Vic Fangio on Jimmie Ward: “He’s not a final product by any means yet.”

SANTA CLARA — This is what Vic Fangio said Sunday afternoon about Jimmie Ward, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. staff.

The nickel job, is that getting closer to being resolved in your mind?

“[CB] Jimmie’s [Ward] doing a good job out there. We haven’t worked [CB] Perrish Cox in there a whole lot lately. We’ve been having him focus at corner. Just from the standpoint that he’s had a lot of reps with us as the nickel, knows what we’re doing. At some point we’ll get him back in there and get him re-honed up to the nickel position. And [CB Darryl Morris] D-Mo has been doing a good job in there too. So, feel pretty good about that right now. Obviously, Jimmie’s made nice progress and progresses every day. He’s not a final product by any means yet. But, he learns well, doesn’t repeat mistakes and has shown good skill level there. So, we’re very hopeful there.”


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        1. I realize every time a rookie plays well we’ll get the inevitable “I knew he’d be awesome” comments but you would be pretty hard pressed to go back and find someone who didn’t think Matthews was a solid pick up.

          1. True, but there weren’t many who were willing to take Matthews over Watkins, Beckham, Evans, Cooks, or Lee…or believe that Matthews will have a better career than any of the aforementioned.

            1. It was never a Matthews vs Watkins/Beckham,Evans because everyone expected those 3 to be gone long before Matthews. Cooks, Lee and Matthews were the 2nd day receivers.

              It’s funny though because I never see the people that are patting themselves on the back stepping up when the 30 other predictions they made never came close. Oh also it bears pointing out that you’re getting excited about “rumors” that are coming out of training camp. Lets see the kid play in a regular season game before we starting forming a circle.

              1. Speaking of patting one’s self on the back based off pure conjecture; Murphy is killing it at ‘Skins camp.

              2. It was never a Matthews vs Watkins/Beckham,Evans because everyone expected those 3 to be gone long before Matthews.

                What I saying Coffee is that I had him ranked as the top WR in this year’s draft. Here was my top five:

                1. Jordan Matthews
                2. Cody Latimer
                3. Sammy Watkins
                4. Brandin Cooks
                5. Odell Beckham, Jr.

                I would still have rather taken Matthews over the other three even if they were available to us.

                It’s funny though because I never see the people that are patting themselves on the back stepping up when the 30 other predictions they made never came close.

                That’s not the case with me Coffee. My choice for the first round (if he was still available) would’ve CB Jason Verrett, and if he stinks up the place, then I’ll gladly admit it.

                It’s funny though because I never see the people that are patting themselves on the back stepping up when the 30 other predictions they made never came close.

                I’m basing it on what I think he’ll do in the NFL, and a strong TC from Matthews goes along the lines of my thinking.

              3. I never saw that ranking but if you had Matthews as your #1 receiver then I agree if he ends up playing better then the others you should take full credit because no one else had him that high.

              4. I said that Ellington has possession WR type speed Razor, which means that he isn’t a speedster.

                I agree with that assessment Grant. Plus the fact that the Seattle secondary right now owns possession WRs.

            2. I agree with that comparison Grant.

              I’ll just pat myself on the back for recognizing elite talent amongst an awesome WR class…and also bring it up every time Matthews plays lights out.

              1. I like Ellington, but I wonder if he will fit with Kaepernick. Ellington is a small target and Kaepernick does not throw with pinpoint accuracy. Kaepernick missed Ellington twice on deep square ins yesterday. First he missed behind him and then he missed high.

          2. Coffee,

            The thread was started by someone saying that Matthews was Grant’s boy prior to the draft. He wasn’t. It was Benjamin.

            “Grant Cohn March 9, 2014 at 4:57 pm
            Matthews caught 5 TD passes during his breakout year, and he never caught more than 8 during a season. Benjamin tied Fred Biletnikoff for the FSU single-season record in TD catches with 15.

            Benjamin scored a TD every 3.6 catches last season. Matthews scored a TD every 16 catches last season.”

            Now regarding Matthews, look at the list of guys his combine numbers were comparable to:


              1. I said before the draft he strikes me as a guy that will be a good starting NFL WR for 10 years. I still think that. But I think his early TC form may be getting people a little too excited. He was one of the most pro-ready WRs in the draft and his work ethic and attitude were always going to impress people. Lets not anoint him just yet.

              2. I said before the draft that Matthews would be the best option to replace Crabtree at flanker long term.

              3. I’m not anointing him Scooter. I’m just stating what I have believed since his draft selection. The Eagles picked up one heck of a WR.

            1. Thanks Jack, my point is that everybody liked Matthews so it’s kind of like running around trying to take credit for thinking Michael Jordan was good.

              1. A lot of people did like Matthews Coffee, but not many of those guys would’ve passed up on the other WRs drafted before him.

            2. For the record I was not a fan of Benjamin. My guess is that he excelled as a man among boys in college but wont have the sizzle for the next level.

              Que the training camp report on how Benjamin is the next Calvin Johnson.

              1. Apparently he hasn’t dropped a pass in training camp, and he caught 15 passes during 11 on 11s Saturday. Is that good?

              2. If Panthers use Benjamin as a Big Slot/Move TE I think he can get into some favorable match-ups and be a ready target for Superman to throw to. A TE can be a QB’s best buddy, and Cam will be working with a new crew of receivers. Benjamin and Newton can help each other.

              3. my CJ comment was a jab at myself, usually when I take a strong stand against a player something comes to light that shoots that theory down.

              4. Reading glowing training camp reports about the big receivers like Mathews, Latimer, Benjamin and others. Some might not pan out (KC websites today reminding fans Baldwin had a great rookie camp)… but odds are this really was a WR deep draft.

                I like our draft. I’m loving what I hear about Ellington…. but I also have this nagging feeling the 49ers missed on a blue chip big WR.

                Much will hinge on Stevie Johnson. Had the 49ers hung on to the 2015 4th, they might have been able to maneuver (and create roster space) for a big wideout.

        2. Let’s at least wait to see what happens in a few games before the hand wringing over not drafting (insert name here).

          The Niners currently have a top 5 receiving core without drafting anybody, but they got Ellington in the 4th who looks like a big time steal, along with Patton looking like he’s ready to take the next step. Matthews wasn’t needed, especially with a 1st round pick.

          Matthews didn’t offer anything they didn’t already have. If they were going to take a WR early it would have made more sense to take Cooks if he fell that far. It remains to be seen how good Matthews will be, but I doubt the Niners ever considered him as a possibility.

    1. But it is worth pointing out that Grant’s boy Jordan Matthews… is having a phenomenal camp”.

      So is Brandin Cooks down in the Big Easy. And so is Sammy Watkins up in Buffalo.

      There will be likely one or two of these 1st and 2nd round wide receivers from the 2014 NFL draft that have stellar careers in the league. Oh, what might have been.

      On the other hand, I think both of the 49ers first two picks will also have stellar careers.
      I can’t wait to see.

  1. Grant:

    Who chooses the titles for your reports?

    This one doesn’t accurately represent Fangio’s overall assessment of Ward.

      1. I’m sorry, but bayareafanatic (your biggest fan) isn’t here right now. Go brush your tooth and try back in the morning.

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