Training camp report: Kendall Hunter returns to sloppy practice

SAN FRANCISCO – Here’s what stood out to me at Saturday afternoon’s padded practice at Candlestick Park.


1. Kendall Hunter – He returned to practice for the first time since he tore his Achilles’ tendon last November. He didn’t participate much, but he got his feet wet.

2. Jonathan Goodwin – He returned to practice after missing the past two week and immediately took over his spot as the starting center.

3. Quinton Patton – He’s still wearing the blue, non-contact jersey, but he’s participating more and more in practice. During one-on-one drills, Patton beat Michael Thomas deep and made the catch with a broken finger.

4. Kyle Williams – At the end of practice, the offense did a five-minute drill against the scout team offense. On third and five, Williams lined up in the slot across from Michael Thomas. Williams beat Thomas to the inside on a slant and made the catch for an eight-yard gain.

6. Vernon Davis – He caught seven passes for 70 yards and two touchdowns.

7. LaMichael James – He continues to have a good training camp catching passes. Today, he caught a deep pass on a wheel route from Colin Kaepernick.

8. Carlos Rogers – He picked off Kaepernick in a red zone drill.

9. Colt McCoy – He sustained a neck stinger on his throwing shoulder during Thursday night’s preseason game, so he wore a blue, non-contact jersey today. But he still took about ten reps in team drills.


1. Tarell Brown and Joe Staley – They did not attend practice. They’re working through some things.

2. Vance McDonald – He did attend practice, but he did not participate. He’s working through something.

3. A.J. Jenkins – He made a nice catch on a square in route in front of Perrish Cox. He caught one more pass – a five yard gain on a drag route. On his third and final target of the afternoon, he ran another drag route but he dropped it. The pass popped up into the air and Darcel McBath picked it off.

4. Nnamdi Asomugha – He started and struggled at right cornerback in place of the absent Tarell Brown. Lockette beat Asomugha deep twice, but Lockette dropped one. Asomugha also committed a pass interference penalty on a back-shoulder pass to Kassim Osgood.

5. Ricardo Lockette – He dropped three passes.

6. Adam Snyder – He started at left tackle in place of Joe Staley. On one play, Snyder got beat around the edge for a sack by Cam Johnson. Later, Snyder gave up a sack to Demarcus Dobbs. Snyder also committed a false start penalty.

6. Red zone offense – Here was the drill: Third-and-goal from the 12. Score a touchdown. If you don’t, try again from the 10. If you fail again, try from the 8. If you fail again, try from the 6. The 49ers’ offense scored zero touchdowns during this drill. Not the first-team offense, the second-team offense or the third-team offense.

7. 5-minute offense – Practice ended with a five-minute drill – the offense had five minutes to drive 80 yards and score a touchdown. Kaepernick drove the first-team offense 25 yards, but he couldn’t convert a third-and-eight. He threw deep to Anquan Boldin, but Michael Thomas knocked away the pass. Scott Tolzien drove the second-team offense 28 yards, but he fumbled the snap on third and ten, killing the drive. That’s how practice ended.

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    1. Mostly quarterback. He was so-so. His ball placement was poor(it’s been better on other days), and he took too long to pull the trigger in the pocket, but he’s a good scrambler.

      He also played some punt returner. He dropped a punt.

      1. Sounds like Daniels will get some time at quarterback against the Chiefs…If he shines, might be tough to get him on the practice squad.

  1. Last year at Fan Fest they tried to recreate the drive that lead to “The Catch.”

    This year they should have put the ball at the 7 with just over 2 minutes on the clock to see if they could finish it off.

  2. Good to hear Patton is being allowed to get more involved. I really want to see what he can do once he’s allowed to start catching again.

    Sounds like it was a pretty rough day in general for the receivers.

    Grant, a name I haven’t heard too much in your reports is Trenton Robinson – how has he been looking?

      1. Yeah. Looks like they are lining him up to take over from Whitner next season and be the better coverage SS fans have been after.

  3. Grant is chad hall facing an uphill battle? I see boldin Patton Williams Jenkins as locks ! Add in mannigham I say hall collie and Moore are fighting for one spot and.I think Moore gets the final spot? Hall doesn’t compliment boldin at all! Do you agree?

      1. Chicago49er,
        I believe you mentioned sometime after we drafted AJ that you seen him play in college.
        I could be wrong about that, but if it was you, do you remember AJ having any struggles in college?

        I’ve seen his college youtube highlights and he looked fast and confident. But then again, youtube makes every player look good so it’s not a true measure.

        What’s your take on AJ?

      2. Because of Cap ramifications, I believe Jenkins is going to play out this season. I’m sure the team hopes he performs so that they can trade him at the end of the year. I’d say they’d be high on a 4th round pick at this point.

    1. I’m going out on a limb and agreeing.

      On the long INT play Jenkins blew by the cover man. Despite the cushion Jenkins beat him by several yards. The ball should not have been thrown because the of the deep help.

      On the fumble play the pattern, catch and move were good. Terrible ball security.

      No doubt Harbaugh (and the rest of us) and disappointed and understand Jenkins might wash out, but he looks so good sometimes. Its hard to imagine him not making plays at some point.

    2. I agree. the band is getting stretched pretty tight. A couple of breakthrough plays and he will start producing. The whole coaching staff knows this, but he can’t overcome his devils. It’s got to come from him, and he needs to relax and stop worrying, which he is ill-equipped to do. It’s like a soap opera.

  4. If hall and boldin are on the field together vd will get doubled and the miner’s will be playing offense in a ten yard box ! Moore Williams Patton Manningham or collie are all better compliments to boldin who’s best in the slot

  5. I read elsewhere that Lockette lined up in the wrong spot at one point and had to be told where he needed to be.

      1. Just pointing out that he could have been traded to the Eagles but the Niners rebuffed Reid because they wasn’t a better QB here…until now that is.

  6. one shot/one down from the 12, the 10, the 8, the 6…. zero points????
    Ouch !!!!

    Five minutes to drive 80 yards and SCORE.
    Kaep takes us a whopping 25 yards;
    familiar story – third down and needing 8 yards…

    three preseason games left.

  7. Aldon Smith pulled up on Peyton Manning instead of adding his neck to our trophy case. John Fox saw the same thing and quickly took Manning out of the game. With that being said, I would be willing to bet that the vets are interested in plastering Smith to the turf. They’d pull up as well because at the end of the day, these games mean nothing.

    1. I think they would relish the opportunity to hit him because they couldnt in practice. they wouldnt be trying to hurt him but i can see some of the longer tenured guys (cowboy, macdonald) wanting to plant AS

  8. Grant, I need your help. What would you say Jenkins problem is? Going Madden themed, could it be low awareness, or intangibles? We know he is fast and can acellerate. Can you put his problems into Madden terms?

    1. NotEvenClose/ Prime Time- Jenkins sucks in Madden, fantasy and the real world (NFL)!!! Don’t you think that’s enough? Time to call it quits on Jenkins…..I did!

  9. Neither chad hall or aj Jenkins can’t hurt nfl caliber defenses they both should go both! ! Wr corps should be boldin Williams. Manningham Patton collie and Moore and one has to go if that idiot craptree makes it back late this year

      1. That kind of hostile comment (“moron”) comes back and bites you in the ass, when you don’t know how to spell “you’re”. Easy, Jason. It’s totally possible to disagree agreeably.

    1. Marlon Moore has outperformed just about everyone on the team. He’s not getting cut. Patton hasn’t shown anything due to injury so that puts Kassim Osgood ahead of Patton as well. I agree with your frustration. We’re on the hook for AJ Jenkins. The team isn’t cutting him this season. That cap hit is why he’s still getting chances.

      1. As soon as Patton is cleared for contact he will be ahead of Osgood, and about a week after that he will be ahead of Jenkins. He’s got “it”.

      2. Jack, who do you think will be standing last? If Jenkins doesn’t justify keeping him, I think they’ll cut bait and take the hit. Don’t you?

      3. George,

        I think there are 4 WR spots that are set:

        Boldin, Williams, Jenkins, Patton

        After that it depends on how whether they go with 5 or 6.

      4. Jack how are Jenkins and Patton set when they have not even shown a glimpse of being legit?

        This is huge concern for Harbaugh. He talks about competition and the better players will play. Well so far Moore as Lockette have done way more. Granted three more weeks but those guys surely have the inside the track.

      5. It’s based on draft position Prime, however I kind of agree regarding Jenkins. I think part of them giving Jenkins so many reps is to help make a tough decision with him.

      6. Based on what Harbaigh has preached to date, draft position gets you a first look but after that if you dont perform you get bypassed.
        As you know a coach who speaks one message and does another loses a lockeroom faster than Bay hate lubing up with astroglyde. If guys like Lockette and Moore get passed for Jenkims or Patton who have not shown much, Harbaugh’s voice begins to lose its tone.

  10. I agree Hammer,
    Patton’s signature catches will come by way of the ‘one hand’ variety because of the way he’s had to practice so far (lol).

    I believe that QP will surge up the WR chart when he is ready to practice at full capacity.

    Here’s my hypothetical 1 – 10 (10 being the highest) chance of making the roster :
    1. A.Boldin (10)
    2. B.Carswell (2)
    3. A.Collie (7)
    4. C.Hall (5)
    5. L.Hawkins (3)
    6. C.Jacobs (6)
    7. AJ (8)
    8. R.Lockette (6)
    9. M.Manningham (7)
    10. M.Moore (7)
    11. K.Osgood (4)
    12. Q.Patton (9)
    13. K.Williiams (8)

    Nothing scientific here, just an opinion and some Sunday musing.
    7 WR’s make the team with this rating, with one or possibly two making the PS.
    1. M.Moore
    2. R.Lockette (if he qualifies)
    3. C.Jacobs (if RL does not qualify for PS)

  11. Yuor boy Feener stunk out the joint this Sunday. Coughed up the rock and missed his blocks. He should ahve stayed with badminton…

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