Training camp report: Jenkins shut out, Brown moves to nickelback

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out to me during Monday afternoon’s padded practice.


1. Tarell Brown – He returned to practice after missing the last two and was the starting nickelback in place of Carlos Rogers. Brown gave up just one catch while playing nickelback – a 15-yard completion to Austin Collie.

2. Aldon Smith –He sat out for an hour during the middle portion of team drills. The head trainer seemed to be checking his hand. But Aldon Smith still managed to rack up three sacks at the beginning and end of practice.

3. Marlon Moore – He was the starting split end and he caught three passes for 85 yards and two touchdowns. First, he caught a five-yard touchdown in front of Perrish Cox in a red zone drill. Next, Moore caught a 30-yard pass in front of Cox on a deep square in. Finally, Moore caught a 50-yard pass from Kaepernick over Marcus Cooper. Kaepernick under threw the pass, so Moore slowed down, adjusted to it and out jumped Cooper, who was in perfect position to intercept it.

4. Eric Reid – He was the starting free safety and during a red zone drill, he knocked away what would have been a touchdown to Vernon Davis on a post route.

5. Trenton Robinson – He played both safety positions for the scout team defense. On one play when he was at single-high free safety, B.J. Daniels uncorked a deep pass for Anquan Boldin. Robinson ran 30-yards across the field and knocked the pass away.

6. Ricardo Lockette – He beat Tarell Brown for a 25-yard TD catch on a post route. Later, he beat Marcus Cooper deep for a 30-yard catch down the sideline.

6. Corey Lemonier – He had two sacks during practice. He beat Adam Snyder and he beat Kenny Wiggins.

7. Lawrence Okoye – He batted down a pass at the line of scrimmage.

8. Anthony Dixon – At the end of practice he broke through the defensive line on a run up the middle. Trenton Robinson jogged down into the box to lightly tag Dixon and end the play, but Dixon caught Robinson with a forearm shiver and knocked the safety onto his back. Dixon was so fired up, he turned to the media on the sideline and barked at us. Harbaugh walked over to Dixon and admonished him in front of the team.


1. Joe Staley and Vance McDonald – They did not suit up or participate in practice.

2. Carlos Rogers – He suited up but did not participate in team drills.

3. A.J. Jenkins – He did not catch any passes today. He was targeted three times – once in the end zone and twice deep. In the end zone, he ran an in route and Nnamdi Asomugha knocked the pass away. On the deep ones, Jenkins faced Darryl Morris. The first time, Jenkins slowed down when he turned to find the ball in the air, so he never got a hand on it. It fell incomplete. Later, Jenkins again tried to beat Morris deep, but he couldn’t. Morris ran stride-for-stride with Jenkins and knocked the pass away.

4. Adam Snyder – He started at left tackle in place of Joe Staley and gave up three sacks.

5. Anthony Davis – He gave up a sack to Parys Haralson on third-and-9 during a situational drill.

6. Kendall Hunter – He dropped the one pass that was thrown to him. Hunter has looked rusty since he’s returned to the team.

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  1. I haven’t heard a lot about Chuck Jacobs and MarQuise Gray lately. Do you think they’ll both be on the practice squad Grant?

      1. Grant,
        How about my boy (longshot) Jason Schepler?
        I thought he made a crushing block last Thursday. Is he actually getting any work, or is he basically camp feed?

  2. Nice balanced approach, G. Do Brown’s switch, Wright’s arrival, Asomugha’s solid showing, and the strong play of both Cox and Brock spell the end for Rogers?

    1. Why are you always sniffing Grants jock these days Tarzan? I thought former NFL scouts could do better with their time? Especially the rich and famous ones!

    1. Whenever Romanowski’s name comes up I think of George Seifert telling a story on himself. Best recollection is that Seifert’s at home viewing tape and muttering “Romo-this and Romo-that”, so his wife asks “Who is this Romeo character you’re always talking about?”
      He was intense and pretty good, but not worth the baggage later in his career. Just too over the top.

  3. Interesting…,logic says that we’ll keep Jenkins around for at least one more year to prove himself, but man he’s making it hard to do so. If he can’t even catch a pass in practice we’re screwed when he gets on the field.

  4. Quite a few reports, including this one, outline the OL got dominated in pass pro today. Not for the first time. They need to clean that up.

  5. good stuff Grant. finally got a chance to watch the preseason game vs Denver – Lockette, Lemonier, and Osgood (?) look like real football players – big/fast/strong. Don’t want to jinx it but Lockette really reminds me of a very young T.O.

  6. Lemonier is going to be a big asset on defense for us.
    I thought that Parys Haralson also looked good last Thursday.

    We have some very good talent in the LB corps. It will be interesting to see who sticks when the dust settles.

    AJ is free-falling into an abyss that may become to hard to climb out of.
    C’mon dude, I’m still pulling for you!

  7. The Jenkins pick scares me! In fact all the WR drafted by Ballke scare me! They need to find someone on thier staff that can identify WR talent. Even the FA brought in at that position have been garbage! Passing on the trade for Cordell Paterson will haunt us.

    1. Agreed… the scouting department has proven their ability to evaluate defensive talent but to date has been very poor at discovering wr prospects. My biggest problem with the Jenkins selection, (while admittedly, I thought he would prove to be a player and was wrong) is that for being a raw prospect he didnt have all the tools to be a standout. We drafted a guy who was very fast but not tall and is weak and frail, and appears raw…. if we drafted a guy that was big, tall and fairly fast but was raw this wouldn’t be quite the issue that it is.

      Essentially we drafted a guy with limited upside who still hasn’t been able to produce. Thats a double whammy against a first round selection.

      1. i still don’t know where the idea that Jenkins is fast came from. He has above average speed. But he’s not a burner. He’s quick (short area burst). He was drafted because of his college productivity and not his upside potential. He should have been a plug and play receiver but he just doesn’t seem to get it.

      2. We missed out on Stephen Hill to draft Jenkins. And wouldn’t you know, Hill steps right in and made an impact with the Jets before his injury. Being forced into the lineup by other injuries/incompetence of the Jets did not prevent him from playing well and even scoring some TD’s for NYJ.

    2. Why don’t you wait to see if someone like Patton can’t be a viable WR in our system before you generalize about Baalke’s inability to scout the position?

      1. Its not really that its just Baalke but also his mentor and the scouting department as a whole… the niners as have been poor at evaluating wr’s for some time now. Other than Crabtree who was the consensus top receiver that year, who was the last starting quality wr the team has drafted? That coupled with our out right whiffs on multiple players at the position has fans nervous.

      2. Seem like WR has more potential to produce a “bust” than any other position so its a bit of a crap shoot. Even Bill Walsh whiffed on a few of those. Besides Crabtree, the Niners haven’t invested such a high pick at that position instead looking for diamonds in the rough like Patton. It is now or never for AJ. Do something this year or adios muchacho.

  8. Just a tidbit on Collie: played in a pick up game with him as a kid. He got elbowed by one of my teammates and he dropped like a sack of potatoes. He was fragile then too!

      1. We all ate French Fries.Try and stay away from them now… Just a true story, sorry if u got a little sand in ur Gina!

      2. Bay did you hear the University of Texas was the highest grossing school in regards to merchandising sales?
        Does that mean,based on your deranged theory that every kid should go there because of the total sales? Pffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!

        @Pat, it just sounds like an unnecessary slight against a guy that could help the Niners tremendously. I think anyone’s face meeting an elbow, the result 99% of the time is someone getting knocked out.
        BTW, my job on here is pointing out the stupidity, ask Bay, he is a regular customer.

  9. Grant, any idea when Quinton Patton can start catching balls with two hands/get into a pre-season game? Seems like his injury has gone from hurt to fractured to broken.

    1. I attended most of LA Techs games last year. I love Q Patton, Great kid, great hands, great competitor, very quick, BUT HE IS NOT FAST.

      1. And Patton is definitely quicker and faster than Boldin. He’s a 4.5 guy, and that is plenty fast enough. Having 4.3 or 4.4 speed sounds great in theory, but as AJ is finding out there is way more that goes into getting open.

  10. Grant,

    I think Lockette is probably the biggest wild card on our WR corp. How do you rate him so far in comparison to the others to this point?

    Do you think he makes the 53?

    1. I think Lockette makes the team because of his ST play. He will begins to develop and to contribute as a WR with each game. By mid-season he should be a valued WR in this team. He seems to be gaining confidence with each day…

    1. That was a good and fair article on AJ Jenkins. I’ve come to this conclusion: if Jenkins isn’t good enough to be on the field, better yet, if there are other guys that clearly deserve it more, then cut Jenkins and keep someone who can produce something for us. Any of the other guys vying for a roster spot will come cheap, so it’s not really a big investment. Eat our losses and swallow our pride and keep one of the guys that can actually earn their paycheck. I think keeping Jenkins on the roster when he doesn’t deserve too busts hole right through JH’s “meritocracy”. Cutting Jenkins (if that’s what he’s earned when the time comes) is the best move across the board for FO, the locker room, the coaching staff, and on-field productivity.

      I was hoping AJ would develop into something, but all signs are pointing no.

      1. years ago niners liked john taylor as a prospect, but when it seemed clear he wouldnt make the team he “hurt” his back and was stashed on i.r. for a year…i could see aj experiencing some “back problems” before the end of camp

      2. it makes toooo much sense! Totally agree that keeping someone who dosent deserve it would be a blow to the moral of the locker room ! I just dont see them eating almost $4.5 Mill. I think a salary dump, just like the one that landed US A. Boldin would be more realistic. Trade him to a team hampered by injuries to the WR corps for a 6th round pick or something. In A.J’s defense….he seems to get open, but he better learn how to fight for the ball and hold onto it when he gets it!

      3. Totally agree that keeping someone who dosent deserve it would be a blow to the moral of the locker room

        Do you know that the players in the locker room think that Jenkins doesn’t deserve it, or are you projecting your beliefs onto them?

        Grant, do you get the sense that the players are as down on Jenkins as you and some fans are? I realize that no one would acknowledge such a belief to a reporter, at least not on the record, but what is your feel for the locker room opinion of Jenkins?

        Trade him to a team hampered by injuries to the WR corps

        What team is more hampered by injuries to the WR corps than the 49ers?

      4. Claude, S.D. and N.O to name a couple. Maybe the jets too. As for us…I love the toughness and the “fight” in AB,MM and Osgood. MM, osgood and Lockette give us special teams value as well, all 4 are wayyyyy tougher than AJ. Collie looks good! Healthy! Veteran! Williams and Manningham are proven vets, roster locks when healthy! Obviously Crabtree too. Even Jacobs and Hall look more competent in that “little quick shifty” WR role. Damn! it might be worse for A.J than i thought!
        I love our WR group, not a lot of star power. Just tough S.O.B’s that will fight for the ball or run down on special teams and hit people! Whatever they gotta do, they will! Shedding the “diva” reputation given to the position!

      5. V. Davis take on the Jenkins hoopla…

        “A.J., he’s coming along. He’s making some smooth transitions as far as being that elite receiver that they want. And I believe in him. I believe in him. By the time the season comes around, he’ll be one of those guys (who are) ready to step in and fill the void.”

        “Davis had winnowed that list to one. “I really like A.J. Jenkins,” Davis said. “He’s got a lot of potential. He’s still learning the game …. . He has all the potential to do it. It’s just taking him a little time, but he will get there. And I think he will be prepared by the start of the season.”

      1. Yeah, and any team that trades for him has to pay him 1st round money. If they claim him off waivers also, I believe. Once he clears waivers, it’s whatever deal he gets offered. It’s hard to see the Niners cutting him, but

  11. If Jenkins isn’t one of the best 53, he should be cut, unless they think that he has shown enough to believe there is a reasonable chance he will significantly improve. The draft isn’t an exact science and though Baalke picked him a bit early, AJ was still projected to be at least a second rounder. You can’t win them all. For every blown high pick, hopefully you get a quality UDFA like Ian Williams.

  12. Rookie stats for wide receivers drafted between picks 26-36, 2007-2012
    Pick 27 Robert Meachem 12 receptions/289 yds/3TDs
    Pick 32 Anthony Gonzalez 37/576/3
    Pick 33 Donnie Avery 53/674/3
    Pick 36 Jordy Nelson 33/366/2
    Pick 29 Hakeem Nicks 47/790/6
    Pick 30 Kenny Britt 42/701/3
    Pick 36 Brian Robiskie 7/106/0
    2010 No WR taken between picks 26-36
    2011 Pick 26 Jonathan Baldwin 21/254/1
    Pick 31 AJ Jenkins 0/0/0
    Pick 33 Brian Quick 11/156/2
    Just for fun: Pick 43 Stephen Hill 21/252/3. Pick 45 Alshon Jeffery 24/367/3

    1. I posted this with no malice. I honestly feel terrible for AJ. He looks bewildered out there. For then sake of the team and AJ, I hope he turns it around.

    2. I said on an earlier post: AJ is not only the worst receiver in this team, and has been so for the past year. He is also the worst WR in the NFL, and has been so for the past year.

      1. He does not have the mental attitude to play the game.
      2. He does not understand the game.
      3. He can’t remember the play-book.
      4. He is not physically ready to play the game.
      Baalke should have kept that enveloped sealed, and thrown a dart to the draft board….

    1. Jenkins carries a cap hit of 4.347 mil if cut, and since it is after June 1 I believe that number is spread out over this seasons and next seasons cap.

      1. Claude, the problem with that is the 49ers have to spend that cap money on AJ regardless, and the hit on the cap next year would be higher if he’s kept around this season (as the $1 million in guaranteed salary for 2014 would accrue next season if he isn’t cut this year).

        If he doesn’t show he is worth keeping on the roster, then he’s preventing the 49ers keeping another more deserving player this year, and deferring the cap hit to 2014. So… it does make sense to cut him, if he isn’t one of the top 5 or 6 WRs on the roster.

  13. Jenkins this, Jenkins that, its a good thing we drafted him or else some of you would not have anything to talk about. Jenkins is on the squad on opening day get over it.

    1. Seriously!

      Its getting a bit old. And this talk of cutting him is ridiculous. The guy was drafted in the 1 st round a year ago. He’s going to get his chance to prove himself period.

      Stop all the Cut jenkins talk, its completely ignorant.

      1. Actually,
        the only reason a guy like Jenkins stays on the team one more year is because of ego. The front office doesn’t like to admit that swung and missed. I think it’s 50/50 at this point in terms of being cut.

      2. The question is should the Niners cut him with so many guys needing to be extended or sign a new contract altogether after this upcoming season and the next.

    1. Here’s how I saw the play:

      Jenkins’ hip may have been an inch or two in front of Morris’ hip. They were very close. There was no last second acceleration by Morris. Jenkins tried to make an over-the-shoulder catch and Morris stuck his hand up between Jenkins’ hands to knock the pass away. Jenkins let the ball come to him, which allowed Morris to make a play on it.

      Also, the other deep pass was not too deep. Jenkins slowed down when he turned his head to find the ball. He had no separation from Morris and gave up on the pass.

      1. Hmmm…

        Cohn v. Barrows

        Cohn wins blog participation award going away, but Barrows has a significant edge in manifest objectivity. I think I’ll go with Barrows on this account.

      2. Jenkins tried to make an over-the-shoulder catch and Morris stuck his hand up between Jenkins’ hands to knock the pass away. Jenkins let the ball come to him, which allowed Morris to make a play on it.

        If Jenkins was running full speed, and the ball was thrown over his shoulder, what is it you think he should have done?

        1. Go up and get it. He didn’t have enough separation to casually catch it over his shoulder. Marlon Moore always goes up and gets deep balls. He did it yesterday. Lockette goes up and gets them, too, but he drops them sometimes.

      3. More often than not, a WR of Jenkins’ stature and/or speed doesn’t go up and get it unless it is a jump ball situation which usually involves stopping first.

      4. I don’t know how Jenkins would be able to “go up and get” the ball without reducing his forward velocity. If he had to run full speed to track the ball, wouldn’t reducing his speed cause him to miss it? Was it more of a jump ball than an over the shoulder pass?

        1. He didn’t have to run full speed to track it. Morris was able to knock it away just by sticking his arm up from a slightly trailing position. Jenkins needed to jump and twist and high point it because he wasn’t open and the pass was more of a jump ball. Marlon Moore adjusts for and attacks deep passes almost every practice. I’ve never seen Jenkins do it, not even in college.

      5. Marlon Moore does this almost every practice. I’ve never seen Jenkins do it.

        Marlon Moore is going into his fourth year as an NFL WR while Jenkins is just entering his his second one.

      6. i dont like my “home team reporter” to be pessimistic and condescending towards such team. I prefer optimism and loyalty. Barrows

      7. I want my home town guy to be objective and tell us exactly what’s going on. if you want a sugarcoated version of practice go to as far as AJ goes, who cares what year he is in, you go up and fight for the football. I played WR in HS and they teach you to go up and get the ball. This is the NFL! Good job Grant keep the info coming

      8. Shane, our you new here? I ask this because if you have been following for the off-season then you would know what im talking about. Now Grant has something to report, but for the last 6 months we have heard mostly how the niners are “too old, injury prone, on a steep and swift decline, lacking in talent at most positions and inferior to most teams in the NFL, NFC, and NFC west. That we wont win our division, let alone go back to the super bowl and basically have no chance to win it all. I forgot, our coach is despised and 2 faced and CK is far inferior to the midget Russle Wilson”. Funny thing is, the NATIONAL media dosent seem to share many, if any, of Grant’s opinions!

        And by the way, i totally agree the WR should fight for the ball. “if you aint gonna catch it, you better make damn sure that no defender is either”!!!!!!!!
        lesson one for WR’s in pee-wee football

      9. Actually yeah, Fairly new haha. But I LOVE the 49ers and discussing the 49ers. All I was saying is since I live in NY, these kinds of blogs are the best thing I have to getting insight to how guys are Really doing, so the more honesty I can get the better. How a play happen, how a guy is doing, ect. I certainly don’t want all negative bias either. Just hey, what the hell is going on out there. That’s why I like the good and the bad.
        Just doesn’t look like, on any blog, AJ is cutting it. I hope pride doesn’t keep him on the team when so many other guys are fighting their guts out and could bring real value to this team.

  14. Grant,

    How’s Patton looking? I hear he made a few one-handers yesterday. How’s he been looking on the field when running routes, does he get seperation?

    Also is there practice today?

    1. He made a one-hander yesterday, yes. It’s tough tel tell how well he’s doing because cornerbacks know he probably isn’t getting the ball.

      Practice starts at 5:00 today.

  15. The guy that I am really pulling for on the D line is Dobbs. I think he is going to be a force this year, even after coming back from a knee injury….

    1. What do you think, Paul? With no Mini and no work this far into TC, my guess is he never gets ‘healthy’ enough to come off of PUP and he redshirts 2013.

      1. I haven’t heard his name mentioned really. Hunter, Lattimore and others, we read about them on the sidelines getting work in. Dial had surgery on that toe in January (if memory serves). Ronnie Lott would have cut that toe off by now.

        With all due respect to Dobbs and Tukuafu — I want to see Dial out there.

  16. Grant,

    Here’s a great idea for your followers. Depending upon AJ’s lastest performance, your mug shot opposite the headline can be changed daily. If he screws up, use that smiling picture that’s there now. When he has a good day, use one where your expression is dour. It will save us from actually reading your column about Jenkins, the picture will tell the story.

  17. Grant, what’s are the ramifications of running Jenkins through waivers and putting him on the practice squad? How does it affect the cap? I presume since he saw so little of the field that he’d still be eligible for the taxi squad.

    Also, does anyone know the origin of the term “taxi squad” and why it’s been replaced by “practice squad”? I’m guessing, but maybe in the fifties the guys on the taxi squad actually picked up part-time jobs like driving taxis in order to pay the bills while working towards getting a full-time gig on the roster.

    Does anyone know?

  18. Just curious.. why is Boobie Dixon getting chewed out part of THE GOOD section? Sounds like he got carried away and maybe deserved the chewing but still, why is that good?

  19. Grant, I feel like we have a bunch of possession WRs and small/slight slot guys. Im dying for one tall, strong, fast WR. That’s why I’m rooting for Lockette. It seems like he is heating up, what is your view???

    1. Read Barrows article on the WR competition. I believe someone posted above.

      He site Lockette being so inconsistent and only shows flashes of excellence.

      1. Thanks Leo, it seems like the last couple of practices I have heard good things. I would like to see him get some more reps with Kap tho. the chemistry could be there, and lets see that deep ball.

  20. The more I read about Marlon Moore, the more I’m beginning to like him. The more I read about AJ Jenkins, the less I like him.

  21. My god Grant is worse than his Dad………wish the press democrat would just fire these two bozo’s. Staley makes the ‘not so good’ list and he didn’t even practice……..great criteria for how he made that list.

    1. I second that. Weird how Homers get upset over a blog. Jeez, if you don’t like it, don’t read it, and please don’t come back!

    1. MidWestNiner:

      How dare you come on this blog and link to unbiased, objective, and rational analysis. Who do you think you are?

    2. It would not surprise me to see Jenkins start the season on the nonfootball PUP list. I think this is how SF deals with Jenkins if he doesn’t show up in the next 3 preseason games. The team has roughly 2 spots for 4 guys if they give one of those spots to Jenkins. (see Midwest link above). I don’t think the team is ready to cut Moore or Hall. They have special teams value. So, the PUP list is about SF’s only option while they sort things out. Keep this hush hush though because I am sure Goodell would have a field day on SF brass if he caught wind of it.

    3. Mike Sando is wrong, and he should know better: ” I have to think Jenkins would rank at or near the top of the list as a young player with potential who hasn’t played enough for analysts to judge accurately.”
      Let’s see: AJ has been with the team for a year. Harbaugh and the coaching staff have seen him in practice everyday for 17 weeks of the regular season, that is 68 days; plus 4 weeks of training camp, about 24 days; and throw in the other training sessions with coaches and you’d the picture. They have seen more than enough to know that a PS player is more dependable that AJ.

      AJ doesn’t play on Sundays because he doesn’t work during practices. The coaching staff prefers, counts and depends on players who will work hard in practice…those players will play on Sunday.

      AJ doesn’t play on Sunday just because there are no opportunities as Sando writes, but quite the opposite. He has wasted his opportunities.

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