Video proves Colin Kaepernick said something to Lamarr Houston

Colin Kaepernick insists he said nothing when an official flagged him for saying something inappropriate to Lamarr Houston Sunday Night. KPIX has video proving Kaepernick said something.

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    1. Yep. Fair enough if it abusive. Certainly didn’t look like it was. If swearing is worthy of a penalty then most players would be penalised pretty much any time they made a mistake.

        1. or…. what fine did sherman get after mocking Kaepernick by running around the field at end of game doing a mock choke gesture in front of Kaepernick and 49ers bench… no fine for that. And no fine for running up to crabtree before the game was even over and patting him on the but and saying “good game” and trying to be a dick… no fine for that. But say a bad word amongst thousands said by players during every game and you are being unsportsmanlike…..

          Total and complete hypocrisy. In fact, I would say it reveals the NFL for who they are…. more worried about words than actions.

    2. If he said that the penalty wouldn’t have happened. They only really care about racial and homophobic slurs. Some people have said he said faggot others claim the N word. He clearly said something, and then lied and said he didn’t say anything at all. Him lying is enough for me to believe the ref was in the right, those refs are paid to enforce the rules, and calling fake penalties would risk that job, they do their best to make sure they get the call right, it’s normal for a player to say he didn’t hold someone else, but the replays don’t lie. They were at their home field, so you can’t even say the refs were biased in some way. He should just come clean and admit he made a mistake in the heat of the moment, lying to cover up his mistake is worse than the mistake itself in my eyes.

  1. Lol busted Mr Kaepernick!
    Reminds of a phone Willis took on his Facebook while in his car and “said before you go the negative route I’m still in my driveway” although his glasses told us his driveway must be a public street. Lol

  2. Why in the world even post this? This is idiotic. CK could easily have meant he didn’t say anything wrong. And why are you even posting this? Are you trying to call the man a liar? If so, be man enough to write those words.

    1. I think thats exactly what he meant, that he didn’t say anything that should have drawn a flag from his experience of the kinds of things that are said every game between players.

      Shermans antics go unchecked, but kaepernick is being unsportsmanlike? Thats the real BS in all of this.

      1. OMG… dude, get over it… “LET IT Goooooooooo!!!” Sherman, Sherman, Sherman… so you want Sherman Flagged/Fined for stuff LAST SEASON? LOL. Let it gooooo….

      2. The league doesn’t care about swears so much as racial/homophobic slurs. The rule is pretty clear about this, and I’ve heard the f bomb drop hundreds of times in NFL games, I’ve never seen a penalty for it. Kapernick said he didn’t say anything at all, this was a lie, video shows him saying something, it’s not perfectly clear what, but it was a lot more than not saying anything. Houston said he used the N word, but not in a negative way, since Kapernick is part African American and so is Houston, that doesn’t change the rule though. They want those words to be gone from the NFL, they’re very clear on this position, that regardless of who says it, it’s still against the rules, even if they tweeted it they would be fined.

    2. Hacksaw, If you look at the tapes where he denies that he said something, look at his eyes and look how he put his head down when he answers the Q, but looks straight at the guy when listening to the Q.
      He could have answered it straight forward if he meant what you think he meant, and from the tape it appears he’s using the F-word.

    3. Stopped whining your boy is an Kaep is a Jerk pushing a bear player after the play. I’d never like this guys attitude 1st time he came here in S.F, his to arrogant and selfish guy.

  3. The video also proves that Grant Cohn is an idiot. Why not post what he said, Grant? “Back the f*** up”” doesn’t warrant an $11K fine. As a kid of 12, I had a season long bench pass and remember sitting next to Leo Nomellini one day vs. the Packers. What Leo screamed out during his 2-3 minutes waiting to get back on the field would have earned him at least $100k in fines in Goodell’s NFL, more than Leo made back then. And Leo didn’t bother to whisper. You could hear his booming voice all over the field.

  4. I don’t like the fact that Kaepernick lost his cool a little bit, but I don’t mind him getting in the other players face and telling him off either.

    So according to the NFL its not abusive for a player to go up to another player and pat them on the chest and say “nice pass” after they throw an interception, or to run around the field mocking a choke gesture with both hands on their throat at a QB after he throws an interception (Richard Sherman), but if the player being insulted responds…. well then thats very unsportsmanlike according to the NFL and Roger Goodell.

    1. I seem to recall Joe Cool rolling right in the NFCCG against the Cowboys, getting outside the containment and firing a first down pass down the right sideline, then trotting by Ed Jones and saying: “Respect that, a–ho–!”
      Maybe Roger will fine him retroactively.

  5. Dude grant –
    You have to be the most NEGATIVE 49er columnist I have ever come across. This is your article ….. A paragraph with a video saying Colin said something. I stopped reading your cr@p when found it amusing to mess with Anthony Davis two seasons ago during training camp. Your negative storylines towards te 9ers still have not changed. I knew I shouldn’t have even clicked on this link …. Sadly, however, I did. Usually title of your articles is enough to keep me away …. Damn, 4 min of my life wasted ….. I suggest you stop wasting yours as well. It’s called being 9er faithfull, not 9er hateful !

    Step it up bro, smh

  6. I’ve done extensive high-def, super-slow-mo lip-reading analysis on all angles and what Colin said was:
    “It absolutely is NOT a 4-3 Under! But if you take away….”

  7. I don’t care what he said, but it is troubling that he denies that he said something.
    It’s troubling that he calls the wrong coverage even after the tape shows the coverage.
    We need to learn from our mistakes or we are bound to repeat them
    I think this is going to be a long season………….

  8. What Colin really said was, “I’m in love with Anne in Indianapolis. Get me the hell out of here so I can ask her to marry me.”

  9. Grant hates CK and the Niners, especially since they didn’t draft Coby Fleener… What Grant doesn’t realize is that he doesn’t know much about football or journalism.

    1. If Grant wrote on his column that Kaep said something that got him in trouble with the NFL official, than that’s true, Kaep sounds like a little kid crying. Kaep lied that he didn’t say anything, by just looking at the film he did say something.>:(

  10. Hey guys, this just in: unveiling evidence regarding an accusation against a player is not hating, it is his JOB. Grant didn’t even interpret the evidence, he left that up to the readers.

  11. Douche response by the 49er Franchise QB. #classic

    At the beginning of the Season, the team talked about creating their own identity.

    Kaep to Crab to win the game is getting old. They had their chances. Super Bowl, Conf Champ, and now the christening of the 49ers new home.

    Defense did not help, but when you play lights out, and the offense runs a 14 play drive for 3 pts…the QB turns the ball over 4 times. #frustating

  12. a single win against Arizona means nothing.
    Absolutely nothing.
    Your reputation this season hinges on winning
    one particular game: the Super Bowl.

    Better reinvent the wheel quick, fella.

    question for Coach Harbaw:
    any helpful words from the Quarterback Whisperer…?

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