What I saw from the press box

SAN FRANCISCO — Watching a football game from a press box is new to me, and the view from there is terrific. As opposed to TV, you get to see the defensive backfield and the wide receivers run their routes and who’s open and who isn’t.

I don’t want to seem negative and I haven’t watched the film of the game yet, but here are the impressions I got from the Rambus Press Box at Candlestick park.

When Matt Schaub dropped back to pass, especially on a play action, often more than one receiver was wide open. He didn’t have to find one open receiver, he had to choose which open guy to throw to. On some plays it looked like he had his primary target (Andre Johnson) open, he had his alternate target (Owen Daniels) open, and he had an outlet (any running back) open. The Niners couldn’t cover any of them.

The Texans are a terrific offensive team, but clearly the 49ers have things to fix in the next two weeks.


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