Vernon Davis: “I wouldn’t call it the Greg Roman Empire. I’m sorry, Greg.”

SANTA CLARA — Vernon Davis spoke in the locker room Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said about how much the 49ers have improved over the last few years.

Q: Do you ever stop and think about how far this team has come in two years with Jim Harbaugh?

VERNON DAVIS: We started from zero and just kept building. We brought guys in like Michael Crabtree. In the beginning it was Frank Gore, me, Delanie. We all came in and started to put this thing together, and then the other guys came and we kept adding. We built something pretty unique. We built an empire. And that’s what it’s about. In order to win championship games, you have to have a championship team and that’s what we have around here.

Q: Do you call it the Greg Roman Empire?

VERNON DAVIS: I wouldn’t call it the Greg Roman Empire. He’s the one who calls the shots, but we’re the one out there calling the plays. So I can’t just give it all to Greg Roman. I’m sorry, Greg.

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