Trent Dilfer’s #filmstudy of the 49ers

Trent Dilfer just wrote a series of tweets on the 49ers which he tagged #filmstudy. Here’s what he wrote.

1. Alex Smith DEALING in Big Moments whole year, Vertical accuracy has been very good. Passing game making strides”

2. “Iupati 77 is going to be a premier OG for years. Huge, great feet, great length, dominant at point and fantastic puller”

3. “O-line continues to gel and improve in their movement patterns. Pass pro in ‘must pass’ situations will be critical.”

4. “Moving Snyder 68 to RG has been key move for O-line, very good athlete and RT Davis playing better w/68 by his side.”

5. “Coaching staff does an amazing job in scheming the run game. Very creative w/out losing physical, downhill approach. #nasty”

6. “Gore still has great vision, excellent foot energy, power in legs and competitive excellence. GR8 blocker & rec”

7. “Hunter 32 (who I said draft day was steal of the draft) hasn’t proved me wrong. Great change of pace back & future star”

8. “Losing Josh Morgan was big blow, he was playing awesome. Crab will step up and looks good coming off foot injury.”

9. “Coaching staff doing awesome job mixing up formations and personnel groupings keeping D off balance. TE’s=versatility”

10. “Walker and Davis line up everywhere on field and do great job as receivers and blockers. Both are matchup nightmares”

11. “New fullback Bruce Miller 49 is doing an excellent job and has added versatility.”

12. “Niners GM Trent Baalke should be front runner for exec of the year, incredible job with last two draft, FA’s, & changing the culture in SF”

13. “BEST thing I’ve seen in run game league wide is Niners 7TON offense, 6 O-line & 340 pound Sopoaga 90 digging out DL. WOW”

14. Best thing about this team is not what they are achieving this year, but that they are BUILT FOR LONG TERM SUCCESS!”

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