Vernon Davis on new deal: “It’s not the end of the world if I don’t get it.”

Vernon Davis recently spoke to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about his contract holdout.

Davis: “It hasn’t been difficult at all. There are no worries. There is nothing that I can stress about. It’s obvious that we want a new contract. I want a new contract. It’s just like any athlete, we all want a new contract. But I’m not going to stress over it. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t get it. If I get it, that’s good. It’s moving slowly, but surely. At the end of the day, if I don’t get the deal, at least I tried and I put my foot down. If I don’t get it at the moment, I’m not going to lose any sleep.”

How do you interpret what Davis said? Do you think Davis will report to training camp without the 49ers first renegotiating his contract?

Keep in mind that Davis said he  should be at the 49ers’ mandatory mini-camp, and then he didn’t go to it.

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  1. ” It’s not the end of the world if I don’t get it. If I get it, that’s good. It’s moving slowly, but surely. At the end of the day, if I don’t get the deal, at least I tried and I put my foot down.”

    That slapping sound you just heard was the impact of his agents palm against his own forehead. Those in the room would later wore they also heard a loud “d’oh!”

    1. Davis is a football player before he is a businessman. He’s more worried about coach Harbaugh’s potential facepalms than his agent’s.

  2. Niners have adamantly stated that they will not negotiate with hold outs.

    I think the reality of his situation has set in for Vernon and he’s accepted his situation.

    1. I think it’s exactly what I said two weeks ago. This is what veterans say and do so they don’t have to show up to the early practices.

    1. Way to put yourself out on that prediction. Next you’ll be guaranteeing that Harbaugh will wear loose fitting pants at games.

    2. @ rocket

      If Davis doesn’t show up for TC then that would clearly state it’s all about “Him” & will definitely effect the 49ers Offense in a negative way not to mention taking a Major Hit on his own Cred & Brand (who will want to invest in?)

  3. rocket ..

    I sure hope he shows up for TC .. with all the new WR’s
    in camp.. I got a feeling new plays will be added …
    He’ll need to know his role on those plays …and
    if he’s not in TC to practice his role .. could be disastrous

    1. Unless those new plays don’t require Davis to be on the field. 3-4 WR sets. Although it would be great to run 3-4 WR sets with Davis on the field split out or in his spot, eventually we have to prepare for life without him. Start now.

    2. I think he will MWNiner, but even if he doesn’t I don’t think it will take him long to get up to speed on what, if any changes there are to his role.

      The fact he will be fined daily for missing TC, and what he said today, leads me to believe he will be there.

  4. VD has always been a head case in my opinion, and he ends up with his foot in his mouth so often, he might as well be brushing his teeth with them. Therefore, it’s in through the left ear, and out through the right. Voila! No headaches…..

    1. I agree. He outdid himself this time around. I feel we need to go to 3-4 WR sets anyway. That automatically pulls people out of the box.

      1. If going to 3-4 WR sets means pulling Vernon Davis off the field then that is a major tactical mistake in my opinion. He’s one of the best receiving threats on the field and he’s certainly better than most of the WR’s on the team.

      2. The 49ers already use a good amount of sets that put 3-4 guys out wide, but they usually have Davis as one of those guys.

          1. I’m tired of RBs and TEs. Lets go Boldin and Johnson inside, Crabs and B. Lloyd outside, and Ellington in the backfield (or a 3×2). Kaep running the show. DCs crapping their pants.

  5. Vernon’s stance on his holdout is like weather in some parts of the country. If you don’t like it, just wait five minutes.

  6. Vernon could just be being passive-aggressive. Add that to narcissism and what would you get? I don’t know, but I sure wouldn’t want my daughter marrying someone like that.

    Whatever the case, we know he’ll end up doing what’s best for Vernon. I would love to see how Carrier performs in pre-season games. Hope he’s on the field often.

    1. Linebackers were once the great lunatics of football. In the 80’s wide receivers passed them up big time. Could tight ends overtake wide receivers in the great NFL kook count?

      I’m guessing Vernon is an overall good guy who has a dash of NPD, a rough upbringing and some bad advisers.

      1. A professional football player has to treat himself like a brand and cash in on his best season. Professional football teams treat themselves like brands, too. It’s big business.

  7. I like Davis. I think he’s a very good football player and a good guy. I may disagree with him about whether the team should renegotiate the contract or not but he’s making sure he’s heard and doing what he thinks is the right thing for him. At the end of the day, these guys have a very short window to maximize their income. I’m not really going to criticize anyone for the way they go about it in the offseason. I’ll have a problem with Davis if he doesn’t show up for training camp but other than that I’m good with how he’s handling this right now.

  8. I think it’s telling that he used “we” when he stated “it’s obvious we want a new contract.”
    Unless VD has a mouse in his pocket, in kind of highlights the fact that those Fantex parasites are the culprits behind this holdout. I’m not saying VD isn’t responsible for his own actions, just that I think it’s kinda obvious that he’s not in this alone. I don’t think Vern came up with all this “brand” nonsense on his own.

  9. Fellas I know im waaaayyyyyy late to the “VD is the best TE in the universe” topic but i think I found a way to close the loop on the Cohn logic.
    VD is the best TE who is a great RZ target and will not lose any productivity despite getting older


    Why did the 49ers “have to Draft TE Coby Fleener” to help with the RZ problems we were having?

  10. His initial stance was shaky to begin with and statements like these would lead me to believe that VD’s heart wasnt really in it (the holdout that is) and he seems to have a “well i gave it a shot, if you dont ask for a raise you wont get a raise” attitude. I hope that is the case and he will be here for the season. There has been plenty of veterans who have missed all/some of OTA’s and its not a big deal until TC.

  11. The bigger question is, if Vernon Davis misses training camp, does Harbaugh start him week 1? I say no, but it’ll be a tough call

  12. My interpretation of his comment is the 49ers have now been in contact about a potential extension (“It’s moving slowly, but surely”), given some kind of assurance he is part of their long term plans, but also laid out the facts that a new contract isn’t likely to be coming any time soon. It sounds like Vernon is content (for the moment) in the belief his stance has had the desired effect of getting contract extension talks started.

  13. Translation: I dont have the leverage that I thought I had against the 49ers. But will continue to hold out in hopes Jimmy Graham wins his case at which point my leverage might improve. The funny thing is these guys arent wideouts NE shut down Graham by putting Talib on him… While they are mismatches for lb’s and safeties most cb’s can cover them.

  14. I’ve said from before Minies that I don’t think Vernon ever expected to get a dime from the Niners out of this ploy. IMO its been a marketing maneuver from the beginning aimed at potential and existing investors. If the investor gets in before the re-negotiation then they share in the increased revenue. Better buy now! Better grab some more!
    The words have been flowing, but not the passion or anger or resentment often heard during hold-outs. Going through the motions. Calculated. But he does seem to have a taste of Joe Biden in him when talking off the cuff.

  15. I said at the beginning he has no leverage and it appears he’s realizing it himself… He’ll return at the start or during TC and will get back in line. 49ers win. Again. Slooooooooow news day eh.

  16. Speaking of no leverage, who’s the last 49er to hold out and be rewarded for it with a big contract? Baalke & Paraag don’t play that game… Report to camp and maybe then you’ll be worthy…. Maybe. Playing for the elite 49ers is a privilege…

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