What’s up with Boldin?

Now it has been five days since Adam Schefter tweeted the 49ers and Anquan Boldin are “closing in on a deal.”

What do you think is taking so long? Do you think the Niners and Boldin will agree to a deal before free agency starts on March 11? If not, which teams possibly could outbid the 49ers for Boldin, like last year when the Broncos outbid the Patriots for Wes Welker?

      1. I liked Bryant during the 08 Draft. I remember everyone wanted a Nose Tackle that year. Oddly enough current 49ers Nose Tackle Glenn Dorsey was taken #3 that year by the Chiefs. but back then he was considered a 3 technique. Everyone wanted a big 320+ lber. Bryant and Frank Okam were two big DTs that fit the mold. Okam didn’t amount to much with the Texans. But Bryant turned in a solid career with the Seahawks. Oh yeah…the Niners picked a Defensive Tackle that year…Kentwan Balmer.

      1. I doubt Arizona would take Boldin over Floyd as their #2 WR. While Floyd hasn’t been stellar he’s been good enough as a #2, and it would be seen as giving up on a first round pick.

        1. If AZ wants to take Boldin and let Floyd walk, I’d be all for SF getting Michael. Floyd would be an amazing WR to line up against Crabtree, guy can high point a catch with the best of them, is surprisingly fast, big, strong hands and…is 10 years (roughly) younger than Boldin. As good as Boldin is, he is 33 and may have 2 good years left in him, and you have to wonder how productive he would be with MC back and healthy seeing as this year CK focused on AB about 65% of the time, 20% to Vernon and then the rest.

  1. I don’t know what they’re cap situation is but I’m guessing the Ravens are probably interested. Flacco might even kick in some cap space to get Boldin back.

    I think Larry Fitzgerald would love to have Boldin back too. He’s talked recently about the good old days when the two of them kept defenses honest (in other words no double and triple coverage for Fitz).

    1. I don’t see Bryant being happy to play as second fiddle to Smith and McDonald for a year, and he’s a 5-tech not a 3-tech. He’d be better suited to McDonald’s spot.

      1. You’re right, but if he’s healthy and under a weight management program along with the leadership of The Cowboy, Stephon Tuitt could…..

        1. I like Tuitt. But I see him as more of a 5-tech in the 49ers system too. Don’t forget the 49ers have Carradine and he’s up to 290lbs now (I can’t remember where I read that, but I know I did). He’s the long term replacement for Smith.

    2. I love Bryant but I don’t see him in the pass rusher/backfield disruptor role that Justin Smith has. Remember that the primary reason they drafted Carradine was because he was a powerful backfield penetrator.

      Bryant is more of penetrating Nose Tackle. Closer to Sopoaga (in his 2011 prime).

      1. Actually, Pete Caroll realized that Bryant was to tall to play nose tackle, so Pete converted him to a DE to stuff the run.

  2. I do not see JH or AQ going anywhere. We are so close to a superbowl, why would to established people like these go and take a lesser job. Can not be about money. It is all apples to apples.

  3. Boldin will be packaged in a sign and trade with the water boy and Jim Harbaugh for Miami’s 7th round draft pick. You heard it here first folks!

  4. Per Jason LaCanfora the NFL sent a memo out to teams confirming that the cap is $133mil for 2014. That puts the 49ers at $13,593,776 under.

      1. Yep. That’s almost $7mil over the projected number when the season ended. Without restructures to create more space I would venture to guess that leaves them about $7-8mil for free agents with most of the rest going to the draft picks.

        1. Dump Carlos and that will be almost 20 million cap space. CK7 didn’t even make $800,000 last year so if he does get a extension that will be most of our cap though.

          1. Yeah, dump Carlos and you also don’t have a corner to cover the slot. Not good considering the opponents on their 2014 schedule.

          2. Shouldn’t stop them trying to restructure his deal though.

            The chances of retaining Boldin AND Whitner just increased significantly. Whitner would still be my priority of the two.

          3. It’s easy to just say, “dump him and they’ve got all of this cash” but as far as I can tell they don’t have a backup plan in place yet. I do agree on the restructure though Scooter.

          4. I think the niners would be fine with Brock, Culliver, Wright (resign maybe?) and Brown (also needs to be resigned). I’d take those 4, with a draftee or two vs Carlos.

  5. The franchise number for QB’s in 2014 has been set at $16.912mil. Might play an important role in negotiations with Kaepernick.

    1. Wouldn’t next years franchise number be the relevant one, especially if the cap increases as fast as is being predicted? What would it do to future contract negotiations if Kaepernick was forced to play another year at his current contract?

      Fantasy Section of This Post:

      Especially if his current coach doesn’t get an extension or is traded over the week end for a teddy bear to be given to the youngest York.

    2. Wouldn’t play an impact this year. Kaep is still under contract for 2014 at ~1 million. Can’t franchise a guy until his contract ends. And to me, I’d let that contract run out, let him play out this season and see just what exactly he does. If he repeats as a 15-20 td/5-10 int guy with average yards, completion percentage, etc, then he is in no way worth 16 million or above..I’d be hard pressed to justify 10-12 million. As much as people want to argue the point, the 49ers success this year, by and large, was that of the defense and not that of their QB. If 2012 proved anything, its that this team was able to win with 2 different qbs and not miss one beat.

  6. Boldin liked his season with the 49ers and was willing to sign below market value. Once the Harbaugh vs Baalke discord hit the news, Boldin increased his price and started considering other teams.

    Boldin is fine. Contract talks take time.

    Boldin is fine, but the cap increase his price a little bit.

    Boldin is waiting to see how other 49er FA negotiations are going before finalizing the exact terms. Things could go quiet for a while, then suddenly Kaepernick, Whitner and Boldin within a few days of eachother.

  7. If Boldin wants a deal similar to what Reggie Wayne received, then my guess is either the amount of guaranteed money or the length of the contract is what is the sticking point.

  8. Boldin probably got a contract he was OK with but not love. He is most likely thinking he can see what free agency brings. He has a contract on the table waiting to be signed.

  9. Bleacher report has Niners selecting Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State in 1st round in latest mock draft. He’s 6-3, 210 and his best time at combine was a 4.56…..Mel Kiper (so-called expert) has Seattle taking Robinson. I’d rather take best CB available with that pick but Penn State has been good to us (Bowman). Actually, I’d trade up and select Justin Gilbert if he falls past the 10th pick in 1st round. He’s a can’t-miss badass CB and is worth giving up 2 or 3 picks.

    1. I’d take Cooks or Beckham over the Penn State dude. Then take a larger red zone WR in the third. There is some deep talent in this WR class. Like Bryant the other WR from Clemson or Janis this kid from Saginaw Valley. We will keep Boldin on outside and continue to develop Baldwin and Patten. Cooks will immediately start at slot and punt returner. Maybe even kick off.

  10. I love boldin but he’s not worth 6 mil when the niners aren’t opening up the offense and dummy kaep won’t learn how to read defenses.
    They need three more tight ends that can block so kaep can rush for over 1000 yards!

  11. Grant please read Bruce Jenkins 3 dot lounge in the green sheet. Specifically the portion dealing with Jim Harbaugh, remember you can always learn from your more seasoned experienced brethren.

      1. So your throwing down the gauntlet to Bruce Jenkink that you no more about the NFL|49ers than he does. Somebody pick Bruce up off the floor after he stops laughing.

  12. You need a football history lesson Grant. Seriously. Jenkins would be the perfect tutor… Or I could give you one if you can be bothered to read more than 140 characters.

  13. Annnqwuuuuuuuan Boldddinnnn…
    Can somebody please tell me why he was
    not part of a one-two punch on the last drive,
    particularly the last four downs against Seattle???
    Crab…. Boldin
    Seems to me that they both came up emptyhanded.

    So what was the point of those ridiculous pressers
    with the three of them smiling and laughing and being
    too cool for their own good?
    Absolutely nothing, as far as I can tell.

    Maybe next year Colin can stand on his own two feet …
    at least in a postgame interview. Those two “side men”
    (jokers/hipsters/hopsters) proved ineffective against Seattle
    when the chips were down.

    I am the Super Bowl monkey.

  14. Was it Harbaugh’s or Baalke’s fault that the Niners didn’t get Josh Gordon last year for a second round draft pick? Or a first round draft pick?

    Having a 6’3″, 225 lb., 4.37 monster (who also happens to be a great buddy of Kaep’s) might have made a huge difference down the stretch last season, might have gotten us homefield, and might have given Dick Sherman fits in the NFCCG.

    Is the Niners’ failure to land Gordon (the NFL’s second best WR) for a pittance the fault of The Suit or The Coach?

    1. For the life of me.I don’t know why the trade wasn’t made..I think baalke nixed it.during the trade deadline..he seemed content with waiting on manningham and crab to come back from major injuries..with all the meddling that dan snyder and Jerry Jones do..Kinda wish jed took that route on that one occasion..hey Baalke go get Gordon..crabs and Mario are down..go get him..You don’t turn down a chance to get a young wideout like that..that can add another dimension to the offense..u just don’t..we’re a super bowl team..we only need a couple.players.so u gotta go all in..hows giving up a draft pick or two gonna hurt us .The front office made some bad decisions last yr..

    2. Pretty sure it didn’t happen because Baalke didn’t want to trade a reported FIRST rounder minimum for a guy that is one strike from an indefinite ban.

  15. It wasn’t anybody’s fault that they didn’t trade for Gordon. Gordon wasn’t traded to any team so that should tell you your answer.

    He either wasn’t available contrary to the rumour or the compensation demands were too rich for any team to meet.

    1. Niners could have gotten Gordon last year, and should have. He’s the #2 WR in the NFL. He would have been worth whatever it took.

      1. That they could have gotten him is conjecture, not fact. As rocket points out, if he was really available for a 2nd as some were suggesting he would have gone somewhere. The compensation was clearly prohibitive for all 31 teams, not just the 49ers.

  16. 49er land is now unstable, and now some of these free agents might be having second thoughts and want to play this out to the wire.

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