Delanie Walker says Harbaugh made the Niners a “civilized team.”

SAN FRANISCO – Here are a couple Delanie Walker postgame quotes, courtesy of the 49ers.

Q: You’re give weeks into this and you have already adopted the personality of the Coach with no minicamp, nothing. How does that happen?

WALKER: Well our training camp was pretty hard. We didn’t really get any days off and we worked hard. He (Head Coach Jim Harbaugh) tried to embed it in us, make us a civilized team. Tuck in your shirts, being on time, never late to a meeting, coming out early, getting proper stretch in and watching film on your own time. He kind of pushed us to be that type of player and I think that is what you see now. Even though we didn’t have OTAs or minicamps, he made sure that he did it during training camp and I think that worked out just fine for us.

Q: Can you pinpoint what’s happening with your running game now that wasn’t happening earlier in the season? It seems like you guys were getting five, six, seven yards at will at times today.

WALKER: It’s just schemes. Out coaches are coming up with better and good schemes for our O-line to block D-linemen and making it nice and easy to pick up and that’s just the difference you’re seeing here. We started out, we really didn’t want to show too much. It was early in the season so we went to our basic stuff, but now we are getting into the playbook and we are opening it up.

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