 mil a year than Bethea+Gabbert+Wright that money. But Verner is an even better deal.

                Jack, I think you’re right that the Niners could get Revis. But they’d have to put a “1″ in front of that “4″ you’re talking about.

              4. CB, you keep making the argument of “overpriced.” But Bethea and Gabbert are overpriced in that Bethea is worth about $3.5 to 4 million, and Gabbert is worth zero. Last time I’ll say it, I’m not for an overpriced contract. But I do think Vontae Davis at $9 mil or Byrd at around $8 mil is fair for a guy who can make a real difference in a game. Bethea, Gabbert, Wright, and Gerhardt are simply not difference-makers at this point in their careers.

              5. Sully:

                If they are going to overpay, I’d rather they overpay at the midlevel or lower than at the high level. The amount of overpayment is likely to be less.

                I’m not sure your valuation of Bethea accurately reflects what safeties are getting in free agency. Whitner got $7 million/year, so Bethea getting $5.75 million/year doesn’t seem out of line. I also think that you undervalue what a guy like Bethea brings to the team in terms of veteran leadership, on field communication, etc. The rest of that secondary is going to be relatively inexperienced in 2014.

                Plus, you don’t know what the real numbers for any of those players are/will be.

                Look, it’s clear that you aren’t going to change your mind, but Baalke is following a proven blueprint. It’s the one he’s used since he’s been in charge of the roster, and the 49ers have one of the most talented rosters, if not the most talented roster, in the NFL. It may not be flashy, but it is successful.

              6. CB, would you rather have CB Alterraun Verner for four years, $26.5 million? Or Bethea for four years, $23 million? You don’t have to answer that.

              7. Once I see all the numbers for both contracts, I’ll answer that question.

                That said, it certainly doesn’t look like Tampa Bay overpaid for Verner. In fact, it looks like thievery.

                I wonder how much the absence of a state income tax came into play?

              8. @AdamSchefter: San Francisco is trading a conditional draft pick to Miami for OT Jonathan Martin, per league sources

              9. Martin comes cheap. Salary is not guaranteed. More competition in camp.

                These training camp practices would be great to watch.

    3. Way too much money???Are you serious??? 4 yrs, 23 M. For a guy with his experience and smarts, that’s a good deal. He’s productive (110 tackles), and makes very few mistakes, to wit 13 penalties in 8 years, only 3 of which were PF’s. He’ll make a terrific S tandem w/Reid…just watch.

    4. Sully says “Why not sign Byrd instead of Bethea and Gabbert? I would have been nearly the same cost!!”

      Yes, nearly the same Sully….six-years and 56 million for Byrd.

  9. Tell me how Gabbert will not be Alex Smith 2.0? They are fairly mobile guys that failed on horrible teams. You can’t blame either for failing either since both teams were absolutely horrible from the moment they started. Smith and Gabbert aren’t guys that will carry a bad team but if Harbaugh can do what he did for Smith then this is a great move. Gabbert was a top ten pick for a reason. Think of it as getting the young Carr for a 6th round pick instead of a 1st. This is a good move and you are a sour grape Grant.

    1. I’m hip…I detest writers who think they know more than FO’s and head coaches. Grant’s just too opinionated for my taste, but I had to point out to the dude that one team’s trash can be another’s treasure. This really could be a new lease on life for Gabbert…pressure’s off, he’ll be a b/u behind Kap. Since Harbaugh and Baalke think he’s got the right stuff, who the heck are any of us to doubt them. At least give the kid a shot to show what he can do playing for a SB contender…ah, but it’s taking the easy way out to just slam the kid, isn’t it.

      1. ex,

        I agree and it’s worth if even if he just becomes a decent backup. This is a no lose proposition to me. You get a guy talented enough to be taken 10th overall 3 years ago for a pick not even guaranteed to make your roster. If Harbaugh can turn him around then they’ve just taken a 6th round pick and turned it into a great asset. If not you let him go and lose nothing. Worth a shot.

        1. I understand not being in love with this trade, but I can’t understand working up enough energy to hate it. It’s just a 6th round pick. Potentially high reward, marginal risk.

      2. I’ll take the 50 saying that doesn’t happen. If it does, it means that Kaepernick was hurt at some point in the season.

        1. Jack,

          I don’t know if it changes your position, but I didn’t say by the end of the 2014 season. It could be a two year process.

          For instance, I don’t think Matt Schaub played much in Atlanta before he was traded to Houston for a second round pick.

  10. Gabbert wasn’t ready to be a high 1st rd pick, then get his brains beat out in Jacksonville. Ok, he pretty much sucked there…all the pressure of the entire franchise was on his shoulders. He crumbled under all of that. Entirely different scenario in SF…not much pressure on him, surrounded by a great team. So, Grant, you don’t believe in second chances? Harbaugh went to his pro day and was impressed…so you don’t believe in Harbaugh’s analysis? Both Baalke and Harbaugh thought enough of this kid to give him a shot…6th rd pick for a former #1 pick is a bargain. So, why not give the kid a real chance to succeed in SF before you SLAM him to the ground??????

  11. Grant – Tell us again how the Cowboys are winning the Super Bowl and how they have the most stacked roster in the NFL. Or how Frank gore is DONE (all caps was for you)!

    1. The difference between Frank Gore and Marshawn Lynch in the last game we played, was STARK (caps for you Mike),
      Gore is done as a runner. He’s still a great blocker, but you’ll see this year, his carries will diminish significantly.

  12. Grant,

    How many picks do we have this year? Is losing a 6th round pick really that big of a loss? And regardless of your thoughts on Gabbert, he has a much higher upside than McCoy and might click with this staff/system. It’s a risk worth taking.

      1. McCoy was a high floor, low ceiling player coming out of college. He has an extremely weak arm and very limited upside. His biggest strengths were pocket awareness and quick decision making. Very mediocre talent-wise.

        Gabbert is the complete opposite. He was a raw prospect with a lot of upside. Size, arm strength, mobility, etc. The system he played in at Missouri didn’t have him the slightest bit prepared for the NFL. All he needs is the proper coaching and hopefully he’ll get better at reading defenses, going through progressions, pocket presence, etc. He had 10x more potential coming out of college than McCoy did, and still does.

      2. someone mentioned Harbs tried to recruit him
        in college …

        McCoy.. on the other hand … was a ..
        ” better than a poke in the eye
        with a blunt stick ..”

        kinda move ..

      3. For the Niners? Easy: McCoy is leaving for a better chance at playing time. He won’t help the Niners at all. There’s a chance Gabbert can. Why do they do it otherwise?
        I have not been a fan of Gabbert’s. When Alex & his 49ers were failing badly, Alex at least looked game. Gabbert, when I watched him, looked scared. But Steve Young looked crummy to me in Tampa. Jim Plunkett was demoralized in SF. So who knows?
        I would never have dreamed this up, but that’s the disconnect between guys like us and writers like Grant, and guys like Harbaugh and Baalke. Think about this too. Jim and Trent needed to agree that Gabbert might have resurrect able talent or they don’t pull the trigger. It means they do work together, share some visions and communicate; just for a news flash.

          1. That’s my point, now they’re not depending on a rook as #2. You and I haven’t seen evidence that Gabbert can play, but we’re not as experienced as the decision makers in this case. I accept my limitations and experience level, not sure everyone does.

            1. The Niners tried this exact same move last year — trade a sixth-round pick for one of the biggest QB busts from three years prior. If McCoy didn’t pan out under Harbaugh, why would Gabbert?

              1. He was a third round pick, that can’t qualify for one of the biggest busts from three years ago…..try Tebow/Jahvid Best/Cris Cook/Clausen/Mays just off the top of my head. Try not to sensationalize every point you are trying to make.

              2. Bradford drafted number one in my view has not lived up to expectations, so I’ll call him a bust. Again, McCoy was drafted in the 3rd round as almost a courtesy. Not much was expected from him other than a career backup at best….Constructive criticism is good once in awhile there Grant…

              3. Yeah, the last chapter hasn’t been written in McCoy’s book. He thinks he did progress under Harbaugh, we,just didn’t get to see it if it’s true. Now instead of licking back drawing a slary he wants to get some playing time. As to busting in Cleveland, who was the last successfully QB there? Kozar? Testaverde? Sipe?

              4. They drafted him to be their QB of the future. He started as a rookie. He was one of the biggest QB busts in the draft.

              5. Pffft! If you say so. The way I remember it was the poor kid was sitting there with this pitiful look of disbelief and hurt because he had not been drafted, and Kiper selling him like the salesman at your door with a $1200 dollar vacuum cleaner. I highly doubt Holmgrem thought he was the future, especially since his was written on the wall…

              6. They didn’t like McCoy after getting him in camp. That’s why they were going to cut him until he took a pay cut and didn’t bother to try to resign him.

                Gabbert is a guy they liked, and has more arm talent. For a 6th round pick in a draft they still have 11 picks in, it’s worth a shot.

              7. Arm talent? Gabbert can’t hit the broadside of a barn if it’s more than 15 yards downfield.

    1. Is that video supposed to make him look bad Grant? He made a bonehead play near the end of the game on the Int, but there are a number of deep sideline throws he put on a rope that were very impressive. I remember watching that game a few years ago and thinking about how strong the guys arm was and how much potential he had. Obviously the Niners felt the same way.

      1. Gabbert is a raw talent, at Jax he had no chance much like how Alex had no chance with SF early on. Lets give the kid a shot and see what happens. The key here is the cost…if they paid big bucks/picks for him then I’d be up in arms. A 6th rounder is no big deal whatsoever. Never seen such negativity over a low-risk deal.

        Inefficiency exists in the NFL in terms of high talent, bad fit guys. Dorsey is a perfect example and I think Baalke does an excellent job finding them.

  13. What 6th round draft pick would you suggest be the 49ers back up this year? No one. He doesn’t exist. At least Gabbert’s got a better chance of making the team than the 6th round pick he was traded for would have. This was a very good move.

      1. So were Trent Robinson, Jason Slowey, Ronald Johnson, Colin Jones, Nate Byham, Kyle Williams, Thomas Clayton, Marcus Hudson, Melvin Oliver, etc.

        Again…how many draft picks do we have this year? Is it really that big of a loss? This roster is stacked; we aren’t desperate for depth, especially if we’re talking about sixth round talent.

    1. A 6th round pick has value in any trade package. Just last year we used picks in the late rounds to move up a few spots in earlier rounds to ensure we got the guys we wanted. That’s real value. Gabbert is a waste of a pick, time, and money.

  14. On another note…SB Nation is reporting that Eric Wright has been re-signed…bit of a surprise given all the negative stuff being reported about him lately…would have thought Perrish Cox would have been the candidate to bring back…probably
    still add a veteran and a draft pick of course…

  15. Who was the biggest QB bust in the 2012 draft? That will help us narrow down who the backup QB will be in 2015.

    1. Well, Alex Smith was considered a bust at one point, under similar circumstances as Gabbert went through. I don’t like Gabbert, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Harbaugh made him a decent QB. I think this move helps Kaep stay sharp more than anything.

      1. Alex Smith’s junior season at Utah: 67 percent completions, 9.3 yards per attempt, 32 TDs, 4 INTs.

        Blaine Gabbert’s junior season at Missouri: 63 percent completions, 6.7 yards per attempt, 16 TDs, 9 INTs.

        1. Gabbert threw 12 TD’s and 11 INT’s as a rookie on a horrible team. Alex Smith threw 1 TD and 11 INT’s as a rookie on a horrible team. Harbaugh might be exactly who he needs to steer him in the right direction.

        2. Alex Smith played in the same gimmicky offense that produce Tim tebow. I like to say he was Tim Tebow before the world knew of tebow.

          1. Same offense but Alex was a much more accomplished/better passer than Tebow could ever dream of. Don’t disrespect Mr. Smith by saying he was Tim Tebow. Two completely different players, same offense.

  16. Matt Barrows reports Niners sign Eric Wright to a one year deal.
    So without breaking the bank the Niners have a starting safety, backup QB and some depth at Corner. It would appear this gives them a bunch of flexibility in the Draft such that they are not required to take a player because he is in a position they need filled, but can take the best player that fits into the team or maybe even trade up to get an impact player if they want.

  17. Grant,
    If you wanted to rip on a wide receiver drafted by Balke/Harbaugh I’m on board, you me and every other fan has drafted as many impact offensive players (especially wr’s) as those two…which is to say none. However when it comes to QB’s…Harbaugh is the man. Your talking about a guy who has coached up Johnson, Luck, Smith and Kapernick. I’ll go with him on this one and if he’s wrong, it doesn’t cost a lot. You say Bethea is a 6th round pick…but for ever Bethea there is a thousand guys who never make the team. They have plenty of late round picks to take their shot at finding a diamond in the rough. Ah the internet age….so much buzz over a 6th round pick and quarterback who may never see the field. LOL

  18. “He was a system guy who threw bubble screens, smoke routes and other quick passes.”

    Well, maybe with him LMJ can finally shine in preseason and increase his trade value.

  19. I’m not a fan of Gabbert, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Harbaugh make him a servicable QB. I think this move drives Kaepernick more than anything.

    1. Sorry to retype basically the same thing as above, my browser went crazy after I submitted the first time and didn’t show my comment.

    2. Very true, BigP …
      besides … there still is the chance the Niners
      grab David Fales in the middle rounds … :-}

  20. Personally not loving Balke’s style on a lot of these trades. Gave up draft picks for McCoy and Gabbert. Problem there is it makes it hard to jettison these guys in training camp if they don’t perform well as there has been an investment already. This works against scouting and drafting. Who would we rather have right now, BJ Daniels or Gabbert? I’d vote Daniels. Who would we rather have right now, Marcus Cooper or Naamdi A. Of course Cooper, as Naamdi is retired.

    Looking back, if we had not invested a pick in McCoy, would he have lost out to BJ Daniels?

    Baalke loves to take flyers on rejects from other teams, hoping they can turn it around, however most don’t and that takes up roster spots for young talent.

    1. .market inefficiency in terms of high potential, bad fit guys is where you can find a lot of value for the money. Baalke is pretty good at finding these guys.

    2. Most rejects don’t turn it around huh? Carlos had his best years here. Glenn Dorsey is now a solid starter. Ahmad Brooks and Justin Smith underperformed early in their careers, compared to how they’ve responded to current coaching from Niners staff.

      Anyone realize Bethea had been to more ProBowls than Whitner? Gabbert might be the starting QB in 2015 or 2016. Kaep was potentially just made expendable.

      Harbaugh believes he can create a 12-win QB from the trash pile, and there’s no reason to doubt him on that.

      1. Some nice points, E. I’ll quibble with Justin underperforming in Cinci. He was a highly sought after FA. When he signed, some here complained because he didn’t have high sack numbers, but Nolan was saying all along he needed a 3-4 Stud. Another case of some relying too much on stats.

  21. Grant, why are you so negative about this trade? It’s not like he’ll ever likely see the field, and he won’t even make an impact, negatively or positively. It’s more of just an insurance policy. You’re acting like we just traded a first round pick for Jamarcus Russel. We all get that he’s not starter-material, but don’t see why proper coaching can’t make him a reliable option as a backup.

    Obviously the kid has talent, or else he wouldn’t have been considered a first round pick just 3 years ago. He has a high ceiling, and it was a minimum risk or investment. If we can have a solid backup for a 6th round pick, then GREAT. If he gets cut in training camp or ends up sucking, then GREAT. Who cares, it was a 6th round pick for crying out loud. Get over it already. Shouldn’t even be worth arguing over a player that is likely to play 0 snaps the entire season.

  22. Whether it be Revis, Byrd, Alex Mack… We should have put all the money we’ve spent so far toward one great player, then filled in backups with our draft picks. Not the other way around.

    Same thing happened last year. While the Hawks were signing Avril and Bennett and trading for Harvin… we were signing guys like Craig Dahl.

  23. Hey Claude,

    This thing is going down in the next 24-36 hours.

    “A trade for Darrelle Revis by the #Bucs is now considered unlikely. He won’t cut his pay to join the #Browns. Others willing to wait.” – Ian Rapaport

    He’s coming on the cheap. Locknot it in. ; )

      1. Now that would get people talking. I really think he would take a 1 year deal in the $4 million range.

        Sticking with my gut.

        1. There is no way he takes a 1 year 4 mil… We are talking about a guy who demanded a pay increase from the jets then held out.. 1 year 9 mil is my guess.

    1. Hammer , if revis does hit the open market I’m willing to bet the niners would be his top choice.. It’s just comes down to him wanting to take a 1 year 8-10 million dollar deal to win a SB! If he puts his ego aside and takes less he could very well be in a niner uniform.. This is getting Intresting!

  24. Gabbert played for the worst team in the NFL. He spent most of his time running for his life and he had one (1) running back and the rest of teh skill players were junk. We’ll see how this turns out but I think it might be a steal. We don’t pass a lot so it’s not as big a deal if we were Green bay…

      1. I have seen Brandin Cooks being described as similar to Cecil Shorts while Beckham is compared to DeSean Jackson.

    1. Ghost, good set of comments. Your last one — that we don’t pass a lot anyway — reminded me of the youtube video Grant posted above (the Insight Bowl, in which Missouri lost to Iowa when Gabbert was a junior). There he looks like a taller Alex Smith, throwing short to intermediate passes with a little running mixed in.

  25. I like the Gabbert move. I don’t think he ever got a chance to get comfortable with that “49er circa 2008″ esque offensive line. His confidence then went in the crapper, and he was cooked.
    A fresh start, no pressure, awesome physical tools to work with. Worth the flier.

  26. Well…we spent a 6th rounder for a FA last offseason too.
    That turned out pretty good.
    Just saying…

  27. I must say, the more I re-acquaint myself with Blaine Gabbert, the more I remember why I didn’t like him in the 2011 draft… I really don’t follow the Jags games so haven’t really seen much of him in the NFL, but yeah, I have no idea why he was considered a 1st round prospect in 2011.

    I don’t mind using a 6th rounder on him and see if Harbaugh can turn him into something, but I won’t hold my breath. They should still look at QB in the draft.

    1. No, Russel quit. That alone makes him worse. At least Gabbert still has the desire to succeed. He must be the happiest QB in the league right now. The Jags had quit on him, so instead of warming the bench for the godawful Jaguars, He gets to be part of one of the best teams in the league, and be coached by a man with a proven track record with his quarterbacks. He knows he will never start for the 49ers, but if he has half a brain (wonderlic 42) he will know that he will have chances to show improvement next year, and maybe earn himself a trade to a starting job elsewhere.

      Don’t get me wrong, Gabbert has been cover yer eyes bad during his career, but sports history is littered with people who have been written off, only to be able to raise the sweet middle finger of success later in their careers.

      And lets face it there are plenty of mitigating circumstances to suggest that his time in Jacksonville didn’t do him any favours.

      For the price, it’s a sensible deal. Gives Colin a boost too, If i wanted to tell my starting QB that he is the man, I’d give him a Gabbert type QB.

  28. I was never a big Gabbert fan but I agree with the others; this seems like a pretty good trade for a 6th rounder on a fairly loaded team that has cap space limitations. There are holes to fill but not as much money available to fill those holes and keep essential players as one would ideally need. Its easy for fans (and writers) to have opinions when they don’t have to live within the cap space and still field a good team. I say….the front office and Harbaugh are doing exactly what they should be doing….taking some low risk actions to find hidden talent that may exist within the league.
    There are clearly very few good backup QBs out there. If there were any, most would probably be starters. Harbaugh, with his QB development resume and staff, has a relatively good chance to make Gabbert into not only a good backup but possibly even eventually a competitor for a starting job. That could help Kaep’s development too. McCoy was a free agent. Why spend money on him when he seemingly did not have the right stuff? He wasn’t putting any competitive pressure on Kaep, for sure. Maybe…just maybe Gabbert can with the right coaching. He does have game experience. That helps a lot. He’s been under pressure. Don’t know if it is possible or not, but this would seem like an especially good trade, if Balke gets Gabbert to restructure his contract and take less than $2M to stay on the team. Bring in a new QB through the draft too. We need to keep developing and assessing talent.

  29. I remember back in 2011 when a lot of 49er fans were mock drafting Gabbert to replace AS. I would rather see them give up a 6th round pick now rather than the 1st round pick they would have wasted. I just hope Harbaugh can somehow train him not to sack himself when he hears phantom footsteps, lol.

      1. Gabbert is exactly as bad as he’s played. Check out any college film. After hearing all the hype about him coming out, I was shocked at how sad he looked in cutups that were supposed to make him look GOOD.

    1. Grant:

      Those articles don’t make your point. No one is saying that you can never find a great player in the 6th round, just that the odds are incredibly low. That fact is borne out when you compare the number of players listed in those articles to the total number of players drafted in the late rounds over the years covered.

      For example, the first article (on 6th round players) covers players drafted from 1985-2003, a period of 19 years. 32 x 19 = 608 players drafted in the 6th round during that period (I realize that there probably weren’t 32 teams every year during that period, but it doesn’t really affect the numbers so please humor me). The article lists 10 players who had “significant” careers (I’m being generous using that term when discussing a list that includes Cato June, Grady Jackson, Mike Anderson and Marc Bulger). 10/608 = .01645, which means that 1.645% of players drafted in the 6th have has significant careers. Given Harbaugh’s track record to date, I’m comfortable with belief that he has a better than 1.645% chance of developing Gabbert into a QB who has a significant career.

      I’m also willing to live with the 1.645% chance that Baalke and Harbaugh made a mistake in trading a 6th round pick for Gabbert.

      1. unfortunately, I don’t think Bill Bllichick and Mike Holmgren see it your way. That’s why they were successful with Brady and Hasselbeck.

        1. Do you understand what 1.645% means? It means 1.645 out of 100. One exception (no, I’m not impressed by Matt Hasselbeck), Tom Brady, doesn’t make the trade a mistake, but the hundreds of sixth round picks, who never had an NFL career, do make this a pretty decent trade.

          BTW, Bill Belichick knows how very lucky he got with Brady. He actually understands percentages and other tricky math stuff (e.g., statistics).

    2. I have great respect for late round draft picks to pick up developmental prospects and role players.

      Gabbert does have some impressive raw tools to work with. If he was in this years draft, a 6th round flier would probably be about right, hoping you can mold him into something. A bit like Logan Thomas. I’ve no problem with the trade if the 49ers think they can develop him, though I’m dubious he’ll ever be a quality NFL starter.

  30. trading a 6th for Gabbert is brilliant. This kid has huge upside. HUGE!!!!! forget about his days in Jacksonville/london……that franchise needs to be retracted, dissolved. I think this trade is a steal. Could we have found a guy like this in the 6th rd?
    I think he gets reprogrammed in SF, coached up and potential trade bait in the future. I also feel he’s going to be leverage for kap to sign an affordable contract. I still think they draft another qb though. Blaine is not as bad as his record is. His team stank!!!!

        1. Lattimore doesn’t seem like the slam it in there short yardage type. That is something they are missing right now.

              1. True. I guess I just dislike Gerhart in general. We need guys who are going to threaten the Hawks’ and Saints’ defenses. Pedestrian-types are a dime a dozen.

        2. I’m guessing it speaks more to Lattimore’s knee health (or Dixon’s expected departure) then his inside running. Lattimore’s college youtubes show a sneaky ability to slither through cracks in goal line situations.

  31. I don’t know that much about Gabbert, but what I like the trade…

    - Gabbert enables Baalkje to spend a late pick on a “project” backup QB, instead of a higher pick on a more pro-ready candidate. Expect the 49ers to draft a “raw” but athletic QB on day 3.

    - Like with Boldin, acquiring veteran talent via trade (instead of free agency) leaves the 2015 compensatory formula unchanged. Had they signed a free agent, the 2015 compensatory value might be reduced more then what a 6th rounder is worth.

    (hard to tell for sure, because the compensatory formula is semi-secret)

  32. The Saints did exactly what we were discussing. They signed Byrd to play centerfield, while Vaccaro is used in a variety of ways. Wonderful.

      1. How about Tampa today? Johnson and McDonald up front. Verner outside. That D is coming together nicely. Added a TE for Tedford too.

    1. Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala I can’t hear you. Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

  33. Dolphins to trade Jonathan Martin to the 49ers. Baalke is usually quiet early in in free agency, then things heat up later. This FA season is different.

  34. Trading nothing for Martin is fine. If its really a 6th or 7th conditional on him making the team, that’s buying low on a mid-round RT/G who’s familiar with Harbaugh. Adds depth. By bringing in a backup QB and a backup OL, leaves less needs so the team can just focus on DB, pass rushing OLB, and most importantly, WR, in the draft.

        1. If you’re right Jack, do you think Jim is winning the argument, if there’s one? Or Jed is just trying to make Jim feel better after the rumored Cleveland fiasco?

        2. Jack:

          Someone put on his thinking cap today. Your characterization would explain the Gabbert, Martin, and Gerhart moves/attempted moves.

          ricardo: The third possibility is that Baalke has agreed to it, at least with regard to back up offensive players. Let’s see what happens during the rest of free agency and the draft.

  35. Grant…good get to catch the Martin trade for us before we had a story to post on The Press Democrat site! … There’s negligible difference between where Alex Smith was when Harbaugh arrived and where Blaine Gabbert is now. Of course, I tend to look at more than stats when I decide if a QB can throw it downfield … not that I mind dumping it off. My kid and I put $35 on the Chiefs to win the AFC West at 25-1 odds last summer and Smith went full games refusing to throw more than 7, 10 yards downfield as we came thiiiiiiis close to winning a wager based solely on our liking Alex Smith. So, if Harbaugh got Smith right…then handed the team over to a revolutionary talent in Kaepernick who just keeps winning…I’m willing to see what Harbaugh can do with Gabbert. And, can we agree? Gabbert’s hair alone is worth a 6th ground pick!

    1. Hey Ted,

      Glad I could help. I don’t think Gabbert is as talented as Smith. I think Gabbert is more at Colt McCoy’s level. There was nothing Harbaugh could do to help McCoy. Harbaugh is not a miracle worker.

  36. Not very happy about this move. I’m just not convinced that Gabbert is even an upgrade from McCoy.
    Gabbert’ NFL record of 5-22 gives me cause for concern. If Harbaugh was looking for challenge at mentoring a QB why not take a flier on Tebow.
    After all, Tebow had a better NFL win/loss record of 8-6 and got the Broncos to the playoffs in a great come from behind game against the Steelers in overtime against the Steelers.

    This would be Harbaughs ultimate challenge imo. But the I could understand the overhyped media and fan attention that has plagued Tebow throughout his career and become a detriment any team he’s on.

    But I digress. Gabbert is not going to be the answer as a back-up QB. He is to soft, to tentative, and to gun shy in the pocket for him to become any force in the NFL.
    To me, using a 6 rd pick for him is to high but I hope I eat my words down the road.

    I’m not sold on Martin either. His reputation as a player has been marred by last year’s incident with the Dolphins. I really don’t care about giving up next to nothing to obtain him. 49ers players will now need to walk on eggshells when they are around him. This has the potential of causing some locker room issues because many players will be on constant check about what they say.
    I would have steered clear of Martin, but that’s just one man’ opinion.

    I do like the A.Bethea signing and re-upping Dawson is a good move as well.

  37. According to Chris Biderman, Bethea gets $6.5 million guaranteed from the 49ers. Whitner gets $11 million guaranteed from the Browns.

    Stop-gap money for Bethea.

    1. Also, I read that Ward got 14 million guaranteed. If Biderman is correct, this definitely explains the Bethea move. Sounds like a 1-2 year deal for Bethea while a draft pick (maybe the guy from Washington St?) develops.

      1. Probably. Makes sense. The Niners didn’t want to spend all of that money on Whitner, and for good reason.

        Still, the Niners are treading water (at best) while the Seahawks and the Broncos are improving.

            1. I just heard on NFL network Allen will retire if he doesn’t get the kind of money he wants. Don’t know if he is interested in the “Prove-it” deal Bennett signed last season.

            2. According to Rapapport, the Broncos offered Allen the same dead they just agreed to with Ware. Allen rejected it. I don’t think Seattle can give Allen that kind of money.

        1. 49er improvement will come from within – Carradine, McDonald, Lemonier, Dial, and Lattimore. Also, hopefully having Crabtree and Boldin the whole year (plus Miller) is an improvement. And Red Bryant was a Niner Killer – interesting to see if/how the Seahowks replace him. I don’t think the Niners were looking to do more than just tread water in free agency.

              1. Denver is going for it all this year. So is New Orleans. I think New England should be doing the same thing. Not so sure the Niners/Seahawks are in the same boat.

              2. I wouldn’t put New Orleans in this equation. They’ve dumped a lot of players with more to come after signing Byrd. They are worse off right now over all than they were last season with little room to get better, at least in FA. That’s what makes the Byrd signing a head scratcher.

              3. The “old” big three (Brees 35, Brady 36, Manning 37) teams need to start going for it. Why waste the last few years of these guys careers keeping your cap in order?

              4. I don’t necessarily disagree with the premise, but the Saints haven’t improved over all. They have a nice Safety tandem, but have released a lot of players who played pretty significant roles and don’t have much depth.

        2. Grant:

          Glad to see you’re not afraid of making premature judgments. What a team does on the first day of free agency tells you all you need to know. Who needs to see how the rest of free agency and the draft play out to know whether the 49ers have improved? Waiting until all the relevant information is available before reaching a conclusion is for the weak-minded, I tell you.

          1. I said the 49ers’ Day 1 was weak, not their entire free agency. At least the Niners’ Day 1 wasn’t a disaster like the Raiders’ Day 1 was.

            1. Out of curiosity, with 15 mill in cap space what should the Niners have done? I like the Bethea deal because it is short term. Dawson probably had to be kept. Gabbert is embarrassing, but not really that big of a deal. Same with Martin. The Broncos had 27 mill in cap space and are “shooting the moon” (does anyone still play hearts?) for SB 49.

        3. The Niners were 18 yards from going to a second straight SB. Treading water in FA is fine along with the draft bounty they have. Denver is going all in cap be damned to try and win the SB next year and Seattle has done nothing but resign Bennett.

          The last domino to fall is CB. With Brown getting little interest on the open market so far, he just may come back for that 3.5-4 mill that was offered and we are all set for the draft. If he doesn’t they likely will sign a similar player with the same end game.

          Let’s also keep in mind that part of this offseason is to prepare for next years when they will be forced to do Kaps if they don’t do it this offseason, and whichever they want to try and keep out of Crabtree, Iupati and Aldon Smith. Smith can be kept for a 5th year, but that would take a fair chunk of change off the cap similar to the Franchise tag although not as much.

          1. Consider this, if the Niners move up to 20 (I just picked that as an example) and pick a CB he gets a 4 year 8 million dollar deal. Brown turned down a 4 year 17 million dollar deal in season. Unless its a short-term deal masquerading as a 4 year deal like Bethea, I don’t see Brown coming back.

            1. It’s possible, but I think they’d prefer keeping Brown and paying 3.5 per for 2-3 years. They know what he can do. A rookie is an unknown.

  38. Grant, my initial reaction to the Gabbert trade was similar to yours but after really thinking about it i believe this was a great move by Trent. Gabbert has all the physical abilities for a NFL prototypical QB with pretty good arm strength and accuracy. He was one of the top QB prospects just a few years ago that ended up in a very bad franchise. He had no pro offense experience in college and suddenly was expected to lead a bad team to glory. Just think about this, this guy has gone through three offensive coordinators/systems in his short nfl career and never got the stability to grow and gain confidence. I believe Jim H offense is a good fit for him since it is QB friendly. He has the chance to become a pretty good player just like Alex Smith.

    1. Gabbert isn’t accurate, though. He’s extremely erratic throwing more than 10 yards downfield.

      Gabbert stares at the pass rush. He has no confidence. Maybe Harbaugh can fix that, maybe not.

      At least Gabbert probably will be able to learn the entire playbook.

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