Vernon Davis says he and Colin Kaepernick are not yet on the same page: “He just stepped in. Me and Alex, we’ve been here.”

SANTA CLARA — This is what Vernon Davis said in the locker room Tuesday about his on-field chemistry with Colin Kaepernick.

Q: What was Colin Kaepernick like in the huddle after the score was tied 31-31?

VERNON DAVIS: He had this will-to-win attitude. His demeanor was on another level. His mind was clear. He was ready to win. He was talking. He was getting guys in the huddle. Telling guys to run back and get lined up. He was just a complete champion in that game, and that’s what we expect him to be.

Q: As a veteran, how nice is it to see a guy with so little experience exude that attitude?

VERNON DAVIS: It’s nice to see that. What that tells me is his future is really bright. All he has to do is keep his cool, stay focused and don’t let the distractions bring him down.

Q: There were two passes that landed just beyond your reach.

VERNON DAVIS: I get chills when I think about it, but we can talk about it. One thing I learned in the beginning when I first got here, everyone was talking about being on the same page as the quarterback. You and Alex Smith, you have to develop that chemistry, that bond. That’s something me and Kaepernick don’t have right now. He just stepped in. Me and Alex, we’ve been here. It took some time for me and Alex to get like that (snaps fingers). In the beginning, Alex would overthrow me, underthrow me. We had to build that chemistry that I would be in that spot when I need to be. That’s something that me and Kaep don’t have right now, but we’re working on it. We have to build that. Every time I walk past Kaep, I’m always reminding him, “Kaep, Kaep, take your time on me. I’m not as fast as you think.” It’s fun. It’s interesting, because it’s like starting all over again, especially for me.

Q: What other ways do you work on your chemistry with Kaepernick?

VERNON DAVIS: Some of the deep throws, like the ones you saw in the game, we work on it. Because in practice, he would overthrow me. I think he’s just getting my speed a little bit. He doesn’t really know it. We don’t have that timing, but it will come, just like any quarterback and wide receiver. You have to build it and trust it. In due time it will happen. We just have to get on the same page. That’s what makes football so interesting and fun.

Q: Do his passes really come fast?

VERNON DAVIS: He’s a strong man. I heard rumors about him wanting to get bigger. I said, “Nooooo, we don’t need you to get bigger.” But he’s strong, very strong arm, which is a good thing. And like I said, his future is very bright.

Q: How long would you say it took you to get a rapport with Alex?

VERNON DAVIS: It took a while, but with Kaep I’m sure we’ll continue to rehearse and work on it. He’s a fast learner, just like Alex.

Q: Crabtree seems to be on the same page as Kaepernick. What do you attribute their early success to?

VERNON DAVIS: Crab is a pretty good route runner. He’s getting open and Kaep is finding him. He’s been running a lot of slants and quick dump offs. It depends on what your routes are.

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