Vernon Davis on disappearing from 49ers passing offense: “It’s tough to deal with.”

SANTA CLARA – Vernon Davis spoke at his locker Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said about his disappearance from the 49ers passing offense.

Q: Could we talk?

VERNON DAVIS: Let’s talk about how we can get me involved (laughs). No, I’m just messing with you.

Q: You had just two catches yesterday, but to see other guys in the passing game pick up the slack, does that make it easier for you to take?

VERNON DAVIS: It’s good, but being a competitor, it’s tough to deal with. You want to be involved. Everybody who catches pass wants to be involved. You’re competitive. But I just tell myself: “Just play the game. It’ll come.” It was exciting to see Crabtree do some good things out there, especially Randy Moss. What about Randy? The old man up the sideline. That little two-step before taking off.

ME: Have you spoken to Greg Roman about your level of involvement in the passing game?

VERNON DAVIS: Greg comes up to me after the game and he says, “Vernon, I’m sorry we didn’t get you the ball, but be grateful for the win.” I told him, “Yeah, it’s cool, I’m sure my time will come.” He said, “Thank you for being a team player.” He’s the offensive coordinator. He’s calling the shots, so it’s all up to him.

Q: He apologized to you after the Seahawks game?

VERNON DAVIS: After the Seattle game and after this game.

Q: You had a quiet stretch last year and then you got very productive in the playoffs. Does that give you confidence that your time will likely come again?

VERNON DAVIS: Yeah, I just wait for my opportunities. I know what I can do (chuckle). I know the abilities I have and the things I can do in this game, but I don’t talk about it. The coaches know. I just let them call the shots. I sit back and play my role as a team guy.

ME: How did it make you feel when you saw Jason Witten catch 18 passes on Sunday?

VERNON DAVIS: I can do that too. But it’s cool. I know Jason and I’m happy for him. Like I said, my time will come.

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