Week 8 NFL picks

Here are my week 8 NFL picks.

Browns @ 49ers: 49ers. Greg Cosell thinks this game will be close but I disagree. I think the Niners will cover the 9.5 point spread – they’re undefeated against the  spread this season. Actually, I think the Niners will win by two touchdowns. I think Colin Kaepernick will get at least one series at quarterback at the end of the game, Frank Gore will have over 100 yards rushing, the Browns will finish with fewer than five first downs, and with zero points total. I will be shocked if this game plays out any differently.

Colts @ Titans: Titans. Can’t pick the Colts to beat any team on the road.

Saints @ Rams: Saints. Can’t pick the Rams to beat any playoff team.

Dolphins @ Giants: Giants. Can’t pick the Dolphins to beat any team, period.

Vikings @ Panthers: Panthers. Cam Newton will be in the running for NFL MVP after this win.

Cardinals @ Ravens: Ravens. No way the Ravens lose two embarrassing games in a row.

Jaguars @ Texans: Texans. It seems like the Texans can beat most teams with just their ground attack right now – Arian Foster and Ben Tate are both studs.

Redskins @ Bills: Bills. The Bills will score a lot of points and the Redskins will not.

Lions @ Broncos: Broncos. The Lions will go into complete freefall-mode after this loss. Matt Stafford is the most overrated quarterback in the NFL, and Tim Tebow is one of the most underrated ones.

Patriots @ Steelers: Steelers. The Steelers have been playing very well recently. They’re at home and they’re the underdogs, so I think they’ll pull out the win against the better team.

Bengals @ Seahawks: Bengals. The Seahawks are sorry. The Bengals will take care of business on the road.

Cowboys @ Eagles: Cowboys. The Cowboys have a serious pass rush and the Eagles can’t block.

Chargers @ Chiefs: Chargers. The Chargers become the team to beat in the AFC West after this win.

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