Verdict is in on Jed York’s performance in guiding 49ers

Will the defendant please rise. Court is now in session.

In the case against John Edward “Jed” York, the defendant is charged with sullying the reputation of the 49ers, meddling with football affairs, alienating high-quality employees, repelling qualified executives and having a face you just want to smack with a cherry pie.

The defendant has taken a lot of heat during this trial, as he should. But it is the opinion of the court that, despite his face, his heart is in the right place.

In fairness to Mr. York, the court wishes to present five pieces of evidence which show him in a positive light.

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  1. Come on, Grant, I know you have to write a story, but it’s a little premature to say this is all going to work out. Jed’s track record is horrible. The one positive was Harbaugh — who initially fell for Baalke — but Jed fired Harbaugh and not Baalke after an 8-8 season, hired Tomsula, fired him, then hired Kelly and fired him.

    1. Totally stand by my earlier statements on the Yorks. They will find a way to make a royal mess of this. It’s their MO. It’s the air they breathe. A tiger does not change its stripes.

  2. I’m throw a lemon cream pie at York. Save the cherry for after dinner.

    I mentally fired Baalke after he chose Will Redmond. I’ve been forgiving of NFI players if you have a packed roster… but an ACL pick at 68 for a depleted roster is a capital crime.

  3. Objection, the defendant wanted McDaniels and was very, very close to hiring Riddick. And let the record show that the leaker is still employed.

      1. “No 49ers executive was more polarizing than Marathe within the 49ers organization or outside of it during his long tenure, or more closely associated with Jed York’s bumpy reign and tendency towards blatant leaks.”

        “An NFL source told me tonight that Marathe was being deposed as president in part because he is believed to be the source of many recent leaks to national reporters, most notably the reports discrediting Colin Kaepernick.”

  4. I have always believed that York’s heart and pocket book were in the right place. I also believed he was a bumbling idiot when it came to football issues. I hope he has learned from past mistakes and I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for a couple of seasons.

    1. That’s pretty much the way I’ve felt as well OC. IMO, Jed’s biggest mistake was not seeing Baalke’s flaws earlier. I can understand why he stayed with Baalke at first, because Baalke brought in Harbaugh and there was literally instant sustained success.

      1. Post Harbaugh the Yorks main agenda was make money. They didn’t care how or who got steamrolled or who got neglected, their focus was the stadium and how to utilize it and make money.
        Now the football operations has taken public criticism and the Yorks had to address it the right way. Meaning a complete rebuild in how they do things.
        These 2 hires are a very good start. Next will be the draft and free agency to see what direction they go in.
        Im giving Jed a ??

    2. I didn’t. I well recognize the vast majority of it is out-right luck. I know that flies in the face of the typical fan and press arrogance. But it’s mostly luck.

      We were lucky to get Walsh. We were lucky Seifert transitioned into a great head coach. We were lucky to get Montana. We were lucky to get Rice. We were lucky to get Clark.

      And so on and so on and so on..

  5. Matt Miller of B/R spoke to an NFL scout who believes all of the quarterbacks in this year’s draft class are being overrated.

    “All the quarterbacks. They’re terrible,” the scout said. “I wouldn’t want to put my job on the line for any quarterback in this class. And to think about taking one in the first round? No way. I’m sure someone will do it, but it’s mind-blowing.”

    1. Is this news?

      This happens every year…qbs always get bumped up because there are so few quality guys. Look at recent history, Blake Bortles #3, Manziel #22, EJ Manuel #16, Brandon Weeden #22, Jake Locker #8, Blaine Gabbert #10, Ponder #12, Tebow #25, Sanchez #5, Freeman #17.

      And who knows what will happen to Geoff, Wentz and Lycnh.

      Even a guy like Bob Griffin the Third was a #2 pick. Bradford was a #1 pick. Both those guys careers were ended because of injury, so you can see why its not always a sure bet that a guy picked in the top 10 will ever pan out.

      Teams reach for QBs and it kills them when they do. How much better would the Redskins be if they hadn’t traded all those picks for Griffin and instead just went with “YOU LIKE THAT” and used the rest of those picks on a WR, RB, and oline?

      This is why you trade back if you’re the 49ers. No one worth using at that pick…get more 2nd and 3rd rounders this year.

        1. But most drafts don’t. Not top 10 talent. And even guys who are talented, maybe not once every 10 years talent but talent none the less can’t stay healthy (Bradford/RGIII).

          Its too much of a gamble on a position that is either starter or not. Atleast with a LB, DB, etc, they can play ST or move around…

          1. this is why ive been pounding the drum for a cousins trade…….we give up 2 draft picks……SO WHAT!! the numbers indicate that one of those picks will be a bust for sure!!!!!! and that the other will probably also be a bust too……..I think the chance that we get more than 1 all-pro selection out of the 2 picks we’d trade to get cousins is 5-10%!!!!!

            a bird in the basket is worth 2 in the bush!!! make the trade!!!!
            KS wont be a good coach unless he can run his system…….and he cant do that without a quality franchise qb…….KC is the real deal……its not often you can pry any quality young player away from a team……let alone a qb!!!!!!!

            JUST DO IT!

    2. Yet, there are many scouts who dissagree with this particular scout, #80.

      Matt Miller himself, the guy you reference, believes Trubisky is a top 16 talent, whom will be drafted in the top 10.

  6. I see your going with the Hillary Clinton defense. “Yes I was too stupid to understand basic computer security. Yes I was too paranoid to use my employers mandated systems to handle sensitive information. Yes I illegally sent and received highly classified information. Yes I repeatedly lied to Congress and to the American people about it. BUT I didn’t really mean to so you should give me a pass.”

    Worked for Hillary. Why not Jed?

      1. The article is real, but the news is fake, right Bling? (The oldest trick in the Kremlin’s book of authoritarian tactics)

        A very clever read Grant.

        As far as defense is concerned, I thought this point from Shanny was far more important than all of the defensive alignment discussion on this forum lately: “He (Saleh) knows a lot of different systems. But he knows the true Seattle/Atlanta/Jacksonville system inside and out, as much as anyone I’ve been with. Seattle has a linebacker on the ball every single play. So does Atlanta. And that’s five guys on the line of scrimmage. So, whether you call it a 4-3 or a 3-4 — for the most part we call it a 4-3.”

        As was: “You want violent people,” Shanahan said of his ideal defenders. “You want to run and hit people to make that field smaller for everybody, especially the receivers. That starts with the safeties and corners being able to hit. It’s not just about hitting. You’ve got to be able to cover. You’ve got to be smart. You’re trying to get everything.”

        Sounds to me like the 49ers new defensive scheme will mirror.the way the Seahawks run their defense. Shanahan envisions a defense always deploying an eight-man front that is “very tough” to run the ball against, which seems to be a huge departure from the way O’Neil was scheming. As we know, Earl Thomas III is the prototypical Free Safety for Seattle’s scheme.Though Thoams has an uncanny ability to prevent big plays, in part because he lines up incredibly deep compared to most FS’s, which is incredibly effective against post routes and seam routes. Earl also has a knack for picking his spots whether he’s jumping a route to intercept a pass, breaking for the middle of the field to lay a big hit on a receiver, or using his speed to pressure a quarterback.

        Personally, I am hoping that Kyle and Robert move Jimmie Ward back to Free Safety, which I think is his natural position. While Ward isn’t as big of a hitter as Thomas, he’s an exceptional tackler for his size, and he’s got the same type of range, instincts, and ball hawking skills as Thomas.

        What do you think Grant, with Saleh aboard, should they move Ward to Free Safety?

        Also, in terms of the QB position: “When you make a decision on a quarterback, you don’t want that to just be a short-term fix,” Shanahan said. “You want to make a commitment to somebody. In order to do that, you better make sure you’re on the same page with everyone else and you put the time in, you talk to people who’ve been with these guys.” (for what it’s worth, Mike LaFleur’s brother Matt, a close friend of Kyle’s, worked directly with ND’s DeShone Kizer, who has moved to #38 on my big board) during Kizer’s freshman season)

        For me, I found it VERY interesting that Kyle made the point about no short term fixes at QB. Bringing Colin back at $7-8 million? / year, on a short term deal (I simply don’t see a market for Colin at the $12-$18 million range), seems like a non-starter for Kyle when you consider this statement.

    1. You mean, the most experienced candidate who ran against a fraud. Donald Trump the fake president (small p).

      I don’t know what’s more pathetic, the man-baby Trump, who has the temperament of a spoiled 4 year old child, or his minions and followers, who can’t see through his con. Tough call!

          1. Fiscally conservative, socially liberal. Not your typical Hoosier!

            1. Washington
            2. Lincoln
            3. Reagan
            4. Kennedy

            That’s how I rank ’em!

      1. ” I don’t know what’s more pathetic, the man-baby Trump, who has the temperament of a spoiled 4 year old child, or his minions and followers, who can’t see through his con. ”

        Fair enough, but then what do u call these crybaby millenials who can’t take a loss with some class and need to find comfort I’m their coloring books and cry sessions. I have a 4 year old, and he may take offense to them.

        1. You’re absolutely right sawbrodie, my bad. This is not the appropriate forum for political talk. Thanks for reminding me.

    2. Oh please, Houston! Do you think you are going to convince anybody, change their political opinions, or deprogram anybody with your Hillary hate?
      Two suggestions:
      Get the f over Hillary
      Leave the politics off a football site.
      (Yes, I know certain others don’t leave it out, but I’d rather not lump you in with most of that lot.)

      1. Oh c’mon BT, the parallels between Hillary and Jed are too rich to pass up.

        Incompetent – Yes
        Corrupt – Yes
        Poor Leadership – Yes
        Head of a losing organization – Yes
        Criminal – Yes for Hillary – Not sure on Jed

        Hillary skated with the FBI because they said she didn’t intend to do what she did. Jed is skating with Grant because Grant says he didn’t mean to be so incompetent.

          1. Hey man, ever heard of Seaman Saucier? The 22 year old who foolishly took 6 photos inside his nuclear sub to show his family and future children what he did while he was in the Navy. He got a year in prison, 6 months home detention, 3 years tethered probation after his prison time, and the big chicken dinner from the Navy. He was actually facing 5-6 years for that. As a former Marine, I can assure you if Hillary Clinton wasn’t Hillary Clinton and just an average jarhead in the service, at the very least she would have faced office hours….

            1. >>As a former Marine, I can assure you if Hillary Clinton wasn’t Hillary Clinton and just an average jarhead in the service, at the very least she would have faced office hours…

              The Clintons have been constantly investigated up and down by every aspect, every branch of State and Federal government – Congress, the Judiciary, special prosecutors, the intelligence community – for the last 30 some years. The only thing that stuck was Bill’s misleading statements about some Oval Office hanky-panky.

              Try again Razor.

              1. Not worth the effort, Ribico. I don’t mind that you believe in her. I’m just giving you the perspective from someone who’s been in the military, and had to process many NJP’s when working in my headquarters battalion….

              2. I’m not Hillary’s biggest fan either. But for those “lock her up” types like Houston, I gotta call BS. Put up or shut up. Show me the arrest warrants or climb back into your hole.

                But anyway, who gives flying f about Hillary anymore, she’s last years news. What about the guy in office right now. I don’t know if he’s a criminal other than he has personally admitted to sexual molestation. What are we going to do about that raging psychopath?

              3. I want the guy in office to be a successful president, because I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, I’m an American!

          2. Comey directly said Clinton broke several laws with her handling of her emails but he felt like he couldn’t get a prosecution because of “intent” which isn’t even part of the law. However, lets not even go there. Let’s talk about Clinton’s cattle future episode. In the late 70s when Bill was the AG for Arkansas the Clintons somehow stumbled into $100k. Hillary Clinton claimed she turned a $1k investment in cattle futures into $100k in 10 months of investing. The Journal of Futures Markets said, “This is like buying ice skates one day and entering the Olympics a day later.” The Journal of Economics and Finance found the odds of a return that large during the period in question were about one in 31 trillion. That’s the same odds as winning the Powerball — 106,000 times. Every person in the know in Arkansas is absolutely certain the Clinton’s accepted a bribe. My grandparents lived in North Little Rock at the time and were friendly with many people in the area including Senator Dale Bumpers. Among their friends were many state troopers that had direct interaction with the Clintons. You won’t find many of those people who like the Clintons. The overwhelming consensus are both Clintons are lowlife scumbags who are crooks and don’t care what they have to do to enrich themselves. You would think Bill would have some strong roots in the state since thats his home state but Hillary lost that state in the last election by something like 13 points. The people who’ve dealt directly with the Clinton’s the longest absolutely despise them because they know they are both liars and crooks.

            I don’t have to show you anything. Any person with an IQ above that of a gnat knows Hillary is a crook. Some people choose to ignore her unethical behavior simply because she has a (D) by her name. Sounds like you’re in that bucket. I can tell you I personally witnessed Bill & Hillary celebrating Arkansas Heritage Day with the Confederate Flag. I personally heard Bill speak when he was governor of AR about what the Confederate Flag means to the heritage of Arkansas and in particular part of his upbringing in Hope, Arkansas. I base my opinion on first hand knowledge of their despicable behavior. Are you one of the masses that is totally ignorant of Hillary’s disgusting behavior but defend her just because she’s a Democrat? If so, stfu – you have no idea what you’re talking about.

            1. >> totally ignorant of Hillary’s disgusting behavior but defend her just because she’s a Democrat?

              No, I defend her against charges of “criminality” from idiots because nothing criminal is brought against her.

              >>I don’t have to show you anything.

              You have nothing against her other than asinine crazed nutjob rants. So why TF isn’t she in jail now? I know you are in Texas where they used to string people up for just existing, but in the 21st century, that’s a special kind of stupid.

              1. Only imbeciles use geography to explain racism. I was born and raised in Santa Rosa. Lived in Texas roughly about the same length of time I lived in CA. Houston is a lot more diverse than Santa Rosa and it’s not close. Houston really is a fairly harmonious community. To say TX has any different history on race vs CA is absolutely moronic. CA basically used slave labor in their Ag industry for decades. The same problems that exist in Tx exist everywhere. By far the most segregated and racist city I’ve ever visited is Boston. To absolve yourself or your geography by comparing the history to Texas is actually profoundly ignorant. Congratulations on winning that award.

            2. ribico, it’s not worth the effort. Trump supporters are in denial.

              Anyone who is still talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails, in light of the Trump’s nakedly Unconstitutional conflicts of interest, and his direct ties to a Russian government who was actively engaged in tipping the scales of our democracy, is obviously in a classic state of denial, and simply whistling past the graveyard. Declaring our free press the “enemy of the people”, which along with our judiciary branch, is the only thing that separates our republic from a banana republic, or worse, a dictatorship, is the sign of a presidency that is already in the process of a complete, and total meltdown.

              However, this is a 49ers blog. Trump and his supporters are being exposed as the frauds that they are, on other, more appropriate political forums. Let’s keep the focus here on football.

              1. Better concentrate on growing our way out of the 20 trillion dollar debt that Bush/Obama left us with by getting the GDP between 3 and 4 percent if you don’t want to become a banana republic. But that’s just my “grey matter” talking….

              2. Yah, because inheriting 2 wars that Bush kept off of the books, and a Bush recession, resulting in a rapidly contracting economy on the verge of a full blown depression, had nothing to do with deficits, right Razor?

                Nothing a tax cut for the wealthy can’t fix, right? SMH.

                Your “conservative talking points” are very well rehearsed Razor.

              3. We can around and around all day long Razor,. I know all of your conservative talking points all too well.

                Let’s get back to football and re-engage with this conversation in a year or so, and we can talk about the fallacy that is “trickle down economics”, and why, as a country, we continue to repeat the mistakes that history has proven “supply side economics” to be.

              4. Just because logical/rational people find Hillary abhorrent, it doesn’t mean they are Trump supporters. You can find both disgusting.

              5. Declaring our free press the “enemy of the people”, which along with our judiciary branch, is the only thing that separates our republic from a banana republic, or worse, a dictatorship, is the sign of a presidency that is already in the process of a complete, and total meltdown.

                If you knew your history, you’d know that Jefferson and Lincoln said the same things about the press….

              6. Lol. Lincoln? Are you really comparing the state of the free press in 2017, to the “Salem Witch’ hunt of the Civil War era” Razor?

                Some 200 newspapers and their editors were subjected to scattershot menacing by federal agencies, civilian mobs or Union troops during that era. In fact, a number of Democratic editors were even imprisoned at Fort Lafayette in Brooklyn at this time, which came to be known as the American Bastille.

                Never the less, historians have pointed out that, even though Lincoln had to harness animosity against the press on the part of some of his generals at the time, when Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside ordered that The Chicago Times be “padlocked and its gun-toting editor arrested,” Lincoln revoked Burnside’s order, and the newspaper resumed publication. When Gen. John M. Schofield arrested a St. Louis editor for publishing a letter by Lincoln without identifying his source, President Lincoln secured the editor’s release.

                Earth to Razor and conservatives everywhere, we aren’t living in the 19th century anymore.

                As for Jefferson ……………. even when Jefferson disagreed with the press (and he often did), he was a statesman and patriot in his response to it. He believed a free press was “essential” to government. In a letter to James Currie in 1786, Jefferson complained that John Jay had been treated unfairly by the “public papers.” However, even though Jefferson believed the papers to be wrong, he asserted that the liberty of the nation depends on the freedom of the press without limitation.

                So nice try Razor, but you are the one who really need to do a little more research, and understand our history as a nation before regurgitating such falsehoods!

                Freedom of the press is absolutely vital to our democracy, and attacking the press, while it’s one of the oldest dirty tricks in the book, doesn’t change the facts. It may help win an election, and it may play to the base, but it’s never going to cover up for incompetence, corruption, or contempt for the rule of law. Going to war with everyone you dissagree with, including the press, is simply not a long term winning strategy, and it’s certainly not presidential.

                Remember these 2 famous quotes Razor:

                “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” & “The chickens always come home to roost.”

        1. Houston
          I understand the parallels in your view.
          Maybe it’s my subjective ears that hear an anger being carried forward.
          I’ll just say that W’s administration raised my blood pressure more than a little bit, but I’m past it and would gladly share a pitcher of iced tea or lemonade with him now.
          That’s all I really had in mind.

          And to other readers: I clearly remember Houston expressing a wish during the campaign for an alternate conservative standard bearer, so he’s not a Fanboy for the 45th occupant.

          1. Hey Brother Tuna…………..

            I have never spoken to you, but you have always struck me as a very reasonable guy-in your observations, insights, etc.

            And so to you I will just say, because I have to talk with someone reasonable………

            There is no escape-even on a football blog. No escape……….

  7. “We’re used to seeing Miami tight ends dominate the draft process, but David Njoku is special when it comes to physical attributes. He has tight end size and strength combined with wide receiver speed, and his personal-best high jump of 2.09 meters ranks second in school history. 

    The 20-year-old is forgoing two years of eligibility in order to enter the draft, and it’s fair to wonder about his experience at the tight end position. But that won’t be an issue at the combine, where he’ll have a chance to dominate his peers in a wide variety of drills.

    “He’s a freak,” senior tight end Stan Dobard said of the 6’4″, 245-pound Njoku last summer, according to Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post. “He does a lot of things well, and now he’s becoming one of the great blockers too, not just a pass-catcher, so he’s coming all around.”

    1. I like Adam Shaheen from the Ashland Great Lakes. 6’6 270 and moves like he’s 20 pounds lighter. Could be a 3rd round theft….

        1. “If Hannibal Lecter ran a 4.3, we’d probably diagnose it as an eating disorder.” Funny stuff. I wouldn’t characterize Walker as a sleeper, but he’s got some interesting players listed that I’ll have to look at….

            1. What’s your take on Lynch’s statement about only interested in high character players? You think he softens that stance in the later rounds, and if so, do you think they’d pull the trigger on a guy like Kelly and what round?

              1. My take on that is they are more interested in guys that love football than squeaky clean players per se. I expect the 49ers draft will be littered with a lot of passionate and highly motivated players. Also good leaders.

                Relatively minor off field transgressions I think will be overlooked, so long as they think the player provides the right attitude and won’t become a long term distraction/ headache.

              2. If they believe he is a passionate player and effective leader, and not going to be a distraction or bad teammate, I think so. Those are big question marks though.

                I also think a big question is whether Shanahan believes he is smart enough to run his system. He certainly has the willingness to ‘let it rip’, that fearlessness.

              3. He certainly has the willingness to ‘let it rip’, that fearlessness

                Yea, that’s the trait that I see Shanny really appreciating in Kelly. He loves aggressive players….

  8. “How athletic is Washington wide receiver John Ross? The guy started three games at cornerback as a sophomore, breaking up two passes and recording an interception in the process. 

    It helps that he’s a blazer who, according to Christian Caple of the News Tribune, ran a hand-timed 4.25-second 40-yard dash despite coming off a major knee injury last offseason. In October, an NFC scout told NFL Media’s Lance Zierlein that Ross “is probably the fastest player in college football right now,” predicting that he’d become a better player than Brandin Cooks.”

    1. Ross is probably the most electric play maker in this class. And he’ll be a star punt/kick returner as well, if he can stay healthy. But he’s not a #1 receiver, IMO. Corey Davis will be the best intermediate and deep threat in this draft. He’s got a nose for the end zone, and he can vary his route speed to confuse CB’s, as well as regularly defeating inside leverage!

  9. Grant has it exactly right. The Mutiny on the Baalke, and subsequent sinking of the Chip took guts. Waiting on Shanny could have bit him in the fanny, but he showed patience and grit through the process. Sergeant York deserves clemency for enlisting the best General for the job, and making the troops Gung-ho again. Semper Fidelis 49ers!

  10. I concur.

    Jed actually has done something good. He was reeling around, being humiliated and scorned, but pulled a rabbit out of his hat.

    Glad he found Lynch, and KS will resurrect the Bill Walsh legacy.

    Firing Baalke was long overdue, but I am jumping for joy now that he is gone, and expect winning now that the cancer has been eradicated.

    Jed still puts his foot in his mouth admitting that he will accept criticism, which will just encourage more snark. He should have just said that he wanted to act in a manner that engenders praise.

    Jed deserves tons of shade, but when he does something good, he should get some kudos.

    Maybe Jed actually does want to win.

          1. Well according to you, he should have been cut the day after the SB, but he is still on the Niners because Lynch and KS are smart.

            1. Seb, you need to quit repeating this falsehood.

              I already explained to you why it would be a mistake to cut Colin Kaepernick prematurely, regardless of whether Lynch and KS want Colin to remain on the roster for 2017. They need to let this process play out. Colin’s going to be allowed to “opt-out” of his contract on March 2nd. If the 49ers act before this date, they will be penalized to the tune of $2 million in dead money against the cap next season.

              This has nothing to do with whether KS thinks Colin is a guy he can work with in 2017. It’s simply a formality. And Colin’s almost certainly going to be on another teams roster for the 2017 season and beyond.

      1. I have written about free agents, the draft, and the combine is coming up.

        I have also written about strategy so much, posters are whining about it.

            1. Canadas a big country there, Raz. Have you considered Prime might be in Vancouver and you visiting Halifax? That would be a long drive to Prime’s BanB

    1. As a long time 9er fan, Im not convinced Jed did these things because he’s seen the light…..I think he did them because even he saw his stupidity and arrogance were hamstringing his cash flow.
      Let him do 2 or 3 productive things in a row. Then we’ll have a trend…………

      With the York’s, life itself begins and ends with their love of money.

  11. Grant,

    Please respond to this post.

    I am so mystified that the Yorks are basking in press glory for the fact that they kept the Lynch interviews from leaking, thereby demonstrating their ability to keep things a secret.

    Didn’t the fact that there were no leaks prove that **Jed and Paraag were the direct source of the leaks in the past**, since we now know they can start and stop them on demand??? Why aren’t they being villified by the press for this? What am I missing?

      1. Orrrr maybe Baalke and Marathe were both leakers. Why would Lynch have to be assured that his candidacy wouldn’t be leaked since Baalke was not there?

    1. No. Because, as a general rule, you can be sure that lots of people know what’s going on in the building. And now some of them are gone. And others just simply may not have been told as York and Marthe went to ground to the information.

  12. Let’s wait & see. I think it will end good, but it could also blow up. Hiring a GM with no experience is a big risk. He has put good people around him, however one of those people is the same guy that helped Millen. As for Shanny Jr, I have no doubt on his ability as a coach and he sounds good on radio-but I’ll wait and see before giving Jed the benefit of the doubt. The football offseason always gives hope, but Jed and Prague will only be able to prove themselves over time and years of not meddling or leaking. A two week test with Lynch proves nothing until the heat is on. Further, I still worry about the impact and influence of John & Dinease -remember they did think it was a good idea to interview Tom Gamble.

      1. Razor/80 – I like it. To me OC coach was the next most important acquisition next to DC.

        Now you have the very well thought of Bobby Turner paired (hopefully) with Benton. Both well versed in Shanahan’s zone scheme.

        Looks like the Shanahan/Lynch mob isn’t shy about bringing in experience, whether its front office or coaching staff. Just what the doctor ordered.

  13. Well, Jed did hold himself accountable,….to the tune of $40M in payment to the coaching teams past.

    He has made an effort to rectify what I considered to be one of the biggest shortcomings — having too few football guys in the front office. If these folks work as a team, they are bound to succeed. Hopefully, sooner than later….

  14. What about Corpus Delecti ??? ie., proof that a crime has been committed ?

    For example, in a larceny case there must be proof something was stolen.

    I was not a Jed fan before the Shanahan hire, but now that NFL experts agree an attempt has been made to run the 49ers legitimately by not running them into the ground the case is dismissed.

    Therefore, Grant, your verdict is just.

    1. “….and having a face you just want to smack with a cherry pie….

      whether the Shanny / Lynch hires work out (or not) ..

      I’d still love to have a custom-made 13-inch (tall)
      Marie Callender banana cream pie … to smack Jedster in the face ..
      (launching from the ground up)

    2. Oh please. Everything said about Jed was said about Eddie. If fact the only difference between them is that they stopped selling beer in cans because the fans threw it at Eddie. Jed never had to dodge beer cans.

      Of course, it was worse during Kezar days. They sold beer in bottles. If the 49ers lost, they’d pelt the team, especially Brodie.

    3. TomD….

      Im thinking your letting Jed off a bit too easily. Did he make these moves because he saw the multiple errors of his ways?? Or was it because Prag showed him how these multiple screw-ups were impacting his cash flow?
      What motivated him?
      At the very least, he’s still on Dean Wurmer’s Double Secret Probation……….

      1. Sawbrodie,

        Sorry about the response delay. Just got off work.

        You’re right. It’s hard to trust someone who constantly makes a wrong turn.
        You would think after 17 years we would have a SuperBowl victory and more than a 50% chance of winning.

        It’s the York’s sub 50% winning percentage that erodes your confidence–a direct
        correlation to the bad coaching regimes and as has been documented by the media outside our market–going cheap on the assistants.

        Yeah, saw, I, like you know that even a blind man strikes the piñata now and again. But with the York’s you start to believe they purposely pick bad coaches in a savings spree.

    1. However, most on this site believe S_B deserves the pie in the face award due to his incessant kaper-yammering, dragging all posters, like helpless flounders caught in a rip-tide, out the Golden Gate.

        1. MW,

          #80 will agree thatMr. copy and paste called for the Shanahan hiring over a year ago.

          It’s done.

          I broke the News that the 49ers would swithch to a Seattle type 4-3. Defense.

          I also stated that Seb’s Jarryd Hayne would be a bust and that Kap would be beat out by Gabbert, (can you believe that, Gab’s)

          Now here’s a Freebie: The next John Taylor (Best YAC yards in college football) must be drafted by Shanahan.

          Grant, If you can get this to Kyle, you can take credit for this discovery yourself….Just get him on the 49ers….The WCO is all about the YAC yards

          A gift for Kyle Shanahan: Carlos Henderson, LA Tech (the next John Taylor).

  15. 49ers hire Johnny Holland to coach LB’s and Jason Tarver moved to Senior Defensive Asst.

    Holland was a tackling machine for GB.
    Holland was a second-round draft pick for the Green Bay Packers in 1987. He posted over 100 tackles for six consecutive seasons while playing for Green Bay.

  16. Great defense Grant, but the jury (49ers fans) needs to avoid making a verdict until a year or two has passed. If the defendant continues to avoid the mistakes made during the past five seasons, then he shall be acquitted.

    1. Absolutely agree, JedYorkTheDork……..can he/will he continue to make intelligent football decisions? Or will he let Prag “suggest” to Kyle the proper plays to call………We will know more in about 2 years about Jeds decision-making.
      I absolutely concede he hit it out of the park with these recent hires, tho……….

    1. After watching a few of his games I was left feeling like I just watched Quinton Patton’s highlight reel. I looked at Carlos Henderson’s bio page and the editor’s pro comparison was, to no suprise, Quinton Patton.

      Although, Henderson looks like he has another gear that Patton doesn’t have.

      1. Chris Mac,

        You noticed that !! Thank you. I thought I was seeing things, it’s for real and he was clocked at 4.3 recently after working out in the gym.

  17. I guess Razor, Seb and MW thing everything’s a joke at the skill positions except when they mention their god, Kap.

    Well, see if you think these stats are a joke for a 12 game season by Carlos Henderson:
    REC –82











    Kick Returns:

    # of Returns–25




    Long–89 yds.

  18. Taylor’s statistics are impressive but it is his teammate Carlos Henderson who needs to be on everyone’s radar, pronto.

    Big time players make big time plays

    Henderson, who declared for the NFL Draft this past week, has quietly been one of the most prolific players in the country this year. Henderson has found the end zone often, scoring a grand total of 23 touchdowns in just 13 games this season. Yet it isn’t just the volume of the scoring, it is the explosiveness he shows in getting there that warrants attention.

    Carlos Henderson, in the meantime, is being pitched to us as a late Day 2, early Day 3 caliber prospect and I love the fit! Henderson is probably going to score in a similar range for me (although he admittedly could sneak a little higher; he’s raw but he’s not quite as raw as I saw in Coleman).

  19. Shanahan said he’s exchanged text messages with Kaepernick, but hasn’t met with him personally.

    Shanny…I’ve still got my RG3 playbook if interested
    Kaepurnicus…I want to learn more to preserve my body
    Shanny…Baby steps bro
    Kaepurnicus…Do I still get to kneel?
    Shanny…It’s our belief you either die on your feet or leave on your knees
    Kaepurnicus…I don’t like that
    Shanny…Kissing bicep emoji

  20. Great interview of KS today by Murph and Mac. Couple of interesting answers by Kyle (Paraphrased because they were in extreme detail) concerning Kraep. Question: “Have you met in person with Colon KraeperstinK? Answer: “No”. Question: “Have you spoken to him?”. Answer: “Yes, some texts and a phone call, but the players know my door is always open and are always welcome to stop by and talk, to which some have”. Question: “What is your strategy for finding a QB”? Answer: “We’re looking for a franchise quarterback, and will do so through either free agency, the draft, or through trades”. Very telling interview concerning Kraep from what I heard. If KS thought for a second that he had his quarterback already here on the roster, he would have said so. Absolutely no mention that he has a franchise quarterback in house already. He couldn’t even bring himself to say he has a starting quarterback at this time, which we seem to hear quite often around here. I was laughing so hard listening to the interview and thinking of Wally Waldorf, aka “My butt hurts”. Pretty damning for “Old wind up”! It’s going to be fun to watch! KNBR also reported another NFL story that said that Kraep has already been told that the team will not be willing to pay his near 15 million dollar remaining year salary, which is why he will opt out to see what the market has to offer at the beginning of free agency. Duh. If he doesn’t opt out, he’ll chance being cut and his market value, whatever that may be, will diminish even further as teams will have already made their moves.

    1. Yep. I know Seb will somehow twist that into something else. But that’s my take. That Shanahan really doesn’t think much of Kaepernick and needs to find the QB of the Future.

      1. Full Shanny weren’t fans of RG3, and Big Shanny isn’t a fan of Kaepernick. Not a leap of faith to believe Shanny Jr isn’t either….

      2. Why start your first ever head coaching and GM job with a guy who’s shown nothing but regression in his play since 2013?
        Because one time he out ran a GB defense that had no clue how to defend the Read option? Or that he participated in a SB and then choked at the end?
        I don’t think these guys are much on drama either.

    2. Gnomo, still see you are name calling. So low life.

      I listened to every word of that interview, and was pleased to hear him keeping things close to his vest, just like I predicted he would.

      What I did not hear was KS declaring they are moving on, so they are smart. Last year, the FO leaked smears, but that just drove down his trade value. By them not denigrating Kaep, they are keeping his trade value at an optimum level. What I interpolate from their stance is that they do think he has value, which means that eventually, they will decide to play Kaep, and focus their energies on fixing the defense.

      They may be looking at Kaep as a bridge player, and eyeing the 2018 QB draft class, and that would be the measured,prudent course of action. Blowing things up will just mean a totally lost season. With the continuity of Kaep throwing to his receivers more in practice, they will sync up even more. Adding more weapons may help, too.

      Since KS had many opportunities to move on from Kaep, and still kept that option open, it just made his haters delirious and butt hurt. Kaep is going to meet with them, after they do more study, so I hope they look at what ALL the offense was doing during those tough periods. If they watch the Kaep highlight video, they will see a very special athlete. If KS wants to replay a play over and over again, he should replay the one in the Chargers game when he put his foot on the half yard line, and then sprinted up field for 99 and a half yards untouched for a TD. Name another QB who can do that. He not only out ran the safeties, he outran the CBs.

      Then he should replay the one against Seattle when he started towards the LOS, then flicked his wrist to Boldin with Thomas barely touching the ball for a TD. There are several more jaw dropping throws on tape, but I was the most impressed by the time when he was drilled by a defender, but still completed the pass.

      Lynch has been studying the film for a while, so he knows what Kaep can do. When he said that Kaep has done great things in the league, I think he decided to keep Kaep, because he would rather he play for him, than against him.

      KS will have asked Ryan what he thought of Kaep, and he will just tell the truth. He will say that Kaep is the real deal, and that NFCCG was the SECOND bitterest defeat he has ever suffered.

      So, no. Gnomo, I am relieved that they are not letting emotions cloud their judgment like some emo posters. I am happy that they will give Kaep a fair assessment, and if they are not brain dead like the emo haters, they will make a prudent and wise decision.

      The idea that they have 90 mil in cap space, but want him to take a pay cut is just another stab in the back by Paraag. Kaep should counter by pointing out that they promised to retain veteran talent and leadership, but failed to do so. Kaep should tell the Niners to first spend the 90 mil before asking for a penny from his contract.

      Actually, Kaep’s contact is reasonable, and not too expensive, considering the contracts of Cutler and Osweiler. Niners would show class by honoring their commitments. Going cheap is crass, and the last thing from the high standards Lynch wants to start out with. If Paraag’s fingerprints are all over this ploy, they should banish him to a bait shop.

      1. Going cheap is crass??

        It isn’t if your paying the bills and were expecting a Jag and got a Pinto, instead.
        Time for ‘ol windup to move along………..

    3. Speaks volumes…

      If KS doesn’t correct that itself is an indicator of where he is going. I know this is not news to the vast majority of posters, but the team does not have a starting or franchise qb. They need to get one. The crew available is woefully inadequate.

  21. Hmmmm…… Wait a year to get Cousins since there is almost no chance he is franchise tagged a third straight year.

    Jason Reid on TK’s podcast today:

    ” [Washington] can shut everything down. If [they] were to offer Kirk Cousins the exact contract he wants down to the last penny, in terms of the guaranteed money and the average, I think he stays in Washington. But all indications are that that’s not where [they] are, that’s not where their thinking is with Kirk Cousins. They tagged him last year at like $19.95 million, the thinking is they’re gonna tag him this year at $23.95 million. I definitely think that Kyle would want Kirk, because Kyle was a big reason that [Washington] drafted Kirk. After [they] took Robert Griffin III, Mike Shanahan made it clear, look, ownership has a guy they wanted, so Shanahan wanted someone that Kyle really wanted, that Kyle could work with, and Kyle stood on a table for Kirk. And Kyle kept telling them, look, this is the guy, this is the guy, this is the guy. Even when Griffin had that great first year, Kyle even at that point, said, look, this guy’s gonna be a Pro Bowl quarterback. I thought he was crazy, I’m not gonna lie. I thought the guy was out of his mind.

    I say all that to say that if Kirk Cousins had been a free agent this offseason, then Kyle Shanahan would make a bee-line to him. And Kirk Cousins thinks a lot of Kyle Shanahan — they have a very good relationship, Kyle has always believed in him, he knows that. So I think if Kirk Cousins was not contractually bound to anyone, he would be, I think in San Francisco. I think that’s a very, the odds are very good on that. But, in terms of whether or not Kyle’s gonna try and trade for him, San Francisco has the No. 2 overall, I can’t, again, pure speculation on my part, I can’t see them trying to give up the No. 2 overall pick for a quarterback who, if [Washington] tags Cousins this year, the likelihood is they’re not gonna tag him again next year. So, if that’s a place that Kyle wants to go, and I think it would be a place he wants to go, why wouldn’t we just wait it out a year? It’s not like Kyle’s on a two-year contract with a third year team option. He’s got six years. I think he can give this thing a little time, even if it’s just another season, and wait it out.”

    1. What I want to know is why Washington aren’t willing to sign him long term. If any team knows what Cousins is (or isn’t) its them.

      1. My friend is a Redskins fan and he thinks of Cousins as Alex Smith. You would need a lot of great players around him for him to be great.
        He’s functional, tough, not too many mistakes but will only take you so far.

          1. I think Prime’s point was more about both QBs needing to have the players around them to succeed rather than style of play.

            Cousins is far more aggressive a passer than Smith. But I do agree he needs to have the players around him, like he does with the Redskins.

              1. Razor

                MAN !

                You really hate Alex, don’t you ? So he’s taken his team to the playoffs two or three times, Made the Pro-bowl twice while setting the chiefs records for passing, low interceptions, and 4th quarter comebacks, and you compare him to the clown we now have ( 1-20 in his last 21 starts)? I used to think that you had some football smarts, but now I just see someone content to criticize and give silly nicknames to….I DO hope you recover….

              2. Smith posted his fourth lowest passer rating of the season in the Chiefs’ 18-16 divisional round home loss to Pittsburgh. Andy Reid didn’t offer a strong, immediate vote of confidence the day after the game, and the 32 year old wasn’t surprised when chatter started increasing about finding a replacement. He’ll get another year, and then when he fails, he’ll be released. Bank on it!

      2. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, multiple offensive players have begun to complain about quarterback Kirk Cousins, pointing to a lack of decisiveness, erratic play, and confusion.

        I asked the source whether the players who are griping would prefer Colt McCoy. Said the source, “At least he’d play with poise.”

        That was after week 2. Inconsistency? Poor decisions? Doesn’t inspire confidence? I don’t know. But I still feel that Cousins is really good but not elite.

            1. Wrong again, O mighty one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              No way-no possible way Lynch can overrule in any way, shape or form KS decision on the QB position. The Contract may-or may not-allude to that “power”, but KS will be making this call, entirely.

              He’s going to run his O the way Lynch says so????

              Forget it, Seb–Lynch is not going to swoop in and save Sack-Or-Pick…..

  22. Exhibit F.

    Defendant didn’t have security goons manhandle a beloved former player, the heart and soul of the last successful iteration of the team, and have him dragged from the premises in front of a national TV audience.

    James Dolan, NY Knicks owner, is by far THE WORST owner in sports.

  23. Best I can do is put him on probation. As far as exhibit C is concerned, has a HC during the York era ever made it to the end of their contract? Didn’t think so!

  24. Parochial school education Raz. I guess in retrospect I should have attended one or more of those “alternative education” schools, you know the type, and possibly my writing skills and use of vocabulary would be more in tune with nature. Indubitably. Either that or just use a thesaurus.

      1. You do realize that verbose is just high quantity? Well crafted prose, on the other hand, is elegantly lean, concise and to the point. This would be as far out of your wheelhouse as logical thought and reasoned interpretation of empirical data.

        1. I have perused many sites, and some posts are barely legible.

          This site has Grant, who can turn a phrase, and if you discount the trolls, there are many posters who can actually frame an argument, with enough diction to be entertaining.

      2. Hmmm, juan singles out Razor but then Seb responds in the first person. Could it be that Prime was right about there being a double poster? ?

        1. Small thoughts for small minds. Prime and TrollD are the serial double posters.

          Gnomo and GnomoD are probably one in the same, they sure parrot their posts.

            1. This is easily settled. Prime, let’s see if you’ve got the guts to put your $$ where your mouth is. Grant can very easily determine who the double posters are. Are you willing to wager $400 that I’m Seb?

        2. When Gnomo talks about the thesaurus and writes-indubitably, he is referring to me, even though he originally addressed Razor.

        3. Hammer
          Grant owes you big time for that question. Demand kickbacks. Look at how it kicked the bee hive! Gazillion clicks generated.

          Razor, if it’s true, you’re uninvited.
          : -)
          (Not worried)

            1. Razor
              I think you missed my point.
              IF you ARE a double-posting RazorSeb, THEN you’re uninvited, cuz, who’s who in my house?
              Not worried that you are.
              The accusations and counter accusations all seem silly to me.
              Here’s another (annotated) Dalai Lama quote:
              ‘If thinking certain thoughts make you unhappy, then avoid those thoughts.’
              Mine: if engaging certain personalities incites you beyond offering opinions on football, then avoid engaging those personalities.
              Not singling you out. All in the scrum can adopt that attitude without giving any ground. Everyone can declare victory and then ignore the ongoing White Noise.

              1. I didn’t miss your point, I was just messing with you. You’re smarter than that, and I did ignore him. Not doing it anymore. Not a punching bag, I’m a counter puncher and I don’t pull ’em….

            2. Okay then, misunderstandings can happen on line, wanted to avoid that. Not joining any cabals against you; wasn’t sure with your hippy.
              There comes a time when we all push back. For me, with some of these guys, I tend to push back on their (lack of) knowledge, perspective, grip on reality rather than the personal. I don’t care that Seb is an idiotic emotional basket case (not sure about the slack you afford him), I just wish he’d quit wasting everybody’s time. If he don’t like my shoot, just quit responding. But he’s incapable of that as he craves attention.
              Hey, I’ve gotta bet better too. I ignore the foolish TD, I’ll be expanding that to SebbieDowner too.
              We all need to remember the old saw about arguing with idiots.

              1. I don’t care that Seb is an idiotic emotional basket case (not sure about the slack you afford him).

                Meh, Seb is harmless and I’ve always been a sucker for sticking up for people that get bullied. I understand your position. I try to see the good in everyone, but then you run into ones that just beg for it. Who loves ya, Brotha? I do!

              2. Brotha, I had hair down to my posterior until my mid 40’s. I’m a hippy to the core. Unfortunately, that’s about the time I started to get the York affect back on my crown. Now it’s back to the high n tight!

              3. Princess Yellow Preemie sticking his “nose” in places he shouldn’t be. Ewww. Not surprising, ha!

          1. Look at the reaction, go back and read the posts, its all eerrily similar. The Bill Walsh avatar, one without. Word press allows you to have multiple accounts. Its BS

              1. Im ok with this. I knew something wasnt right and Im confident with my assertion.
                Placing this bet does nothing for me.
                You are the one who has to live with being Seb or whoever the hell you are Fraudeater!

              2. Giallo preemie sbruffone. Just a frightened little Canadian who talks a big game, but when the bullets start flying, they go running to the Americans….

              3. Hence forth, you will be Yellow Preemie. The Canadian who talks, but when called upon just folds like a cheap Canadian suit….

          2. BT, while I admire the football acumen of Razor, we are very different.

            Politically, we may be polar opposites. I want Kaep to stay, while he has moved on from Kaep.

            But the biggest difference is that he prefers Gorilla Glue, while I am partial to Mango Haze. ;p

  25. Watched Kizer extensively this year. My father was a ND grad and also one of my older brothers so I grew up watching them every Saturday. The fight song is imprinted on my brain. I still have the urge to watch every Saturday and usually do. I’ll stick to my pick of Mahomes. I think he will turn out to be the surprise of this years draft. Also, another report today said that Cousins does not want to play in Washington this season and is hoping that they done franchise tag him, but if they do he will play the year and then enter the free market. Let’s hope that’s true. Why would a team want someone who doesn’t want to be there? Cousins, Orton or Shaub, Mahomes and another lower level free agent or draft pick will fill out the four QB’s KS wants to begin the off season with. I said long ago Jed would come through with his hiring, much to the chagrin of some on this site. Two thumbs up Jed. Great Job!!

  26. Anyone familiar with Benton’s ability to adapt gap type linemen to ZBS… or visa versa? I’d hate to see promising young players like Brown and Tiller wind up scheme change casualties.

    1. Great point, B2W.

      I wasn’t a fan of Tiller being replaced by Garnett. I’m not saying it was a bad idea to get Garnett some game-experience, but I’d rather it’d have been at Beadles’ expense, not Tiller

      1. Tiller not a fit either. This offensive line needs rebuilt. Athletic lineman that can block on the move. Bolles would be a perfect fit at RT….

        1. I’m surprised improving the o-line has been more of a focal point amongst the “top needs” to improve the talent level.

          What round would you feel comfortable with Bolles being drafted?

          1. Bolles is being mocked anywhere from the late 20’s to the top of the 2nd round. I agree, it is somewhat surprising that the OL hasn’t been more of a focal point. Scooter and I seem to be the only ones that have concerns, especially at Center. F/A will probably clarify it more….

            1. I have also talked about adding talent at offensive line. I’ve mocked Ethan Pocic to the Niners as a Center, and signing a swing tackle/guard like Don Barclay. I wouldn’t mind a big spend on Kevin Zeitler either.

  27. Well, Prime, you know they can just roll him out on every play courtesy of Coach Sebpotstoseed. Who needs a skilled pocket passer in the NFL anyway? Instead of the “read option”, we’ll call it the “roll option”. Yea, that’s a great idea. Defenses will never catch on. Magnificently huge eye roll.

    1. We’ll change the way the NFL game has been played with Colin. He will bring an entire new concept to the game by playing exclusively outside the pocket where defenders will chase and attack from the blindside, back side, and front side. Leaving the QB susceptible to being chased on every play.
      Major eye roll!

      1. Prime, you cannot hit what you cannot catch. Kaep can easily out run LBs, so he will gash the defense.

        Kaep will make the defense cover the entire field, so their will be open opportunities, especially if they flood a zone, and Kaep merely has to throw it to the uncovered player.

        Oh, and I remember many times seeing slide after making the first down, so he is masterfully employing one of my strategies.

  28. Based on Shanahan’s KNBR interview, the 49ers are committed to eight in the box, single high safety. Is Reid suited for that role?

    The tea leaves point to DB with pick 2, hinging on on how the 49ers view Jimmy Ward.

    A) If Lynch/Shanahan see Ward’s ideal spot as corner, they could draft Malik Hooker.
    B) If Lynch/Shanahan see Ward’s ideal spot as free safety, they could draft Marshon Lattimore or other defensive position.

    Let Reid and Tartt battle it out for SS in both scenarios.

    Of course, a trade back would (what I’m hoping for) could change everything.

      1. Niners may want to copy the Seahawk defense, but you need the right players.

        Maybe that hints at them trading back to 6 and selecting Malik Hooker, because neither Bethea or Reid are as skilled as Earl Thomas.

        If they trade back, they might get Kizer with one of their second round picks.

      2. I’ve yet to see footage of him of Adams, but lost of people really like him.

        Boils down to value and need among CB/FS/SS, and Ward’s ideal fit as I mentioned before.

        Ward – Will he stay at corner? Can he stay healthy?
        Reid – Has the concussion issue made him too contact shy for SS? Does he have the speed to play FS in the new scheme.
        Tartt – Will he develop quicker, more instinctive reactions and better cover skills?
        Bethea – A likely casualty of the rebuild.
        Robinson – Can he stay healthy?
        Johnson – A rebirth as an outside physical press corner?

        Lots of important self scouting of the entire defensive backfield will be done. In the end they could pick Allen as BPA or trade back. I’m mainly noting DB is not out of the question given there are at least three very good ones in Hooker, Adams and Lattimore.

    1. I cannot see Reid as SS in our new scheme. He is a shell-shocked player. I think he would get ran over.

      We could give him a year to see if he can play the single high FS and keep Ward at CB and slot CB.

      1. Personally I have seen enough of Reid playing the deep safety role. He isn’t suited for it. He doesn’t have the range needed, he bites on shorter routes at the expense of leaving deep shots open, and he doesn’t break down when rushing up to make the tackle leading to a lot of missed tackles.

        I thought he did a pretty good job last year in 1-on-1 coverage and playing closer to the LOS. I’d move him to SS and see how he goes playing in the box most downs.

        1. Reid’s no enforcer, but maybe he could hold serve as a SS. It’s another deep position, so a player like Nate Gerry might be had late. I like Josh Harvey-Clemons too, but again the character concerns probably disqualify him. Just depends if that mantra is in stone or flexible in rounds 6/7….

          1. Razor – One of my favorite all time players is an enforcer… Ronnie Lott. But is the league trying to legislate that kind of player out of existence?

            I’m thinking the modern strong safety is a good all around tackler. Linebacker instincts. Takes good angles. Form tackles. But not the heat seeking missile that used to roam secondaries.

            Adams could very well be better than Hooker, but the position value of an effective single high safety might tilt things toward Hooker.

            If Ward is moved to FS, all bets are off. Adams at SS would be killer in our new front (“front 8” as Shanahan said)

            1. Same here, B2W. Ronnie is my second favorite player after Montana. As long as our “enforcer” brings the boom legally, we’re fine. I’m a firm believer that you must have a tone setter back there….

        2. Too many arm tackles could lead to another bicep tear. He is too afraid of concussions to tackle properly. Do you think Tartt could play SS? He played closer to the line last year too and has some pop.

          1. Yep. I’d let Reid, Tartt and Bethea fight it out for the SS spot.

            Tartt could also play the WILL. Both Telvin Smith (Jaguars) and Deion Jones (Falcons) play that role in the same style of D and are the same size as Tartt.

            1. “let Reid, Tartt and Bethea fight it out for the SS spot.” Yup. Have an open competition.

              I was wondering, what are the number/nature of team workouts before the draft for teams with new coaching staffs? Much of the competition is already happening in the film room this week.

  29. You better believe it Prime on the drama factor. Anybody that dismisses that is living in denial. Kraep has alienated at least 50% of the fan base and his NFL peers with his kneeling during the National Anthem. Regardless of ones support of the 1st Amendment, his, or anybody’s similar actions have consequences. I have friends, relatives and neighbors that refuse to even watch the Niners as long as Kraep is on the team. It has nothing to do with his play, but rather his activism. I have a cousin who is a SF cop for over 30 years who can’t stand the sight of him, and a nephew in law enforcement who feels the same way. I would imagine that is the dominant feeling of most law enforcement personnel, military personnel, and other occupations that wear the flag on their uniform, along with many, many Americans that hold the flag and National Anthem as close to their hearts as the 1st Amendment. Oh, I forgot, he won the Eshmont Award. Not unanimously. He’s a distraction wrapped around mediocrity.

    1. Kaep is fighting against cops shooting unarmed civilians, with little repercussions. Therefor you must be for extrajudicial summary executions.

      You and your ilk will cheer for sexual abusers, dog killers, domestic violence abusers, drunk drivers and even child beaters, but heaven forbid some one fighting for social justice.

      The general public is filled with fans who will cheer for a league that actively discriminates against gays, but they will go ballistic over a silent, non violent exercise of the first amendment.

      If your cousin stops being a fan because of Kaep, maybe the Niners are better off without fans like him. Trying to blackmail a team by threatening to boycott them, just means that the bullies win if they give in. Niners are better than that, and if they want to start acting with class, they need to set the right standards. Cops shooting unarmed civilians are repugnant, just like the people who condone such heinous actions.

      I just see this as class warfare with thinly veiled racial overtones.

              1. Oscar Grant was handcuffed on his belly and was shot in the back. The perpetrator got a slap on the wrist.

              2. No, Seb, in and of itself-it isn’t. Anymore than a black cop shooting white people.

                You cant see farther than the color of one’s flesh, so I don’t think you sincerely understand what Im talking about. It has nothing to do with intellect I’m talking about. To you, everybody is a hater……………if they don’t tow your line.

              3. Please identify yourself as to which character you are so I can address accordingly FraudeaterSebnnoying?

              4. Why don’t you just put your money where your mouth is Yellow Preemie. You’re all talk with a mini bat. Sit down!

              5. IP addresses can be blocked, you can use multiple devices, you can change area code on devices, word press does not require authentication so why would I take that bet DA?
                You’re a sick being with a delusional mentality. You need help FraudeaterSebnnoying!

              6. I’ll give you credit, you were good at hiding it but now you’ve just been plain stupid in not covering your tracks!

              7. Yellow Preemie, your credit is no good here. You were banned and desperately tried to get back in multiple times. I find it ironic that you accuse me of IP address changes when that’s what you were doing. Remember my, cat got your tongue responses to your pathetic attempts to get back in? I do. You talk big, but you’re still carrying that mini bat! Ha hardy har ha!

              8. Yellow Preemie, you can get help with that if it’s in it’s initial phases but I suspect you’ve been experiencing it for years. Ha! Step up your game or stay down!

              9. Yellow Preemie, that may be the best decision you’ve ever made. Maybe next time you’ll think twice before stepping to the plate with a mini bat!

      1. Wrong yet again, Seb-skov.

        Not withstanding the almost certain fact that Kap is the cats paw for his girlfriend-you have basically said this yourself many times-Kap has NEVER spoken about any given cop issue knowing the full facts of the case.

        You see everything as “class warfare” with thinly veiled racial overtones-because those are the glasses you see through-very pre-judgemental, or prejudiced. You want to recreate ’68……………If a cop was wrong, hang him and hang him high, but cops and robbers are never going to get along.

        1. If Oscar Grant WAS wronged in that way, that is a huge injustice. But what is your source-the papers? Who calls someone a “white-hispanic” when it suits their purposes?
          In all your rants, Seb,-all of them-I have never once heard you go on forever and ever about the cops who have been murdered in the line of duty. Not one single time.
          You want to recreate ’68………..
          Ya know, Seb, you do a great injustice-bearing false witness, actually-labeling everyone a hater if they disagree with you.

          1. Actually, I sincerely apologize to everyone for allowing myself to get sucked into the political rants and ravings……poor judgement on my part.

          2. Saw, nice red herring. No, I have decried injustice when it goes both ways. When that former military man unloaded his assault rifle against cops in Dallas, I thoroughly condemned that action, saying that there needs to be less violence and stricter gun control.

            I do not want violence against unarmed civilians. Cops have fire arms, and can seemingly be judge, jury and executioner. Yet, I do not say that ALL cops are racist or corrupt, but the few bad apples are destroying any semblance of creating an atmosphere of trust and respect.

            All good cops should be standing tall with Kaep, because if the few bad ones get away with it, it will justify a Dallas like response and we will all sink into anarchy. Good cops should be outraged at the rogue cops, because it makes their job all the more difficult.

            I mislabel certain posters as haters? No, when they denigrate unfairly, spew invective and repeat lies, I am perfectly comfortable calling them haters. I do not expect everyone to agree with me, but talk about bearing false witness, they say that a 400 yard passer is inaccurate, they call him a cancer in the locker room even though he won the Eshmont Award, say he is a one read QB when I saw him many many times go through his progressions. They claim he has no touch, when I have seen passes go over the LBs and in front of the safeties. They blame him solely for the losing when you and I know that the defense imploded. You and many others dismiss the Rams game, even though he displayed everything I want in a QB. Kaep was clutch, and an inspirational leader. He stopped a 13 game losing streak, but some wanted him to fail for a better draft position.

            Maybe you should become more educated about Oscar Grant before talking without knowing the truth. You accuse me of calling anyone who disagrees with me a hater, but I just label them haters because of their hateful rhetoric.

        2. Gosh, Saw, when white cops shoot unarmed black people in the back, you may not see the realities, but I sure do.

          The vituperative screeds against Kaep are tinged with racist overtones, but if you cannot see that, I feel sorry for you. The NFL lets rapists, domestic violence perpetrators, drunk driver, child beaters and dog killers play, but heaven forbid some one wanting less killing.

          How deliciously ionic that the NFL can tout pink everything, but if it is something they do not like, then they want to ostracize and ban that person standing up for justice.

          1. Seb-

            That fact remains-you cant see any deeper than the color of one’s flesh.
            And this blather about Kap throwing it for 400 yards………you call yourself an objective football fan and use that as a bench-mark for a great QB? That is a VERY misleading stat, and you know this to be true….and if that is the stuff of greatness, share with me how many times Kap has done that in his career, pls……….and don’t tell me it’s because of his receivers, because Montana used to make Shuman look very effective…….
            Kap standing up for justice ….my arse. He’s doing it or he might be sleeping on your couch!!!! She will throw his arse right out! He’s her cats paw, and you’ve alluded to that, too. I don’t know nothing about Red Herrings, either. I do know Kap is not going to lecture me on anything, I know that………..The last guy I can think of who put his money where his mouth was-with respect to the greatness and the wonders of Cuba, U.S.S.R., N. Korea-was Lee Harvey Oswald. And then he got his behind back as quick as he could-because he wasn’t happy there, either!
            Now, Kaps no Oswald, I know that. But he has denigrated this nation
            without really having been anywhere! It’s inhabited by human beings, and he’s never tried to help the nation like MLK. That million dollar stunt was a PR move-else, why would he make it known to everybody?
            This thing you have for Kap..a human being, not a god in any sense of the word….you have to go back to the 30’s in Europe to see this kind of Idolatry.
            Hey, Barney….you beat everything, you know that?

            1. And don’t give me any of your slop about feeling sorry for me, either…..that’s the old patronizing sebnoying leaking out of the gas-bag. Put him back in and let us all see a kinder, gentler Seb…overflowing with llLLLooOOOvve for everybody!!

              1. Saw, I guess you have gone into the deep end, and are in over your head. Arguing with you is like trying to hit a moving target.

                It is a plain fact that an inaccurate QB should not be able to throw for 400 yards.

                Mike Schuman, he caught 62 passes in 63 games, so Joe certainly did not make him great.

                It is also irrefutable that Kaep is standing up (or kneeling) for justice. NOBODY deserves to be shot for disobeying an order quickly. Cops do have a tough time, but they make it even harder when they allow rogue cops to use the cover of authority to oppress people.

                Denigrated this nation? No, he upholding the highest and finest ideals of this nation. One person can make a difference, like Rosa parks who refused to sit at the back of the bus. People who protest do so because they want to right injustices. Kaep is silently and peacefully protesting. He is not violent or threatens violence.

                Conversely, people who are intolerant of dissent align themselves to more of a fascist ideology. You are doing just that when you insinuate Kaep loves North Korea.

                Lee Harvey Oswald? he was a confused individual, and was set up like a patsy to be the fall guy, and was executed by the mob so he would not be able to talk. Kaep is the furthest thing from him that I can think of.

                Yes the million dollar “stunt” is something only people who hate him would denigrate him for. Kaep is spending a million bucks to serve social justice. He is helping vets, and you want to diss him for that? He is helping the Standing Rock protesters with much needed medical aid. Why? because he heard that the private security goons were shooting women in their private parts with rubber bullets. One women suffered terrible injuries, and was denied medical aid. That is not American. That is fascism rearing its ugly head.

                So you want a kinder, gentler nation? Maybe you should support Kaep, because he wants to end the violence. He is striving to solve problems, and he is making a difference, despite the hate. You hate him so much, you remain silent when others are hurling death threats at him. You should be chastising the haters, and open your heart and mind towards what Kaep wants- Less violence.

                I do feel sorry for you, because your mind is closed, and logic and reason cannot be tolerated. Is that patronizing? Maybe to you.

                To me, it is just the truth, and sometimes, the truth hurts. You have been condescending towards me, but when I return the favor, you start whining. I expected no less from you.

                Yes, all I want is to be able to talk football with other 49er fans, but current events precludes that. I certainly did not bring it up, but if some one wants to engage me in a political discussion, he should not rue the day he did it. He should refrain from bringing up the subject and just concentrate on what happens on the field of play.

  30. I’d love to double dip and go back to our roots at ND with Kizer. Chalk board interviews baby, that’s where Shanny separates the wheat from the chaff….

    1. Yup, Kizer is the only QB I would take before the 3rd round. He is the most pro ready.

      The other QBs have benefited from quick single read passes and haven’t played under center much. A college spead playbook is like a coloring book compared to Kyle’s Encyclopedia of Offense.

      1. Kizer became the first Irish QB in school history to post back-to-back seasons of at least 20 TD passes and eight rushing TDs. Love to find out his gpa, but you can’t be dumb and go to ND….

  31. I’m as guilty as anyone of posting stuff from Rotoworld. Here’s what I just saw:

    “The Sacramento Bee’s Matt Barrows believes there’s a “50 percent” chance Colin Kaepernick returns to the 49ers.

    Due $16.9 million in salary and bonuses, Kaepernick should theoretically want to stay in San Francisco because that’s the only way he would earn that much money. Kaepernick has an opt-out clause that can’t officially be exercised until March 2. In December, national reports from both ESPN and NFL Network had Kaepernick preparing to opt out. That was before Kyle Shanahan was hired.”

    I tried to find this in a Barrows article or tweet. Nothing. It came from his chat session today. Here is what he really said:

    Question: Chances Kap returns this season?

    50 percent. (weak, Barrows. Weak).

    And from that Rotoworld created their post.

            1. Ha! I’m willing to let bygones be bygones provided he quits with the BS. Maybe him and TomDumb can get a room together….

              1. Razor,
                I believe it was 4 or 5 years ago that Prime and MD were going at it pretty good. Prime may have said that he would be in town for business and may try to get to the Stick for a 49er game.
                MD invited Prime to have a beer with his tailgating group and even gave him his seating area.
                Don’t know if that ever took place, but one thing is certain. No matter how much trash talk goes on around here we are still all 49er faithful at heart.

              2. Yea, I remember. He wants to keep punching away, I’ll keep counter punching. Too bad everyone else has to suffer, but I’ll no longer suffer his BS….

              3. Princess Yellow Preemie knows all about riDickulous, and the ones that have been here for awhile are quite familiar with his historical lengthy bans for personal attacks. Not to mention his welshes….

              4. A resounding reaction! Why? Cause it’s true?
                It’s funny that all the sudden this acquisition has caused you to lose your mind?

              5. Princess Yellow Preemie continues to float in denial like an Egyptian funny girl with a face full sausage grease and teat sauce. Ha!

              6. Fraudeater you are unraveling at the seams.
                It’s very uncharacteristic of you. For being a former Marine, you’ve allowed a Canadian to get in your kitchen and cook up a feast!

              7. Princess Yellow Preemie, you can cook for me in my kitchen anytime as long as you wear one of those role playing outfits. You know the pink one with the yellow frills on it. Ha!

              8. Princess Yellow Preemie apologizing for being straight is a clear indication he’s worried someone might mistake him for a closet twinkie. Must be MomDumb’s creme filling. Ha!

              9. You asked I denied. Don’t be sour soldier. Which have been known to switch over. Just saying.
                But I’m not interested.

  32. I think the Kaep topic is one that should just disappear in the rear view mirror. It’s getting as stale as “Fake News”. It’s done and over, let’s all opt out along with Kaep.

  33. I second it Max. Try getting the Kraep lovers to drop it. I already challenged one and he said no way. Let’s just see how long it goes before he’s mentioned again. Count me in. Anyone else?

  34. Being a ND lifelong fan I’d be more than happy to see Kizer drafted but I still think Mahomes is better in the long run. Either would suffice.

  35. KS was realistic today in his interview talking about his vision for the defense, and knowingly admits that he is more than a year or two away from achieving the style and quality he wants. His comments about the difference, or in his mind, lack of difference of a 4-3 vs a 3-4 were compelling. Basically an over used phrase to put it simply. His in-depth knowledge was detailed and inspiring. This guy knows football. The difference in his interviews vs Tomsula, Kelly, and even Harbaugh is startling, and quite refreshing. I could listen to the guy for hours.

      1. I would strongly consider that. Adding Ingram and Williams to the front 7 with a healthy Bow, Armstead, and Ray Ray would be a huuuuuge upgrade over last year.

    1. I’d be very happy adding Ingram to play the Leo role. I can only imagine most GMs are thinking the same thing. Not sure having heaps of cap space will be enough to lure him.

  36. Now now Wally don’t get your panties in an uproar. Once the roster is final you can find and cling on to a new mediocre player to worship. I have faith in you.

    1. Gnomo, let me clue you in, One cannot claim victory if he has not won anything. I only claim victory when I get rubes like Prime to become so upset he starts hurling expletives.

      If you claim victory, or that you are the winner, without winning anything, it just means you are a loser.

      Since you cannot claim that they will cut Kaep, you cannot claim you are winning.

      You are a loser, in so many ways.

        1. When will Yellow Preemie bring something other than blather, and the exuberance over a quarterback like Conner Cook to this blog? You wanted to draft him in the first round! What a rube!

            1. sebnynah February 17, 2017 at 11:38 pm
              Gnomo, let me clue you in, One cannot claim victory if he has not won anything. I only claim victory when I get rubes like Prime to become so upset he starts hurling expletives.

              If you claim victory, or that you are the winner, without winning anything, it just means you are a loser.

              Since you cannot claim that they will cut Kaep, you cannot claim you are winning.

              You are a loser, in so many ways.

              February 18, 2017 at 9:20 am
              When will Yellow Preemie bring something other than blather, and the exuberance over a quarterback like Conner Cook to this blog? You wanted to draft him in the first round! What a rube!


              1. Prime, I call you a rube because you fit that term. Now others are picking it up. Maybe I shall start addressing you as Rube.

              2. Princess Yellow Preemie isn’t satisfied embarrassing himself floating down denial like an Egyptian princess. Now he wants to be double teamed coming and going. Ha!

  37. My last TO post.

    “Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. He wants me to wait because he had to wait. I did more with less. I was better than Cris Carter. So he shouldn’t mention anything about anybody, especially me, about being a flawed candidate when here’s a guy who got released, flunked three drug tests from Philly — cocaine and alcohol addiction — and then there was somewhere down the road he’s telling guys to ask somebody to be a fall guy. What kind of character is that? So c’mon man. C’mon.”

    Playoff stats.

    Carter – Win/Loss 4-10, Tgt 123, Rec 63, Yds 870, Y/R 13.81, TDs 8, Catch% 51.2, Y/Tgt 7.07

    Owens – Win/Loss 4-8, Tgt 101, Rec 54, Yds 751, Y/R 13.91, TD 5, Catch% 53.5, Y/Tgt 7.44

    Carter had 3 more TDs and 119 more Yds but he had 2 more playoff games. In the postseason TO had a better winning %, better Y/R, better Catch%, and better Yd/Tgt.

    OJ, LT. Carter, Irvin, Sapp, and probably Lewis, but no TO. SMH

    1. Finished 97th among interior defensive linemen with a 64.1 overall grade. He was especially weak against the run, finishing 60th among defensive tackles with a 4.2 run-stop percentage (for an overall run-defense grade of 34.2).

    1. Razor, people confuse predictions with draft crushes. Would you be happy with Williams at 2, Reddick 34?

      I’d like to trade back, staying within the top 7, then take best WR. I’m split between Corey Davis and Williams. I really like Redick at 34.

      1. Yes, B2W. I’d be happy with both players but I agree that trading back to 6 or 7 is an ideal situation. I really don’t think there’s much separation between Williams and Davis other than maybe speed, route tree and competition faced….

        1. In Barrows chat yesterday he believes that Williams is the better prospect mostly because of strength of competition faced. His comments seemed stronger than usual with regards to Williams being better, but maybe I’m reading more into what he said.

          1. Cubus, its a real close one. I heard one tipping point for Williams could be durability because Davis has had injuries.

              1. That’s right. I forgot about William’s neck injury. I wonder if both could slide a bit in the first round.

    1. I have Reddick going at 34 as well.

      A very early mock draft with no trades (trading back would be ideal, though):

      Rnd 1- Jamal Adams S
      Rnd 2- Hasaan Reddick WLB
      Rnd 3-Carlos Henderson WR
      Rnd 4- Joe Mathis DE/OLB(fingers crossed)
      Rnd 5- KD Cannon WR
      Rnd 6- Chad Kelly QB
      Rnd 7- Eric Medina K

  38. Now that the coaching hires are done, KS can now pivot to the player assessments.

    Sure am glad they retained Tarver, and I am glad they elevated him from LBs to defensive assistant, because he is the only coach with DC experience.

    I expect they will look at all the film, and see that Kaep gives them the best chance to win since he is the best player on the team.

    They will now concentrate on fixing the defense. If the defense had played halfway decent, the Niners could have won at least 5 more games.

    Lynch has the daunting task to attract decent FAs to the Niners, especially after Baalke poisoned the well, with FAs fleeing from the Niners like they had the plague.

    Lynch must sign a NT, ILB OLB and WR, then the Niners can draft the best player available, and for depth.

    Lynch must overspend to get at least one decent big name defender, just to show that he is serious about winning. That will allow him to attract several lower level players, but players who are an improvement from last year’s players.

    Still think the prudent course of action may be to trade back. Even in the 12-18 pick range, there will be starting defenders available. Niners should sign a veteran FA for their number one WR, and settle for a later round WR for more depth.

    I hope they trade back, get Barnett with their first round pick and Haason Reddick with the 34th pick and either Raekwon McMillen or Jaraad Davis with their other second rounder.

    Derek Barnett, Haason Reddick and Raekwon McMillen would be 3 key acquisitions that will really help fix the defense.

    I am wondering when Lynch and KS will meet with Kaep. If things go as I expect them to, several posters on this site will be apoplectic.

    1. “He is the only coach with DC experience”

      Seb, Jim O’Neil has DC experience as well. Experience doesn’t mean dust in this case because Tarver hasn’t done anything special with our linebackers. I just don’t understand the love affair for the man.

        1. And Jason Tarver could? Our linebackers are the product of Jason Tarver, and aside from Bo, I wouldn’t trust any of them to fight out of a paper bag

          1. Steele, you play the hand they deal to you. Baalke sniffed that he did not draft any LBs, because he liked who they had. When Bow and Ray ray went down with injuries, the cupboard was bare.

            You are right. Bellore certainly could not fight his way out of a paper bag, even with scissors.

    2. Kaep is the best player on the team? We keep hearing this dubious claim being parroted. Even if true it’s meaningless because the team has been one of the bottom dwellers with it’s current roster, as the last two seasons has demonstrated. Moreover, Kaep won’t be even close to “best player on the team” once KS and Lynch are through with FA and the draft; chances are he won’t even be on the team. So enough with the redundant drivel and the insipid rationalizations as to why Kaep gives them their best chance to win. Bottom line in Big League Football — Wins and Losses. With Kaep QB’ing, what is his won-lost record over his last 25 starts? Resembling a winning culture? End of story.

  39. Ok guys I love my Niners, but can someone explain why there is a love affair for Jason Target. The outside backers that he is in charge of, are horrible at this point. Maybe Lynch will get better when he stays in shape. But I don’t get it. Somebody enlighten me please.

    1. I have Reddick going at 34 as well.

      A very early mock draft with no trades (trading back would be ideal, though):

      Rnd 1- Jamal Adams S
      Rnd 2- Hasaan Reddick WLB
      Rnd 3-Carlos Henderson WR
      Rnd 4- Joe Mathis DE/OLB(fingers crossed)
      Rnd 5- KD Cannon WR
      Rnd 6- Chad Kelly QB
      Rnd 7- Eric Medina K

      1. I’ve heard preliminary talk of Kelly going in the 3rd round. Would be somewhat of a surprise, but Shanny loves aggressive play….

      2. Saw a couple mock drafts, and Christian McCaffrey fell to the second round. If he is available at 34, the Niners should grab him.

      1. And your point? Our HC is new, gm is new, and so Is our DC. These guys are trying to build something, Not win a super bowl this year. He’s proven that he’s a good position coach, should he never get a chance because he’s never done it? Well now, if it doesn’t work out here, he can put on his resume, DC experience. Will that make u happy?

      2. I mean, come on Seb, your the same guy that was clamoring for Tomsula for DC, even though he had no experience. But now it’s a different idea because Saleh has no experience. Which is it?

        1. Tomsula has HC experience, so DC would be a step down.

          I fully admit I was, and still am a fan of Tomsula, but will also admit that he was in over his head. I still think he would be a good DC, because he did a fine job with the JH led team. That defensive line did not give up a hundred yard rusher until the last game, and only gave up one rushing TD all year. I like coaches who can do that.

      3. yeah .. maybe … but .. didn’t he do
        an asst. coach gig with the SeaChickens ??
        I’m thinkin’.. this is the reason .. we’re hearing
        phrases like …

        “..we’re switching to a ‘Seattle Style” .. 43 …”

        Ok .. maybe he didn’t call it .. but .. perhaps .. it’s
        the best of all the D’s ..he’s been involved in ..
        (which is why he wants to emulate it ..)

        Now … if only he could bug Shanny for some players
        (at least on the back end .. and / or ILB ) …
        who could be actually good in that defense ..

        If thats the case … who would you guys grab .. either
        in FA … or the draft ?

  40. Steel, I am willing to let them coach a few games before harshly criticizing them if they continue like last year, but the fact that Tarver was retained as a defensive assistant should not make you go ballistic. He will be a good resource due to his experience, and rookie coaches usually need all the help they can get.

    Resume? Sounds like you are firing him after one year.

    I will be happy if they can stop third string RBs from gaining 200 yards.

    1. Seb.. No sir, not firing after one year, but he will have that experience after this year. I want all to grow together. That’s also why I’m not buying the placeholder for Fangio thing. Whey spend a year putting in a defense, just to redo it next year, different schedules different system. I’m not buying that one.

      1. Steel, I am not buying the Fangio thing either. Maybe Fangio might have wanted to come back once Baalke was fired, but he may have felt dissed when they shut him out of the HC job.

    2. I understand that Outlook on Tarver. But for me, I never understand how people falling live with guys, who do t even excel at their own position. I’m just saying, our linebackers were horrible, and I know injuries got him the scrap of the squad, but not one evened blossomed under his watch. That much trash, there had to be at least one febrezze scent in there. Anybody can teach talented players, but the good one coach up the bottom feeders, locate the talent inside of the talentless. Just my opinion.

    3. I would have been a lot more confident if they had hired Wade Phillips or Gus Bradley, but Saleh may do OK.

      The one thing that gives me the most hope is that Lynch is the GM, and I welcome his expertise, unlike Baalke, who did not have a clue.
      Lynch was like having a coach on the field when he played.

      Hopefully, Lynch will see that players were playing out of position, so once they identify the best player for the right position, the defense will start to actually function, and not crater.

          1. I think he fits this system better than he did the old system. The problem is he and armstead should be fighting for the same rile.

  41. List of 9ers new 2017 coaching staff under Shanahan:
    Position: Coach
    Head coach: Kyle Shanahan (Falcons, offensive coordinator)
    Defensive coordinator: Robert Saleh (Jaguars, linebackers coach)
    Special teams coordinator: Richard Hightower (Bears, assistant special teams)
    Assistant head coach/tight ends: Jon Embree (Buccaneers, tight ends)
    Run game specialist: Mike McDaniel (Falcons, offensive assistant)
    Quarterbacks: Rich Scangarello (Wagner, offensive coordinator)
    Running backs: Bobby Turner (Falcons, running backs)
    Wide receivers: Mike LaFleur (Falcons, offensive assistant)
    Offensive line: VACANT: 49ers interviewed Benton for their offensive line coach Offensive assistant: T.C. McCartney (LSU, offensive assistant)
    Senior defensive assistant: Jason Tarver (49ers, outside linebackers)
    Defensive line: Jeff Zgonina (N.Y. Giants, assistant defensive line)
    Linebackers: Johnny Holland (Browns, inside linebackers)
    Defensive backs: Jeff Hafley (49ers, defensive backs)
    Offensive quality control: Taylor Embree (Chiefs, defensive assistant)
    Defensive quality control: Bobby Slowik
    Head strength and conditioning: Ray Wright

    1. Leo, I already posted this above-Finished 97th among interior defensive linemen with a 64.1 overall grade. He was especially weak against the run, finishing 60th among defensive tackles with a 4.2 run-stop percentage (for an overall run-defense grade of 34.2). I don’t like it!

      1. I think it would be a depth signing. I hope they would target a better 1T DT in the draft or Free Agency.

        Other than Buckner and Armstead, I think the entire line will be purged, including Dorsey. As Justin Smith said, 90% roster turnover.

        Both the O and D lines are in transition mode. Gotta get these two right.

              1. Um, yeah, it really does.

                Pass rushers always earn a premium. Short will get paid more than Williams, because he is one of the best interior pass rushers in the NFL.

              2. Through the first five games in 2016, Short collected just one sack and two quarterback hurries. He also had not been as effective in stopping the run. At that time his rating had dropped to an average of 78.1, which ranked him No. 26 at his position. Sure he’ll get paid because he’s better at rushing the passer ending the season with 6 sacks, but did he play to not get hurt with the impending payday looming or was he injured?

              3. Kawann Short PFF grade for 2016: 87.7.

                Brandon Williams PFF grade for 2016: 75.9.

                Short’s rating of 78.1 after 5 games was still better than Williams earned on the year, and he was significantly better than that over the last 11 games.

                Short will get paid more than Williams not just because he is a better pass rusher. He will get paid a lot of money because he is an excellent DT.

              4. Why is Newsome dragging his over Williams?

                Panthers have been trying to re-sign Short since last off season. Haven’t been able to get it done. Short knows he’ll get paid a lot in FA, and the Panthers drafted a potential replacement for him last year in case they can’t get a deal done.

              5. Well it sounds like the 49ers will have a better shot than you alluded to if that’s the case, Scooter. Fair enough, my friend….

              6. I expect they will tag him. And if not, plenty of teams have the cap space to afford Short.

                I don’t see the 49ers prioritising a 3T that will command the sort of money he will. Not when they have two first rounders on the roster that could play that role. A NT makes more sense, and will cost less.

              7. That’s sorta what I meant about Williams being the premier acquisition for the 49ers. I should have been more specific. I thought Armstrong could have been their best 3T before the injury….

              8. Gotcha. Yeah, I meant Short will be the premium DT on the market overall.

                I also meant I didn’t think he was a realistic target for the 49ers for more than just him being the premier DT, but also because of what I believe they will be targeting.

  42. “You like that.” But do you liike this?

    “Still, the numbers don’t tell the whole story. While he’s racked up the stats of an elite quarterback, he’s benefited from one of the best supporting casts in the NFL. And despite so many weapons to work with, Washington was outside the top 10 in points scored and Cousins struggled to capitalize in the red zone.
    Inside the opponents’ 10-yard line, Cousins completed 31.6 percent of his passes in 2016. Only Bryce Petty, Nick Foles, and a few other quarterbacks who played limited time were less efficient.”

      1. Agreed, but I’ve been trying to figure why I don’t quite see him as elite. I remember the “You like that” game. He should have been picked off in the end zone right before the TD. That is why I didn’t want to crown him then.

        He also threw a late pick last year that eliminated the Skins from playoff contention. I just don’t see him as a closer. Therefore, I can’t say he is elite.

          1. Disagree. He is a younger version of Cutler. He makes some great throws, but he also thrown some questionable passes.

            1. Why do the 49ers need a 23 million dollar QB when the entire roster needs upgrading?
              Better to draft my guy Trubisky at #2, sign Matt Barkley and draft a project in the later rounds.
              Or, trade a 2017 & 2018 2nd round picks for Jimmy G.

              1. Yellow Preemie, you wanted Cook in the 1st round. You have zero credibility. Take my bet if you’ve got the guts….

              2. Scared Yellow Preemie. Quick to challenge someone with a bet, but when it’s time to step up to the plate, you’re still using a mini bat. Ha!

        1. Yep, and there was just a little bit of sarcasm from me there #80. I agree he isn’t elite. Decent NFL starting QB that has benefitted from a very QB friendly system and excellent receiving group.

              1. C’mon Scooter. You don’t like the guy, it’s ok. But Full Shanny targeted for a reason, and Shanny Jr predicted he’d be a Pro Bowl QB. Low and behold, he is. The guys in the video I posted do this for a living and even they say he’s a top ten qb. Your opinion is fine with me, but your argument against him isn’t holding water with me….

              2. That’s your opinion. And you are entitled to it. Just like I am to mine. Too bad if it doesn’t hold water for you.

              3. Just pointing out that the guys with a higher football acumen than yourself disagree with you. Not to mention our new HC!

              4. I can play that game too. These guys have better football acumen than you:


                And the Redskins, the team that know him best, love him so much they refuse to commit to him.

                So what does this all mean? Nada, other than we have differing opinions and can use google.

              5. Didn’t know it was a game, and if the Redskins don’t believe in Cousins, they’ll let him go. They surely won’t pay an average quarterback 24 million.

    1. How can Bowman be relied upon after 2 serious injuries?
      The 49ers need to address and find 3 new starters for the upcoming season. No one including Ray Ray can be penciled in as a starter.

        1. It’s the one unit on the 49ers that is the least talented. But between the 3rd and 6th rounds plus free agency you can revamp the unit and be competitive.
          The dline now moving to a 4-3 has some good pieces and could make the transition a lot smoother.

  43. Wow. This football stuff must really be meaningful. Look at the passion. And yuge paychecks. Even Grand Cohn gets some easy money just yakking it up, like Radnick.

  44. Thanks for the Post…Is that the sound of Seb’s losing face to Prime:


    February 17, 2017 at 5:00 pm

    Great interview of KS today by Murph and Mac.

    Kraep has already been told that the team will not be willing to pay his near 15 million dollar remaining year salary, which is why he will opt out to see what the market has to offer at the beginning of free agency. Duh. If he doesn’t opt out, he’ll chance being cut and his market value, whatever that may be, will diminish even further as teams will have already made their moves.

    1. Bejeebers, Sebby,

      That’s just awful…Kraep taking a pay cut from $ 15 mil to 1 million so he doesn’t lose face with the rest of the NFL by being cut.

      Sounds like desperation to me. Are you desperate, Seb. I smell desperation in your latest debates with Prime.

      Seb. Just some friendly advice. Maybe it’s time to admit that Prime is your superior in football analysis.

      1. There’s no shame in admitting your failures, Seb. I for one thought if you extend the olive branch to Prime and myself, it’s the less painful way out.

        Otherwise, you risk looking like an idiot once the deed (cut by Shanahan or trade) is done.

  45. Today’s blog review:
    Two thumbs down. Would be more,if I had more thumbs.
    Gee whiz fellas, don’t be dragged down into the morass of others! Who looks good within this juvenile spitball fight?

    1. Ah, shucks, Fat Tuna.

      Kap was the “talk of the town, ” endlessly with you folks. Now that you’re on the other end you seem to have lost your humor.

      Just having a little “sport” with y’all during the down time of the season.

      Lighten up, man, go have a cold one at the nearest sports tavern, on me !

            1. Seb-Razor,

              Remember the regressive fixation tendancies the asylum warned you about.

              You know, patterns, phrases–colloquialisms, idioms, like: “butt hurt” and now “blanket party.”

              Your crazy is showing, Seb-Razor. Time to call the asylum’s in-patient emergency # ASAP.

              1. TomDumb, we had guys like you in the Marines. After there first blanket party, they got smart real quick like….

              2. Oh here we go, another army story! No one cares about your pillow parties!
                Why don’t you just come clean and admit you are Seb?

              3. Why don’t you and TomDumb get yourselves a room since you know so much about pillow parties, you yellow princess! HAAAAAAAAAA!

              4. FraudeaterSebnnoying you are usually calm in the face adversity but looks like old Prime Time and Tom got you sweating a little today?
                Kinda like Kap. The heat goes up, you get rattled.

              5. Still talking loudly Princess Yellow Preemie, but when it comes your turn to step up to the plate, there’s your mini bat. Sit down sweetheart!

              6. FraudeaterSebnnoying at least keep it interesting, come up with some new material. Otherwise this is a one sided debate with you looking like you got wobbly knees? Standing 8 count?

              7. Princess Yellow Preemie challenges a man to a bet(s), but when he gets called out, his panties bind and he wilts like a flower. Take your mini bat and take a seat on the bench!

              8. Who said you were a man? We don’t know who or what you are? Marine? Ditch digger, pot head, verbose, liar, metal head, tree trimmer, senior citizen, d-bag. So who is it?

              9. I’m your daddy, Princess Yellow Preemie. You talk big but when called out, you shrink away like girl in heat….

              10. So that means Rebuild is my brother and Wilson is my sister?
                I think you might have the wrong guy! I’m of no relation to dumbness!

              11. Razoreater says:

                February 18, 2017 at 6:21 pm
                Grip your pillow tight Princess Yellow Preemie, daddy has an Italian sausage just for you. HA!

                What kinda sick pig are you to imply such a thing?
                You don’t think that’s over the top you frickin idiot? I should slap you silly!

              12. Telling me your gonna give me your Italian sausage? Yeah you won! You won over a lot of people today with that comment!
                Maybe a banning is in order?

              13. Razoreater
                February 18, 2017 at 6:21 pm
                Grip your pillow tight Princess Yellow Preemie, daddy has an Italian sausage just for you. HA!

              14. Let’s keep telling the blog what your thoughts are:
                February 18, 2017 at 6:21 pm
                Grip your pillow tight Princess Yellow Preemie, daddy has an Italian sausage just for you. HA!

              15. Grip your bottles of chlorpromazine, aripiprazole, risperdal,
                Haldol before bed. Make sure you take each one!

              16. Princess Yellow Preemie has a medicine cabinet and it seems it’s fully stocked. Take a seat pillow boy!

              17. Looks like you know what all those are?
                You and your army rangers get together and have those pillow parties and play remember when?
                ATTENTION? At ease soldiers? Fraudeater here to share his salsiccia with his unit!

              18. Princess Yellow Preemie names all the drugs in his medicine cabinet, and then looks to me for knowledge. Oh the irony! Spicy Italian sausage, your order is up! Sit down cupcake!

              19. After you and your ranger friends stop playing hide the salami and fart sacked, do you pill pop and play some Led Zeppelin? Or it Black Sabath?

              20. It seems Princess Yellow Preemie’s closet is full of his role playing outfits. Please go on, and when you’re done, take a seat
                ragazzo girly!

              1. Princess Yellow Preemie has stuffing on his brain, and MomDumb has the ingredients he’s looking for. Ha!

              2. Does your grape hurt from all the meds or is it the stuffing from your alter ego? By the way how does that work? Seb goes first or do you?

            2. Good one, Razor, you definitely won. Getting the Rube to spew expletives seems easy today.

              Maybe you can get him to double down on his bet, he seems like such an easy mark….

              1. Princess Yellow Preemie is so deep in denial, you’d swear he was Egyptian instead of Italian. Maybe Egyptian sausage? HAAAAAAAAA!

              2. How do you switch profiles so quick, lots of practice with the hands right?
                1 million dollars says you guys are same person? Bet? Ha!

              3. Rube, there you go again. Declaring victory after just losing. The bitter disappointment about Kaep not being cut immediately has just unhinged your mind.

                Bet me a million dollars that I am Razor? You are on, but I will never collect, since you will welsh on the bet.

                The easy victory is knowing that you are all emo, and can be riled up enough to spew expletives with just a few sentences.

                Remember, Kaep took the league by storm.

  46. Mr. Peabody + 100


    February 17, 2017 at 7:28 pm

    Bah, I do not need a thesaurus. I am verbose.

    Mr. Peabody

    February 17, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    You do realize that verbose is just high quantity? Well crafted prose, on the other hand, is elegantly lean, concise and to the point. This would be as far out of your wheelhouse as logical thought and reasoned interpretation of empirical data.

    Embrace Verbosity

    repeat yourself over and over
    wield words as your weapon
    repeat it as many times you need
    until you drown beneath
    your own perception


    Things that have been mutually frequented –
    CDs, mugs, kisses,
    (memories) –
    are but fragile leaves
    waiting to be blown away
    on the winds of time;
    until one day
    inchoate tears
    will find us there,
    on the kitchen floor at 2 am,
    saying wordlessly:
    “I wish I’d never met him.
    I wish I’d never met him.”

    1. *Cont. Seb’s proud Verbosity:

      Keep It Short, Caller

      It’s an asset to be taciturn,
      Reticent, laconic, terse,
      And to the point.
      I consider myself such,
      So listen…
      Do I have a story for you.
      It was a dark and stormy night;
      The wind howled destruction
      Coming across…

  47. Why the 49ers Must Avoid QB Mitch Trubisky in 2017 NFL Draft

    by Akash Anavarathan 1 day agoFollow @akashanav

    But, the quarterback John Lynch and Co. will draft should not be University of North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky.

    The San Francisco 49ers will mostly likely head into the 2017 NFL Draft looking for their franchise quarterback.

    No executive or scout is excited about the potential and talent that Trubisky showcased this year, as stated by Daniel Jeremiah of This is a scary sight, as scouts do not find Trubisky to be a top-10 prospect.

    His 68.0 completion percentage and 8.4 yards per attempt from 2016 are impressive. But, he has the benefit of playing in an spread offense. A lot of the throws Trubisky makes are run-pass options (RPOs). This opens up a lot of the quick, easy throws for the ex-UNC QB, which boosts his completion percentage.

    He stands at 6-foot-3 and weighs 220 pounds, meaning he’s built to be an NFL quarterback.

    On the outside just looking at these passing numbers, many would think Trubisky could potentially be a solid NFL starter. But NFL scouts and game film say otherwise

  48. *Bottom Line

    Mitch Trubisky is a late first round prospect, who features good arm talent, mobility and size. He has the potential to be an NFL starter, but is seen primarily as a project. Trubisky will require a few seasons to develop and could face a steep hill in translating his game to the NFL.

    Trubisky primarily plays in a spread system, taking all of his snaps out of the shotgun.

  49. San Francisco 49ers: ‘Keep or Cut’ Calls on 10 Notable Players for 2017

    by Peter Panacy 12 hours agoFollow @peterpanacy

    San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan gave fans a glimpse into what his offseason would be like when he appeared on KNBR 680 Friday morning.

    Part of the discussion included taking a hard look at the players the 49ers have on their roster

    No. 1: Quarterback Colin Kaepernick

    You knew we had to end on this slide.

    If quarterback Colin Kaepernick elects to opt out from his current contract this offseason, this point is moot.

    Keep in mind, though, Kaepernick will turn 30 years old this upcoming season. It’s no longer about his maturation and development.

    The Niners will likely look for a long-term fixture in the NFL Draft but could still use a mentor to help guide a young prospect.

    Can you see Kaepernick in this role? Probably not. So a stop-gap, short-term solution doesn’t make much sense either.

    In all likelihood, Kap is gone. And this fills the clean slate San Francisco needs.

    Verdict: Cut

    1. Schaub knows the offense. Kap does not. Schaub or another WCO Shanahan QB gets the Job. Kap walks…So does Sebby

      Goodby and Goodluck, and please write, Seb.

      1. Seb imagines Kaepernick reading his posts every night on his tablet in bed before he drifts off to dream, knowing Seb defends him like a good wife. He’ll never leave, Seb dreams. They’re practically a couple.

        1. Alan, you seem fixated on my posts. I am just a fan of the starting QB for the team I root for. You seem to hate him with a fury unknown to mankind.

          I am just an American who appreciates people who fight against hate, and for justice. I am sticking up for the little man, who deigns to tell the truth. Hating Kaep is not American, its fascism.

          Denigrating me by implying sick sexual delusions says more about you than it does about me.

          Cant wait until Kaep sits down with Lynch and KS. I expect his detractors will get a stiff reprimand. Kaep gives the Niners their best chance to win, but it seems like some so called fans will want the Niners to lose while Kaep is leading them.

          I am proud to be a die hard faithful 49er fan, and support the starting QB until the day he leaves, hopefully years later after he helps the Niners win a couple more rings.

          Lynch should spend every penny of that cap, and fix the defense while getting Kaep more weapons. I do not expect a winning season, but I sure hope they will be less dysfunctional, and they have the team pointed in the right direction.

          1. No, hating Kap is merely expressing an opinion Seb. Fascism is a systematically form of political beliefs which has specific ends in mind. To use the term outside of intended purpose serves to undermine fascism itself. And that is far more dangerous.

            1. East, fascism is a form of super patriotism. People who go ballistic over non violent silent protest are trying to use patriotism to shut up, shut down, ban, denigrate and hate the protester, without thinking of the message.

              Glad you admit you hate Kaep. At least you are being honest.

              1. Didn’t say I hated Kap. I was cautioning you on your post. But you are jumping to conclusions.

                I suggest that your take on fascism is very simple. It is not as you describe a form of super patriotism. It does incorporate the glorification of the state, as does communism, but it has other tenets which echoed but did not strictly follow some of the socialist movements of the time. Instead of collectivism it sought to make the heroic people and by extention the state the substitute for the working class of thensocialist utopia of the Marxists.

              2. East , when you write- ‘Hating Kaep is just expressing an opinion’, it sure sounded like you were expressing an opinion.

                We can parse the definition of Fascism, but it may be like defining pornography. I know it when I see it, but some may not see it the same way.

                The unreasoned hate against Keap is what I classically would call a fascist tactic. They do not like the message, so they viciously attack the messenger.

                Fighting for justice and against oppression is something fascists do not like, because they want to oppress others as a means to their ends.

                Obviously, they are taking the side of the Cops, who use the cover of authority to summarily shoot unarmed civilians. How many times do we need to hear about cops unloading their weapons, then claim they were afraid for their lives?

              3. Seb,

                If you look I was responding to another post. Fascism existed at a specific time and place in the 1930s after World War I. Unlike pornography, Vasha had specific ends and goals specifically laid out by Bonito Mussolini. You can look these up. It’s not hard. It’s really not something that’s left up to interpretation and it is not ambiguous.

                You yourself had some issues with Kaps first protest. You changed your tune. You’re welcome to do that. Others continue to have problems with his protest they’re welcome to have issues with that. It’s a free society. Your name calling does not allow for free exchange of ideas pigeonholes people. You don’t like it when people do it to you don’t do it to someone else.

              4. East, I may be projecting my concerns about this whole new political crisis, and history may be repeating itself when the minority vote getter wins by out dated voting processes., and uses his victory to start oppressing others. Hitler won by the skin of his teeth by using propaganda and preying on the discontented electorate.

                I hope I am wrong, but we may sliding down the same slippery slope. Thank goodness, the founding fathers established checks and balances, or I would be severely concerned, but the whole Idea that some unstable individual has the nuclear codes does not fill me with hope for the future.

              5. Seb,
                The national contest was was always for the electoral win. Both parties knew this to have this expectation that it was a popularity contest is dingenuous and spacious. No, I did not want Trump to win! Nor did I want Hillary to win! I thought both were very poor candidates. I thought the American electorate, I thought the American electric chose very poorly poorly this election cycle. Be that as it may, I think we will survive this. However, to compare as we often do the newly elected chief of the country to Hitler is not only wrong headed also caustic to the electoral process and bad for the general goodwill of the country. Now, I will stop speaking Politics because it’s generally evolves. I like you. I just want to speak football

              6. East, I apologize. I, too, do not want to infect this site with political rhetoric, even though Kaep seems to be in the middle of it, while he, too saw both candidates as flawed.

                And I have not said that it is not a legitimate win, but just the metrics do not give him a mandate, nor a blank check for the winner of an arcane and obsolete voting system. In the era of instantaneous communication where a 5 year old kid can hold more computer power than a million Apollo space missions in the palm of his hand, we could do better.

                So I will try my damnedest to keep the posts/ comments centered on the Niners, and am looking forward to the combine.

  50. http: // www . hogs haven




    Scooter, have you seen this? For some reason the website refuses to accept link, therefore I had to create spaces….

  51. This site went in some very strange and disturbing directions today. I think we’re all mature enough to know how to tell each other the other party is an idiot without getting personal….

  52. B/R: Where is the strength of this class?

    Scout: Running back. This is a historic running back class. Not just with the first-rounders, but with the overall depth. I think we’ll have around 30 draftable running backs in this class—which probably translates to like Round 5 or higher on your board. That’s an unreal number. And the variety is nice, too. Power runners. Speed backs. It’s a great class. Best I’ve seen.

    Shanny will find a RB in the later rounds to ease the load on Hyde. Mike Anderson and Alfred Morris were both taken in the 6th round.

    The common denominators between Anderson and Morris were Bobby Turner and the Shanahan run scheme.

    I see a monster season for Hyde. I think Shanny will lean heavily on the run in his first season due to a lack of talented WRs and possibly a stop-gap QB.

    1. #80: LOL: Damn dude, when do you sleep (1:02am)?
      “Shanny will find a RB in the later rounds”
      Who do you think? (names)
      DOnta Foreman, or Jeremy McNichols in the 4th?
      Corey Clement in the 5th?
      Jamaal Williams in the 6th? (Senior Bowl stand out).
      Joe Mixon, if he falls into the late 5th or 6th round?
      Anyone else have a late round (4th or later), RB pick?

  53. Getting back to free agency, I think the Niners must sign some one, but who will want to come here? Certainly not the highly rated ones, who will be wooed by playoff teams dangling possibilities of a ring.

    The Niners need to target the slightly lower tier players who have had down years, but do have talents that could thrive under a Niner system, and good potential for future success.

    The Niners should target players from lower standing teams like the Browns and Jax. Targeting players from playoff teams may prove difficult.

    However, Lynch must overpay some one to at least signal that the Niners want to be taken seriously. They need to slightly over pay, not way over pay, because they need every penny due to the fact that there a so many holes to fill.

    Starting with the Nose tackles, Kawann Short, Calais Campbell and Brandon Williams are all excellent candidates, but may be impractical to sign. Dontari Poe may be unattainable, because other teams will be competing for him, so the Niners would have to way overspend to sign him.

    1. Niners should target Jonathan Hankins, Chris Baker, Stephen Paea, Abry Jones, Cam Thomas and Nick Fairly as defensive tackles.

      Ingram, Mario Addison, Nick Perry and Chandler Jones may be unattainable, so they should target John Simon, Jabaal Sheard, Datone Jones, Alex Okafor and Ryan Davis. They may also look at older players like Demarcus Ware and Charles Johnson.

      Hightower will probably re sign with the Pats, but the Niners should overpay for Zach Brown. They should re sign Ray Ray and Hodges. They should target Korey Toomer, Kevin Minter,Sean Spence, Bruce Carter, Josh Bynes, Paul Worrilow and Todd Davis.

      Alshon Jeffrey, Terrelle Pryor and Pierre Garcon may be too expensive, and Desean Jackson may be too old. They should re sign Kerley and Patton. The Niners should target Kenny Stills, Kenny Britt, Robert Woods, Kendall Wright, Adam Theilen and Brandon Lafell. They should sign Boldin for his leadership.

      At QB, they should Just keep Kaep, but they do need backups. The Niners may sign Shaub or Hoyer because KS has worked with them before, but other targets should be Glennon, Fales, Nassib, Manuel and Ponder.

      Every other position may need upgrades, but those positions mentioned above a critical needs. Tried to stay away from players who graded out too low.

      1. If KS signs Hoyer or Glennon, CK will soon be riding the pines, where he belongs. The only question of dwindling interest left in this boring echo chamber is — can the parrot learn a new song? And the answer that keeps coming back — obviously not. Ferret-eyed obsession needs no validation other than its own droning voice.

      1. Perfect! I KNEW you weren’t emotionally or intellectually able to take that. The Dalai Lama isn’t smart enough for you? Haha, OK.

        1. His quote is fine, but you were just repeating what he said. You were not saying anything new, nor were you listening.

          This is a blog site. Posters are encouraged to express their opinion. I will agree that much of it does not teach at all, but if I wanted to learn something, this might be the last last place in the world I would come to.

          I just want to calmly and civilly talk about a team I love, but obviously, some think I do not have any right to do so. If some intensely disagree with my posts, they should outline the reasons why. I will counter every post in the same spirit they were given. Spewing hate, then whining about how mean I can be is hypocritical. Try to out post me, and just expect a long slog. I may be boasting about this, but I do think that I may have some debate skills.

          I will say it again. Ignore my posts if you want to. I am not forcing you to read them. However, if you want to attack me, just expect a spirited defense, and if posters want to hate on Kaep, they should go to another blog site if they do not want me to refute their assertions.

          Sure, the Dalai Lama is smart, but I was talking about you.

            1. BT: “White noise yawn.”

              Nope, Pink Noise….random noise having equal energy per octave, and so having more LOW frequency components than white noise.

              1. Favorite comment-post of the post-blog for me is the pink noise comment.

                Yellow preemie. Razor-seb, sebannoying, rube, goop, poop, etc. The 400 posts/blogs/messages with these words in it were difficult to get through today.

  54. If the Jaguars can be used as a template for what Saleh might want his defense to look like then we should be expecting a lot of new faces over the new few seasons. A quick look at the Jacksonville starters shows that a lot of our players based upon their size will be moving to new positions and/or new teams.

    The Jags weak side DE slot was commonly played by Dante Fowler 255lbs and Yannick Ngakoue 6’2″ 246. They typically lined him up somewhere between the 6T out to the 9T. In Free Agency Mario Addison is a potential target and in the draft Dawuane Smoot would be a good fit. Ahmad Brooks and Aaron Lynch are the two best candidates currently on the team to fit this spot although Lynch is usually playing closer to 265-270.

    The DT’s were Malik Johnson 6’5″ 290, Roy Miller 6’2″ 318 and Sen’Derrick Marks 6’2″ 309. Malik and Roy would only line up in the 3T but I saw Sen’Derrick and sometimes Tyson Alualu commonly lining up in either the 3T or straight across the 4. Roy Miller was the one most commonly used as a “nt” lining up in the 1T and sometimes in the 3T. The bulk of our defensive line(literally) fits into this range. Armstead and Buckner are both on the cusp of DT and DE size wise in this scheme. I can see Dial becoming the 1t/3t, Dorsey would fit this role well as well. Buckner/Armstead can fill the 3t/4t but I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to go after Malik Johnson in free agency and possibly trade Armstead. The draft has the perfect prospect for the position in Jonathan Allen but they could also target Caleb Brantley or Chris Wormley.

    Strong side DE was most commonly played by Tyson Alualu 6’3″ 309. Sometimes Yannick Ngakoue 6’2″ 246 and Myles Jack 6’1″ 244 showed up in this role as well. The strong side DE lined up anywhere from the 5t out to the 8/9t. Armstead/Buckner and possibly Blair could fit this role. I think there are enough players currently on the team that they wont feel a need to address this spot until possibly later in the draft or if a surprise cut gets made in free agency.

    Leo. It needs to be noted that similar to Seattle the Jags mostly used only 4 lineman, with the 5-2 formation most commonly showing up on 1st and 10 formation. When they used a true Leo type player it was either Myles Jack 6’1″ 244 or Yannick Ngakoue 6’2″ 246. Both of those players are about the size of our middle linebackers and we currently don’t have a player on this team that fits that role in the same way that Jacksonville employed it. A cursory glance doesn’t really show anyone in Free Agency that fits this role, in the draft we have Josh Carraway and Garrett Sickels. Both of whom I know very little about except WF says Carraway didn’t impress at the SB.

    That comprises what the Jags used as a defensive line last year. Two other positions I wanted to point out was the Will linebacker and SS. For the Will linebacker they used Telvin Smith who measured in at 6’3″ 215lbs!!. They’re basically using a safety as a Will linebacker. They also brought Cyprien SS up to the middle linebacker spot almost every play the offense wasn’t in shotgun.

    Now before you get all crazy, I’m not saying that every player has to match exactly the height and weight of another player in a similar system. I’m simply using the Jags as a template to start guessing what kinds of players and changes might be coming to this defensive line. Sure they can decide to use a 265 pound player where previously they were using a 245 pound guy I’m not saying they wont either. I’m just showing what our DC is used to working with and what he might want to continue working with.

    1. “When they used a true Leo type player it was either Myles Jack 6’1″ 244 or Yannick Ngakoue 6’2″ 246.”

      Was that the Leo or Otto? I thought when Jack was in this role he was playing more the SAM spot, which is the Otto. And I am guessing when Fowler and Ngakoue were on the field in base, Fowler was Leo and Ngakoue the Otto? The Seahawks do something very similar with KJ Wright.

      I know he’s bigger than the above guys, but I was thinking John Simon would be a good fit for the role. He could be replaced by Hodges (if they re-sign him) when they want to use a true LB.

      1. I saw Jack and Ngakoue as both Sam and Leo.

        Mostly yes in regards to Fowler and Ngakoue, although I have a couple times in my notes when it was reversed. For example a 3rd and 8; Fowler is lined up on the strong side shading between the 6 and 7 tech and Ngakoue is over on the weak side sitting in the 9 spot with the next nearest player on either team no closer then 3 yards away. That was also a 4 man line consisting of Sen’Derick sitting between the 3/4 on the strong side and Malik in the 3T on the other side.

        1. Fair enough. All I know is Bradley referred to Jack as their Otto. I am guessing they mixed things up every now and then, but my understanding is Fowler was the main Leo. In nickel, Fowler and Ngakoue were the main edge rushers.

          1. Dante was Leo more often then not. Jack’s play time was all over the place. One week he’d have have 20+ snaps and then it would be 3 or 4 weeks before he saw that much action again. His play was about as consistent from what I remember reading. My guess is that they were trying him out at different spots still figuring out where/how to use him.

            1. I think that would also be a factor of the opponent, and how often the Jags matched up in base. Like every team, they would have likely spent more time in nickel than base anyway. In nickel the Otto is the first position removed, so if Jack was still on the field he definitely would be playing a different position.

          1. When they were running as a 5-2 which they commonly employed on first and ten in games. When they have both Yannick and Jack at the ends along with Telvin Smith at LB those 3 players are 235 between them.

            1. One first and ten against the Colts they lined up Myles Jack as the Sam, Alualu in the 4t next to him and Miller in the 1t and on the other side they had Malik as the 3t(he was almost always the weak side 3t) and Yannick out on the 6/7 playing Leo. They had Cyprien sitting behind Alualu and the two MLB’s next to him Smith and Posluszny.

              In that front seven/eight with Cyprien you have a 246, 244, 235, 220 and a 215 pound player.

              1. After what you said today I went back through my notes and you’re definitely right, Jack lines up much more often as the Sam(Otto) then he did as Leo.

        1. Bennett is about 275 and Avril about 260. I believe Avril is the Leo for Seattle, and I just don’t see who we have that is comparable. Barrows has Brooks or Lynch or perhaps Carradine as potential Leos. But doesn’t the Leo need to be able to bend the (or maybe it’s around the) edge (please correct my terminology if I’m not saying that right). I don’t see any of the guys we have being able to do that consistently.

          1. Over the past few years the Seahawks have primarily used Chris Clemons, Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett as the Leo (though mostly Clemons then Avril, when Clemons left). Those are three pretty different body types. The main thing is the Leo needs to be a premier athlete of the DL/ edge players, very explosive and able to rush the passer. That can come in different body types. But the 49ers don’t really have a guy like that right now.

            What I am curious to see is whether the 49ers look to get someone like Bennett, who can play all over the DL. The closest to Bennett the 49ers currently have is Aaron Lynch, but he’s not as explosive. Buckner could also be considered something like Bennett, but in a super-sized body.

  55. Well Wally aka My Butt Hurts, I’ve read literally hundreds of your comments concerning your love child and am still waiting for a spirited defense and refutation of his numerous detractors. You never comment and basically bypass opinion on his many inefficiencies, mostly blaming everything else around him, including but no limited to coaching, play calling, and teammates play. When anyone not on this site who’s job it is to analyze pro football as a profession, such as Greg Cosell, who’s analysis of your boy is highly critical, to say the least, you call him a “hack”. His and others I’ve heard such as Steve Young, Tim Ryan, Larry Krueger, and others detailed summation of your lover boys deficiencies is thorough and indisputable. They are not alone in their negative opinions, and I could list others but that would be overkill. We’ve all heard it many times. Poor mechanics leading to inaccuracy, inability to read defensive adjustments, inability to read the entire field, poor footwork, horrible throwing motion, eye dropping when pressured, inability to go through progressions, and the list goes on. You’ve NEVER commanded a spirited defense of those conclusions, only continually falling back on fairy tales such as “the previous coaches failed to utilize his skill set correctly”, and nonsense like they should roll him out of the pocket on every play and the defense will be left gasping and helpless. Silly really. So either come forward as I have asked for for months with a detailed response to all of the criticism’s listed above, or just drop your pathetic, ill informed, factless, baseless defense of your love child. I look forward to your s spirited defense. In it’s anticipated absence, I suggest you just STFU on the subject.

    1. I win again. You are so predictable. I do wish you would up your game, I feel cheated, because you really are not a worthy opponent. You are so easy to rile up, I feel sorry for you. You are easier than Prime.

      Glad you are wasting time obsessing over this. I will continue to post. What you think of them makes no difference to me, and maybe it makes me want to post even more just to tick you off. So yes, I have a whole archive of my written words, and I could inflict a blizzard of posts of them on this site if I wanted to. However, I really hate all the cut and pasting that clogs up this site, so I have never posted anything on here.

      Lynch and KS are both keeping their options open. They are smart, unlike the emo foul mouthed haters, so I am confident that they will see that Kaep is the best and most important player on the team, and he gives the Niners the best chance to win. If they have to overpay for a QB, they will neglect the defense. They will only win if they can attract decent FAs, to improve the defense, and draft a couple starters.

      So no, I will not stop, and I heartily invite you to stop reading them. I skimmed over your screed, and find that you are kinda repeating yourself. Maybe you should take your own advice.

      1. Lookin’ good in that mirror Seb?

        Narcissistic Personality Didosrder (Mayo Clinic)…

        If you have narcissistic personality disorder, you may come across as conceited, boastful or pretentious. You often monopolize conversations. You may belittle or look down on people you perceive as inferior. You may feel a sense of entitlement — and when you don’t receive special treatment, you may become impatient or angry. You may insist on having “the best” of everything — for instance, the best car, athletic club or medical care.

        At the same time, you have trouble handling anything that may be perceived as criticism. You may have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation. To feel better, you may react with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make yourself appear superior. Or you may feel depressed and moody because you fall short of perfection.

        1. Ha ha ha senor Juan and right one. But he will do nothing different other than regurgitate the usual verbose slop that he’s branded himself with. I’ve been reading this often astute blog for years, although only recently began occasionally commenting. No one on here has ever painted himself into such a blind corner as Seb-n-yawn has done. He”s profoundly boring yet at the same time unwittingly hilarious. Obsession needs no other validation except its own droning voice.

        2. How rich, you take over a name of some family member of the former GM, then throw snark, then decide to belittle me over narcissistic personality disorder?

          Back at ya. Look into the mirror, because you are the poster child of projecting your personality in some twisted way. Funny how more do not call you on it, but I sure hope you do not change your name to another GM’s daughter.

          I feel contempt for hate filled bullies who hurl invective, then become whining crybabies if I return the favor. Do not worry, I am actually very happy at what I do, how I work and how I enjoy life. Just did the first tasting of the next batch of brew, and my son says it reminds him of a Lil Sumthin’.

          I welcome your scorn, because with a name like Cassie Baalke, I feel like I am talking to Trent Baalke through you. And since you seem to take umbrage over the fact that I call Baalke a cancer with poor people skills and who is filled with anal lytics up to his eyebrows, I just say bring it on.

          This is rich. Posters are hurling insults as fast as they can type, they take hours to compose songs that try to ridicule me, when in actuality, it just shows how shallow and lacking in intellect they are.

          Then when I return the favor, they become all snooty and petty. Now you have a nice following. TrollD, Gnomo and GnomoD. All trolls and all vacuous haters.

          Now that Baalke is fired, I expected you to just fade away. Guess I was wrong. Keep coming back, because I want to eviscerate Baalke some more for screwing up this once proud franchise.

          1. Seb …

            Cassie .. (at least) .. has an acute
            sense of humor …

            Show of hands.. please …

            How many think Seb has one, as well .. ?

          1. Alas, I don’t participate in discussions as much as I’d like on the personnel side of NFL football–all the technical nuances–because I’m tapped out in other activities; just can’t get the time to dive in more deeply. But, I’ve been fan of Bay Area football since the mid 60s, and I have the scars to show for it…

            1. Cassie – You’ve been a fan since your FATHER was born. Wow, my dad was about 35 when I started suffering. My condolences to you.

              1. Oh yeah…Kezar, Frank Youell Field, Memorial Stadium…it goes on and on. When the winning seasons and playoff victories come, you savor them–because they tend to vaporize in a flash…

          2. More like a gadfly to me, but considering the amount of shade that I have thrown at her daddy, it is understandable.

            Valued? What, of snark? With Baalke gone, she is passe’, and I want to eradicate all signs of Baalke from the 49ers, and that even means on this site.

            Being a toadie for Baalke just does not carry much weight anymore.

              1. How about shrill shill?. Baalke is officially now a punching bag.

                Now that Baalke is gone, the Niners finally have a chance.

                Imagine if Baalke pulled his head out of his arse and had chosen one of these 15 players chosen directly after AJ Jenkins.

                Doug Martin, David Wilson, Brian Quick, Coby Fleanor, Courtney Upshaw, Derek Wolfe, Mitchell Schwartz, Andre Branch, Janoris jenkins, Amini Silatolu, Cordy Glen, Jonathan Martin, Stephen Hill, Jeff Allen and Alshon Jefferey.

                With Alshon Jeffrey, they might have won a SB that year.

  56. Also, your spirited defense of the minority community and their plight against what you surmise as broad law enforcement oppression is quite in contrary to how you sprinted away from that same community in your efforts to find a school for your family that is over 96% white at 10-20k per child. Interesting dynamic. Practice what you preach.

    1. I came to Sebastopol because I wanted to build castles for my kids to play in and make them 100ft zip lines and trebouchets that could throw pumpkins. Call me a bad parent for that. I tried my best, and I let my wife make that decision about the schooling, but worked hard at making it work because differing opinions will cause chaos.

      I also came to Sebastopol because Luther Burbank had his farm here. He said- ‘ I firmly believe, from what I have seen that this is the chosen spot of all this earth as far as nature is concerned.’ I first came to Sonoma County in 84. I lived in Santa Rosa, but it was too hot. Here, I can grow Azaleas and Rhodies. Denigrate Sebastopol all you want, but I will just counter that envy with the truth. We are not immune from life,. My sons knew the teenager who had a Swiss Army knife and was shot 5 times from 5 feet while sitting in a car.. The County settled out of court, but that upset my sons for quite a while. We knew people involved who were murdered over pot just down the road. Roses have thorns, too.

      1. Seb, Razor or Fat Tuna (whatever you’re going by at this time).

        How did the Azaleas afford you the time to build that sausage factory you told Prime about ?

          1. That’s it FraudeaterSebnnoying, keeping fighting with everyone, oh wait your just fighting back! Maybe time to take a hint. Be one person, man up!

              1. Up to him. I’d like nothing better than to bury the hatchet, and move on. For some reason, he seems to enjoy antagonizing rather than mollify….

    2. Juanhunglo +100

      Seb, not to be confused with Jaime Escalante. If Mr. Escalante ever allowed Seb into his office for curriculum advice, after Seb left, the school district would be out-of-pocket
      $100 for the Lysol required to scrub down the office.

  57. Juanhunglo,

    Seb will never face you one-on-one. You’ve got him backpeddaling with your latest comment:

    “So either come forward as I have asked for for months with a detailed response to all of the criticism’s listed above, or just drop your pathetic, ill informed, factless, baseless defense of your love child. I look forward to your s spirited defense.”

    No, one of Seb’s alteregos–Razor (or as Prime refers to him: FraudEateer) or Fat tuna will rush to his via direct attack or indirect (the little whimps Razor, Fat tuna will ask Grant to ban you.

    Prime Time

    February 18, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    Telling me your gonna give me your Italian sausage? Yeah you won! You won over a lot of people today with that comment!
    Maybe a banning is in order?

  58. And think of this logically, something the aforementioned are lacking in.

    Nearly every new offensive head coach in the NFL’s history when faced with installing a new system goes with their own QB, especially if they already know his offensive system.

    When you realize that Shanahan’s season ended a few weeks ago while other teams signed all the vetran coaches, then you understand the monumental amount of work to be done.

    Throw in film review (Shanahan taking inventory of what the needs), the free agent period, and the draft, signing a Matt Schaub or Brian Hoyer.

    It would just take too much time to re-train Mr. stare down to a new system when he could just have his QB coach give the reps to Schaub or Hoyer, while Shanny draft preps.

    “Can you see Kaepernick in this role? Probably not. So a stop-gap, short-term solution doesn’t make much sense either.

    In all likelihood, Kap is gone. And this fills the clean slate San Francisco needs.

    Verdict: Cut”

  59. Oh God here we go again. Its the same as last year Feb and March are the months where it get personal around here. Personal attacks abound and many of the posters who are here only for 9er talk go into hibernation until about 3 weeks before the draft. There are about 5 to 8 of you who use this site to work out your issues. Do us all a favor and open your own site just for Feb, Mar and the beginning of April. Tear each other apart like petulant adolescents, then come back around the draft to talk football (for the most part)

    1. Coach,

      That’s alright, don’t blow a gasket. Once Shanahan signs Schaub or Hoyer who know his offense already things will be back to your normal.

    2. My apologies, but I will no longer ignore the BS that TomD/Prime Time hurl my way, and I will counter punch. When I do, it will be much harder!

        1. Prime
          For the record. I’m not joining a cabal against you either.
          Takes two to fight.
          Takes two to make peace.
          You often choose combativeness. Youre not the only one. You’re a grown-up, I assume you know what you’re doing.

    3. Old Coach, I sincerely apologize if you feel offended by all the hullabaloo. I hope you realize that I have been studiously avoiding one troll, but now realize that he probably has created multiple accounts to attack me surreptitiously.

      I hope you will also see that I have many times tried to just post my comments and opinions with absolutely no intent to stir up the haters.

      This past season has been very trying for all involved, so I can see how some nerves have been frayed. However, the vehemence of the opposition is beyond the pale, and totally uncalled for. If given the chance, I can be pleasant and respectful. Considering the hate, I feel like I have been restrained.

      I still hope to comment about various players during the combine, Free Agency and the draft. This is a good time to speculate, and playing amateur GM is fun. Hope you take all my posts with a grain of salt, and maybe sometimes with a boulder of salt.

      Look forward to your thoughts, and opinions. I think you are one of the commentators on this site who brings good football acumen to the table.

      1. You seem to live a very sheltered life, but this blog site is pretty tame compared to others. Just go exploring, and you can find some that takes insults and make them into an art form.

  60. It’s interesting to see that the Jags had the #6 ranked defense in terms of yards/game but the #25 ranked defense in point/game. They also ranked #3 in having one of the lowest yards/play average. They were however lousy at creating turnovers, dead last in INT and near the bottom in fumbles.

  61. 49er Fans,

    As you can see, Ziemba is a talented D-II QB, mobile, can escape pressure while keeping his eyes on the prize (downfield as we call it in the industry).

    If he’s out there, rest assured, Kyle will find us the real deal !!!

      1. TomD,

        What’s your source Tamme IS coming to SF?

        I’ve read that he MIGHT come to SF if he doesn’t re-sign with Atlanta, but nothing factual

  62. Bejeebers, Seb,

    Doesn’t signing a vetran TE mean he knows where to be when the football arrives.

    Well, would not this be a precursor to signing a vetran QB (Schaub or Hoyer) who can get said TE the ball in the spot where they both know it’s going to be (afterall, Sebby, the WCO relies on a QB throwing to a spot on the field before the receiver turns around)

    Seb, once last chance to apologize to Prime (I’ve given up looking for my own mea culpa from you)for your shortcomings.

  63. “He’s a true pro,” tight ends coach Wade Harman said of Tamme during Super Bowl week media availability. “He’s very reliable. He studies his craft. He can be counted on to be at the right place at the right time, executing his assignment. He gets the most out of his ability. It was a credit to him

    1. I would have thought McCloughan was smart enough to know better than to dish out 25 million for an average quarterback. Couple that with the teams who also have an interest in paying that kind of money for an average quarterback, and one has to wonder if a reassessment might be in order….

      1. Oh he’ll get paid alright. That wasn’t ever in question, its only a question of who will end up with him.

        He’ll have a big payday the same way Jay Cutler got paid. And Joe Flacco got paid. And any number of decent starting NFL QBs. Because its hard to find a decent starting NFL QB. Doesn’t make them great QBs.

        1. Captain Kirk threw for 5 grand, rated at 7th in NFL in QB rating with 12 INT’s. The previous year he ranked 5th in rating with a 70% completion for 4200 yards, 29 TD’s and 11 INT’s. Very good 2-year body of work for a 4th round Full Shanny selection at the age of 28. Is he an Aaron Rodgers? A Drew Brees? A Tom Brady? Nope, but he’s pretty damn good and maybe comparable to a Matt Ryan. I don’t know if he’s worth 15% of the Redskins cap, but I do believe his last two years represent better than average….

      2. I don’t know much about their depth, but having a solid starting quarterback provides alot of draft flexibility.

        Say McCloughan values Cousins at $19m. Is the draft flexibility with $7m?

        Can a franchised player be traded? If so, he could be trade bait between the start of free agency and the draft.

      3. McClouhan has been handcuffed. I don’t know why, but I’m not very hip,on Wash stuff. No media contact per team. WTF? Hard to figure that org

  64. Back to football. I know they are making the roster assessments right now, but I wonder if they have a certain amount of the cap space set aside to sign and extend various Niner players.

    I wonder how much Lynch is ready to spend to attract at least one big name free agent.

    Maybe the better strategy would be to sign many players, so there is more of a chance for one to shine.

    Hope they are serious about moving back to garner more picks. Sounds like the talking heads are now bandying about the notion because the Niners need bodies.

  65. If the Niners are going towards a Seahawk style defense, will they draft Malik Hooker, even though he is recovering from surgery?

    Seahawks have-

    LCB- Richard Sherman 6’3″, 195 Lbs.
    RCB- Desean Shead 6′ 2″, 212 Lbs.
    SS- Kam Chancelor 6′ 3″, 225 Lbs.
    FS- Earl Thomas 5′ 10″ 202 Lbs.

    Niners have –

    LCB- Tremain Brock 5′ 10″, 197Lbs.
    RCB- Jimmie Ward 5′ 11″, 193 Lbs
    SS- Antoine Bethea 5′ 11″, 206Lbs
    FS- Jaquaskie Tartt 6′ 1″ 221 Lbs.

    Matching up body sizes
    Richard Sherman- Donate Johnson 6′ 2″ 200 Lbs.
    Desean Shead- Eric Reid 6′ 1″, 213 Lbs.
    Kam Chancelor- Jaquaskie Tartt 6′ 1″ 221 Lbs.
    Earl Thomas- Marcus Cromartie 6′ 0″, 197 Lbs.

    1. Malik Hooker just had 2 surgeries, but neither were ACLs. Prognosis is 4-6 months, so maybe before TC. Wonder if the Niners would take him at 2, or trade back and still get him.

      1. If the Niners love Ward at corner, Hooker could go at 2. Otherwise put Ward at Single High Safety and chose another player at 2.

        I think teams will be reluctant to trade up for the very same reason the 49ers want to trade back… fairly even talent picks 2-7.

        Unless a team has a wild draft crush on a specific player (Jets for Turbisky rumor still alive?) I’m not seeing trade back deals happening.

        1. Agree with the sketchy trade back options, but I’d also likely jump,at the chance.
          FWIW- Ward seems to me like a Tampa2 Corner, or Safety/Slot Safety otherwise. Center Fielder = maybe. Hooker seems like a true Center Fielder. The other rook seems SS if they think Ward can play Free. I wonder if Ward and Tartt aren’t just chess peieces and need a Keystone secondary player.
          If these new folks are coolly confident, they can make a two year draft plan to build quality, they should survive media beatings.

          1. I was thinking Hooker based on talent but also position value. I see center field safety as a unique position. The new defense simply won’t work without one, and can dominate with a great one.

            If the comps of Earl Thomas and Ed Reed are anywhere near accurate, Hookers a good balance between BPA+Position Value+Need.

            1. Remember when Taylor Mays was insulted that Pete took Thomas ahead of him? It wasn’t even close.
              And I even was ok with Mays in the 2nd (I’m better now), and didn’t think those two were close at the time, and Thomas has exceeded expectations. I would be ok with Hooker.

        2. Niners best course of action may be to trade back with Cleveland for their 12th pick, their 33rd pick and their 2018 second round pick. Cleveland could then pick the best defender and the best QB that they think will fit Hue’s scheme.

          Niners by trading back, could pick Peppers, and get a good pass rusher and ILB with the 33rd and 34th picks.

          If McCaffrey falls to the second round, they could pick him, because the draft is deep in quality defenders.

  66. QBs, many names have been tossed around in the past couple of weeks. The way I see it is:

    Cousins is the only QB out there that I would be willing to make a large commitment too.
    J Garrapollo I would be willing to trade the number two pick for him, nothing more.
    Cuttler just is not the answer, definitely a bridge type QB.
    Kaep should ‘pay’ the Niners to play for them.
    I would not draft a QB till at least the 4th round, better yet not at all.

    The QB that makes the most sense is Schaub. He will be reasonable priced and knows KS vocabulary. He can do the job for maybe three years and hopefully by then the Niners can find a young QB to develop and take over.

  67. Did you watch Schabb with the Raiders? 3 years LMAO….. Try maybe a half a year as a stop gap. If you prefer Schabb over Kaep as a stop gap I don’t know what to tell you.

    1. I prefer Shaub as a stop gap to Kap, and frankly, you don’t have to tell me anything.
      Shaub’s a journeyman at best. As a fit in Shanny’s system, Kap’s less than that. RayDuhs got Shaub to get them to their next QB. He did it.
      Shaub > Kap

      1. Cool story there brotha… Raiders got nothing from him. Except the NFL record for most games with an INT for a TD… But good try though.

        1. Tbd. If Shanny signs him we’ll have an answer.
          The status quo is sucky, so some attempt will be made to upgrade but the choices are expensive or unimpressive. As I said, Schaub > Kap, so he’d be one path forward.
          Or maybe they could sign Brady, I’d be ok with that.

              1. Brotha, although reluctantly, Shanny proved he could dumb down his offense and be extremely successful with RG3. Let me be perfectly clear. I do believe it’s time to move on from Kaepernick. Just providing some perspective….

              2. I am he the bornless one
                The fallen angel watching you
                Babylon, the scarlet whore
                I’ll infiltrate your gratitude
                Don’t you dare to save your son
                Kill him now and save the young ones
                Be the mother of a birth strangled babe
                Be the devils own, Lucifer’s my name

    2. KS may want to play favorites, but Lynch is the guy that will help KS steer towards competent QBs. Wonder if the Browns would part with Hogan if they swing that trade back.

      Both Shaub and Hoyer have film that show them choking when the pressure is on, so they are not the best backups to Kaep. I think the Niners will target Fales or Nassib. I think Glennon will get a starting gig with another team.

      1. Adam Peters is the one who will help make assessments, so he will watch those games where Shaub inexplicably threw pick sixes at the worst moments, and decide to pass on him. He will see Kaep being judicious in his throws and will decide that a 16 TD- 4 pick season looks good.

        If it were only KS’s call, I think he would go with Shaub, but KS should rely on Adam Peters and the scouts for objective analysis.

    1. Any team that would trade for him is expressing an interest and commitment that would earn contract negotiation interest to him. Jerrah would luv to trade him to an nonNFC competitor. He’s giving JJ some latitude in return.

        1. Yeah, I guess so. PFT saying today Texans and Chiefs in the running. JJ may have some claustrophobic thoughts about sharing the Texas limelight, but unlikely a deal killer.

            1. The Chiefs will be sitting at home if they trade for or sign Romo. If he is not able to survive behind one of the better OLs in the league, then how exactly will he survive behind the Chiefs OL?
              There is also the strong possibility that Romo is not a fit for Reid’s offensive scheme. Just one look at the QBs who have played in his system will support this.
              My take is the Chiefs need to keep Smith for 2017, invest in fixing an aging defense (especially at MLB), and target a QB in the 2018 draft.

  68. If neither Cousins or Jimmy G can be acquired by KS & Lynch, then the best fall-back options in the role of interim QB may well be Hoyer and/or Glennon. Either one can give the team 2 to three decent and competitive years while a competent rookies is being developed. That rookie may not be draftable this year, although the Texas Tech QB is very intriguing. Schaub would make an solid back up/coach in that process at an affordable price.

    Kaep is not in the picture at all, he’ll soon be on his way elsewhere. He doesn’t have the mental where-with-all or the skill-set to effectively run KS’s hybrid WCO. The silly notion that KS is going to build a custom (limited) offense around him so that Kaep can continue to wear red and gold is delusional. Kaep is about to be 49er history, not the 49er future. This new management team, while being diplomatic about their decisions (which have probably already been made) will not waste their credibility on a “CK7 rehab project.” The man has had his day on the NFL stage and the man has shot his wad, so to speak. Everyone knows what Kaep can and cannot do and he is nowhere near premium grade. KS and Lynch most likely have a 2 year plan in mind to select and promote their Franchise QB, and a very short list of worthwhile candidates.

    1. Glad you are declaring that Kaep will not be the QB, because when they meet with him, and decide to allow him to stay, it will make your rants all the more ridiculous.

      Remember, they had several opportunities to say that they were moving on from Kaep, but did not. Lynch stated that Kaep has done some very good things in this league, and KS, if you read all of what he said, mentioned that mobile QBs have value, especially since pure passers are very rare.

      I think both Lynch and KS are smart, and will decide that they want Kaep to play for them, instead of against them.

      Declaring that Hoyer will be the next QB ignored the fact that during that Texans-KC game, he threw the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers. Glennon is 5-18. Kaep has a 4-2 road playoff record and KS mentioned that Kaep was a SB QB.

      Lynch also said that they will not let emotions cloud their judgement and will make a football decision. You let emotions cloud your judgement and your lack of football knowledge just will mean that you, like Prime, will be wrong again.

      1. “he threw the ball like the DBs were the intended receivers.”

        Seb are you describing the last pass that Kaep threw in the Super Bowl?

        1. No, that last pass may had been caught if the DB did not hold when Crab was 8 yards past the line of scrimmage, and the ball was out of reach of both players. If you listened to the huddle just before those last plays, you would have heard Crab declaring that he was open and demanded that Kaep throw him the ball. Too bad Kaep did not look right and throw left, he would have won a SB.

          Surprised you did not bring up the Cards game, but the Cards players admitted after the game, they knew where the ball was going before the snap of the ball so they could jump the routes, and if you watched the replays, the pass rushers ran by Devey and Pears like they were turnstiles.

      2. >>they had several opportunities to say that they were moving on from Kaep, but did not.

        Of course they didn’t. It’s called common courtesy and smart business sense. The only time they will say they are moving on from Kaep is when they *do* move on from Kaep. Is that difficult to comprehend?

        1. If they had followed yours and all the other emo haters, they would have cut him 2 days after the SB.

          Glad they are smart, and will not let emotions cloud their judgement, just like I predicted.

          1. I’ve been Kaep’s biggest fan, his biggest defender (when it was still rational to do so). Unlike some of the reactionaries posting here, I don’t even care about his social protests. I saw, in person, probably his finest game as a pro – December sunday night 2012 in freezing damp Foxboro. But that player is long gone. Or