Week 6 NFL picks

Here are my week 6 NFL picks.

49ers @ Detroit: 49ers. The Niners D will take away Jahvid Best just like they took away LeSean McCoy and all the other running backs they’ve faced the last couple years. Then Stafford will be forced to throw the ball up to Calvin Johnson while he’s covered. The Niners defensive backs have been talking all week about how important it is to play the ball in the air against Johnson, but none of them can jump with the Lions’ no.1 target. Look for Dashon Goldson to go for the big hit on Johnson when Stafford throws it to him downfield. We’ll see how many hits from Goldson Johnson wants to take. On the other side of the ball, the Niners will neutralize the Lions pass rush by running the ball right at them. The Lions will adjust by focusing on the run – bringing a safety down into the box. Then the Niners will be able to burn them with play-action passes to Crabtree, V. Davis, or Walker. The Lions have a couple superstars, but The Niners have more good players and a better coaching staff. I expect the Niners to win decisively – by at least ten points.

Carolina @ Atlanta: Carolina. The Panthers came very close to beating the Saints last week. This is the week they win a big game.

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati: Cincinnati. The Colts won’t be able to stop Cincinnati’s run game.

St. Louis @ Green Bay: Green Bay. Josh McDaniels is doing a horrible job as the Rams’ offensive coordinator so far. The Packers will further embarrass him and his team this Sunday.

Buffalo @ New York Giants: New York Giants. Neither team can stop the run, so I’m picking the home team.

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh. Jacksonville could be the least talented team in the NFL.

Philadelphia @ Washington: Philadelphia. This is the week Vick stops turning the ball over and leads his team to a big road victory.

Cleveland @ Oakland: Oakland. McFadden could gain 200 yards from scrimmage in this one.

Houston @ Baltimore: Baltimore. Baltimore is elite, and Houston is ordinary without Andre Johnson and Mario Williams.

Dallas @ New England: New England. The Patriots don’t lose at home during the regular season.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay: New Orleans. No way this young Tampa Bay team bounces back and beats a very tough New Orleans team one week after getting demoralized and embarrassed by the Niners.

Minnesota @ Chicago: Minnesota. The Bears can’t stop the run or protect Jay Cutler. Expect Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen to have big days, and expect the Vikings to win a close one on the road.

New York Jets @ Miami: New York Jets. I’d be surprised if the Dolphins scored a single point in this game.

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