Ulbrich lands job on Carroll’s staff in Seattle

There has been plenty of competition at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., this week. And a lot of that competition took place among individuals seeking jobs on NFL coaching staffs.


Ulbrichmug.jpgFormer 49ers linebacker Jeff Ulbrich said he feels fortunate to land a coveted position on Pete Carroll’s coaching staff with the Seattle Seahawks. Ulbrich confirmed ESPN’s report that he accepted a position as assistant special teams coach.


Ulbrich spent his entire 10-year NFL career with the 49ers. He remained around the 49ers after he was placed on injured reserve last season after sustaining a serious concussion. Ulbrich said coach Mike Singletary expressed a desire to add him to the 49ers’ staff, but there were no positions available.


“There’s no resentment at all,” Ulbrich said when I spoke to him on the phone this evening. “Filling a coaching staff is like playing a game of musical chairs, and the 49ers didn’t have any seats left.”


Singletary did not renew the contract of highly respected special-teams coach Al Everest after the season. The 49ers hired Kurt Schottenheimer to the position and retained Dave Fipp as assistant special teams coach.


Ulbrich said he spoke at length with Seahawks special teams coach Brian Schneider when he held that position with the Raiders in 2007 and ’08. Ulbrich said he met Schneider when the 49ers and Raiders practiced together in Napa.


“This is by far better than anything I could’ve imagined,” Ulbrich said. “Pete places a lot of emphasis on special teams, and he has such enthusiasm and energy. There were a lot of people at the Senior Bowl who wanted a spot on his staff, so I’m excited to be part of what he’s trying to build in Seattle.


“We’ll get something going up there.”


Ulbrich said he spoke to just about every head coach in the NFL during his stay in Mobile. He said he interviewed Thursday night with Carroll over the phone. He accepted Carroll’s job offer Friday morning, he said.


Ulbrich is the second former 49ers linebacker to get hired to Carroll’s staff. Ken Norton Jr., who assisted Carroll at USC, is the Seahawks’ linebackers coach. In addition, assistant head coach/defensive line Dan Quinn was a former 49ers assistant, and tight ends coach Pat McPherson was a former 49ers quality control coach and the son of Bill McPherson, who worked from 1979 to ’98 on the 49ers’ staff.


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