What Jed York is really saying about signing free agents

At a NFL event Monday in Los angeles, Niner president and CEO Jed York said what his general manager, Trent Baalke, said a week ago: The team will not be major players in signing free agents once a CBA is signed.

Reading between the lines are these words: The front office is expecting Jim Harbaugh to take basically the same team Mike Singletary had and coach ’em up.

To not make a concerted push for a nose tackle or a defensive back, York and Baalke have put it all on Harbaugh, the inference being quite clear: We believe he is a better coach than Singletary.

Sure, they are saying they want to build a team through the draft but the 49ers’ first two picks are projects. They very well may turn into having huge upsides but no one except his mother expects rookie quarterback Colin Kaepernick to be an effective starter this season.

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