Vitt on Kaepernick: “You saw the team’s confidence grow around him as the game wore on.”

New Orleans Saints’ interim head coach Joe Vitt spoke to Bay Area reporters on a conference call this afternoon. Here’s what he said about the 49ers quarterbacks.

Q: Are you going to prepare for both quarterbacks?

VITT: Absolutely. Both quarterbacks are playing within the framework of the offense. Both quarterbacks are highly skilled, can make plays with their feet. Both protect the ball. We’re studying both on film. We’re defending plays more than we’re defending people right now.

Q: What was your take on how Colin Kaepernick played in his first NFL start?

VITT: It was absolutely phenomenal. I thought he played like he was a five-year vet. No.1, the tempo. He had them in and out of the huddle, they were up and down, on and off. That was outstanding. He made quick, decisive decisions with his arm in the passing game. He had tremendous ball handling in the running game. He showed tremendous confidence and you saw the team’s confidence grow around him as the game wore on.

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