Vernon Davis: “We shall see when Sunday comes how I’m feeling.”

SANTA CLARA – Vernon Davis spoke at his locker Friday afternoon. Here is a transcript.

Q: What is your reaction to what happened with Aldon Smith this morning?

VERNON DAVIS: I’m not too certain about the details as far as what happened to Aldon Smith but it definitely caught me by surprise. He was doing a pretty good job as far as staying out of trouble and things like that. He’s a young guy and just like every young guy who comes through here, you go through a phase in your life and I always say the things you go through can help make you a better man. I just leave it up to the organization as far as discipline and those kinds of things because I’m not too familiar with the details.

Q: Do they talk about DUIs and taking cabs amongst the team?

VERNON DAVIS: Yeah, that’s the first thing we talk about when we get here, DUIs and things of that nature. Some guys listen, some guys don’t. There is nothing I can do about it. I can’t go up to a guy in the locker room and say, “Hey, listen, you’d better not drink and drive.” You just can’t do that. You can take the horse to the water but you can’t make it drink. With that being said, all I can do is worry about what I can handle and just focus on what I can do to just stay out of trouble and do the right things because it’s all about doing the right things. I’m sure he’ll come around. It’s just a matter of time. Hopefully he’ll learn from this situation. Maybe it will come out positive instead of negative.

Q: Do you worry about him squandering his talent?

VERNON DAVIS: Just like anybody, if you continue to get in trouble and it’s repetitive, anything is possible. The team can get rid of you. You can face jail time. Anything. So we really have to think about things before we act. Like Aldon sometimes, we act before we think. We really have to focus and just think because out there, the outside world, it’s tough. We really have to be critical on ourselves and pay attention.

Q: Do you expect to play on Sunday?

VERNON DAVIS: Yeah, I’m just waiting for the doctors to say, “Go ahead, just run.” I’m just waiting for them to let me good. I’m feeling pretty good, sore, bruised up but that comes with the business, comes with the game. Definitely my focus is on this game.

Q: Have you been able to run since Sunday to test it?

VERNON DAVIS: Yeah, I test it. I had an opportunity to get out there and run around a little bit today just to get back in the swim of things. We shall see when Sunday comes how I’m feeling.

  1. Vernon will play and will have a huge game. Gore has 60 yards in 30 carries… 45 of those come after contact at the line of scrimmage. It’s the OLine that needs to open holes not Gore. Out D will hold the Colts to under 20 points and will sack Luck 4 times.

    Niners win 28-17

    1. Pigskin Prognosticators Predict: (duplicate, updated) Who you gonna call?

      Between the inter-island traveling and the migraine after the seattle beatdown we’re gonna try this again, late but whatever.

      Grant: The Colts will win 24-17. I expect Kaepernick to play a brilliant game. He’s a brilliant player, just not brilliant enough to beat the Colts by himself…Maybe the 49ers score 20. The Colts still will load the box and double Boldin and force Kaepernick to throw to Williams or McDonald.

      TkamB: 31-13 Niners. You’re forgetting one thing, the Colts aren’t a good team. Assuming Aldon plays this week, probably even if he doesnt, the D-line is going to dominate one of the worst o-lines in the league. 31-13 49ers.

      Adam707: 31-17 Niners. Niners margin of victory after a loss or tie is 17.5 points. Plus just look at the matchup. Niners have a better defense in every facet. Colts have a new RB and one WR. Niners win 31-17

      Shane: 31-17 Niners. If the D stacks the box and focuses on stopping the run like GB did or if you’re playing Seattle in Seattle you’re going to struggle. Richardson ran for just over 3 yards per carry last year, his legs were fine. The o line needs to step up a bit and its been some scheduling luck and game planning. Gore will be fine. 9ers win Sunday AT HOME 31-17. Colts o-line is subpar.

      Rocket: 27-20 Niners. This game could wind up being closer than I initially thought due to the injuries and stupidity of Aldon Smith, but I don’t see the Niners losing this game. The running game will get untracked this week with the legless Gore finding prosthetics to get him through and Hunter having a larger role. Kap is not going to be pressured much but if Davis can’t play, it’ll be tough to find big gains, so I see a lot of passes to the RB’s, Kyle Williams, and McDonald.
      The Niners with or without Aldon Smith will get pressure on Luck and the running game will be held under 100 yards. The Colts will make it interesting but the Niners will win. Niners 27 Colts 20

      MidWestNiner: 25-17 Niners. Horsepower doesn’t mean anything if they can’t punch it through our defense. The wildcard in this game is Kaep. If he can rebound from his horrendous outing in Seattle, then we will head to St. Louis on Thursday sporting a 2-1 record. It will be a tight game until the Niners put it away in the fourth quarter. Niners 25 Colts 17.

      Phil Fan: 24-14 Niners. Niners rebound to stuff the running game and break the Colts 24-14.

      BennyBlanco: 28-17 Niners. Vernon will play and will have a huge game. Gore has 60 yards in 30 carries… 45 of those come after contact at the line of scrimmage. It’s the OLine that needs to open holes not Gore. Out D will hold the Colts to under 20 points and will sack Luck 4 times. Niners win 28-17

    2. Vernon Davis is not going play comes sunday afternoon. The niners arn’t going to risk losing vernon for a long period of time by playing him on sunday. I won’t be surprise Gore gets bang around by indy’s defense. Now if kap start running around and try to make things happen, chances are he gets injured also. Way to go harbaugh..

  2. Remember when Vernon had to fight his way to maturity. Even if it costs the team, Aldon has to suffer separation from the team. He betrayed these guys’ trust, not just in a wrecked car but on the field. It’s the same problem he thinks he has an exemption.

  3. Off subject – Anyone watching Frez State vs Boise State ESPN? Boise St. QB has an old-school porn mustache lol.
    7-7 1st qtr…go Bulldogs!

      1. Nobody’s watchin football? I wear the pants over here. The man cave’s open 6 days a week. Step up fellas/9erGirl. As long as Frez State stays close…I’m in.

    1. Crabs gots his Live Blog going. Sorry, Bro, I’m watching Jon Stewart rerun from last night, then on to PBS for my Effete Snob Training! Hahahahahaha. Seeya Sunday! Go F*****g Niners! ; >)

      1. I’m a BSU fan, but felt good for Fresno after that game. Great rivalry ! That is the way all rivalries should be handled. Classy

  4. QB ratings have Kaep at #4…
    Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and…. Aaron Rodgers.
    Note to Vernon: play big … Kaep needs you more than you need Kaep, okay?

  5. Wow what a beatdown Stanford is giving ASU. I thought they’d at least make it competitive. The Cardinal is looking like a strong contender.

  6. A loss to Indy this sunday by the 49ers makes it alot tougher playing the Rams in St Louis on thursday. I see the 49ers start sliding down the west division to the bottom. Its not going be easy the next opponents they playing.

  7. We need to see a win today. I think last week rocked the 49er nation foundation.

    I will say I was pretty disgusted by the her fans in Seattle that complained about the crowd noise.

    I’ve lived in Kansas City, MO for the past 20 years and I’ve witnessed at least five 9er games in Arrowhead stadium where the 9ers were humiliated by the Chiefs.

    The only way to prevent fan noise is to beat the h*ll out of the other team.

    Go hard or go home…………………………..9ers!

  8. Niners win today, 24-21. The D plays well enough, the O plays well enough, but as is appropriate for the 3rd game of the season after a tough loss, nothing is proven. Gotta earn it every time out.

  9. Chris Mortensen ‏@mortreport 2m
    Aldon Smith could not be suspended by 49ers under CBA; consensus is get Smith to treatment once they get thru weekend. Help the young man.

  10. Word around the campfire is that the Browns are taking offers for Josh Gordon…any takers at 4949?

    If he got his head right he could be a special talent.

      1. I’m not sure he’s in much of a position to get greedy on this contract. He’s already been suspended and now he’s already on the trading block. I’d give up #60-64 pick for him and worry about the contract when we get to it. If he comes close to his potential here I’d gladly pay him.

  11. Jay Glazer just announced on fox that A. Smith may enter rehab tomorrow, Regardless of the NFL’s suspension. So he could miss games for rehab then miss games for a suspension

    1. “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”
      Good luck with your journey, Aldon. See ya soon.
      PS: Give Cris Carter a call.

  12. Howie Long this morn on Fox said he believes that the noise level in Seattle gives the Seahawks at least a 7 pt home advantage. Wow!!!

    1. Good for Howie.

      I’m fine with Seattle fans making as much noise as possible. Its the billionaire designing a stadium that acoustically directs and amplifies sound towards the field.

      Loud fans OK. Acoustically amplified sound not OK.

      1. At some point a visiting team should go on a “snap strike.”

        Say the visitors are starting on their own 10 and Seattle’s amplified crowd noise is at full volume. The offense lines up, but the QB called a “no snap” in the huddle. The play clock runs out despite the QB frantically yelling “hut.” Now its first and 15 at the 5. Seattle’s crowd goes bonkers.

        The QB calls “no snap” again, drawing another delay of game penalty. Half distance to the goal. It’s first and 17.5 at the 2.5.

        This goes on for hours. It’s 2am and the crowd starts getting sleepy.

        On the .0000153 yard line the QB finally calls a sideline bomb that stuns the now bored and distracted defense. 7-0 visitors. The game is just beginning.

      2. If the Niners had designed their new stadium to be loud, you guys wouldn’t care. If I was an owner and was going through that process, that would be one of my top priorities. I want a fierce home field advantage, not wifi in the beer lines or the bathroom. Mark my words, the new stadium will be filled with people that don’t even like football, they will only be there because it’s an event. They will be on their ipads and phones. Not all of them, but there will be a lot of people like that. Half the people that attend Giants games don’t even watch the game. They go there to snap an Instagram photo in front of the giant Coke bottle, while wearing the Giants jacket that they bought at Pier 39 earlier in the day. As frustrating as the crowd noise is in Seattle, I commend them for developing a tremendous fan experience. I wish our fans got that rabid. I want to be around FANS, not people that are there just because it’s the new thing to do. Like it or not, the 12th man is a real factor.

      3. I like the “12th man.” It’s Century Field’s 13th and 14th sound amplification flaps that concern me.

        The Yorks are by no means poor, but the 49ers needed additional NFL funds to build Levis stadium. I’m guessing it would have cost an extra $100 mil (+ or – 50 mil) to install sound amplification features similar to Century Link.

        Totally agree that the new 49ers stadium will cause “fan gentrification.” In 81 49er fans were crazy loud. Success caused ticket prices to rise, which changed fan demographics. A few years later I was at one game yelling my ass off when some yuppie actually asked me to quiet down. Later that day Randy Cross made his famous “wine sipper” comment.

      4. The Yorks know the Bay Area is loaded with front runners, which is why they designed the stadium the way they did. A huge chunk of the funds are going towards the technology in the stadium, all of which detract from actually watching the game. They saw what the Giants did and copied the concept. It’s smart from a business perspective, but it will make it a fairly sterile football environment. You are exactly right about the gentrification of the fan base.

        “A few years later I was at one game yelling my ass off when some yuppie actually asked me to quiet down.”

        Lmao! I have had the exact same thing happen! This older guy was with his kid, who was having a good time. The guy kept subtlety turning around, as if people were supposed to quite down for him. It was so unbelievably arrogant. At one point he turned around and said to me, “Can you keep it down?” After my initial half second of disbelief, I said to him “No. But I would be happy to spill a beer on your Blackberry if you ask me again.” He realized how out of his element he was when I replied to the ‘do you know who I am’ look on his face with an up close mean mug.

      5. “No. But I would be happy to spill a beer on your Blackberry if you ask me again.” LOL

        Better leave my wilderness cave west of Healdsburg and drive into town or I’ll miss kickoff. (no TV here)

        Go Niners!

  13. Brodie some people just don’t get it. Fans should be as rabid as possible. My problem with Seattles stadium is when technology trumps ability and execution theres a problem. Its no different than artificial noise makers, they are outlawed

    1. Old Coach,
      Lol, do you remember the MNF game between the Colts and the Patriots at the RCA Dome a few years back where (despite the team and the league repeatedly denying noise pumping accusations) the crowd noise began to skip? They had it playing on a loop from a CD and it started skipping, it was the funniest thing ever. Talk about having your hand in the cookie jar.

  14. Grant is right, the 49ers were going lose to the Colts. It going to be alot tougher next thursday in St. Louis. The Rams got the 49ers number, Kap already loss to the Rams last season, I see the Rams win on thursday against the 9ers, their defense are going to make it tough for kap again.

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