Update: Ray McDonald is practicing according to P.R. Director

The  49ers’ P.R. Director just sent out a mass text announcing that Ray McDonald is practicing even though he was not on the field when the media was present. The P.R. Director said he has “no idea” why McDonald missed the beginning of practice.

Why do you think he has missed the beginning of practice the past two days?

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  1. Why doesn’t someone ask Baalke these questions? Or Jed “look at me mommy I’m a real football owner now” York. I’m so sick of these guys passing the buck to Harbaugh (as if he has final say). What clowns. You guys in the press should call these jokers.

    Hey GRANT why don’t YOU call and ask. It’s a pertinent question.

  2. A) He was getting treatment
    B) He was meeting with local police detectives or 49ers security personnel
    C) He was with Trent Baalke, who was telling him it would be morally incorrect for them to let him play on Sunday.

    Pick the one that fits you’re own personal narrative and run with it.

    1. D) The 49ers are practicing holding him out of the first 20 minutes of a game in an effort to half-assedly meet their “moral obligations” to bench him (for a bit), while also half-assedly appeasing fans that believe they have a “moral obligation” to let due process take its course before acting rashly.

  3. Maiocco hints that the 49ers are comfortable with the direction the investigation is heading regarding RayMac. Does this mean no more servings of oatmeal high in moral fiber?

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