What we learned Week 9

Here are three things I learned Sunday:

  1. The Arizona Cardinals are done. They’ve lost five straight games, they have a Bye next week and after that they have to play the Falcons. Good luck. I’d be shocked if the Cardinals won two more games the rest of the season.
  2. The Seahawks are hanging tough – they beat the Vikings today. But Seattle has to play the Dolphins and the Bears on the road the next few weeks. The Seahawks need to win those games and beat the 49ers in Seattle Week 15 to have a shot at the playoffs.
  3. The 49ers’ biggest competitor for a first-round Bye is probably the Chicago Bears, not the New York Giants. The Giants lost by four points to the Pittsburgh Steelers today, and now New York is 6-3. Meanwhile, the Bears beat the Titans by 31. Chicago is 7-1, a game ahead of the 49ers for the No.2 seed in the NFC. The two teams play each other two weeks from Monday night at Candlestick Park. The winner will have the inside track to a playoff Bye.

What did you learn today?

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