What does A.J. Jenkins need to do? Harbaugh: “Have a career-best year.”

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh was asked two questions about A.J. Jenkins at his Tuesday press conference. Here’s how Harbaugh answered those questions.

Q: What do you want to see from A.J. Jenkins when he reports for minicamp in a few months?

HARBAUGH: The next thing for all our guys is getting some R&R, recharge the batteries. And while they’re doing that, really start thinking about how they can get an edge. For receivers, same as quarterbacks, they’ve got to train and make sure they’re really training. Lifting and working and training with a real purpose to have a career-best year, that in mind, that next year would be a career year for him.

Q: He had mentioned he wanted to get bigger and stronger. Was that an issue his rookie season, that he wasn’t big and strong enough for what he was needed for?

HARBAUGH: I think that’s a good goal for any football player.

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