Tom Rathman inducted into 49ers Hall of Fame

The San Francisco 49ers announced Tuesday afternoon they have inducted Tom Rathman into their Hall of Fame.

Here is a statement from Rathman, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department: “I’ve always considered myself a 49er and I always will consider myself a 49er. I’ll take that brand with me wherever I go because that’s who I am. It feels great to be with the guys who are already in the 49ers Hall of Fame. Dating back to Joe Perry, it’s an honor to be associated with the likes of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig and Dwight Clark. That’s a lot of history right there. To be able to say that you’re in a fraternity with those guys so to speak, the 49ers Hall of Fame fraternity, says volumes. It’s pretty special.”

Here’s a statements from Roger Craig: “He has a huge heart. He’d take his shirt off of his back for you. That’s the kind of guy he is. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s like my brother.”

Here’s a statement from Ronnie Lott: “Tom Rathman has given so much to the 49ers with his heart, courage and teaching skills. His tenacious attitude for giving his all on every play makes him a shoe-in for the 49ers Hall of Fame. He should have played defense!”

Here’s a statement from Garrison Hearst: “Tom Rathman is the best coach I ever had professionally. It was easy to play for someone who had done it. He knew the details. Everything he taught you, you’d see it work. Even other coaches looked at Tom and said, ‘Dang, that guy knows what he’s doing.’ If other coaches are looking at him like that, how am I not going to look at him the same way, if not more? He carried a real big stick.”

And here’s a statement from Frank Gore: “I could tell that he really cared about what I was doing. I look at him like a father. He came into my career at the right time. If he didn’t coach me the way he coached me, making me look at the big picture of football, I don’t think I’d still be in the league. He helped me become a complete player. You wanted to make him look good. I wanted to make him proud of me – of how I was playing and how I did.”

Rathman will speak to reporters in the 49ers museum Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m.

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  1. Nice, but call me when Roger Craig & Michael Carter make the real HOF. If they were Steelers or Cowboys they’d be in already-Lynn Swan please!

  2. Daniel Jeremiah‏Verified account @MoveTheSticks 18m
    Latest I’m hearing…might see a run on QBs, but it’ll be late 1st not top 15. Chance only 1 QB in top 15. Then 3-4 go late 1st.
    Sounds about right.

    1. I lost track of who said it yesterday on tv, but there was chatter that Arians likes Mahomes enough for 1st round, but stopped short of saying it’s the AZ consensus.

    1. Thanks Razor,

      The 49ers could have an interesting delimna at #34 if some of the following players are available:

      Budda Baker, S, Washington
      Garett Bolles, T, Utah
      Kevin King, CB, Washington
      T.J. Watt, LB, Wisconsin
      Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU
      Jarrad Davis, LB, Florida
      Chidobe Awuzie, CB, Colorado
      Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan
      Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut

      1. #34 is a fantastic spot for BPA. If there’s a late first round run on QBs, that will push even better talent down to the 49ers.

        Another reason why I’m hoping for a trade back. Its not that I dislike the options at pick two. Adams, Thomas etc. would be fine picks. Its the idea of having a another 2nd round pick that appeals to me most.

  3. Woody was a great Fullback and a greater coach. Niners were lucky to have him as both. Congratulations to Rathman!

  4. They’re going to take Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut at #34 after landing Solomon Thomas at #2. Then they’ll follow that up with Patrick Mahomes at #66.

      1. Many broken TV ‘s when the pick is my draft crush Christian McCaffrey(hopefully with a minor trade down with an extra 2nd)?

          1. Some would say one would be high to take him at all ?,honestly number two would shock but I’m sure
            some will be happy I’m not the GM but when I say sixth pick.

            1. Puff, puff, I have mocked CM many times, especially when the Niners trade back, but think Fournett and Cook will go before him.

  5. After a good deal of thought here’s my prediction for the Niners’ War Room selections:
    -Pizza. Ya gots ya Meat Lovers’, ya Fungi, the one wit Anchovies & Clam Sauce.
    -Garlic Sourdough Bread; cuz, you know…
    -Frittatta with diced pancetta
    -Antipasti Salumi plate
    -fresh Mozzarella cherry tomato salad
    Anchor Steam beer
    Lagunitas IPA
    Nocetto Sangiovese
    Pappiettro-Perry, Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel
    Carol Shelton’s Rockpile Vyd Sonoma County Zinfandel
    Kona Coffee Company Dark Premium

    1. I have a feeling the Kona coffee will be an integral part of the draft process, especially if the 49ers trade back into the first.

  6. Theres 2 players I absolutely do not want to see in red and gold from this draft..
    Soloman Thomas
    Obi Melafuwhatever..
    Pro comparisons
    Kentwan Balmer..Thomas
    Eric “cupcake” Reid…Obi

    1. How does Thomas compare to Kentwan Balmer?

      Balmer was drafted to replace Aubrayo Franklin at NT (whom they brought in to replace Sopoaga because of his chronic inability to diagnose plays and keep his pads down). But, for whatever reason, they converted Balmer to LDE to replace Sopoaga instead.

      Unfortunately, Balmer was like Reggie McGrew – talented, but didn’t have the drive/fortitude to be an NFL player. And, like McGrew, he went AWOL on the team during training camp, effectively ending his career.

      With Balmer, there was some question to his heart which is why he dropped out of the Top-15 during the draft. And the 49ers paid the price. I have yet to hear anyone criticize Thomas for his heart.

      There’s nothing in these histories that anyone could, or would, be able to stretch (legitimately) to Thomas = Balmer. THey’re completely different as athletes. They’re different as people.

  7. Peterman at QB for me
    Best fit for Shanny system both under center & with complex play calling. Not earlier than 3rd round though.

  8. My final mock.

    Rd 1 Jamal Adams SS
    Fierce hitter that will set the tone. Can cover TEs and blow up screen passes. Good luck trying to run against us with Adams and Bowman in the middle. He is disciplined, had 0 penalties in 2016. He inspires his teammates with his words and his play.
    Rd 2 Jordan Willis DE
    Non-stop edge rusher. Explosive and productive. One of the best at getting pressure on the QB.
    Rd 3 Ahkello Witherspoon CB
    Good size and speed with long arms. He was second in passes defended last year and only 26.5% of passes were completed against him.
    Rd 4 Carlos Henderson WR
    Percy Harvin type player that can take it to the house. Shanahan will find creative ways to get him the ball. Added value as a return man.
    Rd 4 Joe Mathis LB
    Polished pass rusher and can set the edge.
    Rd 5 Jerod Evans QB
    Hits people in stride with good touch and placement.
    Rd 5 Aaron Jones HB
    Dual threat with huge upside.
    Rd 6 Brian Allen CB
    Long press corner.
    Rd 6 Corey Levin OG
    Athletic zone blocker.
    Rd 7 Elijah Lee LB
    Good range.

    1. Hmm, Brian Allen is rated 142 on the Draftek DB.
      Aaron Jones was rated 240.

      You must be using a different draft board than mine.

      First picks seem solid, though.

      1. projects Allen as a 5th to 6th rounder. CBS has him rated at 175 with a 5th round projection. I think there’s a good chance he’s there in the 6th because of the deep CB class.

        Jones has been drawing a lot of interest. He could go in the 5th.

    2. 80 – overall like the draft but prefer Peterman no Safety first round and I like Watt better at top of 2nd.

    3. Looks good #80. Covers all the bases but I’d be surprised if they took Jerod Evans. Doesn’t seem to be the type of QB Shanny would be interested in. Nice job.

    4. Thanks guys.


      I like Peterman too, but I wanted to defense in the 3rd and I think we’ll go after Cousins next year. I like Watt but I believe in Mathis enough to wait on taking a SAM early.


      I think Evans can be good. He has spotty mechanics, but he knows what to do. It’s just a matter of reps for him. He can throw on the run and sells the play action. I’d rather have Peterman or Kaaya, but there were other players I couldn’t pass on in the previous rounds.

    1. Wow. I have been including D’Onta Foreman in many of my mocks.

      Sounds like the type of individual Lynch likes. Kept his emotions in check and played for the team despite every reason to implode due to his family tragedy.

      Wish him well and hope he can be a father to a healthy boy someday.

  9. San Francisco 49ers: New general manager John Lynch has locked up what used to be a leaky front office. This is a very hard team to peg right now, but I do continue to hear from rival scouts and general managers that it likes Reuben Foster and Fournette, but may not be willing to take either at No. 2 overall. I don’t expect a quarterback in Round 1. The 49ers could try to duplicate last year’s draft and trade back into the 20s for more players.

        1. There’s no way in H-E Double Hockey Sticks they’re making NFL history and drafting a corner or safety with the 2nd overall pick….

          1. In most years I would agree with you, but this year is a bit different. There are four or five players that are viable at two and all of them should help the team. As long as it is not a QB I will be happy. The King would be a fine pick so would Adams apple and Hooker of the streets along with forget me not Fournette.

  10. Mock mock!

    1-2 -Mickey Mouse – no true mock has anyone but the the top star attraction. Not only will he put people in the seats but he has proven shifty, elusive and has had an ability to transform himself. He can play various positions and should be a strong team contributor
    2-34-since other stars like Bugs and Daffy are likely to be gone by this time-Snaggletooth-a little slow likely to move left but still an effective runner if coached by the right staff
    3-66-Papa Smurf – old but somewhat wise, likely to be a good locker room presence injuries has played a part in his slide- may contribute
    4-109-Idi Amin – a real killer likely to eat his competition if he ever gets into the field.
    4-143-Saddam Hussein- (availability questionable)- said to have a fiery personality, explosive at the point of attack, gassy. May be transitioning from another sport.
    5-146- Ernesto “Che” Guevara – A fiery locker room presence likely to ignite the team. He is known for his intensity. Not likely to bathe. Marginal contribution likely.
    5-161-Pol Pot- Elusive, secretive and dangerous. Has destroyed more places in the east than just about anyone and yet hardly anyone knows about him.

    1. I think “El Kabong” (aka Quick Draw McGraw) would terrorize quarterbacks with his ability to extend his guitar over 8 feet.

        1. He’s defiantly an undrafted FA. His measurables are unrealiable for one, and secondly he is just as likely to have his on a starvation diet of some sort. Not sure you want him on a 53 right away. Perhaps practice squad or a year in Canada.

  11. I’ve got a friend who is a Stanford alum and for years has claimed to have an “inside source” down at The Farm. Supposedly this source inside the football program also knows who is going to draft their big time prospects, although how that connectivity works hasn’t been explained; perhaps because it doesn’t actually work.
    Year after year he tells his friends how so and so is a lock to such and such team. He’s only been right once ever, Luck to Indy, which wasn’t much of a scoop.
    Anyway, this year he says that if SF passes on Thomas, that he won’t drop past Jax, and that CMcCaff has several top 15 teams poised.
    Certainly plausible but I’m not putting any money on it.

    1. For sure. At the end of the day, none of us have an idea what the 49ers will do or what goes on in that war room. Pretty curious to see what direction this new regime goes tomorrow night.

      Enjoy 49er faithful!

    1. Thanks for posting that Brodie. It’s a well-written, easy to understand, article. I knew most of the points discussed, but still learned a thing or two especially about the actual mechanics of making and delivering the draft selection.

  12. Rotoworld:

    “Draft Analyst’s Tony Pauline reports if the Browns fail to land UNC QB Mitchell Trubisky in the first round, Cal QB Davis Webb will be the target at No. 33 overall.

    On Tuesday, Pauline reported Webb is drawing a ton of interest from teams at the top of Round 2. He’s expected to be one of the first five quarterbacks off the board, and there was some chatter earlier this month that Webb has a chance to go in the first round. If the Browns are unable to move up from No. 12 overall to get to Trubisky, they could be in position to go with Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, but it’s unclear who Cleveland prefers as their Plan B behind Trubisky. “

    1. Ian Rapoport‏
      Verified account
       @RapSheet 38m
      38 minutes ago

      Wouldn’t be surprised to see a team trade back into round 1 for #Cal’s Davis Webb. One national scout said “He has Dak-like intangibles.”

      1. “Dak like intangibles”….. Does anyone know what that means? I do, it means hell of an Offensive Line, and Hell of a running back. If whoever does trade up to get any qb and hoping to have “Dak Like Intangibles”, if thanks not​ already on the roster, that player and team will fail….

        1. It’s the new buzz. Decades ago QBs had ‘Montana like’ qualities if they managed to not trip while dropping back.

          Heck, BIll Walsh himself said this about Rick Mirer:

          “I think Drew Bledsoe has a great arm. He is an outstanding athlete with a lot of command. I can understand him being the No. 1 player picked, but at the same time I feel Rick Mirer is the outstanding athlete of the draft.

          “To me, he has Montana movement.”

          Walsh went on.

          “Rick has a very good arm. His drop is smooth and efficient. He can run in the open field. He is agile, quick on his feet, and plays with a lot of poise. He is not a guy who demands a lot of attention. He is sharp, a natural football player who I think is just the ideal quarterback prospect.”

          Walsh, like every other GM, had his failures. He got it wrong plenty of times. But that’s how it works. In fact, much of winning in the NFL is more ‘being wrong less than the other guy.’

          1. Seb, plenty of people have a clue. He was the only QB drafted last year set up to win. No other qb drafted was put in a better position. I would bet you anything that if Carson Went was drafted by the cowboys, his numbers would have been better. And they would have won a playoff game. I’m not saying Dak isn’t good, but I am saying he’s a 1st year product of being drafted by the right team. He’s not special, he’s the right guy at the right time

            1. Cant fault Dak for Rodgers going berserk.

              However, you are right, Dak did have a good supporting cast. Still with other QBs, the Cowgirls went 4-12, so he was very competent.

        2. Dak like intangibles would be referring to maturity, leadership and poise imo. Dak had a great situation going into Dallas, but those attributes were the key to his success I believe.

          I don’t see Webb as having those attributes, at least not to the level of Prescott, but teams will often talk themselves into players if they really want them.

  13. ESPN Adam Shefter now reporting the Browns considering a QB with the #1 pick. Also, the Vikings might not exercise the option on Teddy Bridgewater. The Cards, Bills, Jags, Jets all looking for a QB.
    My guess is there will be a run of QB’s tomorrow night very early in the draft.

  14. Wonder how Redmond looks. If he is back and totally healthy, it might affect the Niners’ draft strategy. Hopefully Hyde is back at 100%.

    Hmm, saw a video of the practice. The center looks a little light. Hoyer’s passes had a nice spiral, but he threw behind Kerley.

      1. From what I have read on a few sites, it is believed if Lattimore is inserted into a simplified defensive scheme to begin with, then he will be okay.

  15. Mike Silver – Sashi Brown tells Mike Silver “he’s known for two weeks who he wants to take at 1” and “Browns aren’t desperate for a QB”

    Which means something, or nothing at all. I’m still thinking 99% chance Browns take Garrett.

    1. “I can now update my report: The Browns have spoken with at least 5 teams with picks in the top 8 about possibility of moving up from 12” – Michael Silver

      Garrett 1+trade up for Trubisky far cheaper than Trubisky 1+ trade up for Garrett

        1. I was the one who said Collins wouldn’t get drafted, and got ridiculed for it. I seriously doubt he gets drafted unless he’s able to clear his name in 26 hours….

      1. I think that’s absurd with everything I’ve heard about this situation. Plenty of reasons for teams to believe that he will not even be charged with a crime. Someone is drafting him. He’s gone from potential top 20 pick to a likely late day two pick.

  16. Matt Barrows‏Verified account @mattbarrows 2m2 minutes ago
    #49ers’ first-string safeties in their ongoing minicamp: Eric Reid at strong safety, Jimmie Ward at free safety.

    Eric Branch‏ @Eric_Branch 6m6 minutes ago
    Jimmie Ward said he’s been playing single-high safety; doesn’t know if position will change after draft. #49ers

    1. This is why I don’t see Adams or Hooker being taken with the second pick and am unfortunately leaning towards Lattimore being the pick.

      1. They had to line up with someone Mid, just because Ward and Reid are in those slots today doesn’t mean they will be next time.

  17. Chris Biderman ✔ @ChrisBiderman
    With Jimmie Ward at FS, #49ers have been working with K’Waun Williams, Will Redmond, Keith Reaser and JaCorey Shepherd in the slot.
    2:48 PM – 26 Apr 2017

  18. Mary Kay Cabot – “Does Hue Jackson know who the No. 1 pick is? Mike Silver tells 92.3 The Fan ‘it’s my understanding he doesn’t know’…”

    Hue Jackson doesn’t know who the #1 pick will be? That’s a management driven franchise in the extreme.

    1. That seems like an arrogant FO group to me, but it’s understandable with their years and years of successful personnel management.

  19. NFL Net reporting that Niners are doing a dress rehearsal mock draft today or tonight.
    Not a bad thought for a rookie team of drafters.

    1. Yep. In the heat of the moment under time pressure, it’s easy to make mistakes, especially if the teams ahead of you throw a curveball or if another team is trying to make a trade with you under time pressure. From the article Brodie posted earlier today:

      “If a team lets its time expire without making a choice, it can make a selection later — but it runs the risk of letting the next team on the clock take the player it was considering”

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