Training camp in November

We’re going to make this short and sweet on Election Day.

Today was a “bonus” practice – a rare Tuesday workout before a Monday night game. The 49ers did not do any work on the game plan, so Mike Singletary decided to do something that is generally not done after the team breaks training camp.


He had the No. 1 offense (or some semblance of it, without receivers Isaac Bruce, Arnaz Battle and Josh Morgan) going against the No. 1 defense. You might recall that several weeks ago, I wrote about the ‘”ones” going at it in a two-minute drill. But today’s session was longer and more spirited. It looked a lot like training camp.


Donald Strickland and Nate Clements picked off Shaun Hill on back-to-back passes. There were some physical play, though the team was not wearing pads. Chilo Rachal played right tackle, but don’t read too much into it. The top three options at right tackle – Jonas Jennings (shoulder, limited work), Barry Sims (ankle, no work) and Adam Snyder (ill, no work) – did not take part.


The teamwork concluded when Frank Gore caught a short TD pass in front of Mark Roman and spiked the ball. That was not received too well by the defensive players, obviously.


* * *

I finally got around to compiling some numbers on intended targets. Bruce has seen the most passes come his way (46) and he’s caught 50 percent of those balls (23).


Are you disappointed that Vernon Davis has only 16 receptions? It might have something to do with the number of passes that has been directed his way. He’s been the target of just 25 throws this season.


Heck, Morgan (with 11 receptions), has seen 25 passes thrown his way, too.


Battle has 24 catches on 41 passes thrown his way. However, six of those incomplete passes have been intercepted.


Here’s a bit of an oddity: With J.T. O’Sullivan as quarterback, Frank Gore had just eight passes intended for him fall incomplete. But in Hill’s only half of action, there were five times when he and Gore failed to connect.


* * *

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When Singletary was asked today if he’d had a chance to vote, he answered, “I voted a while ago in my mind.” Singletary had sent in an absentee ballot some time ago.


* * *


And, finally, if you haven’t done so already, get out there and vote.


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