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  1. And don’t forget to eat all your vegetables and take your vitamins. C’mon Grant, Kap could follow your plan verbatim and you will still find something to critique.

    I would estimate that there are many players in all sports that carry a measure of bitterness over ownership issues. Some have moved on, but some have used their bitterness as fuel to actually play with an edge – ala Adrian Peterson that felt the FO did not give him the support he was hoping for a couple of years ago.

    I will venture this; if CK wins the starting job in TC and gets some wins under his belt out the gate in 2016, he may be the happiest guy on the team.

      1. These “kap haters” are probably 49er fans first. With that said if he becomes a star it wouldn’t be bad for those who root for the team. Step back and separate yourself. And btw unless a miracle happens he won’t silence anybody.

      2. I’ve probably been a 49er fan longer than you’ve been alive. My father (who is 80) has been a fan since they were part of the AAFC.

        So get over yourself. Unlike the majority of fans my age, I stuck with the 49ers during the horrible 70s instead of rooting for the Raiders, Steelers, Cowboys, Broncos, etc. like most people I knew, only to hop on the band-wagon in the middle of 1981 when they finally started winning.

        I’ve earned my right to be critical unlike you Johnny-Come-Latelies.

  2. This would require Kaepernick to humble himself, and I doubt the QB who ticked off the 49ers fan base by wearing a Dolphins and then issuing a foolish response to that ire is willing to humble himself.

  3. yeah, if he’s sticking with the Niners, he should probably have a reunion type of press conference. something to show the public he’s all on board with the Niners and Kelly.

    I disagree with you middle paragraphs about addressing last year then talking about wanting your teammate’s respect..etc.. that shows weakness. it brings back into focus the problems of last year instead of trying to focus project optimism of this season with his working with Kelly. All he has to do is show he’s getting tight with Kelly. talk to some teammates and then have them start to talk about how hard he’s working with the team etc… and it’ll all be good.

  4. i heard that you reap what you sow. this ownership has been is and always will be losers as they are penny wise but pound foolish. if thats the case then the Yorks deserve this absurd comedy and more. Kap should get every dime from them as he sits and rehabs. if the 49ers don’t like it, they can throw in 4 million to have Denver take him. Simple.

    1. Sound wisdom. The people who have made the decisions that created this catastrophe are still here, making horrible decisions. Yoralke is the worst mgmt. team in the NFL. Perhaps professional sports. Old man York disagreed with Walsh on player-personnel. Loudly, so goes the story. What could Old man York possibly teach Walsh about football?
      Like father, like son. Pride and ego first. We are doomed……………

  5. I like the fact that CK7 has been quiet, he’s been out of the spotlight but people have been talking about him. He hasn’t shot himself in the foot yet. He still has all the options on the table.
    He’s not a bendover guy and maybe he will take Grant up on his offer.
    Let us know if he calls Grant!

  6. Right on the money, Grant, well done. It’s a hard world out there, and hopefully Kap realizes that $14.3M makes his struggle a whole lot easier than a lot of other guys’.

  7. Nice Grant.

    Colin, you are the master of your own destiny. You’ve got an opportunity not afforded to many people. Make it happen!

  8. It’s business. He’ll do what he’s contracted to do and not give up a penny he’s owed. Media members lecturing Kaepernick’s is a riot! They put him on a pedestal and lionized him not that long ago.

    I’ve never cared much for career advice from folks who don’t know the whole story and who have no experience working a job like mine.

    Good,thought provoking work Grant.

  9. Grant, I’m ordinarily not a fan of yours, but that was a really good article. I hope Kap takes your advice, but chances are that he’s not a regular reader of your column. I doubt that he has the smarts and maturity to do what you suggested, but that’s exactly the tone he should take.

    And lose the Beats headphones.

  10. Honestly whomever he has offended with his choice of wanting to get traded…get over yourself. The NFL is a business and you do what’s best for yourself and your family. Everyone is so quick to turn their backs on CK but there is a reason for him wanting to leave. Direct your anger at management because they don’t put their hearts and souls out there these players do. So show some damn support and respect . Make our QB feel welcomed not shunned! Grow up people!

  11. Kaep needs a course in public relations. Like look at that picture of him above wearing a suit with the Beats. Who does that? He looks ridiculous, but worse, he looks like he’s trying to be a non-conformist. Why wear the suit to begin with? He seems to be a very stubborn guy. Being a non-conformist and stubborn are great if you’re a trail-blazing artist, but as an NFL QB, forget about it; the defenses you face every Sunday have a thing or two to say about that.

    1. That picture was hand picked by Grant. I don’t know when or why it was taken in front of the 49er back ground. For it to have been taken in that location probably indicates the 49er public relations department was involved. Colin was paid to wear the head phones, but it would be wise from my prospective for him to drop the account.

      Other than that, Grant’s story for today just seems to be him giving everyone another opportunity to voice their pet gripes about Colin Kaepernick. Including the best one that the 49er background, his suit, and his headphones make him look like a terrorist.

      Enjoy the hen party guys.

      1. I didn’t notice at first, but there is an NFL mike in that picture so it was in someway official team business. In the spirit of full disclosure, I don’t often click on links to Grants newspaper. This one was not an exception.

    2. I said after his first terse PC that I would like him to represent the team well by wearing a suit. It took until his last PC before he took my advice, but by then, it was too late and he was benched.
      Still do not like the head phones, but some one said he was getting paid to wear them. I just wish he had better taste. Beats are crap. Sennheiser, Sony or even Bose would be superior.

  12. So far the market says Kap is worth 7mm. Why is he angry with a team willing to pay him 16mm? Does he think the Brocos are showing him more respect by insisting on only paying him 7mm? The only way they would take him is if the 49ers pay the difference. I was a Kap supporter but he is simply being foolish and hence I have lost respect for him. He is basically cutting off his nose to spite his face. All because he is mad at the 49ers.

    1. At the risk of HT’s ire …Grant ..
      I’d say …

      Much wisdom in your column, today

      But … the “stick in the mud” .. in me wonders ..
      What are the chances CK reads your columns ?

      1. No, no, there are many posters who assure me that no person associated with the Niners ever reads 49er blogs. That is verboten.

    2. Did you forget?:
      1. CK7 took the 49ers to the SB.
      2. MOST importantly he signed a TEAM FRIENDLY contract.
      3. Unless you were in a different planet you should know the rest.
      4. GOT IT?
      Thank you

      1. LAAAJR

        Maybe we should investigate just who it was that WROTE that ‘friendly contract’ and start dealing with it from there….We certainly know who signed it, ….let it play out…

  13. Spell check keeps changing my name to shush from shish. Might be easier to become shush!

    Interesting read grant!

    Anybody know what Ian Williams mysterious ankle injury was this offseason that screwed up his extension?

  14. so many columns about kap….who cares about his wardrobe-how about can he throw an end zone corner back shoulder with accuracy and timing…I would be happy with just that, he can wear any suit he wants…

    1. There is too much “talent” in this blog for it to ever be restricted to the playing of football. There are security experts, fashion experts, financial experts, moral experts, and last but not least there are behavior experts. What’s more important is the fact that there are so many with the ability to turn gossip into reality.

      1. So much speculation over the intentions of various parties in a business relationship, in an organization that’s proudly “opaque.”

        I’m starving for something football related to actually happen. The highlight of the week is a few player interviews, and picture of Eli Harold (which may or may not prove he gained 20 lbs).

        The league needs to move the draft back to no later than the 3rd week of April, the way nature intended, before fans go nuts.

        Post draft we can view highlights and breakdowns of the new players to our hearts content. Praise Baalke for his picks, or condemn them as “busts.” Actual players to discuss. Coaches and players might even say something. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  15. Fun game for all us wanna be GMs out there:

    I spent the $6 to upgrade to premium so I can make trades, and was able to run a full 7 round mock draft picking for the Niners while the simulator picked for the other teams. Made one trade, giving up our second round and fourth round picks to the top of the second round since a surprise player had lasted that long and I jumped on him. The results:

    7: R1P7
    32: R2P1
    68: R3P5
    133: R4P35
    142: R5P3
    145: R5P6
    174: R5P35
    178: R6P3
    207: R6P32
    211: R6P36
    213: R6P38

    Good way to waste 15 minutes of time.

    1. If they don’t take Charone Peake, it will just be another Baalke failure to seize an opportunity from the Clemson Star WR Machine

    2. “I spent the $6 to upgrade to premium so I can make trades …”

      I wonder if Baalke has a spare $6. If not, we could take up a collection to get him upgraded to premium.

    3. Pot..Kettle,
      One of the best I’ve seen so far. Goff (almost all pundits agree) looks like a done deal and I would love Ragland but not so sure he hangs around long enough for us to pick with our 2nd.

      1. I don’t think half these players last until they did in the mock draft, but the computer simulator kept them on the board and had teams picking other players. I was using the draft board as comprised by CBS Sports (the website lets you choose which draft board you can use).

  16. Grant

    Does Kap lack touch because his hands are so small? I imagine a guy with tremendous hands like Big Ben can put a nice touch on a football easier than Kap.

    Honest question.

    1. That is an honest question. Maybe Jack knows. Why are you asking Grant? How big are his hands?

      How big are Montana’s hands? His touch was amazing.

      What has always puzzled me about Colin is the inconsistency. Some of his throws are amazing from the the point of view of timing, touch and accuracy. Then there are the throws that no one can explain, even during 2012 and 2013.

      I realize now, that when I ranted about Colin not throwing the ball away when he could have avoided taking a loss, I had no way of knowing if linemen were already too far down field. I’m not about to spend the time to go through the “all 22” version to find out how often that was the case. With his running ability, there is a good chance it was often the case.

      1. I tried to find Montana’s hand size but failed. I did learn that 9.25 inches is supposed to be the NFL average. Did they measure hand size back in the seventies? Maybe they just watched them play.

        This was also interesting.

        “One of the largest measures of any quarterback drafted in the first round was the 11¼ of Jim Druckenmiller.”

    2. I’m not sure if that’s the reason or not, but his hands are slightly smaller at 9 1/8 inches E.

  17. I’ve been a horrible critic of Kaepernick, but this is the Bay Area, and people reinvent themselves all the time here. I’ve called CK “Fool’s Gold” from the beginning because his approach was destined to crash, which it did. But… heck, even Steve Jobs utterly failed at one point. What brought Jobs back was passion. If CK has the passion and drive to really get better and become great, then he has a tall ceiling. My gripe with him has always been mental. He inherited one of the most stacked teams in football in the last decade with the 49ers… and when things get a little rough, he wants to bail. Well, he may be starting to wise up and realize that opportunities to play with a top five all time NFL team (number 1 in my book) do not grow on trees. I predict that if he stays and he’s willing to be a man and fight through the adversity and truly perfect his craft, then he could be the one of the greatest to play the game. He has the mental fuel now to push through. If he cuts and runs, then that’s just what I would have predicted the first month he started. But, if he is growing as a man, perhaps he will indeed turn out to be Gold.

    1. “realize that opportunities to play with a top five all time NFL team (number 1 in my book)”

      I’m assuming you mean franchise and not the current team. Which ownership are you referring to — Morabito, DeBartola, or York? The Morabito NFL teams flirted with winning but never managed to get to the top. Eddie started bad, got to the top five times and then went out bad which led to the Yorks. The Yorks, with Harbaugh, flirted with the top three times but show no signs of doing it again right away.

      Number one all time covers a lot of territory. ;_}

        1. Kind of an eerie coincidence but in reality the 49ers ownership has passed to a female family member two times in its history. First, to their wifes when Tony and Vic Morabito passed away and now when Edward D Sr. passed away. (I could be wrong but I believe Denise actually got the 49ers ownership when the family business was split up after their father’s passing. In any case it did go from Pop to his daughter at the end)

          1. My understanding has always been that it went to the Yorks after Eddie’s “troubles.”

            Then Eddie did an amazing job with the rest if the family business.

            1. Hard to say precisely HT. Here is what Eddie D. had to say:…Truthfully, the team really wasn’t taken away from me. I think it’s been a misnomer for many many years. Commissioner Tagliabue did obviously suspend me, but as I was going through negotiations with my family and we went through these negotiations and we went through them with lawyers, obviously and with a judge in Akron, Ohio. It did not come down to that team being taken, it came down to a decision that had to be made whether or not I wanted the 49ers or whether or not I wanted to take the other part of the company. And I figured at that time, and my sister Denise (49ers owner Denise York) was involved totally as was her family. I decided in that meeting in Akron Ohio, that I thought it would be best that I took the other side and my tenure with the 49ers would end then and end there. I don’t know if that story has ever been told, it may have been, it may have not been. But, it really was a choice, I figured there was more to do with my life at that time. I had succeeded and done a lot with the 49ers. It meant the world to me, but I figured with my daughters, with them getting older and obviously with all of us getting older and having grandchildren at the time, and them planning on families, that it would be best for me to do what was best to be a good grandfather, be a good husband and dad, and do what I want to do and maybe travel a little bit and spend more time with my family.” Just like most everything else on the subject of the 49ers, very few will know precisely what is or isn’t true. I stand behind my original point however. A female (or females in the case of the Morabito’s) ended up succeeding to the ownership because of various family circumstances. Now all I need is for someone to accuse me of being a sexist when I was just making an observation.

              1. Gee HT – Eddie D himself says “I decided in that meeting in Akron Ohio, that I thought it would be best that I took the other side and my tenure with the 49ers would end then and end there.” The meeting was with his sister (family) and the “other side” is the the other side of the family business. He took the other side of the family business and gave Denise the 49ers. Maybe it’s just the CPA in me but if I recall correctly. Edward Sr. bought the 49ers and gave it to Eddie Jr. When Edward died, it was time to settle up the pot. Eddie Jr. took much of the part that father had kept and gave the 49ers to Denise. Eddie D himself said it had nothing to do with his legal troubles.(Per Eddie: It did not come down to that team being taken, it came down to a decision that had to be made whether or not I wanted the 49ers or whether or not I wanted to take the other part of the company.”) What am I missing?

    2. Top 5? Right now it is a bottom 5, and the team who wants him and appreciates his talents just won a the last SB.
      Maybe Kaep wants to go to the Number 1 Team.

      1. I doubt Kaep and Elway are that close considering the lowball offer they made. And while the Broncos are a bit cash strapped the money is easily available to them, provided they can move Clady which should be about as hard as trying to give away a porsche. They are essentially offering Kaep less than half of what they were offering Brock, which tells you exactly what they think of him.
        From most accounts a deal is in place between Den. and SF the holdup is that Kaep is not willing to take such a huge paycut… and why should he?

        His contract is already a series of 1 year deals so he gets screwed if he is cut, and Denver wants him to take a massive paycut and leave this part of the contract as is? This is the business side of the sport and Kaep needs to protect his own interest regardless .Yes, he signed a bad contract and yes he has not been treated well by the organization but that is not a reason to agree to a worse contract with another team. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

        1. Shoup, considering Elway offered BO 16 mil, that shows that they can pay Kaep and his full salary.
          In fact, at Mile High report, they say that they could free up 18 mil tomorrow if they wish, and if they also release Sanchez, they could free up 4.5 mil more.
          Elway is just leveraging Baalke. Once Kaep is traded to the Broncos, things will change.

          1. How do you leverage a deal that is already been agreed to? As I stated above all reports indicate the niners and broncos have an agreement in place. The sticking point is what the broncos are willing to pay Kaep and the fact that he isn’t willing to accept the paycut they are asking for. If Denver truly wanted him they would just pay his salary as that is the only thing holding up the trade.

            1. You may be right, but I think they may be also held up by the compensation. I believe the Niners want a 2nd, and Denver says he is worth a 4th.

  18. As critical as I have been of Grant, this article is as honest and true as any I have read by him. Kaepernick failed the 49ers and fans in 2015. He did so with all of us watching and giving him the benefit of the doubt, big time. Every game, we hoped he would get it together, show us some accuracy and give us a win. But game after game Colin, under little or no pressure, over threw, under threw or just kept the ball and took a loss on the play.

    Colin Kaepernick comes from my neck of the woods. He’s a local boy from the Central Valley where I have lived for many years. We all had great hopes for him. Many of us knew his family and wished the very best for Colin and his family, a good and well meaning group of individuals. But the time comes when you realize enough time and effort has been invested and we must move on.

    What ever happens with Kaepernick, Grant is right. Kaepernick must own up to his situation, make the right decisions and move forward. It is not the 49er’s fault that Kapernick is in the situation he is in right now. Do right by us all and make all of this work even under the worst of circumstances.

    Good luck to all of us in 2016

    1. “But game after game Colin, under little or no pressure, over threw, under threw or just kept the ball and took a loss on the play.”

      Colin played very bad in 2015, and was also bad of a different kind in 2014. The team, as in team sports, didn’t make heroes of themselves for a whole bunch of reason either. Fact.

      I thought I was watching them play, but maybe someone fooled me because I don’t remember a game where any 49er QB was “under little or no pressure” the past two years. If you can point them out to me, I’ll use NFL Replay to watch the games you list again.

      Kaepernick’s team won eight games in 2014 and two games in 2015. Then the team won three games in 2015 with Gabbert. The team must have handled the pressure better in those wins than they did when they lost. I’m assuming that the “under little or no pressure” games would include the games the team lost.

    2. After getting sacked 80 times, there may have been a tiny bit of pressure. When you are beaten like a pinata, some QBs tends to get skittish. When you need 3 surgeries to repair all the damage, there may be a logical explanation why his passes were inaccurate.
      Go ahead, blame it all on Kaep. I will blame it on Devey, Pears and Martin, and especially the coaching.

      1. Seb,
        We know of CK’ woes and the blame can be equally distributed throughout the entire organization, but no matter where you want to place the blame the fact remains that wherever Kap plays, he will need to prove himself again.

        When you strip away the poor OL play, the injuries, FO and perhaps locker room issues you are still left with a QB that will need to resurrect his career.

        I like CK a lot having followed him from his high school days here in the Central Valley where I live. And I truly hope he finds his way wherever he plays, but when all this saga is over and the dust settles Kap will find that his biggest battle will be against himself.

        1. AES, that is why I like your posts. You always seem to be fair and well balanced.
          I agree, Kaep needs to improve. I was dismayed at his poor play, and wondered why the 2012 Kaep did not emerge because he spent the entire off season supposedly working on improving his QB skills. Maybe they over coached him with sensory overload. Less is more. Maybe he should not have over thought the situation and just relied on his instincts.

          1. Seb
            Thanks for the kind words.
            I think that whatever Kap learned from his stint at Exos can still be applied going forward. I’ll be very interested to see if Kap can put the last two years behind him and take this new season as an opportunity to start fresh.

            Like I said earlier, I like Kap and want to see him succeed, but whoever our QB is on opening day, he will have my support.
            It’s about the TEAM!

            1. AES, while I am expecting Kaep to flee, I too will support the Niner QB. Hopefully, Chip will be able to instill basic competency into the Niners. JH had a SB talented squad and could not get a play off in time. Tomsula was a swell guy, but when 7 different players jump off sides, the coaches did not adequately prepare the team.

        2. “Kap will find that his biggest battle will be against himself.”
          Interesting to hear you say that AES, since you ridiculed me when I hint at it……

          1. When this saga is over… AES stated that before his last comment that you took umbrage to. Right now, the FO is fighting with Kaep, and the leaks and lies made them pointed adversaries. Once the dust settles and all parties move on, Kaep may find that his biggest battles are with himself.
            AES was correct in his assertions, and you did not take his whole statement in context.

            1. AES, well you didn’t ridicule me as much but more my opinion that Kap needs to work on himself and that I feel that includes a sense of forgiveness towards his birthmother.
              I think Kap holds grudges and that doesn’t work in sports when you have to drop your mistakes out of your mind in order to move on.

              1. Dee,
                Oh yeah, now I remember that discussion. I also remember saying something to the effect that this process is Kap’ choice and his only – and I’ll leave it at that.

              2. AES, I agree that it’s Kap’s decision, just like it’s Kap’s decision now to either show up and play or show up and collect $$$$
                He can be stubborn or grow.
                “Kap will find that his biggest battle will be against himself.”
                Same story!

  19. Grant,

    This is a great article. I think you wrote this piece because this is what you want to happen. I too, want Kaepernick to swallow his pride and at least let his fans know what is going on, he owes it to his fans. I have a Kaepernick jersey, so does my 3 year old daughter. I loved the guy out of NEVADA and I remember watching the draft and praying that we would take him in the 2nd Rd. I want to root for him, and I want him to want to be part of the team that I root for. Not sure he will ever come back down to earth. I think the media(especially the guy that wrote the story about his tattoos) has made Colin become cold and distant towards the media. He needs to realize this effects not only the media, but his fans that actually root for him. I think if this dude gets back in the right frame of mind, with a solider head coach, he can become a great QB in this league again. Just my opinion, Go Niners!

  20. If Kap takes your advice, Grant, does he chuck the headphones or wear them to the presser?…Losing the headphones means losing his Generation X groupies who would view him as a conformist…Also the sideline look, sans headphones and studying the laptop would not end well with Kap’s generation.

    “Colin, make the most of this press conference. Smile. Wear a tie and a jacket for a change. Dress like Peyton Manning. Show it’s a new you. This is business — everything must be as formal as possible because you’re making a new start.”…Grant Cohn

  21. 49ers Fan responding to database reports:

    William Clements ‏@wgclements · 9m9 minutes ago

    @NinersNation @AdamBCC guaranteed Baalke won’t do it. Think more AJ

  22. ntodd51: @NFLDraftBites 8h8 hours ago Kaep trade MAJOR smoke screen by 49ers. Forcing Rival Rams trade up by creating illusion they’ll go QB. 5 GREAT non QB prospects in draft.

  23. TANK: FWIW, considering the Kaepernick experience, why would you be interested in a QB with a reputation like Cook?

    TANK: If intent is to get Rams to move up, then 49ers being linked to Connor Cook is counter productive?

    ntodd51: As always.. Im just the messenger.. take for what it’s worth..

  24. In 2016 the 49ers F/O hired a retards on the offensive side of the ball knowing nothing about QB development, Kap went downhill in his progress and they think Denver should trade a # 2 pick…Get real Jed. If you’d hired Shannahan you could have worked a trade by now

    Charley Casserly to 49ers on Kaepernick trade: “You gotta take the lowball offer” – See more at:

    1. “In 2016 the 49ers F/O hired a retards on the offensive side of the ball knowing nothing about QB development”

      Could that have been 2015? Do you care?

  25. Here we go again. I apologize if anyone takes offense for the length of this and if I repeat myself. I invite all posters to ignore this post. There, I said this ahead of time.

    Dear Kaep,
    As a Die Hard Faithful Niner fan. I wish to thank you for giving me much pleasure watching the Niners climb back to relevancy. I sure wish you had been able to get those last 5 yards in the SB, but there were mitigating circumstances. I still thought you were elite, even though you came up short in the NFCCG the next year. I still think you are elite, even with your regression last year. I expect you will take the league by storm, again, no matter which team you play for.
    I followed your career at Nevada Reno, and thought you were the new ideal prototypical NFL QB, who had a cannon for an arm, could shrug off arm tackles, run like a deer and had the smarts and intrinsic qualities that would win games and impact the NFL. When the Niners moved up ahead of the Raiders to select you, I jumped for joy. Your first few years with the Niners made me confident that with you as the leader, the Niners would seriously compete for the SB every year you played.
    As a fan, these last 2 years were painful, but my pain was insignificant compared to yours. It must have been hard for you to see your coach being stabbed in the back and thrown into the gutter. Mutual parting my eye. JH was dumped by clueless idiots who thought that they were smarter than a HC who led the Niners to 3 consecutive NFCCGs. You saw what they did to JH, and being the QB that JH coveted and championed, you kinda expected that they would target you next. You were not wrong. Those petty emo classless tools were so dead set against JH, they took his statue out of the 49er museum, even with his accomplishments to return the Niners to greatness. JH’s winning percentage was higher than Bill Walsh’s. Since you were the handpicked QB of JH, it was logical to assume they would use the same tactics they used against JH. And boy, did they. The leaks and smears were fast and furious. Sending the leaker to demand a pay cut was the last straw, and I do not blame you one iota for wanting to flee this classless dysfunctional dumpster fire. Grant wants you to forgive the FO for their slights, but they need to make major amends. Marathe just does not need to be parted ways with, he should be banned from Levis and anything to do with the Niners. Madden said that Walsh told him that Suits were expendable. I also believe that Marathe made them some money, but he could be replaced in a heartbeat by equally talented suits. Marathe is toxic, and if he is the main reason for you leaving, he should be dumped forthwith like Jed promised. Speaking of Jed, I hope Ol Jed gathers the whole team, bends over, and allows you to deliver a sharp kick as a fitting reprimand for his role in this farce. Baalke should also be considered radioactive, since Free Agents treated like he was. Until Baalke gets neutered, he will be part of the problem. The Niners must not let him decide who to draft. It should be a consensus. His meddling with the lineup must also stop. Cutting Hayne on the team bus was about as low class as one can get. The whole playing of couch potatoes and sitting his best punt returner was not just frustrating. It made me wonder if he was not intentionally tanking to get a better draft position.
    The lack of support was incredulous. The FO was vile. Half the starters left and most of the leaders. They broke their promise to use the savings from your contact to retain veteran leadership. Tomsula was in over his head. Their QB coach was some Radio talk show host. The O line was putrid, the coaching pathetic and the GM was obtuse. Why they did not put Boone at RT is beyond me, except if you want to believe that Baalke wanted to punish AB for wanting to be paid more. Baalke needs to have a lot less power over the roster and the lineup, or this next season is doomed. Kick Marathe into the gutter where he belongs, let Baalke handle the contracts and financial aspects, and let Gamble take a bigger role running the team.
    I still believe in you. I think you have handled this situation well by keeping mum. I do not blame you for going to Colorado to get your surgeries, or for you rehabbing there. The Niner doctors forced you to play injured, so they did not have your best interests at heart. I thought you were injured in the first game when you were blown up along the side line, so the subsequent losses were understandable. Watching you struggle to throw made your injuries the only logical explanation. I hope you recover fully.
    As a Die Hard Faithful Niner fan, I wish to apologize for all the classless so called ‘True Fans’ who have hurled invective and spewed hatred towards you. I really hope you can forgive the slights, and remain a Niner, but the Niners need to show that they want you, and appreciate you, too, like Denver has done. The best way for them to show you that they are ‘all in’ with you is for them to give back your starting job that you lost due to injury. One equitable solution may be for the Niners to trade Gabbert to the Broncos. Niners would be getting another draft pick to help rebuild the team. They would be getting a starting QB with similar talents as you, and his salary would easily fit under their salary cap. It would eliminate the Broncos as possibility for you, and since the Niners are not brain dead, they will not let you go to the Rams. Remaining as the starting QB of the Niners may then be your best option, even though you would have to still deal with Jed and Baalke. Since they have 59 mil in cap space, maybe they should make amends and show some appreciation for your talents by ripping up your old contract and presenting you with a fair and equitable one that his agents will like and recommend.
    Again, I hope you remain a Niner, but perfectly understand your reasons for leaving. I wish you well, and expect with competent coaching that does not force you to be only a pocket passer, you will take the league by storm again. Of course, I do not expect you to read this on this site, but if the PR department was a smidge competent, they would forward this post so that you might see that at least one fan likes you.

          1. Ht is one of the better posters on this site. He is witty, cogent, succinct and brings a wealth of lifetime experiences.
            I will endure his snark because I learn something from him, unlike Primp.

            1. never did pay much attention to “htwaits”……but this your endorsement just lost him some credibilty…..

    1. Seb,

      When I was in the eighth grade I received a season ticket for kids to the Stanford football games. They lost all their games that year including power house teams like Idaho and Santa Clara. The Big Game was coming up, which wasn’t included in my season’s ticket.

      I had this eighth grader fantasy that I would write a “win one for a fictitious Gipper” letter to the Stanford coach. I didn’t act on my fantasy, but fantasy included the hope that the team would rally and beat the mighty Cal Bears which did almost happen in reality.

      Seb I’ve never revealed my eighth grade fantasy to a living soul until now. Please respect my privacy.

    2. You can say you warn people in advance, but who else on any blog does that? You’re mostly a litter bug with a big mix of egomania. Just love to see yourself in writing, don’t you, the more the better. Get off and bother another group of people. Be someone else’s burden for change, would you please.

      1. First you complain when I post at the end, now you complain when I post at the beginning. Guess you will complain no matter what.
        Maybe I am trying to counter all the drivel I see, and include your posts in the mix. You do not seem to be able to conjure up any original thoughts, so why are you even here?

        1. I complain about your incessant stream-of-consciousness posting. You seem to write anything that comes into your mind. Why don’t you start telling us about what you had to eat today or how many times you went to the toilet? Btw, if we were to rate people here for their original thoughts, you would merit some high minus number. You of all people shouldn’t talk about rating people. : )

          1. Impress me. Why dont you post a mock draft? Of course, I may ridicule your picks, but I have also given kudos for a well thought out mock.
            Do not know why you are complaining about a post on a blog. Believe it or not, we are not on a post count.
            Also, some posters say that my trade scenarios are wildly unrealistic, but that just means that I can engender some original thoughts.

              1. Hmm thought so. You are so afraid to make a mock, you are unable to because you think I may make fun of you.
                I am definitely less impressed with such lightweight thinking.

              2. Just to show you how asinine you are: I did a mock last year and will do so again. Bye bye.

              3. Good, I will wait for it with bated breath. Did not think one was only allowed one mock per season.

              4. Prime, you and George are amazing. I invite posters to just ignore my posts, but you cannot resist. You guys are like a moth to the flame. With similar results. I will keep responding to your insults, but everyone just sees how your lack of self control is pitiful.
                Devolving into juvenile taunts just define you.

              5. Sebnnoying you have been restricted to less than 50 posts a day from your usual 150. Climate change you know. Trying to cut back on pollution and emissions to prevent storms!
                Don’t old people like you bowl, play golf, sleep all afternoon? Find another hobby other than trying to talk football, you have zero talent!

    1. Or double down on his bitterness? Imagine how Colin will feel if Denver refuses to change their pay cut demand.

    2. The Broncos still have a few moves they still need to make before they could trade for Kaepernick.

  26. Hmm, they traded Clady and a 7th for the Jets 5th. Wonder if that is the mid round pick we have been hearing about….

      1. Dang. All that good play and the Giants lose in the 10th. If not for the wet weather, the Giants might have hit a couple more out.

    1. Neal,
      I’m inclined to agree with you. Denver’ recent move on trading Clady to the Jets frees up of cap space making the potential trade for Kaepernick a strong possibility if they still choose to pursue this route.
      Also, they could choose to trade up for a shot at a second tier QB such as Paxton Lynch or Conner Cook who might be available somewhere between 12 – 25 of the first rd.

      Osweiler threw a huge wrench in Denver’ plans by leaving and I don’t see the Broncos handing their future hopes over to Sanchez. Denver will get their future QB by making a deal for CK7 or making a move on draft day for Paxton or Conner.

      1. AES,

        I for one, would like to see Kaep thrive in Denver, don’t really like the guy, but have no hard feelings. It would be a perfect situation for him, team similar to our team a couple of years ago that went to the Super Bowl, although Denver has a much better defense and better offensive coordinator and system. Also under Elway he may learn more, since Elway had some similarities with Kaep, rocket arm and great runner as well and perhaps make him stronger mentally, and help him read defenses etc.

        1. Neal,
          Yup, all good points. I could see Kap wearing the Broncos colors this season.

          Btw, if Boldin signs on with another team, do you plan to go with a different avatar?
          Sorry, just curious ; )

          1. AES,

            Yes I will change it, have not been on here as much as I used to, so I will put some thought behind it. I am quite surprised that Boldin has not signed elsewhere, .probably his salary that he is looking for and age is against him.

        2. Neal

          Your feelings of Kaep in a way mirror my own…I don’t bear any bad feelings toward him personally, but I feel that he is presently being a distraction to my teams success. While we all are hoping for the best solution, I think that Elway is correct in that Kaep won’t ever be a starter again barring injury, and so isn’t worth more than a 3rd or 4th rounder.. We keep saying that Kaep has to ‘grow up’…How about some of the egotistical jackasses in the FO who refuse to face their obligations?….

          1. OREGONER,

            I can’t disagree with anything you stated, I think the issue is that Kaep is guaranteed almost $12 million, and why would he settle for 7 million that Denver is offering. With the guard being traded yesterday to the Jets, believe his salary was $9 Mill, that would free up some more $$, whether Denver wants to add to his $7 Million is another story.

            Also I have no faith in Baalke, he will probably pick a kicker with recent ACL surgery with the third or fourth pick.

            1. They guys here on the radio in Denver keep saying the Bronco’s before the trade with the Jets didn’t have the $3 million they needed to sign their draft picks. They’re still going to need to create some more room for CK. There’s a clause in D Thomas, Harris and Talib’s contracts that allows the Broncos to push some salary to the next season to create room this season. The longer this goes on the less I see Kaep going to Denver. I really don’t think Elway will budge. Nobody knows for sure and draft day will surely tell.

              I’d really like the media to cover some other stories on the 49ers.

  27. Bored Sunday morning draft-still think CK gets traded on draft day to Denver for a third-(1) 49ers watch Goff and Wentz go off the board early and use overall 7th and extra third to trade with Dallas (who get Elliot at 7th) and grab Myles Jack LB a dynamic player to pair with Bow in the middle;
    (2)Bronson Kaufusi DE BY-perfect pairing opposite Lynch;
    (2)Niners trade their high 3rd and a 4th move into round two again pick J.Garnett OG Stanford
    (4)Malcom Mitchell WR Georgia has had some injuries but a high ceiling pick
    (5A) Kevin Hogan QB Stanford -with some footwork improvement he surprises in Kelly’s system with high football IQ and running abilities much higher ceiling than most think;
    (5B)Keith Marshall RB Georgia don’t sleep on him he is really good;
    (5C)Issac Seumalo Center Oregon State -we need more strength in the middle;
    (6A) KeiVarae Russell CB Notre Dame big strong kid I like alot;
    (6B)D J Reader NT Clemson more help in the middle a real load;
    (6C) Vernon Davis QB Oregon small but High football IQ and a baller who fits our O scheme;
    (6D) Joe Dahl OT Wash St. big strong kid to help OL ;
    UDFA -starts here: Tyler Johnstone OT Oregon injuries drop him here otherwise he would be a high round prospect.

    1. Nice one hightop!

      I’m finding it hard to put a mock together atm. Based on the players the 49ers are known to be meeting with, it looks a lot like their top priorities will be (in no particular order) a QB, ILB with coverage ability, CB, edge rusher and WR. They have been meeting with a good mix of high, mid and low round prospects in each of those positions.

      Interestingly, on the OL they have predominantly been meeting with mid to low round prospects. Very few high round prospects. Same with DL. Smokescreen? Perhaps. Hard to say.

  28. hightop,
    Good stuff bud.
    I’m not completely sold on Hogan, but maybe my Cal roots won’t allow me to look at him through a balanced and fair scale (hey, it is what it is). I like Adams as well (I know that’s who you meant). Picking him at rd 6 sounds about right. Most teams will pass up on him because of his size – but he could be a viable option in Kelly’ system.

      1. Good stuff hightop. I’m torn between selecting Jack or Goff if both are available. I don’t think Goff gets enough credit for mostly overcoming the lack of talent on the Cal team. I think he could do well on a team that is in rebuilding mode.

      2. I’m thinking Goff and Wentz aren’t dropping to the 49ers. If they do both go early, that might make trade-up less costly. Jones isn’t adverse to below chart trade backs, like 2013.

        But it would still be tough. If two quarterbacks are taken top three, that means one of Tunsil or Ramsey would be there for Dallas. They have a good O-line, but if it was Ramsey? But Jerry Jones is Jerry Jones. I wouldn’t rule a trade back out.

  29. Kap will be a 49er this year unless he takes Denver’s low ball offer.

    9 News Denver’s Mike Klis reports the Broncos’ salary-cap clearance resulting from the Ryan Clady trade will have “no impact” on the team’s pursuit of Colin Kaepernick.
    The Clady deal wiped $9.5 million off Denver’s books. The Broncos don’t need Kaepernick to take a pay cut, but Klis reports cap room “had nothing to do” with Denver’s pay-cut request. It was more a reflection of Kaepernick’s recent play. The Broncos don’t view Kaepernick as a surefire solution under center. If Denver wants a quarterback likelier to “win now,” GM John Elway will get serious about Josh McCown. Kaepernick may be more of a long-term rehab project. Per Klis, a Kap-to-Denver deal is “not dead, but it’s not looking good.”
    Related: Broncos

    1. Bar None,
      I don’t know if anyone truly knows what Elway and Baalke have on the table regarding Kap. McGown might be an option but he is in the same category as Sanchez: players who are short term “bridge” types. Sanchez and McGown won’t solve Denver’ long term QB plans but they could likely hold down the fort until a player like Lynch or Cook are ready to step in if they choose to go with either of them.

      Like I said, I can see CK in a Broncos uni, but if he plays for us he may revive his career under Kelly’ system. If he goes to Denver, he stands to gain some great QB information from Kubiak and Elway.
      Either way, Kaepernick may stand to come out a winner when the dust settles.

    2. Bar, the way I see it is that Denver wants to trade for a benched second stringer who struggled last season and is not worth much. They want to pay as little as possible. However, Elway wants another ring, and he invited Kaep to his home, which signified that he wants him, and appreciates his talents.
      Denver may SAY that Clady leaving does not impact the Kaep deal, but if the sticking point is lack of cap space, Clady frees up a ton of room. If they convert one players salary to become a signing bonus, they could free up 9 mil more, and if they cut Sanchez and one other player, they could free up 7 mil more. Of course, they will not do that until they acquire Kaep, but it could be done tomorrow. they can make room, but right now, it looks like they have little room.That is, until Clady just gave them 8.9 mil in relief.
      Niners should have promised Kaep his starting job back that he lost due to injury, and never leaked the study times or locker room gossip. Then they could ask for trade value for a starting QB. Now they have an unhappy benched second stringer who did not study and lost the locker room, and Denver may be right to offer only a mid round pick and ask for the Niners to convert part of his salary into a signing bonus to make the deal more palatable.
      However, I bet some of the other owners are slapping the Niners up side the head and declaring that they do not want the Niners to trade Kaep to Denver, because Kaep, with that Denver Defense, would be a lock to make it back to the playoffs and maybe repeat. They do not want Jed to help Elway create a possible dynasty that will lower their odds to win a ring.

  30. Here’s my “Groovin’ on Sunday Afternoon” 49ers 2.0 (or is it three?) mock draft.
    This is if we stay pat.

    1. Jared Gofff…. QB (agree with all the pundits here)
    2. Leonard Floyd…. OLB (explosive and a possible day one starter)
    3. Vadal Alexander…. OG (can develop and has high ceiling)
    4 a. Jihad Ward…. DE (good first step off the LOS)
    4 b. Tyler Higbee…. TE (I know he just got in trouble with the law, but the kid is a ball’r)

    5 a. C.J. Prosise…. RB (good vision and nice balance)
    5 b. Brandon Allen…. QB (my surprise pick in the draft – hey, I’m crazy like that ; )
    5 c. Max Tuerk…. OC (can develop into a starter down the road)

    6 a. Charone Peake… WR (very good hands and height)
    6 b. De’Runnya Wilson… WR (I know he’s considered slow, but the kid is physical and productive).

    6 c. Daryl Worley…. CB (good size and nice cover skills)
    6 d. Tyler Ervin…. RB (small by NFL standards, but is better then Mike Davis).

    *Reserve the right to mock my mock (and I will) up until a couple of days before the draft.

    1. AES, strong mock.
      Niners may be forced to select a QB if Kaep leaves. Goff is head and shoulders better than most other QBs. I like his accuracy, even on the run.
      I really like Floyd.
      If Spriggs is available, I would take him over Alexander because he is faster and more nimble. He might fit the Chip Kelly system better.
      However, Alexander looked like a road grader in the film I saw of him, so he could become a starter for years.
      I really like Prosise, too.
      Brandon Allen looked good in the Senior bowl, when I saw him play
      I like Tuerk, and he could be selected later because Ryan Kelly and Nick Martin may be selected a lot earlier.
      Nice mock, but my main quibble is that you chose 2 RBs and 2 WRs. Maybe you should have chosen only one of each and used those 2 other picks to select a DT and ILB.

    2. Ok now,AES when I see Goff ;s name on a mock I smile- Floyd,Alexander,Ward check-Higbee well Chip is apparently picky about off field issues so that could raise a flag, lot to like with C.J. ,Brandon Allen IS a surprise, see him as a West Coast QB, doesn’t have a cannon arm but a 40yd pass is good enough for me and at that that slot why not. I really like Tuerk ,Peake Ervin.Nice work.

      1. hightop,
        Thank you Sir. Yup, the Brandon Allen pick is a surprise. But I see QB with great finesse, nice pocket awareness who waits to the last moment to throw the pass. Also, like his quick release and ability to throw his receivers open.
        You are right about him being more of a WC fit, but I’d like to see what he can do in TC if given a chance. But having said that, a team like KC Chiefs might be a good fit for him.

        I don’t know if the players you mentioned have had a pattern of off field issues, but if they get a chance to play in the pros and make pro type money perhaps they could mature at a accelerated pace.
        I really like Higbee and feel that he will actually be better in the pros because he was Brandon Doughty’ feature receiver in college.

  31. Just got back from seeing the Giants come back. Did not even get our seats and sipped a beer before they were down 5 runs.There were lots of Dodger fans, but everyone seemed to have a good time. Cueto started out shaky, but settled down. I like how his pitches broke, and am glad he is a Giant. Then, during the drive back, we got to listen to the Warriors break the Spurs home win record and get one step closer to history. One more win and they will beat the Bulls record.
    I guess we are spoiled, having such good teams to root for. Sure wish the Niners would take pointers on how to manage a franchise.

    1. Seb,

      It would be great if the 49ers would follow the Giant / Warrior formula for running the team. The main barrier to that happening seems to be that they think they already are following the G/W management model.

    2. Seb,
      Great series at AT&T. I thought the Giants should have won on Saturday but Casillas was erratic and couldn’t hold the fort.
      Been a Giants fan since hearing them on my transistor radio back in the mid 60’s.

      While we wait for the 49ers to get back to respectability, it’s been a nice deterrent for me to see the huge success of another one of my favorite teams, the Warriors!
      Their run over the last few seasons have been a blast to watch and has taken some of the sting out of what has happened to my 49ers.

      Hey, at least we have a couple of teams to brag about.

      1. I love going to ATT Park. Great food, great selection of beers, great seats and great fans. Giants look like they have the strongest squad so far. Love the Denard Span pickup, but am scratching my head over Pagan batting 9th.
        Oh, and I love seeing the Giants beat the Smog Doggies.

  32. Here’s my second mock draft:

    Bears trade 11th, 72nd, and 185th pick for 7th pick
    Chargers trade 35th and 2017 1st round pick for 11th pick
    Eagles trade WR Agholor for 105th pick
    Round 2
    Pick 35 – CB Mackenzie Alexander
    Pick 37 – OLB Emmanuel Ogbah
    Round 3
    Pick 68 – ILB Deion Jones
    Pick 72 – RB Devontae Booker
    Round 4
    Pick 133 – DT Adam Gotsis
    Round 5
    Pick 142 – QB Vernon Adams, Jr.
    Pick 145 – OG Rees Odhiambo
    Pick 174 – WR Mike Thomas
    Round 6
    Pick 178 – WR Devon Cajuste
    Pick 185 – OT Halapoulivaati Vaitai
    Pick 207 – C Nick Kelly
    Pick 211 – CB/S Deiondre’ Hall
    Pick 213 – RB Keenan Reynolds

    1. Mid,
      Nice mock. Just don’t feel comfortable with our QB situation. Are you looking at either Gabbert or CK as our long term solutions?

      Even if Kap gets his wish and is traded, we still only have one viable QB in Gabbert. I like Adams but he is a project and basically a system QB in Kelly’ offense. If Kelly fails, we lose his system and Adams becomes a moot pick.

      I’ve been leaning towards selecting heavy on defense because this is a strong crop, but I can’t get pass the fact that we need a long term solution at QB. We could trade out of 7 and still get a Lynch or Cook somewhere between possibly 20 – 40 players into the draft – but either way, we need a QB for the next 8-10 years.

      1. I don’t know what to think when it comes to our QB situation AES. I certainly don’t view Kaepernick or Gabbert as the long-term answer, but I have a bad feelings the 49ers do and their interviews with the top QB prospects are nothing more than smoke screens.
        I’m currently predicting the 1st round will have four QBs drafted during the first day; that group includes Lynch and Cook, and I do not see either QB worth being a first round pick. I also think Goff and Wentz will be gone before the seventh pick because the Browns will draft one while another team (like the Rams) will trade up to where the Ravens currently are and take the second one.

    2. Love Mike Thomas from S.Miss above was the first mock I haven’t included him-Gotsis is a guy not talked about much I like Like Ogbah And D Jones picks and big fan of Vernon Adams. Like winding up with an extra One next year after the the wild trading as well :) !

    3. Another strong mock. I have another mock that I am cogitating about that has the Niners trading back twice, too. Love getting a 2017 first from SD, but do not think Philly will trade with the Niners.
      If you substituted Hogan for Adams, I would be all in on this mock.

      1. I’m not sure they wouldn’t Seb. My understanding of the situation is that Agholor was a more of a Kelly pick than an Eagles pick, so I’m predicting the Eagles will trade Agholor. I don’t know if they would trade with the 49ers, but Agholor would be an instant upgrade at slot receiver for us.

      1. B2W,that is why I want the Niners to concentrate on getting as many draft picks in the second or third round, since some draft experts see great value there.
        It does not have to be multi player trades, but maybe if the Niners trade back twice, they can stockpile picks, and then use those picks to move up like you were saying.

    1. No surprises here, as I have been reporting on this blog for a couple weeks now that the 49ers are planning on dealing AD. Davis has been aware of the 49ers intentions for weeks now, which explains his delay in filing for RI. Davis simply brings too much baggage coming back out of retirement, and I don’t like his fit in terms of scheme either.

      No real surprise the Niners are looking to deal Bethea either, although, I am on fence as to whether it’s the right move this season. I know it makes sense in terms of money, but I like his experience and leadership, which the 49ers could use during Chip’s maiden season.

      What do you guys think? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

      1. A.D. isn’t “all in” so wouldn’t surprise me, although I’m not sure we get alot in a trade as good as he is,Bethea still has game but is on the wrong side of thirty and was injured last year. If Bethea is traded a guy like Karl Joseph S. from W.V. would add youth.high football IQ and big hits to the 49er secondary.I love his play, Ronnie Lottesque big draft crush there!

            1. George, still have not seen your mock. Cant wait.
              My next mock of which I have done about 7, will entail 2 trade backs.
              First, the Niners should trade back with Chicago, who are coveting Elliot since they lost Forte, and could not get the FA RB from the Broncos. Bears will want to vault ahead of Philly who are looking for a RB since Murray left.
              Niners should trade the 7th pick for the Bears first and third round picks. 2 picks for moving back 4 spots seems reasonable.
              The second trade back would be to the Colts, Buffalo or the Jets, for their first and second round picks. They may covet a player at 11, and this would be a good time for them to get that player who might get them over the hump and into the playoffs. I will assume that the Jets trade up just to pin down the draft number.
              With those trades, the Niners would have the 20th, 37th, 51st,68th, and 72nd. I would bundle the Niner 4th and 5th to Detroit to get back into the third round, for the 95th pick.
              My mock for the first 3 rounds would be
              20. Andrew Billings.
              37. Cody Whitehair ( Spriggs may be gone).
              51. Joshua Perry.
              68. Nick Martin.
              72. Kevin Hogan.
              95. Deion Jones.
              I will not continue with the later Niner picks because those are just shots in the dark, and could be very fungible depending if some other team will be taking similar risks.

              1. Seb, most of this is shear day-dreaming, which to you is “creative thinking”:

                First, the Niners should trade back with Chicago, who are coveting Elliot since they lost Forte, and could not get the FA RB from the Broncos.

                Bears will want to vault ahead of Philly who are looking for a RB since Murray left.

                Niners should trade the 7th pick for the Bears first and third round picks.

                The second trade back would be to the Colts, Buffalo or the Jets, for their first and second round picks. They may covet a player at 11, and this would be a good time for them to get that player who might get them over the hump and into the playoffs.

                With those trades, the Niners would have the 20th, 37th, 51st,68th, and 72nd. I would bundle the Niner 4th and 5th to Detroit to get back into the third round, for the 95th pick.

              2. George, for a poster who is so timid, he does not deign to venture a mock, you are lambasting my potential scenario. Guess what? it is all speculation at this point, and the trade back scenarios could or could not happen. That is the fun about mocks. Many things could happen, and usually everyone is wrong, because if they nailed the whole draft, that person should head to Vegas. Grant postulated an offense heavy mock, but you did not attack him for that. You are just attacking me no matter what I write.
                I still am not impressed with your posts, and your continual shirking of my challenge just confirms my assertions.You are afraid that I will ridicule it, so you dont even try.

  33. Chasing the draft truth… take:

    – San Francisco will not trade up from #7. Trent Baalke loves his picks too much and has too many needs to give them away. TRUTH
    – The Titans have a definite solid offer for their #1 pick and, if it’s sweetened, could be persuaded to go down a few spots. FALSE
    – Eleven to 40 is the same guy. TRUTH
    – Regarding the Browns at 2: “It’s definitely Goff. Believe it.” TRUTH
    – Robert Nkemdiche’s the true wild card in this draft. FALSE
    – On the quarterbacks …… the lines are drawn here: Goff and Wentz in the top five, Paxton Lynch in the teens, Connor Cook around 30 and then it’s anyone’s guess. TRUTH
    – The defensive tackle crop’s so good it’ll push some deserving players (first round grades) into the second round. TRUTH
    – The defensive line depth is so good that you’ll get some guys you can use right away in the third and fourth. TRUTH
    – Which 1st round pick will shock the world on April 28: Alabama RB Kenyan Drake. FALSE
    – The Dallas Cowboys, this years draft lynchpin at #4, will surprise many, and draft Ohio ST. RB Ezekiel Elliott. FALSE (unless they trade back)

    1. It appears RT might be higher on the 49ers draft list than previously thought with the latest RT trade talks…Also, Jalen Ramsey might be their target considering Bethea is being shopped.

  34. (sigh) I’m an unabashed Kaepernick basher. I wanted him gone and now I am resigned to having to cut him and pay him his full salary for the year, minus whatever Denver pays him when they pick him up. At least it’s not my money.

  35. I don’t see the 49ers going quarterback for a couple reasons. The first is that I think they are inclined to go for more of an impact player at No. 1. I think the 49ers are going to build out their front seven and offensive line in this draft, and draft a quarterback later in the week.

    By David Fucillo  @davidfucillo on Apr 11, 2016, 6:30a, Niners Nation.

    1. TomD

      Strong agreement….take QB’s in the 4th thru 6th round…fill the Dline holes and the Oline Sic ’em Trent !

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