49ers training camp storylines


49ers rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard throws a pass during practice

One week from today, the 49ers will report to training camp. Which training camp story lines will you be most interested to read about? Explain your choices.

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  1. Cannot wait to see if Lynch earns a spot on the team or if he will be cut. Very disappointed in his work ethic.

  2. QB – Can C. J. supplant Barkley as the back up.
    Offensive Line – Can Garnett live up to expectations. Can Brown lock down the RT position. Kilgore’s release.
    RB – Will Hyde win the job or is he traded.
    TE – Will VMac earn a role or will he be cut or traded.
    Slot Receiver – Rookie Taylor and how he handles the physicality of camp.
    Slot Corner – Williams versus Redmond is an intriguing competition to keep an eye on.
    CB – Johnson versus Reaser sounds like it might be the best competition on the team.
    Leo – The big story line here is what kind of shape Lynch will be in.
    ILB – Foster and does his shoulder hold up.
    FS – Ward and how comfortable he becomes, and whether Jerome can win the backup job.
    SS – Reid and will he be able to lay the wood without knocking himself out. Tartt’s instinctual development.

    1. 1. In minicamps Barkley was outplaying Hoyer it is unlikely that a rookie is moved into the #2 role. There really isn’t a reason to move him up even if he outplayed Barkley because the step from College to NFL is so drastic that it is better for the organization to let him sit and learn for a year.
      2. This will determine the success of the 49ers season.
      3. Hyde will stay because he is worth more as a backup than he is as a trade.
      4. V Mac couldn’t be traded before, Probably destine to be cut.

      1. Thanks for the comment, Sam.

        3. Hyde will stay because he is worth more as a backup than he is as a trade.

        With that premise in mind, what round draft pick would supersede that notion?

        1. Carlos Hyde sticks because he is a good back and he isn’t paid too much. Based on how much he is paid, you better get at least an early 2nd rounder. He’s not a 30 year old with an 8 million dollar contract.

          1. 2nd rounder for an oft injured, mediocre back seems rather unrealistic. I was thinking 3rd rounder from a team that loses one in camp or early in the season….

            1. I agree a 3rd round pick would be the collateral it would take to trade him. The NFL has devalued the RB position over the last 5 years. While Hyde is certainly serviceable, I just do not think that he has put enough on tape in his career to warrant that much value through a trade.

  3. I want to know about the rookies. And how they look compared to rookies from previous years. Its gonna be important to keep an eye on these guys Lynch is drafting.

    The free agents too. We had a lot of signings. Are these guys gonna pan out? I especially want to keep my eye on the center position and see if the guy we brought in can get into the line up. That would be pretty big.

  4. 1. How will the DL spots/ rotation work out? 49ers have invested a lot of draft capital in the position and really need to get some returns.

    2. Will Aaron Lynch be motivated? If he is, he can be a real asset. If not he probably won’t make the team.

    3. Will the safeties step up? They need to have a swift learning curve at their new positions.

    4. Who will be the starting CB opposite Robinson? Lots of guys could be competing for that role. Are they capable?

    5. How will Hyde adapt to the outside zone during TC? If he doesn’t fit, will he be retained?

    6. How long will McDonald stick on the roster during camp? Will they find a trade partner?

    7. How will the OL shake out? The OTs look pretty set, but there are a lot of guys competing on the interior.

    1. “2. Will Aaron Lynch be motivated? If he is, he can be a real asset. If not he probably won’t make the team.”

      If the latter, the Seahawks will pick him up and make him an All-Pro. :(

    1. Yea, we finally got some sunlight poking through the storm clouds by landing Shanny. Looking forward to some rainbows this season….

  5. 1. We have several average to slightly above average #2 receivers. Who wins starting jobs. Who will be this years preseason MVP and then get cut. Previous PSMVP include Marlen Moore, Chad Hall, Kyle WIlliams , Austen Collie

    2. DOes Vance Mac make the team?

    3. Is Solomon as good as advertised. 7-9 sacks ?

    4. Is Ruben Foster as good as advertised and how is shoulder.

    5. How is Bowman knee, achilles etc

    6. Joe williams. Let’s see what he can do.

    7.. Finally what is going on with Kapeernick. We need constant updates and speculation. Just kidding of course. It is way past time to move on. The obsession is weird -borderline creepy.

        1. Seb/Razor with a typical lie, saying Prime predicted 10 sacks from Solomon, when it was Razor who stated this.
          This sort of lie is a go to debate strategy by Seb and suddenly Razor’s using it. We know you are one in the same, Seb and Razor.

          1. TrollD, we all know who the liar is.
            Razor predicted 7. I predicted 10 a while ago. Prime constantly brought up 10 sacks.
            However, after hearing about the workouts and training in Hawaii, I am going to go out on a limb and predict 11 sacks. because Buckner will have more experience, and Armstead will be healthy. Armstead may drive the QB into King Solomon’s waiting arms.

      1. 10 is a huge ask for interior lineman. To put it in perspective not a single DT got 10 sacks last year.
        With Solomon, if he proves he can play the edge in pass rushing situations then he was a great pick… if not he needs to be a disruptive penetrator.

  6. Looking foreword to watching CJB in the preseason ..
    Watched some youtube on him when they announced him
    in the 3rd rd … and was impressed with him …

    Don’t think he’ll have much trouble with the speed of the game..
    (at first… maybe.. but I think it won’t take him too long
    to adjust) …

    With all the beef we now have on D … I’m expecting them
    to be bad-azz this year … rookies and all …
    ..confident that Foster’s shoulder will be fine by the time the reg. season
    rolls around ..

    however ..the O-Line is my biggest concern …
    Who will be the starters ? .. and how
    long will it take them to gell ?

  7. Defense

    1. Foster’s shoulder. Will he be able to learn the playbook?
    2. Will Solomon shed his tweener label?
    3. The LEO position. Will Armstead have success? Does Elvis have anything left.
    4. Can Bow still play?
    5.Will Witherspoon play physical and emerge as a starter?
    6. Can Ward play single high safety?
    7. Will Reid quit playing scared and become fierce hitman in the box?
    8. Will Saleh continue to get the better of Shanny?

  8. Offense

    1. Hoyer. It starts with the QB.
    2. Beathard. Can he play? Is he the future?
    3. Will Hyde succeed in the outside zone?
    4. Is Williams willing to block, is he capable of blocking? Can he catch.
    5. How does the OL look in Shanny’s blocking scheme, individually and as a unit?
    6. Will Goodwin be a legitimate deep ball target or just a decoy?
    7. Will Taylor get reps at X and Z? Will he beat out Kerley in the slot?
    8. Is Kittle really that good.
    9. Will Vance make the team.
    10. Will Breida make the team?

  9. Special Teams

    1. Will Williams shine at KR?
    2. Will Taylor shine at PR?
    3. With all our depth, will we have the best coverage unit in the league?

      1. Thanks again, There’s a lot to watch for with the new schemes and roster turnover. I can’t wait for Grant’s TC reports!

        1. He’s a known commodity like Garcon. Juice will be an excellent blocker and will catches passes from different positions. Juice and Garcon will get a lot of targets this year.

  10. I imagine the 49ers training camp story will be a tale told by a journalist, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

      1. Yep. As soon as he signed the contract he ran out and took 1000 snaps under center and finished the day watching over 4 hours of film.

    1. Sports writing and blogging. Tried to post some links that went into moderation. Go to youtube and search for sports writing and sports blogging. Funny stuff.

        1. I always spot check the youtube url…looking for odd combinations of letters and numbers that may appear ‘inappropriate’ for whatever reason.. Some I’ve caught in advance.

  11. And…when key release dates come at the end of the preseason, will the 9ers pick anyone from other teams?

  12. The regular season story line however will be very interesting from a one sided perspective.

    Is our defense going to be any good? If it isn’t, will it improve throughout the season. If it doesn’t, is it because of the coaching or because of the players? Specifically I’ll be looking to see if both Armstead and Buckner have a spot on this defensive line. How long before Foster is healthy and ready to play and start. Is Dontae Johnson able to be a full time starter at corner? With this group will they play in the over or under front more and if it’s fairly evenly used what will determine which they choose to line up in? Can Reed and Ward handle their new roles or will the team regret not addressing the position in the off season. Is Saleh ready for this or is he in over his head? Will he make the right adjustments and put the right players in the right positions or are we going to be setting more of the wrong kind of records?

    The rebuild clearly started and was focused on the defense. They waited until their fourth pick to address the offense and that pick was a reach on a developmental back up. Their first real pick that was focused on improving the offense was their 5th when they took coach favorite Joe Williams. However 6 of their 10 picks were on the other side of the ball. So if we’re looking for real long term improvements this season this is where your attention should be focused.

    Seems likely they intend on starting the offensive overhaul next year when they choose/sign their next starting QB.

  13. Will injuries to key personnel in the pre-season derail the hopes and expectations of this team (OL, LB, QB, WR, DB). Any one of these areas gets hit and it could really affect the season in a major way.

        1. Seriously, I think there will be one or two major injuries to key players during camp. Unfortunate, but the odds lean that direction.

    1. Man, you would not do well in Houston. Even as a long time resident, the humidity hits me like a freight train when I get back from an extended trip. The only place I’ve been with worse humidity than Houston is Mumbai, India. I was there when the humidity was >90% and the temp was around 109. Even Houston humidity didn’t prepare me for that misery.

      1. I believe you. I’m up here under the Great Lakes, and we get 90% humidity with temperatures hitting 90 degrees every summer. I miss that dry air in California!;>)

  14. Offensive Line, 3rd down pass rushers, RB, linebackers, DB’s, WR’s.

    Shanahan’s got some work to do before Sept…Who wins these battles defines our record.

  15. Hopeful 49ers rookie WR Victor Bolden: ‘I can be a playmaker’

    July 20, 2017 at 1:56 PM • 6 comments

    By David Bonilla

    As a sophomore, Bolden led the Beavers in receptions with 72 catches for 798 yards and two touchdowns while also contributing as a kick returner on special teams. Over his final two years at Oregon State, Bolden accumulated 92 receptions for 1,003 yards and five touchdowns,

    “I think with my speed and being able to make plays in space and being able to do more than one thing on the field definitely caught the eye of a lot of NFL coaches,”

    Al Sacco‏
    How versatile is #49ers WR Victor Bolden? In college, he caught 170 balls, had 95 rushing attempts & returned kicks. Can do it

    1. WRs like him come to the NFL to be humiliated. Something like 1-in-20 ever make a club. Even fewer start. So chase your dream young man, but the fruit you’re likely to grab is the bitter pill of reality.

        1. It’s reality. UFDAs are long-shots. Especially in skill positions.

          The ten year success rate for drafted WRs (better prospects) is pretty low. Of 317 WRs selected between 2005 and 2014, only 74 have become starters for at least half their careers. And many of them are bad starters, like so many of the lousy WRs we’ve had since TO left.

          Or, lets put it this way, Darius Heyward-Bey is, technically, a success story with 69 starts in 114 games. Torrey Smith was a success (86/92) While Quinton Patton (18/40) is not. Bryant Johnson, the mediocrity we signed as a FA years ago was a success (74/139 though he sucked). Darrell Jackson (106/123), a WR with a some of the worst hands I’ve ever seen, was a ‘success’ even though he made Owens’ butterfingered hands look rock solid and even the pass-dropping fool Crabtree can’t touch him.

          So that’s how low the bar goes. You don’t have to be good. You just have to be starting. You could be the worst starter in the NFL, but you’re starting. And that’s some pretty low hanging fruit.

          And yet these UFDAs don’t. They hang-around training camp. They look good against the other scrubs in pre-season trash-time and every now and then one makes it. And everyone focuses on that 1-in-20 shot while ignoring they were dead-wrong 19 of the other times.

          1. While this is true coaches and GM’s all talk about competition and the best man winning but it’s seldom true. Higher draft picks are often outplayed but due to the investment involved they still make the squad while udfa counterpart gets cut in spite of playing better.
            Note I am not disagreeing with you just pointing out how the investment involved affords greater opportunities for higher selections.

  16. Grant

    I’d like to hear about some of the players ‘in the shadows” and just how they are doing….Norman Price, ‘Tank’ Carradine, Quenton Dial, John Flynn, Richard Levy, Vinnie Sunserri…Getting tired of hearing about Cousins…. hell he isn’t even on the team, and for my money…never will be….

    1. I think the back-ups are going to end up being the real battles, I think most of the starters are set(which includes McDonald and Kilgore presumptively fired) with only a few positions having real battles.

  17. While I’m looking forward to reading about it, I”m not all that ‘excited’ because I think most spots on the depth chart are already set. Really, what spots are really up for competition? Not phoney I want their to be competition because there was a draft crush or because you hate some player.

    But actual competition where an established vet is endanger of losing his job… I think the guys who were going to lose their jobs, like Kilgore and MacDonald, have already lost their jobs to guys like Zuttah and Kittle and any ‘competition’ will just be Training Camp Kabuki. Other than that I see WR, RB, QB and most of the line already set.

    I think the only real open competition on the defense is at Right Cornerback and there MIGHT be some competition between Foster and some other linebacker depending on the where the coaches decide to go with him. I think the d-line is set. I think the safeties are set. I think LCB is set. I think Brooks has 9 lives and will be, much to my chagrin, holding that position until he starts to draw Social Security…

    1. Different take, and somewhat surprising. I’d have to take issue with your chagrin regarding Brooks. I think he’s our sack leader, and has an All Pro year….

        1. He had 6 sacks last year, and he has more help on paper this year. I predict he finishes the year with 8.

  18. The interior of the OL get’s my vote for most important training camp story line. IMO, there is a lot riding on whether or not Joshua Garnett can lock down a starting spot at OG. Continuity is such an important factor when it comes to how well the OL performs. Garnett got off to a very slow start last season after missing most of the offseason program, and also being moved to RG (he played on the left side at Stanford). Joshua’s been a full participant in the 2017 offseason, and Kyle Shanahan’s break-downs of plays seems to be helping ease the learning curve (according to Staley and others), so I’m optimistic that Joshua can take a big step forward this training camp and, along with the addition of Jeremy Zuttah, really help stabilize the OL.

    I’ve got high hopes for this talented group of RB’s, but we all know how important it is for the OL to do their jobs and open up running lanes for these guys. If the run-blocking improves, and Carlos Hyde can stay healthy, I can see this Hyde/Williams tandem breaking out early this season, and becoming one of the most dynamic and productive RB tandems in the league. I am of the opinion the Carlos will make a swift adjustment to Kyle’s predominantly outside zone scheme, and I was a big proponent of drafting the retiree, Joe Williams during the leadup to the draft. I think Williams is the perfect running back for Kyles offense. And if the 49ers can establish the run early this season, it will go a long ways to setting up play-action passing, which is right in Brian Hoyer’s wheelhouse!

  19. By the way… Grant’s blog photo looks much like a high school pic of Matt Barkley…except Matt was blonde back then.

    1. I know a guy that knew him in high school. Said he sported one of those porn star mustaches, and a mullet. Once he became a famous journalist, he shaved it off, got a haircut and changed his name from Grant Dirt to Grant Cohn…;>)

  20. 1. Can Shanahan be both offensive coordinator and head coach at the same time and do both well?

    2. Can NoVarro Bowman return to All Pro performance or is he done?


    The Rams needed another qb and they singed Dan Orlovsky not Kaep, DAN ORLOVSKY !!!! Put a fork in Kaep, he is done.

    1. Just proves my point. Kaep is being patient, and wants a starting job. He does not want to be a backup.
      Attrition will create opportunities, and many teams are risking looking foolish to pass up on a QB who, in the right circumstances, will play well and lead their team to victory.
      Like the blacklisting in the 50’s, the blackballing of Kaep will be another black eye for the league, and history will not be kind.

        1. Cassie, I think he will play, and play well, if only he is given the opportunity.
          Thankfully, with the rate of attrition in this league, he will have opportunities.
          It may not take an injury, but poor QB play may make some fans clamor for a better QB.

          1. But a “SB QB” should not have to wait for opportunity.

            He’s set playoff rushing records, 4-2 playoff record.

            One problem, one trick pony QB’s don’t last long in the NFL!

            1. Yes they do, Just look at McCown, Savage, Osweiler, Geno Smith, Sanchez, Fitzpatrick, Davis and numerous others.

  21. Surprise story line of the camp and the season: Tank Carradine

    Carradine will shine in his natural position as a 4-3 defensive end. Finally in the right position with a competent coaching staff he will be the pleasant surprise of the season.

        1. Prime, Grant likes clicks. Please stop addressing Razor as if he were me, it just makes you look trollish, and delusional, too.

  22. Current story – How come Solomon Thomas has not signed yet? Is this going to be a Crabby holdout or what?

    1. I highly doubt, but he does have the same agent as Bosa. Not sure if the 49ers are a team that likes offset language in their contracts. I expect he’ll be signed within the week….

      1. If he does hold out, does that call his character into question? So far, he’s been a Boy Scout, but if there is a protracted hold out like Bosa will this rankle the fans and put his progress in question?

        I bet part of the hold up is that he views himself as a #2 and wants that money, but he went #3.

        1. I don’t think we need to be concerned about his character, but maybe his agents could be called into question if it doesn’t get done this week. He seems like a pretty humble and respectful dude. I’d be surprised if that were the case….

    2. UC

      I hope Thomas Does hold out…It’ll give Ron Blair a chance to be noticed in TC….I think he’s better than Thomas anyway….O.K. Razoreater turn the dogs loose….

  23. Solomon Thomas’ holdout is definitely about contract language and structure.

    The deal signed by No. 1 overall pick Myles Garrett seems to have complicated the situation. In the words of one agent, Garrett “agreed to everything,” and once the No. 1 pick agrees to something, it gets tougher for the Nos. 2 and 3 picks to argue that their deals shouldn’t have it. According to multiple agents who spoke on condition of anonymity, the holdup with these first-round signings has to do with contract language. The 2011 collective bargaining agreement established a rookie wage scale with strict salary guidelines for each draft slot. But teams and agents still find things to quibble with, and one example is offset language, which players fight against because they want to be able to double-dip in the unlikely event that the team were to cut them.

    And we know Marathe is no stranger to offset language when it comes to negotiating contracts. I suspect it will get done this week, but you just never know.

  24. 1. Which players from the TE group is getting the most reps?
    2. Is Hoyer forming a rapport with a certain player in the receiving corps?
    3. Will Williams be the starter over Hyde?
    4. Is Thomas holding out?
    5. Who is winning the slot WR battle?
    6. Is Smelter making any type of progress?
    7. Who is winning the position battles on the OL?
    8. How often is D.J. Jones playing with the starters?
    9. Is Armstead looking better at the LEO?
    10. Is Foster starting, or is he rotating in and out with Bowman and Smith?
    11. Who is winning the battle to be the #2 CB?
    12. How are Ward and Reid doing at their new positions?
    13. Is Redmond playing primarily at NCB, outside, or both?
    14. Is the offense looking better than it did in Potassium?
    15. Who is the punt returner and kick returner?
    16. Which side is Garrett lining up at primarily?
    17. What position is Blair playing?
    18. How involved is Shanahan with the coaching at each position?
    19. Is Beathard doing better in practice than Barkley?
    20. Who looks like they are benefiting the most from the new 4-3 scheme?

  25. Tons of story lines but for me the biggest are all on the defensive side of the ball. Prolly because I don’t expect much from the offense this year.
    Is Armstead fully back from the shoulder injury? If he is fully back, is he any good or is he a bust?
    The entire LB group is a major question mark. Is Reuben Foster going to need a redshirt year or will he contribute this year? Is Bowman done? Who is starting at LB and where?
    Where is the pass rush going to come from? Is Solomon Thomas the real deal? Is Lynch eating himself out of the NFL? Is Tank Carradine finally going to contribute or is he a bust?
    How will the secondary look? Does Rashard Robinson improve into a legit pro bowl level CB? Who is at safety? Is Tartt going to be a bust or will he at least contribute on special teams?

  26. 10 Biggest storylines-
    1. Will they play players in the proper position, and play to their strengths?
    2. Will they be wisely cautious, and plan for the future by shutting down Foster with a designation to return mid season, so his shoulder can heal fully?
    3. Will the O line improve from the 28th ranking?
    4. Has Lynch changed the culture, and has he changed the culture enough to win?
    5. Have the WRs improved from being ranked 32nd in yards?
    6. How is the change from the 3-4, to the 4-3 working out?
    7. Is Saleh a good DC, can he get the defense to play aggressively and cohesively?
    8. Can the Niners stop the run?
    9. Will KS be rigid, or flexible, and can he make the proper adjustments?
    10. Will they improve the QBs?

    1. I’m not sure about how to make sense of some of your storylines Seb?
      #1 – seems hard to define.
      #2 – unless Foster’s shoulder hasn’t healed properly, it seems highly unlikely they are going to completely shut him down until midseason.
      #4 – Changing the culture is a process.
      #5 – Barring injuries, I can already guarantee the WR group will be improved!
      #6 – Seems like a valid question, but again, it’s a process.
      #9 – Will Kyle be rigid or flexible? Again, seems hard to define.
      #10 – I don’t understand this question. Do you think there is a chance these QB’s regress under Kyle?

      1. Besides, I thought the question was about training camp storylines Seb. How does anyone evaluate most of your “storylines” before the season even starts? I think your list needs a total REDO!

        1. Seb gets some interesting stuff posted–perhaps out of context or spun a bit, but he uses it to claim brilliance when the 9ers do something that mirrors aspects of his posts. Then, he asserts that that the GM and HC have read his posts and followed his advice. Thus, Seb declares victory.

          In particular, take note of Seb’s items 1, 4, 9, and 10. Example…if Kyle is effective making adjustments, Seb will claim that Kyle got the idea from reading his (Seb’s) post.

          1. When I posted that Lynch should put on his Trader Bill Hat, be aggressive and have fun, then watch him do exactly that, I get to crow.
            When he promised to consider every proposal, then see him pull off multiple trades when some were saying that it was impossible, of course I think he kept his word.
            You, on the other hand, bring nothing but snark, trying to sound witty, but failing miserably. Glad you figured out that Lynch and the Niners have followed my advice, since you read every one of my posts, and can recognize that they DO read my posts.
            Jed himself said he reads the social media, and gets the message, loud and clear. When I proposed that the best way to facilitate trades is to advertise the fact that they are amenable to trading back, then see Lynch state that exact thing, how can I not think that they reads this blog?
            I was ecstatic that they did 9 out of 10 things I proposed. The only thing they missed, was not making any unforced errors. They should have been more patient, saved draft picks, and still could have gotten the players they coveted, Certainly, they did not need to trade up and burn a later draft pick to get CJB at 104, when he was rated 215. They did not need to trade up for Joe Williams, because he had cautionary flags, and was probably off many other draft boards. Small errors, but unforced ones, none the less.

              1. Prime, actually, I am crowing about my achievements. There is nothing small about claiming they followed 9 out of 10 things I wrote before the draft. I did not say they had a decent draft, I claimed they hit a grand slam. Nothing small about that.
                You, on the other hand, confirm your small minded posts by not actually saying anything smart or cogent. You just throw out insults, but those just define you as a very small, limited personality.

              2. Seb, anyone who is looking for a pat on the back with strangers on a blog has deep rooted issues.

                Why don’t you meet in SF week one, I’d love to help you sort out your issues?

              3. Prime, I do not invite stalkers to take a free swing at me. You are incredibly stupid to think I am dumb enough to do that.

              4. I’m not into physical altercations. That’s your alter egos game Razornumbnuts.
                Simple discussion is what I’m suggesting.
                You are paranoid

              5. With good reason. You cannot call some one a ‘Moron and DB’ then claim you just want to ‘talk’.

              6. I’m not into physical altercations, yet his mouth continues to write bad checks. Could Prime Time be Parseltongue??

              7. More like Wormtongue, who ended up begging crusts of bread, whimpering and crawling on all fours,

            1. Seb, on occasion–not always–you come across as an angry Furby. A self absorbed Furby at that. It’s perfectly natural to feel good about the team you love, but to claim you had a direct hand in team decision making, you exhibit signs of delusion…not to mention narcissism.

              1. Maybe they should have not done any trading at all, then you could say that they ignored my posts.

        2. 49, this is just idle speculation before the TC, so I am perfectly comfortable with my list. Your own post speculated about having Garnett on the right, while he won the Outland Trophy for best O lineman while playing at LG.

          1. Seb, I wasn’t speculating where Garnett will play this season. I was simply stating some of the reasons I think Garnett got off to a slow start last season. I don’t know where he’ll end up starting this season, but the team did, in fact, move him to RG last season, which I think contributed to some of his struggles.

            1. 49, you did mention he played at LG at Stanford, and that they moved him to RG last season, where he struggled.
              I speculated before that Baalke played players out of position, and played his favorites. This season, I think Beadles will get no favoritism, and his 40 rating was worse than Garnett.
              This season, I think they will play Garnett at LG, the position he is strongest at. When Beadles moved to center last games of last season, I thought Garnett did well at LG.

      2. 1. Specifically, will they put Garnett at LG, his natural position? Will they put Ward at FS, or does the emergence of Lorenzo Jerome allow Ward to go back to playing CB? Does Tank have better success in the 4-3? Does Armstead thrive as the LEO?
        2. The shoulder was so tender, they held him out from hitting in the OTAs and Mini Camp. Those first 8 games will have a lot of hard hitting against tough teams. It would behoove them to let the shoulder avoid those hard hits, and the second half of the season will have lesser competition.
        4. I think the culture has changed already, but wonder if everyone on the team has bought into the new mindset.Wonder if the new culture will translate into wins.
        5. ;p
        6. Wonder if they have the right personnel, because they all were drafted to run the 3-4, except Tank.
        9. KS seems rigid to not want to bother coaching different styles of QB. He also seems inflexible to want to continue being the OC, while he will have big demands coaching defense and STs, too.
        10. No, you know who I want to improve the QBs. ;p

            1. Your use of the term “seems”.

              “Seems” to you typically comes down to “is”. This has been your pattern for a long time.

              Don’t fret Sebbie, your reputation is intact–sterling as it is.

              1. Quit putting words in my mouth. ‘Seems’ means exactly that. KS would be flexible if he stated he could take any QB, and make him better. Not wanting to coach players with different skillsets seems like he could not be bothered to even try.
                It SEEMS obtuse to not want to try and coach a superior QB, just because he is a dual threat, and the others are immobile pocket passers.

              2. sebnynah says:
                June 5, 2017 at 2:53 pm
                Just another door closing, so Kaep may be forced to return.

              3. ‘MAY’ be forced to return. Sure am glad Lynch apologized so he did not want to burn bridges, and Lynch himself said that he is keeping the door open.
                Guess you are calling Lynch a liar.

          1. “Razor, only the latter”.

            Why do you call everybody “a hater” when you openly admit to it, Seb?
            See what happens when you spend all day crowing about other’s perceived faults, be they real or not, and then practice their supposed vices?

            Its called bearing false witness. Its also called Hypocrite.
            You should stop this……………

        1. However, I certainly wouldn’t describe the strategy of acquiring QB’s who fit my system as rigid. I call that smart! And if I were the league’s top OC, I wouldn’t want to outsource that job if I were going through the process of installing my system with a new team. Maybe a couple years down the road once my system has been fully installed, and most of my offensive guys are up to speed.

              1. +1

                Should be directed at tjf post.

                A lot of us have been saying similar stuff for some time.

            1. Yes, a mobile QB that can make quick “decision-tree-like” evaluations in 3-4 secs., Kap does not run at this “perceptual” speed– i.e.: the game hasn’t “slowed down” for him. (see game close up shots of Kap’s face– especially during the 2015 season b4 he was benched for Gabby…that is the absolute hugest deer-in-headlights look I’ve seen….

              Yes, a mobile QB that can throw quick accurate throws within 3-4 secs. of a snap into small throw windows…Kap has never been able to do this– unless given 5-8 secs. for the wind up* and throw to a receiver he can see continuously …as he’s stayed with that primary receiver on a stare-down since he watched the ball into his hands after snap.

              * = the wind up, I know a lot has been said about this throw motion, and Kap’s doesn’t suit a quick strike/short pass game. Mike McCarthy had to beat the Jeff Tedford “super close to helmet” throwing style out of Rodgers, so even a super quick compact throw motion is still not ideal in WCO…
              But the long baseball pitch windup motion, sometimes looking like a sidearm throw, can be and has been a disaster when you need to stay moving and work in a shrinking pocket while still scanning field for receivers and defenders positions. Am i being captain obvious about this?

              ** and to be fair to Kap– I think he’s a good guy, as is A. Smith too…just out of their depth.

              1. And Seb’s idea of QB mobility is not what a WCO system needs from a “mobile” QB…see my post above.
                Kap’s mobility is a survival mechanism– as his instinct to bail and run happens sooner than competent under center/WCO QB’s…since Kap needs a bigger throwing “windup safety zone” due to his “Eckersley” throw style, he’ll get twitchy when a defender gets within 7-8 steps, if he sees the defender of course. Many sacks, overthrows, & fumbles ensue.
                Many (most?) college offenses are to blame of course… the need for ever more gaudy passing stats and running up scores to assist sports programs alumni funding, ad revenue, etc., etc., keeps the NFL starved for pro style QB prospects….

              2. Tjf, sorry to continue this debate, but Kaep ran the pistol in college, and was efficient and unstoppable. He made quick decisions before and after the ball was snapped, and got his throws off in time without being batted down all the time, so the long delivery motion did not affect his play on the field.
                You really have to look at the situation in context. The O line play was atrocious. It affected how the QB could play. Kaep had to endure 80 sacks in a season and a half, before he was bludgeoned so much, he needed 3 surgeries. That is why he had that hang dog look, he was injured. Last season, the defense gave up historic amounts of yardage, yet he did win one game, and could have won 4 others. Yet once again, the O line ranked 28th, and the WRs ranked 32nd.
                The WCO would suit Kaep’s skillsets to a tee. Sure It would have been nice to be mentored by a genius and get to sit behind the GOAT for years to study and emulate, but he is not fortunate like Steve Young was. Still, Kaep would flourish in the WCO because a mobile QB who can threaten to score every play and can shrug off arm tackles, would give the defense too many things to cover. The added dual threat element is inherently advantageous, and his touch on his passes in the first halfs of last season, proved that he can be accurate. In the second half, they made adjustments, and the Niners made none, so he struggled. I will concede that Kaep needs to work on his consistency, but with a decent supporting cast, he can win games.
                I think Kaep is actually more accurate on the run than standing still. Having a mobile pocket with bootleg options is exactly what he excels at. Forcing him to be only a pocket passer has been a disaster, especially with a turnstile O line.
                Kaep , and his threat to run, discombobulates the DBs, so they forget about the receivers, leaving them wide open. Kaep and his elusiveness, helps him buy time to let the players work to get open.
                Captain Obvious would say that pocket passing is not his strength, so why showcase his weakness?

        2. And Seb, I am pretty sure the team was simply following protocol by keeping Reuben away from contact during the offseason programs. I haven’t heard anything out of the norm when it comes to Reuben’s shoulder being “tender”. Do you have information from OTA’s that would suggest Reuben’s recovery from rotator cuff surgery isn’t on schedule?

          Last I heard, Kyle seemed to be standing by the idea that Reuben will be ready to play when camp opens. Will the team take a cautious approach with him early in camp? Probably. Will the team be evaluating his shoulder on a daily basis? Absolutely. Will they place him on IR – with a designation to return, if he doesn’t have any obvious setbacks? I think that’s unlikely, but it’s definitely a top storyline.

          1. 49, you may be right and Foster is good to go. I am just wanting them to be cautious, because other teams are going to smack him in the shoulder to test it out. Long term, it is better for him to heal fully, and work out to get stronger. It would also give him more time to study, and become more familiar with the system.
            With Bowman and Smith, both SB players, they do not need to rush him back, and have him suffer a setback. Sure, it deprives them of his services, but I want Foster to play for years. It would be in his best interest to be cautious, but maybe he is a quick healer.

        3. Seb

          NO ! You dumb cluck…Garnett will go where the Oline coach and the HC send him…NO ! You do not have any secret that makes you smarter than the coaching staff…Either Garnett will learn to field his position or become the latest addition to the Chilo Rachal honor roll….BUST at RG….You have posted this dumb opinion at least a dozen times….catch up….ain’t happening….

          1. Ore, I am optimistic, because I think the coaches are smart, and will play players in their strongest positions.
            Sure, they had Beadles in the LG spot, but this will be TC, and seniority will not matter at all. Beadles was ranked worse than Garnett, so I am logically saying that Garnett would be an upgrade.
            BTW, at times, they moved Garnett to the LG position during the OTAs and mini camp, so they now have film to evaluate.

    1. Wouldn’t that be a big storyline? Solomon needs to get his contract signed this week. Nothing’s going to be handed to him, so he need to get his deal done in time for the start of camp. Tank is certainly looking good!

      1. This system seems tailor made for Tank’s skillset, but Solomon better not have trouble outplaying Tank, that’s all I can say.

        However, I do think Tank has a chance to crack this roster, though he’s got to do a better job of anticipating the snap. He’s a physically gifted Big DE in this system, and playing aggressively while being responsible for only one gap ought to benefit him, but he always seems a fraction of a second behind the snap of the football, and that needs to change.

        1. …but he always seems a fraction of a second behind the snap of the football, and that needs to change.

          That’s because he lacks football instincts.

          1. Perhaps.

            But this system certainly plays to his strength. He should be able to play more aggressively. I guess I’d explain the difference as – more proactive, less reactive, and he’s one of the players who seems to play better when he can pin his ears back and attack the football!

            We’ll see.

              1. Tank is also one of Baalke’s victims of malpractice. His knee didn’t originally heal correctly and was bottled up with excessive scar tissue. But more importantly, Baalke miscast Tank from the get go, and IMO it really stunted his growth.

                That said, he’s certainly got NO MORE EXCUSES Razor. If he doesn’t show up big time in this training camp, he’ll get cut quicker than a new version of Microsoft software needs to be patched.

            1. Speaking about FOOTBALL INSTINCTS Razor:

              In the age of spread offenses and busy scoreboards, the SEC still sends great defensive players to the NFL draft every year. No conference produces NFL talent like the SEC. It has sent the most players to the NFL draft of any league for 11 consecutive years. In fact, a little more than 28 percent of the first-round picks in the 2017 NFL Draft (9 of 32) were SEC defenders.

              NFL.COM recently polled 20 of the top players in the SEC on who was the best player they faced during their college careers , during a Media Day event, and the Butkus Award winner Reuben Foster garnered more votes than any other player!

              Here’s a look at the full results with the votes in parenthesis:

              REUBEN FOSTER (3)
              Jamal Adams, S, LSU (2)
              Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU (2)
              Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee (2)
              Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida (2)
              Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama (1)
              Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama (1)
              Montravius Adams, DT, Auburn (1)
              Arden Key, DE/LB LSU (1)
              Jarvis Landry, WR, LSU (1)
              Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M (1)
              Zach Cunningham, LB, Vanderbilt (1)
              Jordan Willis, DE, Kansas State (1)

              Arkansas center Frank Ragnow was one player who picked Foster in part because the former Alabama star and Butkus Award winner not simply because of his fiercely physical style and incredible range. Ragnow alluded to the fact that Foster always seemed to know what play the Razorbacks had called last year before the snap.

              “It was just freaky,” Ragnow said. LOL

              1. Let me fix that last paragraph:

                Arkansas center Frank Ragnow was one player who picked Foster, in part because of the former Alabama star and Butkus Award winner’s fierce physical style and incredible sideline to sideline range, but Ragnow also alluded to the fact that Foster always seemed to know what play the Razorbacks had called last year before the snap.

                “It was just freaky,” Ragnow said. LOL

              2. Tackling and football instincts are two mandatory traits before being considered on my defense.

              3. It was also convenient for the Bama linemen to occupy 2 blockers, so Foster was essentially unblocked, and had a free path to the ball carrier.

  27. Who else thinks that if Trent were still the GM he would have attempted to sign OJ now that he is a free agent?

    1. After that devil OJ’s charismatic probation hearing, I found uncensored photos of his murder victims. The rage and animalistic nature required to perform such an act is extremely hard to comprehend. He has no business walking this earth, let alone probated to be someone’s neighbor….

      1. The thing is Razor is that OJ was found not guilty for those murders. His sentence is for a minor armed robbery for which he was thrown the book (because he killed his wife and her friend). Regardless of how we feel he is entitled to freedom under the law.

          1. That’s immaterial. Of course none of us would like that to happen to our loved ones. But the law doesn’t operate on emotion since Hammurabi.

              1. That’s where you and I agree. He brutally murdered his ex and seems to have no remorse.

              2. I have two girls and I would never allow someone to do that to them without repercussions.

    1. Not me, JH thinks he is a great QB, Pete Carroll thinks he can lead a team to championships. Joe Theisman thinks he is better than half the starters in the league, and John Lynch said that he has done some amazing things in the league.
      Yes, the league owners are a bunch of cowards, afraid of mean tweets, but that tweeter should stop tweeting before he is tweeted out of office.

      1. Just saw Brandon Marshall supporting Kaep. He said he should be playing, and that he was superior to QBs like Geno Smith, Fitzpatrick, and even Barkley.
        He also said that Kaep was the hardest working player he has ever seen, and praised his skills and intelligence.

        1. Seb… Spruce up your wording just a bit. Lynch will be along later this morning, sure to read your post. Given your assertion that Lynch reads your material and takes it to the bank, I’d anticipate the 9ers releasing Barkley later today after signing Kaep. Make it happen Seb!

          1. No, Cassie, I do not think Barkley will be released. I think Hoyer will pull a Gabbert, and display his own limitations, so Barkley may win the QB competition. That may take a while, and that is what TC is for.

      2. Ok, Ok, Seb……..

        He’s the greatest that ever lived……….makes Montana look like a piker………..Ok Seb

        Will you never take your meds????

    2. I’ll bet that OJ is glad that the bloggers on here were not his jury….Get over it ! It wasn’t you, and it wasn’t your daughter….and a JURY acquitted him…Quit spouting off your hatred to show your ‘toughness’….we are a nation of Laws after all….Peddling that crap does no one any good…..

        1. Nope, there are free Niner blogs everywhere. I will stick with this one, because here I can post to my heart’s content.

            1. Hmmm, I succeeded in driving you away. You SWORE you were leaving, and never coming back.
              Wut ‘appened? Got lonely?
              Guess you are not only a welsher, but a liar, too.

              1. Thousand pardons, but etymological studies purport the interchangeability of the terms.
                It might even have its origins pertaining to bias against immigrant coal miners, so there are historical perspectives to consider.

              2. Seb, to impress everyone, use the Armenian treatment for welcher…

                Բարեւ Ձեզ

      1. You might not like everything Tim has to say, but at least he is not a complete sellout Homer like some “journalists” and Radio stations “KNBR cough cough” and he has been right many times on bay area sports teams.

  28. ESPN actually has a good geek article up

    Point differential

    A team’s point differential is also a better measure of future wins than its actual win total, a reality that holds true in many other major professional leagues. As an example, consider the 99 teams who finished 8-8 between 1989 and 2015. The 51 teams with a point differential greater than or equal to zero won an average of 8.6 games the following year. The 48 teams who posted a negative point differential won an average of 7.3 contests the next season.

    We can figure out how many games a team “should” have won in a given season based off their point differential by calculating their Pythagorean expectation, a metric invented by Bill James for baseball and applied to football by Daryl Morey. The latter figured it out for Stats Inc. before going on to run the Houston Rockets. The formula spits out a winning percentage, which fans can multiply by 16 to get an expected win total. More often than not, teams whose win total outstrips their Pythagorean expectation will decline the following year, as was the case with the 2016 Panthers and Broncos. The opposite is true for teams who underperform their Pythagorean expectation, which helped push the Cowboys, Giants and Titans toward winning records last season.

    2017 impact: The Raiders won 12 games but outscored their opponents by only 31 points, producing a Pythagorean expectation of 8.7 wins. That gap — 3.3 wins — is the fourth-largest since 1989. They’re likely to decline. The Jaguars, meanwhile, went 3-13 with the Pythagorean expectation of a 5.9-win team. Jacksonville might not be great, but that 2.9-win gap suggests the Jags should be looking up in 2017.


    Otherwise known as margin of victory, it’s one of the best stats out there. Teams that win in excess of their expected MOV routinely decline the next year unless they significantly improve in efficiency and effectiveness. We’ve seen it with the 49ers where they finished 10-6 with a +17 total MOV and regressed to 7-9 the next year DESPITE increasing their MOV to +49. In short, the good luck that took them to 10-6 turned on them and drug them to 7-9 even though they played a strong 9-7/weak 10-6 on the field.

    Another favorite is ANY/A which is incredibly well correlated to winning:

    Passer rating is built on an antiquated framework and doesn’t fit the modern game, so if we’re going to use raw data to create a complex quarterback stat, we might as well use one built more recently that boasts a stronger quantitative underpinning. Adjusted net yards per attempt (or ANY/A) uses more modern research by Chase Stuart to estimate the value of touchdowns and interceptions while also incorporating sacks, which evidence suggests has plenty to do with quarterbacks despite being commonly blamed on the offensive line. You can find out more about ANY/A here.

    Anyway I highly recommend reading it.

        1. I’m interested in the sack cause factor “…also incorporating sacks, which evidence suggests has plenty to do with quarterbacks despite being commonly blamed on the offensive line.” This aspect could be telling for some recent QBs…

  29. Prime Time says:
    July 20, 2017 at 4:51 pm
    16 and hasn’t gotten one real life thing done all day


    The truly frightening aspect here is Seb/Razor thinks this ‘is’ real life…See the DeNiro character in, “The Fan,” when he asks Wesley Snipes: “Do you care now.”

    Incidentally, the DeNiro character sells knives for a living…..Seb/Razor refuels his chainsaw near his stockpile of phosphorus grenades in the presence of his neighbors, all peeking at him nervously through shuttered windows, hoping their neighborhood property values stop their downward spiral.

    The Fan (Original Trailer)

    1. And Prime,

      Do you remember, it was BroTuna and Cassie who called Seb on his phosphorus grenade stockpile he exploded with neighborhood children at the local Sebastopol playground.
      Does Sebastopol have a police force who can periodically check in on those Napa Sanitarium patients involved in the early release program….This Hospital is world renowned and is only 50 miles from Seb.


      1. TrollD, glad you know about places to go to seek mental health help. Your speculating about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares is sick, Please seek help.

  30. the 49ers training camp story will be a tale told by a journalist Grant about how this or that won’t work and comparing how a Quarterback not on the team currently would handle or be more effective than the QB on the current roster. All in an effort to stir controversy and generate comments of fanboys feuding over ideas and man crush scenarios, while others invoke logic and eventually click on other sites where nepotism and Raider nation fanboy is not the tale teller.

    1. Pretty decent summation. Too will be song parodies, ‘under moderation’ warnings, and references to unicorns and rainbows.

    2. “Sour”dough definitely is an appropriate moniker for you. Already in the “bitter barn,” and camp has yet to open.

  31. 1. Will Lynch be fat

    2. All LBs story lines: Bowman’s Knee, Foster’s Shoulder, How good is Malcom Smith, and who will win the 2 spots between them all.

    3. Who wins Oline battles

    4. who wins RB battles

        1. Maybe he will win the backup role at MLB, and either Bowman or Smith may be the odd man out.
          It helps that Coyle can play all 3 LB positions and also played on STs.

  32. Favorite summer munchie: Heat up Hot Fudge, dump 1/4 cup mixed nuts, add vanilla ice cream, cover with Redi Whip, top with maraschino cherry.

    Favorite winter munchie: Hot homemade chocolate chip cookies, crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy inside, ice cold frosted glass of whole milk.

    1. Once Grant establishes the pre-camp 1-32 ranking, let’s predict the 1-32 ranking (by this coming Monday) after the last league preseason game.

    1. Eating
      Hanging out with his squeeze
      Playing N64 007 Golden Eye
      Getting an oil change and tire rotation on his 2010 Corolla
      Renewing his press credentials
      Leafing through his copious off-season notes

  33. Matt Miller: John Lynch sees Thomas and Foster as his Sapp and Brooks
    July 21, 2017 at 11:52 AM • 20 comments
    By David Bonilla

    For years, John Lynch witnessed first hand how Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks, both in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, were able to disrupt opposing offenses. Now, as the San Francisco 49ers’ general manager, Lynch hopes to recreate that same kind of disruption.

    The first round of the 2017 NFL Draft had Lynch’s stamp all over it. With the third overall pick, the 49ers selected defensive lineman Solomon Thomas, who coincidentally spent part of the offseason working out with Sapp. With the 31st overall pick, the 49ers selected linebacker Reuben Foster, who has the potential to be among the best at his position in the game.

    “I think that he can be a great linebacker right out of the gate,” Miller said of Foster. “Coming out of Alabama, you know he’s pro-ready. He understands all the concepts. He’s definitely athletic enough. But Solomon Thomas is going to be available and sometimes that’s the difference-maker.”


    1. TrollD, I mentioned Lorenzo Jerome way before you did, and if you cut and paste, it just means you are parroting what others have said before you.
      Go ahead and keep your prediction. My prediction is that they cut Bolden, because they will only keep 5 WRs. That observation is attributable to Grant.
      He thinks that they will carry more RBs, and I agree with that, and think they might use Bibbs and Williams as KO returners, while Kerley, with his sure hands, is the best punt returner.
      Hikutini? Wow, you are Nostradamus, and probably also predicted the sun will rise in the East.

      1. Seb says “TrollD, I mentioned Lorenzo Jerome way before you did”

        What is next, I know you are but what am I?

        How about na na poo poo.

      2. Seb, being snippy is so not you. You’re the Renaissance guy on this blog–loving, kind, forgiving, and as patient as you are intelligent. Not to mention humble and self effacing.

        Lighten up.

        1. Original thought come to all of you about as often as eclipses.
          Sure like to dish it, but sure cant take it.

              1. I used to hate it when my mom would answer me after asking where something was, “it’ll be in the last place you look”. Bless her heart….

              2. Typical troll stunt. attack ad nauseum, then cry like a baby when feeling any perceived slight.
                Yup, the stench of Baalke still lingers.
                Try harder.

            1. Just, TrollD and I go way back. The peanut gallery wants to snipe away.
              Maybe you should call out the trolls. They seem to delight in creating discord.

              1. “Typical troll stunt. attack ad nauseum, then cry like a baby when feeling any perceived slight.”

  34. McGinest: Reuben Foster is set to break out in 2017

    In June, McGinest called Foster “one of the best rookies at the position.” That’s high praise from McGinest, who played linebacker for 15 seasons with the New England Patriots (1994–2005) and the Cleveland Browns (2006–2008). McGinest was elected to the Pro Bowl twice and won three Super Bowl championships over his career.

  35. Jim Harbaugh hires ex-49ers executive Tom Gamble at Michigan
    Posted by Michael David Smith on July 21, 2017, 4:56 PM EDT

    It’s unclear exactly what Gamble’s role will be at Michigan, but it’s believed he’ll work in football administration, not as an on-field coach.
    Harbaugh has built a large and expensive staff at Michigan, with three assistant coaches making $1 million a year.

  36. Jennifer Lee Chan ✔ @jenniferleechan
    . @EliHarold_ says its a big year for him. Never wants to gain that much weight again. He feels much faster and I have to say he looks it.

      1. Ah, another player who seems to have a lot of desirable physical traits but seems to lack football instincts. I haven’t seen many signs of development in ELI HAROLD. He’s got some physical tools, but I really haven’t seen much in terms of developed pass rushing technique, but I do think that some measure of instincts can be developed. But there is a question as to how much of these player’s football instincts are inherent, and how much can actually be developed over time.

        Clearly a lot it has to to do with how quickly the brain can process what the eyes are telling them. But there are also players like Frank Gore for example, who seem to have a natural feel for the game of football that really can’t be taught.

        When it comes to football smarts and football instincts, I always like to use the example of the greatest 49ers RB of all time – Frank Gore. Gore has long had a learning disability, going as far back as elementary school. In fact he was reading at a 3rd grade level when he entered high school. Gore wasn’t failing academically in high school, but he was on track for a special diploma that wouldn’t have qualified him for his dream of playing college football. In order to get back on track for a regular diploma, Frank had to log extra tutoring time after school, and even had to sacrifice some high school football practice time in order to do extra studies. He even did special one-on-one work for his SAT prep. Yet when it comes to football, Frank is practically a savant. Justin Smith said this about Frank: “Gore might be the most intelligent football player I’ve been around. Frank only has to see a play once to get it down cold.” And Jim Harbaugh had this to say about Frank: “He sees it, he sees the big picture, he sees the whole picture. He sees it slowed down and he’s got a very quick mind. He’s able to make quick-minded decisions.”

        1. That was Baalke’s biggest wart. He put too much emphasis on measurables, and not enough on instincts. The only exception that comes to mind was Borland.

          1. You’re absolutely right about that Razor.

            Baalke’s second biggest wart, IMO, was his exhaustive deniability and inability to take responsibility for his failed draft picks, even going as far as to and compound the damage by either undermining, releasing or dealing more talented players in favor of his higher draft picks. A lot of GM’s will keep a higher draft pick, in favor of a player who was drafted later, or undrafted entirely, when there isn’t a whole lot of separation between the two, but Trent Baalke took it to an entirely different level in order to cover his ass. It was always about Trent’s reputation rather than what was best for the team, and it eventually caught up with him when his roster completely imploded, exposing him for the fraud that he is!

            But I guess the past is the past and we are now entering an entirely new era for 49ers football. Hallelujah! Like they were for two straight decades, the 49ers are once again going to be NFL pioneers, using proven, cutting edge – state of the art concepts on both sides of the ball. Now it’s up to Shanny, Lynch, Marathe, Adams, Mayhew, Carthon and the rest of the gang to match high level talent with the league’s leading offensive and defensive concepts!

            Let the games begin!

        2. I really like Frank Gore, and wish the Niners would trade for him.
          Niners should trade Hightower and Breida for Frank Gore. The Niners would still have Hyde, Williams, Bibbs and Juzczyck.
          Hyde, Gore and Williams could be a trio by committee, and each have different skillsets.

          1. I like Frank too, but I think Shanahan and Lynch have other plans. Maybe Lynch will read your post and trade for him tomorrow–the players you noted, and a 2nd rounder next year just to make sure the trade goes down. Heck, let’s bring Chip and Jimmy T. back too–as you’ve called for numerous times.

            1. Prime, you keep displaying an alarming lack of football knowledge.
              Frank Gore can do it all. He would instantly be the best RB blocker on the team. He does have good hands, and he could fit into any system.
              I do not think he would be the featured back, but mixed in with Hyde and Williams, he could really help the team win.
              I would also take Frank Gore for his leadership alone. For years, I thought he was the heart and soul of that offense.

              1. Our new highest paid full back would be the best blocking back so there goes that idea.

                Frank Gore USE to do it all. Not anymore.
                This is a young team developing with enough leadership. Bringing in an over aged vet and taking away reps to the young guys is just another one of your terrible ideas.

                Keep trying though little man, you’ll get there soon enough.

              2. Prime, I said best blocking RB, not FB. Of course, The FB is the better blocker, that is one of his main jobs, not running the ball.
                I think Frank Gore bleeds red and gold, and he would be an asset that would help them win. They do not need to get younger, they drafted Williams, and Bibbs is only 24. What they do need is some veteran leadership, and I think Frank Gore, if used judiciously, could play for 2 more years.

              3. Seb, you’ve been ranting on the Gore matter for a long, long time. We’ve heard the arguments over and over. Many of us swear by Gore also and what he brought to the team and the game. And, nearly all of us understand he’s in the deep twilight of a great career. Frank could do it all, but no longer. Lynch and Shanahan are forging a new team with a new vibe, and are moving on.

                Get behind the backs we have competing for roster spots. Let go. Please.

              4. Cassie, I did not bring up Frank Gore, but maybe I want the Niners to atone for making promises to keep veteran leadership.
                Balke dismantled this team, and the results are 2-14. Sure, Frank Gore may only play for one or 2 more years, but he is the type of player Lynch wants.
                I perused the Colts blogs, so they are freaked that Luck has not even started throwing. Sounds like they are going nowhere this season, and they could get rid of another Grigson signing.
                Frank Gore is exactly what Lynch wants to change the culture at the Niners.

              5. Trade for guys then trade them away to get a guy well past his prime because he once bled red and gold and would be a good leader?

                You conjure up thoughts like a child which assures me you are one.
                I mean wasnt it you who said your son came up with the name Sebnynah?

              6. You have brought up the return of Gore several times in the past. But let’s just leave that alone.

                Suggest we focus on the backs we have and see what plays out over the next 5+ weeks.

              7. Prime, it is hard to argue against some one who is so factually deficient. Hightower was a FA, and Breida was an UDFA.
                I think Bibbs will be a sleeper, because he has strong legs. I hope they use him for KOs.
                You may diss Frank Gore all you like, but personally, I like HOF running backs.

              8. Cassie, I have proposed a trade for Frank Gore, because I think he can help the team win. I do not want the Niners to spend a first round pick for him, but the Hightower and Breida trade would not be giving away the store. It would be fair for both sides, and possibly create space so they could retain another WR, or allow space for the Niners to poach a player from a playoff team.
                I see you are whining about seeing me post so many times about acquiring Frank Gore. If it is burned into your psyche, that was my intent. If it upsets you to see me post about Frank Gore, I am glad. I have already talked about the RB situation, and think they may need to cut a WR to keep room for all the RBs.
                I do not know how it will all play out, and I just know there will be competition. I am not demanding that they trade for Frank Gore, but as a huge fan of his, I thought it would be nice to let him play and retire as a 49er.

              9. Seb you keep proposing the 49ers acquire certain players based on your preference. That’s fine but its so far from what the reality is of the situation.

                Shanny and Lynch are bringing in players that fit their scheme and philosophy. That’s Hightower and Bibbs. Frank Gore is not. Neither is bringing back Kap.

                Most of us are sitting back and watching this regime build this thing from the ground up.
                Look back to who Shanny has worked with in the past. The specific type of personnel and scheme used. Kap as we have seen certainly does not fit. And Gore, well, he is past his prime and the 49ers clearly want to go younger.
                You should now all this being so well versed in the NFL.

              10. Love him to death Seb, but Frank is at the end of his career. It’s not a coincidence that he’s coming off his 2 worst seasons, back to back, of his career. There are simply too many miles on his tires, suspension, and chassis. 34 years of age is ancient for a RB, especially one who has been a bell cow workhorse for most of his career.

                I’d sure love to see him brought on in some sort of coaching capacity though. He’s a football genius and a heck of a leader who has earned the utmost respect from his peers.

              11. Tim Hightower is in his twilight and he just turned is 31. Hightower has never been a bell cow, in fact the highest number of carries he’s ever had in one regular season of NFL football is 153 in 2010. Plus, he missed 4 seasons after tearing his ACL in week 7 of the 2011 season, so he’s got a whole lot less wear and tear on his body than Frank.

              12. 49, I did not say that it was a done deal, or that they would pull off that trade, I merely surmised that I would like for that to happen.
                Frank Gore did regress, but he also had Luck go down due to injury, so he was the focal point for the defense to stop. I do not even remember who the Colts QB was, he was so forgettable. Yes, FG did suffer in his pass blocking, but blocking for a second string QB is hard, especially if the QB holds the ball too long.
                Hightower is a good player, so I think he has good trade value. However, with Hyde, Williams and Bibbs, he may be fighting to get snaps.
                Frank Gore would help them win games.

            2. Seb once again you are talking out both sides of your mouth.
              You say Frank Gore has regressed and it was difficult to block for a back up QB.
              Well, you’ve clearly said Hoyer is equal to a back up and so how does Frank Gore help the 49ers win games in the same situation according to you?

    1. We’re helping Seb look for his binkie. Things will tone down and get back to 9er football when it’s found.

        1. Guaranteed POS. That’s all it is, isn’t it? Hey, if you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will. I got spare time. But for now, for your boyfriends sake, for your mommy’s sake, ya might wanna think twice before writing bad checks with your big mouth….

          1. Oooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! There it is, the tough guy came out. I knew you would snap sooner rather than later.
            As you would say, I win!

        1. Got here 2 weeks before Branch left, and Maiocco took over. Still haven’t received my Press Democrat T-Shirt.

  37. Wow…yes I’m taking the bait…this is why I’m sure Seb is Grant:

    Tjf, sorry to continue this debate, but Kaep ran the pistol in college, and was efficient and unstoppable. He made quick decisions before and after the ball was snapped, and got his throws off in time without being batted down all the time, so the long delivery motion did not affect his play on the field.

    (sorry to continue debate indeed. Setting up his premise)
    You really have to look at the situation in context. The O line play was atrocious. It affected how the QB could play. Kaep had to endure 80 sacks in a season and a half, before he was bludgeoned so much, he needed 3 surgeries. That is why he had that hang dog look, he was injured. Last season, the defense gave up historic amounts of yardage, yet he did win one game, and could have won 4 others. Yet once again, the O line ranked 28th, and the WRs ranked 32nd.
    (—2014 Oline play was not atrocious, yet teams shut down Roman’s running game and forced Kap into the limelight…once run support fell thru it was over for zone read, etc., etc.)

    The WCO would suit Kaep’s skillsets to a tee. Sure It would have been nice to be mentored by a genius and get to sit behind the GOAT for years to study and emulate, but he is not fortunate like Steve Young was. Still, Kaep would flourish in the WCO because a mobile QB who can threaten to score every play and can shrug off arm tackles, would give the defense too many things to cover. The added dual threat element is inherently advantageous, and his touch on his passes in the first halfs of last season, proved that he can be accurate. In the second half, they made adjustments, and the Niners made none, so he struggled. I will concede that Kaep needs to work on his consistency, but with a decent supporting cast, he can win games.

    (until you grasp the not subtle differences between a zone read/spread/read once– throw or go, shotgun offense, and most variations on the wco, not much more can be done about that distortion field here. Concession point- with a dominant line and power running game, he’d have more time to figure out his one read and throw or pull it down to take off, but no chance at 2nd, 3rd, or 4th pass options before he has to go….BTW, anyone notice that it takes Kap time to get up to flank speed running away from real or perceived pressure?? Cunningham had a similar stride and took a while to hit top speed…but it was an impressive top speed!)
    I think Kaep is actually more accurate on the run than standing still. Having a mobile pocket with bootleg options is exactly what he excels at. Forcing him to be only a pocket passer has been a disaster, especially with a turnstile O line.

    (Kap as pocket passer, yes disaster indeed…too bad the NFL uses pocket passers on 80% of it’s teams, and unfortunately, college offenses crank out QB’s similar to Kap in many ways, every year…these spread type system QBs make up the vast majority of NFL’s QB prospects every year)
    Kaep , and his threat to run, discombobulates the DBs, so they forget about the receivers, leaving them wide open. Kaep and his elusiveness, helps him buy time to let the players work to get open.

    (not many concrete examples of discombobulated opposing DB’s in 2015 and 2016)
    Captain Obvious would say that pocket passing is not his strength, so why showcase his weakness?

    (Pocket passing is the currency of the realm…in the NFL, that is….NOW, the CFL, that’s another story…..let’s start guessing where Kap might land north of the border, Calgary is my bet)

    1. Tjf, we may disagree on everything, but I will just take the opinions of JH, Pete Carroll, John Lynch and now Brandon Marshall. Maybe Grant should interview Kerley, who says nobody asked his opinion of Kaep.
      No, I am unique and singular, unlike some of my detractors, who probably have multiple accounts to haunt my posts. I certainly am not Grant, who seems content to post once or twice, which engenders 300 posts.
      I have defended Grant, and generally given him praise because I like his writing style, but I have also given constructive criticism, in an effort to improve his interview skills.
      Yes, you give the obligatory CFL prediction, but Kaep is a SB QB, and teams do want to win.
      I expect Kaep will get a chance, then hope he will take the league by storm, which will make his detractors look foolish.

      1. Seb….good morning! Your last paragraph…

        Kaep will very likely be afforded a chance–largely due to attrition issues across the league. Under what terms he accepts an offer are unknown at this time–backup or starter. He won’t be taking the league by storm (please lose that cliche–just say he becomes a starter and plays very, very well; get rid of ‘by storm’.). Kudos to you for saying hope he will vs. he will (which suggests certainty).

        Lastly, thanks for helping Grant improve his skill set. You point out his flaws in a loving, paternal way–ensuring that Grant’s head doesn’t get too big. You would know about swelling ego.

        1. Cassie, yes, I know all about swelling egos, I witness it here all the time. Me, if I had a swollen ego, I would be flooding the Niners with emails. However, I am just content to post here, so if they do want alternative viewpoints, they will have to come here.
          Kaep take the league by storm? Maybe you should deride Prime, because he is the one who first stated that.
          You should chide Prime and say that he should think before he writes, because some posters will take his words, and throw them back in his face.
          Glad you acknowledge that Kaep is skilled enough to warrant another chance. Posters and pundits who claim he is not good enough just look clueless when QBs like Fitzpatrick , Gabbert, Davis and Orlovsky get signed, who are way inferior to Kaep. They prove he is being blackballed, but that is just another black eye for the league. The malicious spite and intolerance, along with the obtuse reasoning behind their hidden agendas. just elevate Kaep to the martyr status.
          Speaking of swollen egos, Baalke was so enamoured with himself, he liked to push people around to show who is boss. His favorite trick was cutting players on the team bus. Baalke has warts. Some will say his biggest wart was his inability to recognize talent. He relied too heavily on anal lytics, and did not consider the intuitive and intrinsic qualities that differentiate the common from the elite.
          However, I think his biggest weakness was his people skills. Bill Walsh was a master motivator, and achieved greatness because he knew when to praise. Baalke thought that he could rule by fear, and whatever praise he did pry out of his mouth seemed gratuitous, canned and obsequious.
          Baalke, when he was a dead man walking, could not even deign to talk to people on the elevator. As he sowed, he reaped the whirlwind.
          Baalke was so spiteful, he signed Vance to a long term deal, essentially making him untradeable. Too bad it backfired in his face and made him look imbecilic when the next day, after Vance signed his contract extension, he became injured.
          Sounds like you are a chip off the old block.

          1. Do your research Seb, I’ve always said Kaep should get another shot–with another team. Lynch and Shanahan are moving in a different direction–done.

            What about your need to pat Grant on the head, accompanied with a little zinger just to show him he needs a little more improvement in your view? Seems you experienced similar feedback as you were growing up. “Good effort little boy! But…if you want to improve (and want to be seen more favorably in my eyes) follow my instructions.” Never quite good enough…

        1. Prime, you are just as clueless as ever. Brandon Marshall is a LB for the Broncos. There is another Brandon Marshall, who is a WR.
          The WR Brandon Marshall was a cancer in the Jets locker room, but he also stated that he did not want Kaep, and that he preferred Fitzpatrick. We all know how that turned out.
          The LB Brandon Marshall was a team mate of Kaep at Nevada, and from what I hear, he is a locker room leader. He is also truthful and very astute.

  38. Kerley on Shanahan.


    “We were out in OTAs and a lot of guys in OTAs, they go through a script,” Kerley said. “They just leave it at that. We were going through a script but he takes the time to stop (and) break it down to where guys understand exactly what they’re doing, where you’re supposed to be, how you’re supposed to handle certain stuff and I’ve never had that in my career. I respect that and I like that.”

    1. Goff reminds me more of Alex Smith. It may take time or another team, but once his body fills out and he figures out the NFL offense I think he’ll be okay. Mannion will be more like Sean Hill.

  39. I will be especially interested in our rookie class. After the drafting debacle headed by Baalke over the last few years, I want to see how the new regime has done.
    There may be 4 players who become the foundation that puts the team over the top.
    We will have a much better understanding of these players by year’s end. But the Lynch, Shanahan is on the clock.

  40. It seems some of our “friends” up in Canada are confused as to which Brandon Marshall opined on Kaepernick. Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall tweeted that Colin Kaepernick is better than all of the quarterbacks signed during free agency, not the “locker room cancer” wide receiver, Brandon Marshall. Just a fact check for the ones that write bad ones with their mouths….

    1. Well what do you expect from a poster who predicted the Niners would draft Trubisky, when any sane fan would see the overwhelming need to draft to improve the defense.
      Still think he welshed, or welched. Maybe you should research those posts again. I truly believe that you accepted his bet, then he added stipulations.

      1. Research away dummies! $100 bucks says you wont find anything. Deal Seb you cheap a$$? Razor you want some action?

  41. sebnynah says:
    July 21, 2017 at 5:35 pm
    TrollD, I mentioned Lorenzo Jerome way before you did, and if you cut and paste, it just means you are parroting what others have said before you.

    Whatever, Seb……Conversely, you’ve mentioned that this site isn’t just for football insiders…..Surprisingly, I agree. The world would be a pretty sad place if it were left to self-proclaimed geniuses. There’s room for other opinions, just aske Gregor Mendel.

    You take your Lorenzo James and I’ll see you, and raise you, a Matt Breida…And don’t tell me he was on your radar, you’re not a running back—-saw him the moment they signed him.

    1. TrollD, you crowed about trolling the Niners with your predictions. That deserved a reply. Maybe you should write something, then have 9 out of 10 things become true, before you crow some more.
      I do not claim to be a genius. I am just a 49er fan who loves his team and wants them to win multiple more rings. I certainly do not claim that what I write is comparable to Bill Walsh. Most of my ideas are just common sense. Many posters actually deride them as too simplistic and something anyone could say.
      Go ahead, tout Breida all you want. Personally, I think Kapri Bibbs will out compete him, because Breida is small, and will not be able to take the pounding he will receive if he gets on the field.

      1. “Most of my ideas are just common sense. Many posters actually deride them as too simplistic and something anyone could say.

        Yeah, a donkey or a 5 year old could come up with the ideas you present.

  42. Geez, Seb, I guess I have someone whose trolling my posts when I became the 1st one on this site to predict the 49ers at 9-7 in 2017…..Maybe you still hate the 49ers in your hate for Shanahan for firing Kap and will move on to another team.

    Afterall, Seb, it was you who called Shanahan a no nothing for firing Kap

    Does Shanahan’s description by Kerley sound like Bill Walsh (“The Teacher”) or what ?

    With training camp less than a week away, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jeremy Kerley joined the NFL Network show “NFL Total Access” on Friday and made a bold prediction:

    “He’s (Shanahan’s) definitely a teacher,” Kerley said. “He goes out there and he explains everything in detail and that’s what a lot of head coaches don’t do.”

    Kerley named wide receiver Marquise Goodwin as a possible breakout player who fans should keep an eye on this season.

    The receiver was also asked to make a prediction on what the 49ers’ record might be in 2017. “I’ll say 10-6″…

    1. TrollD, there you go again. I did not call KS a ‘no nothing’. I actually believe that KS is smart enough to take any QB, and make him better. Just look what he did with Shaub, and even Hoyer. Ryan was a big success story.
      KS did not fire Kaep. Kaep opted out, and once that occurred, I conceded that he would not become the starter because he wanted to leave.
      How deliciously ironic to have a Raider loving troll state that I hate the Niners.

        1. Cassie, we were speculating about storylines. I wondered if KS would be rigid, or flexible. He could go either way. He may be rigid in his ideology, and flexible about the personnel. Rigid in game planning, flexible in game management. You think that I want him to be rigid. No, I want him to be flexible. I want KS to be accepting of new ideas. I want KS to make quick assessments, and quick adjustments. I want him flexible enough to be able to be convinced to change his mind, like he did with Lynch about Williams.
          Grant asked what the biggest storylines will be in TC. There will be player Vs player competition for roster spots, but I think with the new culture installed, there needs to be more flexibility. Last last few years, they were inflexible, stubborn and dunderingly predictable. I do not want to hear opposing players claim that they knew where the ball was going just by looking at the formation.

      1. “KS did not fire Kaep. Kaep opted out, and once that occurred, I conceded that he would not become the starter because he wanted to leave.

        Yeah cause he knew he was getting cut. Then got greedy and thought some other team would give him a chance as a starter. 4 months later, he is unsigned. SB QB my fanny!

        1. I do not blame Kaep for wanting to leave. He was stabbed in the back too many times. They chose the suit over the player by showcasing Paraag, who I think is still leaking for his buddy Baalke.
          Blaming Kaep for being greedy is like Bruce Allen calling KURT greedy.
          Kaep did get bad advice. He should fire his agent and sign up with Leigh Steinberg, who also believes in giving back to the community. If his activism was encouraged by his GF, she should realize that he followed her advice, and now is currently unemployed, while also losing millions in endorsements. Kaep would be better served to tone down his rhetoric, because it is divisive. He should channel his energies to actuate more positive change. Attacking rogue cops is commendable, but painting with a broad brush is counter productive.
          Like you said, Kaep will take the league by storm. I am confident that some team will have a desperate need to improve their QB situation due to attrition, and also performance. I wonder if the Texans go 1-4, then do not even consider Kaep. Some say they will quit watching football if he is signed, but that is just blackmail. and maybe the league would be better off without the haters.

          1. I said he took the league by storm, not will again. Past tense, capisce? Pay attention little guy!

            Never could understand simple English for someone who says they are verbose!

            Kaepernick is past tense. A has been.

  43. Kerley on Shanahan during OTA’s:

    “We were out in OTAs and a lot of guys in OTAs, they go through a script,” Kerley said. “They just leave it at that. We were going through a script but he takes the time to stop (and) break it down to where guys understand exactly what they’re doing, where you’re supposed to be, how you’re supposed to handle certain stuff and I’ve never had that in my career. I respect that and I like that.”

  44. Seb/Razor,

    On second thought, my suggestion is for you to hit the road….You both hate Shanahan for firing your boy.

    This site needs a knew culture inside the locker room—not folks bringing up the lousy past 3 years with a QB guiding those teams who owns a career losing record.

    Now we have a coach and QB with winning records….We want winners, not losers like you…Beat it.

    Mike Singletary on Seb/Razor who aren’t we (team) players, but are ‘we’ players:

    Singletary post game on Vernon Davis (just substitute Seb/Razor

    1. Touting Singletary? That is about your speed. Simpletary had that bludgeoned look on his face during defeats. Sure am glad they got a real HC when they hired JH to replace him.
      Hiring motivational speakers and DJs is just a recipe for failure, but TrollD, you have some karmic connection to them.
      I remember how you derided the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers, and delighted when they lost, because you wanted him to fail. I spit on your fandom. You gave yourself away when you rooted for the Raiders.
      You are the one who should beat it, because you bring nothing to this site. Mr cut and paste, with no originality, talking to yourself, talking about yourself.
      I will never respect a tool that proposed trading Kaep for Tebow. Keep up your screeds, it just will allow me to point out that you fantasized about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares. Maybe you, like Prime, should think before you write, because your own words may haunt you.

        1. I get from all sides, so it is hard to say. Personally, I think Cassie and TrollD may be the same, because Cassie Baalke is a catfish name. They also seem to haunt my posts, and begin screeds against me.
          I think Prime is on a lower level than the others. He certainly is not smart enough to hide his animosity.

          1. If he visits the USA, he’ll quickly find out people here don’t take kindly to calling out one’s mother.

          2. Okay, okay… Sebnynah is really me. This experience has given me a ton of material for my post doc work in Psychiatry. Thanks all!

            1. What about giving Seb a Turing test???

              Sports blogs/forums would be a great place to have a “deep learning” A.I. practice interacting with varied dysfunction/disorder types?

          3. Now playing Dr.Phil Seb? We could meet week one to discuss but I know you are afraid I might attack you unlike your alias who invites people across countries to duke it out! Ha!

            1. Hmm. Prime wants to meet me. TrollD calls me friend, then fantasizes about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares.
              Razor, you may be right…

              1. Seb, notice TomD hasn’t posted since Prime Time has been preoccupied with making several posts. Clearly his dissociative identity disorder isn’t much of a multi-tasker….

              2. Maybe Sebrazor you are the only one who has the skills to do it. I sense the unravelling beginning. You got your YOU TUBE video for it? Cmon, lets see you snap again?

          4. TomD/Prime Time: Bears 49ers December 3rd Soldier Field, I’d love to share a Moosehead and walk you through your recovery program after watching your boy, Son Of A Mitch Trubiscuit force fed some more Turf-O by way of King Solomon….

  45. Grant,

    Where is the archive feature on your new format….I want to go back to when Shanahan fired or stated a certain system would have to be built around Kap, and that he’d have to change his whole system to suit one player ?

    Seb responded that “I will call Shanahan a ___________? if he doesn’t rehire Kap…..Posters need to know what Seb said so he can move on to a team whose coach and QB he likes.

  46. Seb,

    You are a liar and a loser, sir.

    Your 7th grade debating strategy where omit the full argument of your opponent is telling.

    I stated that the 49ers should strike a trade with willing NFL teams and later, Denver, while the iron was still hot. Trade Kap for Tebow, who hold similar skill sets– both are running, yet inaccurate QB’s. The trade was for Tebow and a boatload of draftpicks. Baalke refused to pay the lion’s share of the K in the Denver deal, son Denver opted out.

    Of course you cackle things with other posters they never stated either….we’re used to your lies, ommissions, additions and subtractions.

    1. Blah, blah blah blah, as Ore would say.
      Raider lovers that troll this site should expect some pushback.
      Calling me names just defines you. Of course, I can cite chapter and verse all your delusional posting, but you are not worth the time.
      Now you are whining and crying that I am being mean to you because I do not tell the full story. Maybe you need another binky.
      For the record, trading Kaep for Tebow, even with a boatload of picks, is still delusional, because Tebow is in the minor leagues in baseball, and is still so inaccurate, he nailed some guy in the stands in the nether regions. Kaep is still rated the best FA QB, and the blackballing is insideous, and gives the league a black eye to persecute a player just silently and peacefully protesting for social justice.
      Like many others, I just use your own words against you. Ones you can try to crawl away from, but cannot hide from. You lie constantly about me, attack my family and post ad hominem insults, ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

    1. Sebrazor, remember when you lost your crap, inviting me to Buttville, Elklodge, USA to settle the score? Man that was funny seeing you unravel.
      Do me a favor, find a YOUTUBE video song for that will ya?

  47. I think Colin has a certain skill-set that you can put a specific offense to it that he can be very successful in. When we first looked at it, you’ve got to look at each quarterback and what type of offense you want to put in. That wasn’t necessarily the direction I wanted to go . . .The type of offense I want to run was somewhat different and that’s why we went that type of direction.”


    1. KS-‘ Colin has a certain skillset…that he can be very successful in. That wasn’t necessarily the direction I wanted to go.’
      The successful one? KS tries hard to justify his position, but if he wants to be successful, maybe he should acquire a QB that gives him the best chance to be successful with. Objectively looking at the present QBs, they do not seem to instill confidence for success, since they are coming to a 2-14 team who Vegas taps as a 5 game winner. With Kaep, I predict a non losing season.

      1. But without Kap, a losing season? There is a real 49ers fan for you folks. Its all about the player, not the team.
        Nice work Seb.

        1. Well The line is 4.5, and I thought 8-8. But that may have been assuming Kaep resigns with the team.
          Earlier, I predicted 6 wins just because Baalke was fired, but then the Niners signed a boatload of FAs, and hit a grand slam in the draft. Therefor, I raised the prediction to 8. With Kaep, they may win 9 or 10 games, and even have a chance at the playoffs.
          Prime, you were cheering when they were on that losing streak, and was mad when Kaep willed the team to victory against the Rams. Now you are a homer and think that anyone who does not predict 23-0 is not a true fan?Please, you are embarrassing yourself.

          1. Kinda like how you predicted Kap go undefeated after replacing Gabbert. Your words not mine Seb. Non losing season with Kap which means what, a losing season without him?
            You cannot hide your BS any longer little guy.

        1. Razor I can hear your Mom from here ” Sebrazor, are you on that YOU TUBE video thinga maching again? That’s enough, go brush your teeth”

  48. Let the records show, TomD/Prime Time has agreed to meet at Soldier Field, December 3rd, 2017 for the Bears versus the 49ers, if King Solomon signs with the team….

  49. And Seb making fun of ProBowler, Mike Singletary is priceless–a textbook demonstration of Seb/Razor’s ‘me’ versus ‘we’, anti-team mentality.

    Ding, dong, anybody home, Seb/Razor……In your zeal to poke fun of Singletary as a coach you forgot that he was promoted from Patrick Willis’ position coach, to head coach, having made a ProBowler out of Willis…..Good grief, I feel like I’m the main character in the film, “Idiocracy” and Seb/Razor are those monster truck event groupies.

  50. OREGONINER says:

    July 22, 2017 at 11:15 am

    I think that that Kaep’s skill-set is Defense….Lord knows he’s made several of them look good….


    Prime Time says:

    July 22, 2017 at 11:18 am

    Too funny!

  51. There once was an amoeba named Seb and Razor, his brother,
    who were sharing a drink with each other,

    In the midst of their quaffing,
    they split themselves laughing,

    And each of them now is a mother.

  52. Ok, I’ll give it a go:

    TomD Had a Little Prime

    TomD had a little prime,
    Little prime, little prime,
    TomD had a little prime,
    Its heart was black as coal
    And everywhere that TomD went,
    TomD went, TomD went,
    Everywhere that TomD went
    The prime was sure to go
    It followed her to school one day
    School one day, school one day
    It followed her to school one day
    Which was against the rules.
    It made us all laugh and play,
    Laugh and play, laugh and play,
    It made us all laugh and play
    To see a prime time fool.

    The end…;>)

    1. Here’s a topic worthy of our Saturday audience…

      Say backwards the names of 9er players. Which one sounds the most odd? Show your work…

      For example: Dumervil would read Livremud

  53. Cassie,

    Did we miss you’re so vain lyrics ?

    or Cracklin’ Seb/Razor Rosie lyrics ?

    If so, they can’t get here soon enough…..Please ?

    1. CassieBaalke,

      Let me start,

      Seb walked into the party, like he was walking on Dallas’ Star,
      His binkie strategically placed below his bottle, his jersey was Paraag Marathe’s,

      He had one eye in the mirror and watched Kap picked off,

      Seb’s so vain, he probably thinks he’s the team, Seb is so vain….

  54. I imagine Grant’s lounging in his red 49ers jammies on his waterbed. One hand strategically placed on his woman, the other with blunt in hand. Eyes full of $$ signs as he watches the clicks go up, up, up…;>)

    1. No. His GPS shows he’s at Yogurt World USA on Sonoma Mountain Parkway. But yes, his clicks are up, way up. Will look good at his next performance review.

      1. You need a life Sebrazor. You started this morning with me and now it’s evening and you are still on here talking nothing.
        What a pathetic human you are!

  55. Cardinals just released Lucas Crowley C. He’s only 22 years old. He can move, but he may be too light. Might be worth a camp body, and see what he’s got.

    1. Bad idea. We already have a formidable competition along the oline.
      Don’t need it. Thank you come again.

  56. Grant, how was your spot on SiriusXM? I just saw your notification or I would have tried to catch it.

  57. I doubt any blogger gets paid simply on clicks. It would be on unique users posting. At say a dime per unique user, Grant just made a dollar on this blog entry. O wait, I’m now on here. $1.10.

    Woo hoo, call the travel agent.

    Or better yet, post a new blog entry and everyone can start anew.

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