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  1. Disagree Grant. The niners arent at his mercy, They have never been at his mercy. If he’s healthy but he cant play, they lose 12 mil in a year, 1 year, not long term money, short term money. Heck Christian Ponder could come in and outplay Gabbert. Driskel could outplay Gabbert. Balkee holds the cards not kap. If hes healthy and can play, and balkee doesn’t want him, he can trade him. If hes hiding kap to keep him from getting injured, kudos to balkee. U made that statement as to say, kap is a hell of a qb and he holds the cards. As of right now, he sucks, nobody is at his mercy.

  2. I suppose that the lack of clarity from the team and from Colin make it inevitable that there will be speculation about his condition. Answers are given, but understanding is not communicated. Purposefully? To whose advantage? Colin’s? Chip’s? Trent’s? I can’t guess at a motive, although I’m sure some conspiracy theorists will have some fun with this thread.
    Grant seems to me to be extrapolating a lot from a little, and so far I’m not quite buying the “I don’t wanna” theory, but it is all odd and so far not satisfactorily explained. Clearly this ploy, if that’s what it is, or this time out (whatever) is not beneficial to Colin’s brand or the team’s fortunes.

    1. From Colin’s perspective, this allows Gabbert to bear the brunt of scrutiny and fall on his face before the regular season even begins. The niners will have no choice but to come crawling back to Kap. This might be what he’s thinking.

      1. I’m grinning here because I don’t know if that’s even remotely right, but I’ve got nothing as an alternative, LOL.

        1. The alternative is his shoulder is seriously injured and he needs an MRI which the team seems to feel he doesn’t need.

            1. It doesn’t fit with conspiracy theories. I just posted this below, but will add it here as well:

              Cam Inman ‏@CamInman 26s26 seconds ago

              #49ers Colin Kaepernick showed no discomfort and had zip as he threw 47 passes on side, most to equipment manager. Didn’t throw vs Broncos D

              1. Cubus,

                Thanks for that.

                Until something more solid is uncovered, I’m going with CK overextended himself in an attempt to get up to speed ASAP, had soreness or a minor strain as a result of overuse, and is now, thankfully, starting to feel better.

              2. Sorry about that Cubus didn’t read full thread. If I’m being redundant, apologies, but it seems like people try to pigeonhole their pet theories into the facts versus looking at the information and letting that be the guide.

                I’m sure there are many good reasons to mistrust the FO but no one works against their own self interest and too often these conspiracy theories ask us to not only abandon logic but that rule of acting in your own self interest.

      2. That is an odd strategy. First, it is not a given the BG will fail as spectacularly as CK must be planning on for this gambit to work. Second, if Niner staff believe is he is dogging it for this purpose, no way would they ever let him see the field. They’d probably play a QB off the street before caving to this little underhanded plan of his. Personally, I think this is Colin’s ploy for a one-way ticket out of town.

          1. See how the fans react when it becomes common knowledge that a player is purposely ratting out on the team. See how his teammates react.

              1. Baalke I can sort of agree. But Jed? He’s going to be there long, long after Kap is history. Resign yourself to it if you want to remain a fan of the team.

      3. Grant

        Interesting, I like your thinking, and remember, Kap’s never won a QB competition in practice. What he did do, in Chicago, was light the league on fire for everyone in the world to see. Harbaugh had no choice but to go with the hot hand.

        Here’s an add-on to your piece: While Kap probably has a good relationship with Kelly, we know there’s no trust in Baalke. As long as Kap is throwing in practice, no matter what the media says, Baalke (the Team) can continue to push the Gabbert agenda by saying Kap isn’t keeping up. If Kap doesn’t practice, but then plays in a game and impresses, Baalke’s words won’t matter.

          1. He still has the same agents tho, I believe. Maybe after Baalke’s fired, he should open an Agent Negotiating Academy, because he certainly taught those two dopes a lesson they seem to have learned quickly!

          2. Grant says: “He probably feels the QB competition is rigged against him.”. So several weeks ago Grant predicted that Kap would lose the competition and end up starting game 5. That said, it’s very hard to believe that Grant really believes that Gabbert is good enough to be a win the competition if it wasn’t rigged. So if Grant sees it, what is so odd about the fact that Kap sees it also? Doggin it? – Kap is probably nothing more than the smartest guy in the room.

              1. We sure did and some would argue that the existence of a competition (while Kap is healthy) is proof that it is rigged! One can criticize Kap’s actions but this is not high school or college. I’t s strictly bidness. The 49ers have made it a circus. My sense is that Kelly has enough self confidence to put the blame on those who proceeded him and wait it out. Force Baake to deliver him the players necessary to compete.. Like Bro T says que sera, sera. I think your dad agrees on this.. Optimist or pessimist, everyone on this board has a measure of distrust with the organization but chooses to ignore the elephant in the room. The one thing that comes through on almost every post is impatience. Tell me one good reason why Kap or Kelly should be impatient.

  3. LOL. Grant is trolling us.

    Kaep is not at 100%. His surgically repaired shoulder is fine, so they did not need an MRI. An MRI for a sore shoulder? Maybe they should have given him an MRI after the Vikings game last year when he was blown up along the side line.

    Nice to hear that Baalke finally talked with Kaep. Sounds like everyone is moving on, moving forward, and everything else is ancient history.

    I am sure that Kaep wants to be out on the field competing, but the smart thing to do is to let him heal fully. When he is 100%, he will start competing again. No big deal, and no palace intrigue.

    1. I don’t think anything is seriously wrong with his shoulder. I think he’s milking this. Dead arm doesn’t last three weeks.

      1. Grant

        I totally agree with you….I say wrap him in bubble wrap…advertise him on craigslist…and let’s see who comes calling….Pull all of his 49er gear and never allow him back in Levi’s stadium

        1. Why, Oregon, what did he do? Other players actually left the team last year, all he did was plead for release. He’s still a Niner, and he’s still their best option at QB, still would have won a SB if not for a moronic timeout by Harbaugh, still was responsible for beating the Packers, for the comeback against the Ravens after the power outage, and he’s about to get the keys to Chip Kelly’s offense, which Chris Ault himself said suits Kap perfectly.

          Ask why Kap would be doing this. Then remember that Baalke is a total schmuck, listen to the stories that Baalke is OPENLY favoring Gabbert at 49ers HQ, and then again, ask yourself what Kap’s problem is. If you seriously think this isn’t about Baalke being Baalke, then you might ask yourself if your what Kawakami calls a JedBot.

          1. JC

            We obviously disagree as to “best option at QB”. The two games you reference are two years ago, and he’s two years older and NOT two years better. He still suffers from the same maladies that he has suffered his whole career….’can’t see the field…find his progressions…giant windup…and all of the things that all of us know about. Chris Ault is a college coach who lives by the ‘Pistol’ offense. ‘ Mouse’ Davis ran the “run and Shoot” offense which was used in the NFL for enough years to prove it to be a gimmick offense like the pistol. That Baalke favors one QB over another is only backed up by ‘SEB’ IMHO. Why would he be doing this ? Plain and simple…Money. I dont know to what degree Kaep is responsible, but his agent, lawyers, and back-alley people certainly have their hands in it. I say good for him…good for them…The DeBartolo FO giggled through their hats when Kaep signed that contract, thinking they had bamboozled him….Now the shoe is on the other foot, and it’s costing them millions. Take the money and run ! Retirement is your future. I suppose that is my reasoning JC….

            1. 1) Kawakami stakes his credibility on the idea that Baalke OPENLY favors Gabbert at the 49ers facility.

              2) It would be a great story if Kap returns to form on the field and reveals his true self to the media this season. Even Lowell would laud him if he earns his redemption.

        2. ‘Let’s see who comes calling..’
          I dunno Oregon. His appeal would be greater if he’s putting action on tape to allay fears he’s dinged, or worse. At this point Elway must be thinking he’s glad he didn’t drop a second round pick on him.
          Also guys, according to MattM Colin was doing some light throwing yesterday and the coaches say they expect him to fully practice next week.
          I’m just sitting back watching. Que sera, sera.

          1. Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 31m31 minutes ago

            Kaepernick throws 19 passes of 25 yards between drills. A 20th pass was running left, throwing across body has he ran to an adjacent field.

          2. Bro Tuna

            I agree with you as to how ‘sane’ people like you; like me would handle it. CK has been ‘hanging around’ and not much more. If it’s a MONEY thing, why don’t Jed and the other Clampetts just pay him off ( it’s probably less than they make in the concessions for one game), and put this puppy to rest? Everyone is Happy….Kaep’s rich and happy….Jed never has to hear CK’s name again…same for Baalke….and ‘Chip’ can start out with a clean slate and work with Blaine to get OUR niners back on track for #6..’Seems pretty easy to me…

      2. After helping a friend pour 4 yards of concrete, and having to wheel it in a barrow 20 yards, my back is still feeling it, and that was 4 weeks ago.

        1. Hahaha!!! There’s a little bit of a difference between the body of a professional athlete and yours.

          And 4 weeks? Get off the computer and move around a bit. It’ll help both you and this blog.

          1. Jack, if you had not noticed, there are long periods with no posts, because I am off working, or having fun. However, due to the miracle of modern technology, I could be on 24/7.

            So far I predicted the SB winner and why they won, although I must admit Cassie had a more accurate prediction.

            I predicted 3 correct choices in the draft.

            I said that Chip, if he is smart, will see that Kaep is his best chance to succeed. If Kaep can be rehabilitated, he will make Chip look like a genius. I believe with all my heart that Chip threatened to walk if they dumped Kaep. Lo and behold, Kaep is still with the team,even though I was urging him to flee this backstabbing dysfunctional dumpster fire. Now that Chip is here, there is a new sheriff in town. Chip made a promise that the FO would never have done, and he kept hie word. He promised Kaip a fair competition. Kaep got that when he and Gabbert split reps with the first team. It is truly unfortunate that Kaep, working hard to compete, over strained his muscles. Anyone who has ever rehabbed know that it is rare that one does not feel soreness, especially after strenuous workouts. No, Grant, this is not a grand conspiracy, even though Baalke thinks so, it is just a predictable outcome, and Chip has done the smart thing to dial him back and work him back slowly

            I said that if the Niners want to win, Jed needs to show leadership and solve the AD conundrum. Surprise surprise surprise, Jed wants to win and now the O line looks a million times better than Devey, Martin and Pears. The last O line acted like turnstiles and their only success was being able to allow their QB to be so injured, he needed 3 surgeries to repair the damage.

            I am ecstatic. Even though Gabbert missed his first 2 throws, I saw that the Chip Kelly offense will function smoothly, with great efficiency. I could say that Chip followed my advice that I gave 3 years ago, but actually, I was just channeling Chip. I wrote 3 years ago, and will continue to state, that if the Niners want to win, Kaep should get the ball into Frank Gore’s (Hyde or playmaker’s) hands. It is just that simple. I do not want Kaep to feel like he has to win the game by himself, he just needs to be the field general who will play smart, deceptive and takes what the defense gives him.

            I am optimistic. With Chip leading them and Kaep delivering the football efficiently, the offense will improve. Anyone who wants Gabbert to lead the Niners must want them to tank so they get rewarded with a high draft pick. Anyone who wants Driskel to lead them must want a repeat of the Alex Smith beginning, and he was the number one pick, not the 14th QB taken in the 6th round. Of course, it may be a dig, but it is just my opinion.

            The worst problem is the daunting schedule. It is the hardest in the league. The best thing is that I think it will be an easy fix. Chip has demonstrated that he can get his players into positions to succeed. If they can stop shooting themselves in the foot, or reduce the unforced errors, they can be competitive.

            With Chip and Kaep, an improved O line, Hyde healthy, and a decent pass rush, the Niners have hope for relevance. With Kaep, I predict a 10-6 season and a chance at the playoffs. Without Kaep, Grant may be right with his 4 win prognostication.

              1. Well, it is his body, and he knows if he is feeling soreness or not. Sounds like they took an MRI, so they are just being cautious, which is good.

      3. How do you get three weeks, Grant? The first day he didn’t throw was last Wednesday. All we know, at this point, is he’s not going to play on Saturday. For all we know, he’ll be back at practice on Monday, which would be less that two weeks.

          1. The first time he didn’t throw was LAST Thursday according to your timeline in this article. In what world do you get 13 days? More like 7 days.

            1. He won’t throw in a competitive setting tomorrow or Saturday or Sunday. Monday would be 11 days since he last threw and 13 days since he injured the shoulder.

              1. Not sure what that has to do with anything. Did you expect him to play in the game without practicing this week? The fact is that he has not practiced in a week which again is 7 days. The next available practice won’t be until next week after the game but that doesn’t mean the “dead arm” has lasted that long.

  4. NFL Rules state a team can not cut an injured player. The 49ers are sitting Kap so their not on the hook for his 14 million roster spot next year, just like the Redskins did with RG 3.

  5. Grant,

    Your hypothesis may be true. Time will tell. If so, this is a brilliant move on Kaepernick’s part. The favorite player on any struggling football team is always the backup QB.

      1. Kaepernick spent twenty minutes after the Denver workout signing autographs for 49er and Bronco fans. This may be his “We want Kap!” ploy for Denver.

      2. Grant, Jack, think this through. Kap comes off the bench with no significant pre-season reps, a system he’s not completely familiar with, no chance to have developed chemistry with of the other ball handlers, hadn’t demonstrated during his abbreviated training camp that that he was any improvement over BG. Odds are great that the Kap we’d see is even worse that Kap we saw last year. This would be the shortest lived fan clamoring since “we want Carr”

    1. So which is it, Kaep’s to slow in the head to win over the locker room, read defenses or study on the tablets, to daft to realize the impact of asking for a trade, or so brilliant that he’s enacted a scheme for the 49ers to need him and to let BG fall on his face?

      Feels like a reach to me considering all the other things that have been said about him.

        1. I had two appointments added to my calendar yesterday morning so I didn’t get to go. Every outlet of Denver media is reporting a total butt kicking by the Bronco’s. Even going as far as embarrassing.

      1. “So which is it, Kaep’s to slow in the head to win over the locker room, read defenses or study on the tablets, to daft to realize the impact of asking for a trade”

        I’ve never said any of those things about Kaepernick so I wouldn’t know.

        1. Never said you did Jack. It curious to me that journalists promote some of those things and then suggest he’s masterminded this plot. It would be brilliant.

    2. Ha! I just knew there’d be some conspiracy theories float to the surface!
      Just get your popcorn, sit back and watch.
      All this angst! We know who the candidates are. Whoever is the best of the bunch at the moment the coaches make the call, starts. If the Niners’ best isn’t very good, oh well, it’s where they are and where we fans are. As Bow said this time last year, there are no heroic figures coming to save the day, the guys they’ve got have just got to play better.

    3. Kaepernick has always been a very good backup quarterback, and I actually like him as a No. 2.

      He’s disruptive when he comes in as a substitute because his game is unique; has the advantage of seeing the defense without fear (from the sidelines), and he comes in with relatively lower expectations.

      I don’t like Kaepernick as a No. 1 because I just can’t stand to watch somebody who doesn’t have an intuitive feel for the position play QB as the starter.

      1. Google the Nevada- Boise ST game. I liken it to Montana in the Cotton Bowl. Kaep willed his team to a win against a superior opponent. I saw intuitive play, with intrinsic intangibles.

          1. Prime, you lose again. It is perfectly correct and understandable to the vast majority of readers.

            Some just do not get it, but someday you might get a clue.

              1. Seems like a good prediction for Week 10. I don’t know if Garnett will be ready by Week 1. He missed a lot of the offseason.

              2. Grant, you mentioned Tiller was a little late with his slide step. he did play well, but Chip will want the best 5 out there.

                Just think that Garnett, playing at his natural position at LG, is the best player at that position.

              3. Seb did you see Cubus posting this?

                Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 11m11 minutes ago

                Anthony Davis said he volunteered to #49ers o-line coach Pat Flaherty to move to guard. He said Trent Brown is way too big to move inside.

                Looks like the coach doesn’t want to move Brown inside but rather Davis.

              4. Wilson, I am very glad that AD volunteered to move. It shows that he is a team player who really wants to win. I am fine with that line up.

    1. Interesting, I heard he was better at RT as a civilian than anyone the 49ers had on their roster. I like the move. Took long enough. Maybe they need to start reading Seb’s threads more often….

  6. “What’s the deal with Colin Kaepernick’s shoulder?”

    Make sure you let the reader know that this should be said in a Jerry Seinfeld voice ;)

    1. Who cares, we have the 3 + 1 stooges rearranging deck chairs on board the Titanic.
      2-14 49ers in 2016 regardless who plays QB!

  7. 49ers favored to win exactly none of their games in 2016

    If you think the San Francisco 49ers struggled in 2015, Las Vegas believes 2016 could be worse. Cantor Technology released the spreads for every NFL game in Weeks 1-16.
    The 49ers aren’t favored in any of their games

    1. Say what you want about Harbaugh. I new he ran a conservative blend of Walsh’s WCO. You’re not going to agree with everything any coach does.
      So why did I like Harbaugh even though I insist on more passing in a passing league?

      Because I recognized the 3 phases of football require quality assistants to win–Harbaugh had this….Can anyone name Chip’s assistants w/o looking up the coaching roster???

        1. I was in the industry. Before Ed Donatell walked into Denver, they had the 30th ranked Pass D. The following year it was 15th (Post Shannahan). Earlier, with Shannahan and John Elway, the only thing Donatell accomplished was winning SuperBowl.

          No need to go into what Donatell’s boss, Fangio, in San Fran is all about!

        1. Absolutely, who needs coaches designing Touchdown plays. Lets Bring Back Nolan, Singletary and Jim Hostler. JC–you will be head coach designing plays for the Patriots with all of the above coaches after we fire Bellichek

        1. When asked if Harbaugh’s antics are growing thin with the University of Michigan athletic department they replied, “Not really, we like winning.”

          1. Its funny, my father in law hated JH when he coached for the Niners. Couldn’t stand his antics as he called them. He’s from Michigan and loves the U. Now he says the same thing, “we love winning.”

            1. So run this through your imagination one time just for fun:
              Jim Harbaugh-Head Coach
              Bill Polian-General Manager
              How’s the chemistry in the building?

              1. They were great, Grimey.

                Here’s a list of some of JH’s greatest hits:

                Low hanging fruit; baby deer skin; armadillo skin; mighty men; iron sharpens iron; one mph faster every day; one percent better every day; if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse; tougher than a $2 steak; ground that’s already been plowed; cold-blooded, stone-cold, serial killer; steely eyed missle man, trusted agent; and who’s got it better than us?

              2. “CK is working through something right now.”
                /Glares intensely at the next reporter who asks a follow up question.
                “I think that ground has been thoroughly plowed.”
                /uncomfortable silence…

              3. Working through something!!! How could I forget that one?

                Thanks for picking me up, Grimey.

                Apparently I need to find some iron to sharpen my iron against.

  8. I’ve got the 49ers beat writers twitter feed open, but can’t find the one for the Broncos (it doesn’t seem to be listed on the SB Nation Mile High website. Anyone know what the link is? Thanks.

  9. Cam Inman ‏@CamInman now

    #49ers #Broncos are done fighting, er, practicing. Better day than yesterday for Niners.
    Aaron Lynch didn’t practice for unknown reason.

      1. Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 7m7 minutes ago

        Aaron Lynch was poked in the eye Wednesday, which is why he wasn’t full go at today’s practice. #49ers
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  10. Roughly a one hour joint practice today — short, not all that sweet#9sports

    Kubiak about to address media — Id be surprised if Trevor Siemian not named starting QB Saturday #9sports

  11. I’m not buying what you’re selling in this article, Grant. First of all, Mrs. Voisin has reported that Colin indeed had an MRI. Secondly, Chip Kelly stated the player that moves the offense the best, protects the ball the best and gives the team the best chance to win, will be the starting quarterback. That means Kaepernick’s road to redemption isn’t in practice, it’s in the games. The goal is to get his shoulder healthy, not exacerbate it. He’s a proven competitor and warrior, having played through and suffered numerous injuries, to include a metal rod the 49ers put into his left leg. Which I would point out, was not widely reported at the time. Quite frankly, I find it insulting at the mere suggestion that he’s “dogging it”….

  12. On Kaep’s shoulder: If the Niners thought they needed an MRI on the shoulder, they would order one. And maybe they will soon. In the scheme of what they spend, an MRI is cheap. Also, if they suspected he was dogging, they’d certainly order one.

    On Davis at RG: I’ve posted two, maybe three times in the past that I thought Davis was too slow to consistently block the edge. Of course, when he carried over 350 pounds, he was certainly too slow. Let’s just see where he ends up.

    1. Maybe they should let White and Harris handle the return game, and save Ellington to be the slot receiver. Less chance for him to get injured.

  13. Cam Inman ‏@CamInman 26s26 seconds ago

    #49ers Colin Kaepernick showed no discomfort and had zip as he threw 47 passes on side, most to equipment manager. Didn’t throw vs Broncos D

    1. Yes! The road to redemption is riddled with ridges and potholes, with only a Chipering light of salvation at the end. Multiple surgeries, body starting to betray him, trouble with management, teammates questioning his leadership. As he maneuvers his way through the rubble, some Ponder if Kaepernick will ever become Kaepurnicus again, while others wait on a Blaine Train that has yet to leave the station….

  14. I’ve become ‘fatigued’ from reading all the stories about Kaepernick’s arms,shoulder or whichever piece of him isn’t working right. I think all the journalists need to take a week off from mentioning his name so that my eyes and brain and regain their strength.

  15. Yeah, I think we’ve been through this before with Alex Smith and Mike Nolan. Kelly probably wants to make sure that the FO doesn’t tread that ugly road again with a tricky shoulder injury.

    If CK falls behind and loses the QB competition by default – well that is just part of the game and something that he should be familiar with (replacing AS when he was injured).

    Perhaps the FO is doing their best stealth work to preserve Kap because there still may be a trade in the works?

    For now I’ll stick to my comment of a couple of months ago. That both QB’s will get playing time this season and will be a “bridge” until we draft our QB of the future.

  16. Matt Barrows Verified account 
    I had Gabbert as 5-9 in team drills with some nice throws in the red zone. Teams were not in full pads today.

  17. Grant, we all know Kap is a hard worker and it is easy to see that he overdid it. He had surgery on his thumb and shoulder if I recall correctly. Is it possible that something went wrong there? Nerves pinched? Maybe they are waiting to see who they can sue?

      1. His thumb had ligament damage. “In rare cases, some of the small nerves to the skin on the back of the thumb may be damaged during surgery. ”
        “However, even when skilled surgery is performed, the thumb sometimes ends up being chronically unstable”
        Even if he had surgery on the non-throwing shoulder, there is a reason he had the surgery. You still have to use both shoulders to throw a ball.
        I think someone isn’t telling the whole story!

  18. I just don’t understand why the Bay Area sports media keeps pushing the narrative of an adversarial relationship between Kaepernick and the 49ers.

    I think it comes from the fact that the media collectively has an egg on their faces since the all loudly predicted that Kaepernick would not be with the Niners this year. One and all they turned out to be wrong, and like all small minded thin skinned people (a certain self proclaimed billionaire running for president comes to mind) they hate being wrong and are pushing crazy conspiracy theories to somehow convince themselves that they were right all along.

    Occam’s razor tells us that the simplest explanation is almost always the correct one. In this case the simplest explanation is that Kaepernick has a minor issue with his arm that a couple of weeks rest will set right. If this had happened in the regular season, he would have played through it. The preseason games mean nothing so there is no reason to risk aggravating the injury.

    I expect Kaepernick to play against the Packers at home next week. I think neither Kaepernick or Gabbert will play against the Chargers in the final preseason game and the starter for the Ram game will be announced on Saturday Sep 3. My guess is it will be Kaepernick.

      1. How do you explain the 47 passes on the sideline many of which were 25 yards or so in length and showed good zip? Sounds to me like he is getting back into throwing form.

      2. Isn’t there another plausible theory here Grant? Chip know’s and has been quoted as saying he’s had to play multiple QB’s every season in the NFL due to injury? Chip’s being cautious because the drop off from BG to Driskell is huge right now, or to Ponder? He know’s he needs a second functional QB even if BG outright wins the job?

        It could be that CK is the one holding things up. Coaches usually get upset with players who hold back when they should be contributing. Same with the FO.

        1. How cautious was Chip when he sent Kaepernick back into practice Tuesday after he injured the shoulder? Or Wednesday when he let Kaepernick practice in front of the fans?

          1. That’s giant leap Grant. Did Chip even know of the injury then that day at practice or during the live one? Did they think it was just tightness? Seems like they treated it like it was just that and then it didn’t get better so they adjusted. You could be right it just seems like there’s a lot of assumed motives on your part.

      1. Okay,

        I give up. Kap gets the Job, saves the preseason, downer that is Titanticus 49erous, as the F/O Ponders its Fate.

        With this latest Baalke FA acquisition we all can trust in the York’s!…And bring back OC Jim Hostler, and that radio DJ QB coach, Steve Logan.

  19. AD proved me wrong. I like that he seems to be more of a team-first player at least for now.

    Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 11m11 minutes ago

    Anthony Davis said he volunteered to #49ers o-line coach Pat Flaherty to move to guard. He said Trent Brown is way too big to move inside.

      1. Yes. I had a discussion with Scooter several days ago. I was concerned that his advisors (agent) would be dead set against him making the switch because guards make less money and it might pigeon hole him for his next contract. Scooter countered that 1st string is more financially rewarding than 2nd string.

        1. that’s a great point by scooter….

          This also bodes well for Brown, AD knew he wouldn’t be able to beat him out….This makes me more confident for our future at the Tackle positions.

      2. Good for him. Sounds like he is thinking about how to help them win, with good judgement. Since AD lost weight, he is quicker. I just want the best 5 to play. Looks like AD is thinking the same thing.

    1. Biggest question mark being answered by the big guy, and they’ve all been correct. Kudos to Hammer and those who never lost the faith in Anthony “Bam” Davis!

  20. Kap is playing chess, there’s no comp compared to Gabby, Sunday’s game showed that, Kap can come in game 3 or 4 lead 2 scoring drives and be named starter

  21. If this situation was pre-meditated then I don’t think the overall goal was to hope that Gabbert fails and that the team comes crawling. If this was Kaeps plan from the beginning it was all about sticking to the team in terms of getting paid without actually doing anything. If this was planned then it’s because he’s mad at the team over how the starting situation was handled and/or the lack of attempt to work with Denver on a trade. If he’s doing this intentionally then its’ out of spite and the last thing he wants to do is actually have to play for the team because then not only is he risking injury which could prevent him from starting his career somewhere else next season but he’d actually have to try and look good so his prospective teams will still be interested in him when he’s cut in February. If he’s trying to play well then he might actually win a game or two and that wouldn’t really work with his “I hate the 49ers” plan.

    I expect that once he starts throwing again the ‘tightness’ will quickly return.

      1. A bit late now since not everyone got the word or was on board. It would have been hilarious and might have smoked out his ‘heavenly host’ of imaginary, complimentary friends.
        : -)

  22. Tin foil theory article imo

    I feel like SF wants to make sure Kap is 100% because the coaching staff as well as the front office has probably realized Gabbert is not a solution nor as good as they thought he would be. Maybe they realize once Kap is healthy and gets more reps, then he will legitimately and eventually beat out Gabbert at some point whether that’s in preseason or he takes over the starting job at some point in the season.

    Considering Gabbert has been throwing and training since week 9 of last year, healthy, had all the reps in OTA+minicamp, more reps than Kap in TC, sucked up and bribed teammates in trying to take over locker room in offseason, and has the support of the front office (supposedly)…he still cannot run away with the QB1 job. The guy had every chance to lock it down with all the variables coming into play…yet him and Kap were neck and neck in training camp up until Kap got hurt again. If he was good or even better than Kap, he would have locked up this job by now but he hasnt! Gabbert has not been good at all in TC, awful in preseason game, played even worse by the day in each practice after that.

    This tells me that Gabbert is terrible and everyone in the organization has probably caught on to it by now; thus make sure Kap is healthy and gets up to par at some point because he is probably the best option they have at this point.

    The front office needs Kap just as much Kap needs them. They may not like each other, but there probably has to be some kind of compromise at each side after seeing Gabbert is awful.

      1. You’re right Grant Kap has dead head disease and the FO has dumb donkey disease! Only plausible explanation. Did you go to Colorado and smoke something? Come on, you’re better than this!

  23. It could be the guy had three surgeries done outside of the team doctors, that he rushed back too soon for the Broncos try out as well as the 9ers preseason, it could be scar tissue only heals with time. Just saying

              1. I thought peas are in a pod. Aren’t peanuts in a shell?

                Also: Are we calling it tanking now? I thought it was just incompetence.

  24. Well as you said yesterday, Razor, let’s see how the 49ers respond today. From Maiocco’s report:

    “Blaine Gabbert took all of the first-team reps and completed eight of 13 pass attempts, including three touchdown passes in a red-zone drill. Gabbert threw two scoring passes to tight end Garrett Celek and another to wide receiver Quinton Patton.

    “We were clicking,” Gabbert said. “I think we missed maybe one throw, but for the most part guys were running hard, the offensive line did a tremendous job blocking up front. Just delivered the ball on time, and guys were making plays.””

    Looks like Tank played well and Acker had a deep interception.

    1. That’s what you like to hear, but the loudest statement may have been how well Trent Brown worked against Miller. Might have a keeper at RT….

      1. It’s looking that way not only because of Miller, but also because AD realizes that TB is one of the best five and knows his best chance is to move to another position. According to Barrows, AD hasn’t played guard in ten years.

        1. I expect him to be a better guard than Boone, but then again, there was a time when I thought he could be a Pro Bowl tackle….

    2. I would love to see the OL looking like this: OG Garnett, OT Staley, C Kilgore, OT Brown, and OG Davis.

  25. Chris Biderman ‏@ChrisBiderman 4m4 minutes ago

    Why I’m more bullish on 49ers than most: the offensive line went from their worst offensive position group in ’15 to their best in ’16.

  26. This is what I was writing about yesterday Cubus:

    “It helps the young guys elevate their level of play,” Gabbert said. “It helps everybody rise to the occasion. They’re the reigning Super Bowl champs, so you want to come out here and compete against the best. I think we did that pretty well the last two days.”

    1. Yeah, I know that and agree that that is true in virtually all sports. I don’t understand these partial pad practices, especially with guys throwing punches. Also, it seems like there might not have been any 11 on 11 work today. The wrapups talk about 7 on 7 work, but I haven’t noticed a specific reference to 11-11 work.

  27. Chip is funny:

    Upper body.

    “Upper body? Just upper body? Wow. That’s awesome. That ranges a lot of things. His spleen could be hanging out on the ground, but it’s upper extremity. I’m good with that.”

    1. Hilarious and disturbing. Almost like last season and what the FO did to the team. And you said it had nothing to do with football Grimey!?

  28. Grant, Pondering on Kap’s intentions to shaft the team has certainly stoked a lot of Gabbing! I’m sure other posters will Chip in but the Drisk of speaking for all, and I’m sure you’ll Baalk at this, I think you’re theory is all wet and I Jed don’t know what else to say!

  29. Grant,

    If you want to embarass up an athlete ,just the suggestion of dogging it will do it…maybe a little over the line today.

  30. I hope everybody is doing well. Grant banned me from the blog and I honestly don’t know why. I thought this post was worth commenting on. Grant is right about Kaepernick taking his time, but he is wrong when implying that Kaepernick is being lazy or doesn’t want to practice. Kaepernick doesn’t want to be a 49er, nor should he. He certainly isn’t going to be inclined to do anything to help the organization that would jeopardize his long term health because he knows he isn’t in their long term plans. They overplayed their hand during the offseason and are stuck with him.

    Gabbert is terrible. He is not a starting caliber QB in the NFL. The fans will turn on him by mid season and he’ll either eventually get yanked or injured. Everybody knows this, Kaepernick included. This is not a good team. Kaepernick knows this. The organization has already signaled its desire to get rid of Kaepernick. This is not a good situation for any QB to succeed in and any positive performance by Kaepernick would simply make him tradeable or stuck for another year under his contract. Neither are desirable to him. Say what you want about Kaepernick as a QB, but he has played this situation flawlessly from a business standpoint. The teams results will be similar regardless of the QB. By forcing the teams hand to go with Gabbert, Kaepernick will accomplish three things:
    1. Establish team is bad before being inserted later during season, if at all.
    2. Get 100% healthy.
    3. Ensure release from team after season so that he can control his next destination.

    I thought Kaepernick would be traded and I think the team blew it by not getting what they could for him. This organization is in the post Harbaugh era, which will be similar to the post Mariucci era. Tomsula was Erickson, Kelly is Nolan and I’m sure Jed will find a Dingleberry in a few years. The questionable moves started with the Harbaugh leaks years ago and will continue. The only noise coming out of Levi’s stadium at the end of the season will be emanating from the fans complaining about the scorching sun.

    1. Never said he’s lazy or doesn’t want to practice. He is practicing — just not throwing. I think he’s milking a sore shoulder for many of the reasons you stated. Dead arms don’t last two weeks.

      1. Grant,

        You should look up “Dead Arm”. I understand how you’re using the term, as I’m sure most, if not all, on here are, but Dead Arm is a fairly serious condition. Thought you might be interested.

        1. Prime, you consider Kaep such a bad QB, they would be lucky to get a 7th round pick for him. Releasing him for nothing is because you consider him a zero.

          I consider Kaep so much better than unproven injured rookies like Goff and Wentz, I would ask for 7 draft picks. At least a couple firsts and seconds.

      2. Grant,
        I never said you said that, but you implied it with your Iverson take. You always leave this little technicality of an escape to your argument. This situation is exactly what people should have expected after they held onto him. You refer to it as him milking it, which I disagree with. They threw him under the bus, bragged about his contract structure and planned his release. He saw an opportunity to stick it to the team by strategically taking care of his surgeries and rehab. Good for him. They had the opportunity to get something in return for a player they didn’t want, now they’ll get nothing for a player they still don’t want and will owe him even more money if he gets injured again. The team is terrible and there isn’t any motivation for him to do well because it will only make him tradeable or forced to play under the same contract the front office was snickering about. He simply doesn’t want to be a 49er because the team has made it clear they didn’t want him to be a 49er. The team is foolish to expect him to be on board with the situation after their behavior. That’s not milking it, that’s check mate to the front office and a savvy business decision on Kaepernick’s part considering the structure of his contract. I’m sure he’d start posting pics of 75 yard spirals about a week after going on injured reserve.

        *I’d appreciate it if you’d stop blocking my login or receive an explanation as to why you do so. If you’re going to claim I said something, please include a link to the post.

          1. Grant,
            I would say he’s protecting his interests in the same way the Niners protected theirs with his contract structure. Teams don’t honor the contracts they give the players, yet that is considered a good business strategy. Kaepernick is protecting his future because the team has already proven they won’t. Milking it is being lazy because you know you can’t be cut due to your prorated signing bonus. Kaepernick signed a team friendly deal to help them and they didn’t utilize the money. They ran off an excellent HC. They threw him under the bus to the media. They screwed up the attempt to trade him. In what world would someone show up under these circumstances motivated? They should have seen this coming and traded him when they had the chance. I don’t think he cares about the team being at his mercy, I really don’t. I think his only priority is to get healthy and to avoid being at their mercy again after this season. They could have absorbed part of his salary and received a draft pick from the Broncos. Instead, they’ll pay a disgruntled player his full starting QB salary for very little, if any, production. They overplayed their hand and lost the bet. Now they are compounding their loss by trying to sell the fans on a QB competition between a career backup and a disgruntled player they have already sold out. The Niners have been the ones milking the situation, just like they milked the situation with Alex Smith after he signed his team friendly deal. Kaepernick is just being smart while the team has ignored the realities of human nature. He is making a business decision that is every bit as savvy as the one the team made with his contract structure. Alex Smith should take notes.

            *Is my login available now? I’m still waiting for a response as to why you banned my email login.

            1. You’re using euphemisms, so I will too. Kaepernick is extending the recovery period of his injury. He probably could have thrown this week but chose not to.

              And I never criticized what Kaepernick is doing. It’s shrewd in a way. He wasn’t winning the QB competition. Now he might win by not competing.

              You’re unblocked.

              1. Um, Grant, I have defended you many times, but hope you can take some constructive criticism.

                If you say that you have not criticized Kaep for what he is doing, maybe you should scroll back and re-read what you wrote. Maybe I am hypersensitive to others criticizing Kaep, but saying that he is dogging it does not sound like lavish praise.

                Other than that, keep up the good work. Divulging those practice notes make me feel like I am standing next to you, and even though they are hard to decipher, I can glean gold nuggets from them.

              2. I think he is dogging it, and so do others. You wouldn’t like what he is doing if you were the head coach. But it’s a smart move for Kaepernick. Giving his full effort was getting him nowhere. Now Gabbert can bear the daily scrutiny. See how he likes it.

              3. Grant,
                I hear you. I don’t think he wants to win the competition or even see the field. I think he would love to be placed on I.R. so that he can move on after the season without any more injuries. If he gets on the field and performs in Kelly’s offense, he’s stuck here on a bad deal with a bad organization. The team has destroyed any incentive for him to perform for them. His only incentive is to be released so that he can move on to a team of his choosing.

              4. But at the end of the day they will still have to trade him away unless he can become an UFA after this year? Can he?

              5. Prime,
                They will release him. They played chicken once and they lost. They know it, Kaep knows it and the NFL knows it. Say what you want about Kaep as a player, but he has played this situation perfectly from a business standpoint, especially when you take into account the teams treatment of him over the last couple of years.

              6. How do you know he is extending it? Is there a specific time frame for when “dead arm” should heal? Have other players spoken on this?

              7. BigP is right on. Kap is doing bidness and those who are more emotional and sentimental are miffed. I said before, the way to understand Kap’s moves is that he (or his adviser) is the smartest guy in the room. The 49er FO hung him out to dry and treated him like personal property. The smart move is:: “Don’t get mad, get even” (Joe Kennedy said it first)

              8. BigP: They will release him.

                Why? Why wouldn’t they instead take a minimal offer, say a 6th or 7th round pick from an AFC team? Yes, they played chicken by trying to sell high and ended up with no takers. If people think the team hung him out to dry this last off-season, wait until the team ships him off to Tennessee or San Diego.

              9. The reason a release is the more likely scenario is no team wants to take on Kaepernick’s current deal and he’s not going to help the 49ers out by negotiating a lower salary for an interested team.

              10. If he is indeed calculating a way out, get him healthy and trade him right away. We don’t need a cancer around the team.

              11. CK should come up here and play in the CFL. He would dominate cause he can run wild with a 100 yard wide field!

              12. >>The reason a release is the more likely scenario is no team wants to take on Kaepernick’s current deal

                Yeah thats probable. But salary wise, he’s in the Brock Osweiler/Jay Cutler/Ryan Tannehill/Kirk Cousins range, stellar standouts all. And considering the cap increase next season, some Seb-minded GM who thinks he sees his potential might be willing to part with a 7th rounder for Kap before he hits the open market.

              13. Ribico,
                His release would come after the season is over. If this becomes an ongoing thing they will likely put him on I.R. They will not be willing to pay his salary again next year and every team knows that. There is no reason to trade for him or his contract when he will be released, assuming he’s healthy. The only reason he wouldn’t be healthy is if he were injured this year. That’s the last thing the team needs or wants because they would be on the hook for his 2017 salary.

                Kaepernick basically eliminated their ability to cut or trade him on their terms this past offseason by electing to have his surgeries. It was very well played from a business standpoint because instead of losing his salary and/or being traded to an undesirable team, he will collect his full salary and control his destiny during free agency in 2017.

                People keep forgetting that this organization has a terrible reputation. They chased off a great coach, talked about only raising SB trophies and then hired Tomsula. Fans like to look into the future with rose colored glasses. The reality is the Niners hired a HC that nobody else wanted because they have a G.M. that is a sociopath and a owner that has proven to the NFL that he is in over his head and willing to absolutely destroy a winning program. Non-49er fans and NFL people think the organization as currently constituted is a joke.

                Kaepernick knows this and wants out. The team is showing the same arrogance in expecting him to be all with the program that they displayed when dealing with Denver. It was a bluff, Kaepernick called it and the team is experiencing the same shrewd business tactics that they use to negotiate contracts. The bluff only works once and it failed miserably the first time. He will likely go on I.R. at some point this year with lingering soreness of some sort. A few weeks later he will show up on some internet clip throwing 70 yard passes, providing a not so subtle wink nod to the rest of the NFL that he actually feels and looks great. He will then be released after the season and the team will release a statement subtlety implying that they somehow emerged victorious during this debacle. They will look stupid. He will simply say he’s elated to be part of a first class organization at his next stop, and he’ll look smart.

              14. Big P although your theory might be accurate, and if indeed CK has orchestrated this all along, what team would be willing to pay him anything close to what he is earning now? If he wants his money this year, he has done well to get it but the 49ers are not paying it, it will be insurance if he goes on IR.
                And then after the year if they release him, he will have to go somewhere and prove himself all over again. I mean even the Browns didn’t want to give him a shot. Now to spite the 49ers he is wiling to take the 11 million, get released and go to a team who will be equally terrible as the 49ers, and earn next to nothing and compete for a job? Good luck to him!

              15. Prime,
                I don’t think he’s doing anything to spite the team. He’s protecting his future because the team has shown they don’t care about it or him. He took notes from the Alex Smith trade situation. They put themselves first with his contract structure, now he’s exercising his leverage so that he can control his destiny during free agency next year, which Smith couldn’t do. You’re overthinking the money aspect, he knows he will have a new contract with his next team regardless of what the Niners pay him this year. He wants his freedom after the organization has made it clear that not only do they not want him, but they don’t want him on their terms. They severely misjudged the situation and it will result in them getting nothing for him.

              16. P it is about the money because he could have gone to the Broncos if he really wanted out but would have had to take a haircut. He was advised to screw the Niners and take the 11 million. Who wants that kinda guy on their team?

              17. Rib,

                Yep. The GM’s sure worked hard to get him this year.


                In an earlier comment you had him zinging 75 yard bombs, now it’s down to 70. That sore shoulder affecting your predictions too. LoL

              18. >>Yep. The GM’s sure worked hard to get him this year.

                Jack, The Niners were kicking the tires with offers, but the ask was too high. They didn’t *really* want to trade him as they thought he could be rehabbed mentally. Now that they see the dumpster fire they have on their hands, they will offload him like Peeps on the day after Easter. If Jed and Ballke are as vindictive as we keep hearing, they will *not* give him the courtesy of choosing his destination.

  31. I said to razor the other day it is probably in Kaep’s best interests to lose the QB competition. It’s possible he is dogging it as a strategic position.

    However, I doubt it. Nothing that’s happened really suggests it. It was sore, trainers looked at, and he kept practicing. Went for another day, then it got worse and he’s been out since. If the original prognosis was arm fatigue and muscle soreness, an MRI would be an extreme precautionary measure.

    After a week out I’m sure they discussed getting an MRI with Kaep, but given he was passing today it sounds like it has improved with the rest.

    1. Kelly having to constantly walk back his statements suggests it.

      8/12: “Hopefully we can get him to play on Sunday (vs. Hou).”
      8/15: “See if we can get him ready for this week against Denver.”
      8/18: “Hopefully we can get him back full next week (vs. GB).”

      I don’t think Kelly has any idea what is going on. Only Kaepernick knows what the end game is.

      1. Grant interestingly enough Alfred Williams of 104.3 the fan in Denver reported on the air the CK “insisted that he dress and be on the field.” Alfred said that’s what was told to him at Dove Valley today. He says the 49ers are shutting CK down so they don’t have to pay his salary for another year in case of further injury. He said it looked like CK wanted practice but wasn’t permitted to. They both remarked that he looked perfect throwing 25-30yd passes. Conspiracy theories abound.

        1. You believe that? You don’t think the NFLPA or Kaps agents would have something to say about this publicly?
          This is all a joke. CK needs to get on the field and be a man and let this competition play out.

          1. Prime I believe Alfred heard that and I also think nobody knows if it’s true. Just like Grant believes his theory but nobody knows that’s true either. Did you read the part where I wrote conspiracy theories abound? It’s a tell on what I think of all this.

          2. Believe that? It’s highly possible, that is exactly what happened to RG3 in Washington. The team shut him down so they could cut him at seasons end and not worry about an injury claim.

            1. Shoup, good point. RG3 got sent to the bench, practiced as a safety. What could his lawyers and players union do as Prime suggested? Teams do freeze people out.

              By the way did you see him play last night? I only saw the highlights reel. There were some pretty nice throws for TD’s. 6/8 96 YDS and 2 TD’s. Somebody here said people just don’t resurrect their careers. Its a little early for that call but he’s making a good case.

      2. Grant,

        Isn’t it a time honored tradition for teams to underplay a player’s injury, if there is a chance for a relatively quick recovery without surgery?

      1. Well, there you go. They took the precautionary approach.

        Regardless, nothing so far suggests Kaep is dogging it.

        1. I can see why. Charlie has the boys throwing balls by the minute.
          I mean why else would they sign Ponder who has desperate camp arm written all over it.
          I’m starting to like our depth at RB and oline. Dumping Boone and getting AD back is a win. Now who can emerge at RT and LG. Lots of depth there.
          WR still looks thin.

        2. There’s wearing rose colored glasses and there’s clamping your eyes shut with your fingers in your ears screaming “LA LA LA!”

  32. Grant, if you ever get tired of this gig, I understand that the guy running breitbart is always looking for conspiracy theorist. Of course, he wouldn’t let you pick your own targets so that probably isn’t a good option.

    Back to football and …

    1. Grant, the way you’ve handled the number of weeks that the “dead arm” ploy has been in play, reminds me of the “great overthrow” crime of a season past. It’s the old pad the data and then back up very slowly until it’s forgotten.

        1. HT,

          That incident came to mind for me, as well.

          I’ve got to give Grant credit this time. He admitted he made a mistake. It shows growth and I mean that in all seriousness.

          1. It’s the “inch back” ploy. Grant characterized it as three weeks, twice that I recall, and got a push back. Then he “inched” back to two weeks, and now, finally, all the way back to eight days.

            In this situation and the overthrown pass bit, he couldn’t bring himself to admit that he had exaggerated to make his point.

            It’s great that Grant all the way back to the correct time period, but I’ve missed the acknowledgement. I guess we can blame that on the structure of this blog’s software.

            1. By the time he throws again in a competitive setting he will be at least 13 days removed from the initial injury.

              1. True, but that’s not what you wrote. If you dad didn’t teach you, then the UCLA English department should have at least hinted to you that you are what you eat — no, no, it’s you are what you write.

                Anyway, it’s more fun watching what happens than speculating about what it all means.

  33. Maybe this wimp doesn’t want to look really bad vs denvers defense. He can save face and move on later when Gabbert looks bad this weekend. Wouldn’t put anything past this selfish d bag!

  34. My, you sound so brave, hiding behind the anonymity of the blog. If it was in real life, you would not dare attempt to say that to his face. You would probably pee in your pants

    1. What are you his personal cheerleader?
      Here’s an idea. Meet someone in person before saying what they would or wouldn’t do. Being an NFL qb doesn’t make you a banger. He’s a punk! He’s a quitter, and he’s a loser! Please enlighten us again Seb on how great he is! Get a life dude.

      1. Most Niner fans do not want posters hurling insults at their QB, no matter who it is. I may pan Gabbert, but if he wins the competition, I will root for him. Unlike you, who probably will want the Niners to lose since you hate Kaep so vehemently.

        You bring nothing to this site, except perpetuating hate filled screeds which really brings the whole site down in the gutter. Go root for another team if you hate Kaep so much, because Chip knows that Kaep gives him the best chance to succeed.
        Personally, I like QBs who set records and wins road playoff games.

              1. Seb, did you see Biden point out the aide who carried the Nuclear Football for him in Scranton? “There’s a guy back here that carries the Nuclear Code, that follows me so I have them at all times”. Not the first time he’s revealed super secret information. Remember when he revealed the location of a secret bunker beneath the US Naval Observatory, to the audience of the Gridiron Club Dinner in 2009….

        1. Blah blah blah blah…. Same old thing from you. You swear your “bright ideas” are worth a listen, you have schemes beyond anyone else’s wildest dreams..
          You’re the biggest fan, but yet you bash the front office so you can make excuses for ck!
          I’m going to tell you this once like I’ve told onelame for years.
          IMO a true fan does want their team to win and if it takes calling out the weak links then that’s how it goes. I wasn’t any softer on Alex smith,like I’m not with Brooks or A Davis. Your ck fathead won’t be damaged over this. Back up, and please don’t call a vet on this page out unless you’re well respected and have some real insight on this team. You jumped on board after the latest run. I’ve been here since Alex smith was a rookie and that was 4 admins ago. Now set the #7 Pom poms down and chill. Oh and realize one other thing. Just because you post on here 100 times a day with basic nonsense doesn’t make you knowledgable or smart. Now do yourself a favor before adding another poster who can’t stand you on that long list. Talk football with me, disagree with me…. But don’t come on here and try to throw weight around. I’ve never said anything about your annoying posts before. So stay in the intermediate lane and out of mine. Thanks have a great night! Ck7 sucks. Deal with it!

          1. Ooo, a big tough guy. Well, since I attended Niner games when the stadium was empty in the 70’s when they went 2-14, I think I have a little more juice than some recent bandwagon blog hopper.

            Go ahead and diss him all you want, but do not expect others to lie down and take it without comment.

            I am actually proud that I can take on a whole blog site, because that gives me more power than them. Lil’ ol me, just a die hard faithful Niner fan, taking on the haters.

            I wrote over 3 years ago that the Niners should run the hurry up offense. Since you oppose me, you must think that is a waste of time. Actually, it prevents a waste of time, and might help the Niners win a game or two.

            I said the Niners should become more disciplined, and stop shooting themselves in the foot. That brought out the gun nuts who accused me of wanting to break into gun lockers to create nightmares. Since you oppose me, and sound so hate filled, you probably agree with them.

            I invite your scorn, but do not cower whine and cry if I give back a little. I will use their own words against themselves, so the meaner they (and you) get, the response will be scaled appropriately.

            You call Kaep a weak link, but that just amply shows how little football knowledge you possess. Kaep will either be the savior and get the Niners back to relevance, or they will be looking to be rewarded with the first pick next year.

            Stay off your posts? Why? I am just getting started.

            1. Seb says “Kaep will either be the savior and get the Niners back to relevance, or they will be looking to be rewarded with the first pick next year.
              1st round pick sounds good to me.
              CK is done!

              1. Prime, that is a defeatist attitude. Losing is contagious. You should become a Browns fan, They seem to get the first pick all the time.

                I, on the other hand, hope the Niners draft last every year. If you had a clue, you may understand why.

            2. Of course you wrote three years ago they should use the hurry up. So did half the people on here. They had issues with getting the ball off on time. But then again your cunning ground breaking way of thinking thought of it first. I’ll save the personal insults to myself this time around because it’s obvious in the home life nobody ever listens to you and this is your escape to be relevant when people can read your “brilliant” way of thinking. Ok seb if this is the can of worms you want to open so be it. You want to be some self made hero that takes on the fans who aren’t happy with CK I can’t stop you. I would never stand in the way of justice and the American way. Be a hero for #7.
              You like to “use what people say against them” good for you. We endured that with a guy named Claude balls for a couple of years. Then smith got traded and he left.
              I’ve seen them come and go, I have no doubt you’re the next when ck doesn’t work out. But just remember seb. You post a lot and Ive seen the abuse you’ve been handed. Reposting what others have said is a lot easier when you post 100 times a day. So your comment attacking me personally first will definitely be brought up again.
              So congrats seb you want as many enemies on here you can get to pet your ego, you’ve got another. Hero on Seb. Hero on!

              1. Nine, I do not know why my posts drive some posters so crazy they lose it, but I post my ideas because I want the Niners to win. I want them to start another glorious run of playoff relevance and more rings.

                I have posted that the Niners should run the hurry up offense, but I defy you to show me where other posters have advocated that strategy. I sure have not seen that, and most times, posters will just say that it would mean that the Niner defense would be on the field too long.

                I sure the hell know the Niners have not done that, because the Niners have only done that a few times. I remember they did it to start a Cards game, scored twice, then did not do it again the rest of the season. Of course, they would try to do the hurry up with less than 2 minutes left and while behind, but offensive incompetence and lack of familiarity with the scheme would many times make them look awkward and slow.

                However, with Chip in charge, I am supremely confident that they will run an up tempo offense. Why? because when I advocated the hurry up no huddle offense, I was just channeling the Chip Kelly/ Gus Malzahn strategy.

                I said that Kaep should realize that if he stops wasting around 15 seconds per play, he would get at least 2 more sets of downs. Two more opportunities to score. I also said that the strategy to wait until the last second before snapping the ball is OK if they are way ahead and want to run the clock out, but to do that while behind is obtuse. And they were behind a lot.

                So go ahead, post all you want. I post here because I do like many posters, and their Ideas. Just do not whine and cry if I feed you back your own words and make you swallow them.

                I also like this site because Grant has a refreshing writing style. Maybe he lets me stay because I defend him like I defend Kaep. I notice that nowadays, there are a lot fewer haters attacking him ad nauseum , when before, there were the obligatory- he sucks and got the job because of his father- crap.

                Hero on? No. Heroes are the ones who are in uniform, protecting us. The heroes I look up to are the ones using their bodies as a shield to protect their loved ones against the gun nuts.

                I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, hungering for more rings. If you consider me an enemy, I cannot stop you, but it says a lot more about you than it does me. I will continue to post, and I invite you to ignore my posts if you want. Just do not whine and cry if I give your hate filled screeds a little pushback.

                You and the other haters are the real losers, and cowards to boot. Like Prime, you like to dish it out, but sure cant take it.

              2. Oh, and I hate to disappoint you, but I will stay on this site even if Kaep stays or goes. I am a Niner fan, and have lived through the Joe and Steve controversy which actually divided families.

                I expected Kaep to be long gone, but now that by some miracle he has remained, I am jumping for joy.

                I started it? no, you started it by your attacks, calling him a wimp, afraid of competition,a banger, a punk, loser, quitter, D bag. If you noticed, I have used those words against you, so cheer up, I plan to use those many times more. If you want an enemy, I am your guy, and I predict you, like many others, will rue the day you ever started.

              3. MD,

                Claude Balls didn’t leave because A Smith was traded, Grant kicked him off the block.

                I always enjoyed his posts and was sorry to see him removed from the conversation.

              4. East…. You can probably find him there with onelame and hofferfan!
                Fly by night fans. Seb will follow once ck is gone.

              5. >>We endured that with a guy named Claude balls for a couple of years

                I miss claude. You could count on him to regularly blow up blowhard’s hard blowing with, you know, facts and things.

                I’m pretty sure he finally had a meltdown and Grant banned him which is why he no longer lives here. Only Grant would know for sure.

      2. Ninermd
        Shouldn’t you take your own advice? “Here’s an idea. Meet someone in person before saying what they would or wouldn’t do.”

        “He’s a punk! He’s a quitter, and he’s a loser! ” Because you know him personally right?

        If you believe Grants far fetched conjecture here that might be true.

        1. wilsonm73 August 19, 2016 at 8:33 am
          Shouldn’t you take your own advice? “Here’s an idea. Meet someone in person before saying what they would or wouldn’t do.”

          “He’s a punk! He’s a quitter, and he’s a loser! ” Because you know him personally right?

          If you believe Grants far fetched conjecture here that might be true.

          Ummm don’t need to meet someone that’s in the public eye.
          He’s a punk because he dated another teammates girlfriend.
          Don’t know about you but that’s a direct guy code violation.

          He’s a quitter… Well look at what everyone is talking about now. Look at last year when he held those surgeries after admitting he knew what was wrong until after the deadline so he could get paid!

          He’s a loser! What significant game has he won since 2014?

          So no Wilson I don’t need to meet him to know these three things about him.

  35. Enjoyed the creative writing Grant, but it seems like a pretty clear case of a QB with a sore arm taking it day by day.

    I’m more concerned with Anthony Davis’ evil plan to make us think he’s a team guy. What is his end game?

      1. Wrong (IMO) guys. Both CK & AD want (NOT their first choice!) to re-establish their Nona Fides, and achieve their best opportunity. Playing well ‘talks’, self promotion…..meh…
        AD: he may well be sufficiently impressed with Kelly and his scheme to buy in for this year. I’m just guessing, but I’m liking the reports so far.
        CK: I believe the FO was willing to get nothing in the worst scenario for CK. Neither Elway nor the rest of the NFL offered Trent’s asking price…….yet.
        (See: -desperation)
        I’ll agree with the idle speculation that Kelly is not yet sold on Gabbert.
        The 49ers, and some other teams, won’t really know who they are until Week#6.
        I’m not convinced that Baline can’t ‘do it’. He may be a Dilfer/Ravens guy ( not that SFs D is THAT good), but hard to imagine more. So, long shot.
        CK: I dunno. ’14 & ’15 CK wasn’t that impressive. I don’t like denegrating athletes, but Colin wasn’t good. He’d been better before. Can he get it back?
        Quien sabe? Obviously, I’d be pleased if he did.

        1. I was just kidding about Davis. I’ve supported his return and am happy to see him taking it seriously. If Brown is truly ready to play RT, then AD at RG makes some sense.

    1. He can’t trade himself, Prime.


      I can’t believe I’m saying it, but it sounds like he matured during his year off. Maybe. On the other hand, there were the “headaches” that Baalke have him… Maybe that’s not a mark against him, though, Baalke has given lots of people headaches in recent years…

    2. I am more worried that A Davis might want to just quit again and is back for a paycheck. He is willing to move positions so some reporters say. To me I take it as a sign of maybe a change. But then again he’s a Baalke pick and his picks with characters with issues isn’t a very short list. I can only hope he’s grown up a bit and still wants to play for the team that drafted him.

    3. Thanks. If it’s a clear case why has Chip Kelly had to change his tune three or four times? Kap is making him look foolish.

      1. I think it’s just one of these situations where Kap reports how the arm feels and they adjust. Kelly has said that for the most part, but is also trying to guess on a timeline due to wanting Kap back in the competition I would guess.

              1. I think the problem with Kaep’s shoulder is similar to what happened to Andrew Bogut a couple years ago, he just slept on it wrong.

                Seriously though, over a week off because the shoulder you didn’t have surgery on is acting up? What the heck did this guy do all offseason?

              2. But this is Kaepernicus we’re talking about.

                I saw him break playoff records. Sure that was almost 4 years ago, but he did it.

                And how many QB’s can stick their foot in the ground on the goal line and sprint 100 yards untouched. Yes, he only threw for 114 yards on 24 attempts in that game but the guy has skills.

              3. Grant, maybe you should ask JC about his knee rehab. I bet he would give you reams of info on soreness after therapy. Rehabbing is tricky, with progress and setbacks.

                Of course, each rehab is different, but JC could give his personal experience as a real life case study.

              4. I’ve got two hands to hold you
                Two arms around you
                The Jedster and the Knave
                Two eyes to watch you
                Two hands to help you
                Put one arm in the grave

              5. “Rehabbing is tricky”

                Apparently so tricky that the surgery on Kaepernick’s left shoulder is causing tightness in his right shoulder.

              6. The rehabbing process IS tricky. When one favors the injured side, it puts more stress on the other side.

                I remember when I had my MCL rehab. It took a while to get stretched out and have a full range of motion. When I complained about shin splints on my other leg, they told me that it was normal, because I was over working that leg and favoring the injured leg.

              7. Sorry, but this is such a stupid argument.

                The left shoulder, the one that he had surgery on, has almost no role in throwing the darn football and the motion that it does make is minimal.

                Using the surgery to explain the tightness is nothing but a bunch of horse manure.

              8. Also, using your recent experience hauling around concrete to explain what Kaepernick is experiencing is hilarious.

                According to you, you were going to 49er games back in the 70’s when they were 2-14. That would put you somewhere in your 50’s. Meanwhile the QB is in his mid 20’s and a professional athlete. Just stop.

              9. The guy did put on about 15-20 lbs in about a 2 1/2 month span Maybe he overworked over the break and its still acting up. He would seem like the type that would overwork a muscle. Just sayin’

              10. Jack, it is all relative. I brought up my soreness from shlepping concrete, and one can recover quicker when younger, but everyone is different.

                Obviously, you dismiss the whole rehab process and want the soreness to be phantom pains, but it sounded to me that Kaep overworked the shoulder, and had soreness afterwards. To me, that is normal, especially considering how hard Kaep works out.

                Maybe you have never had surgery, but the process entails rest, so the lack of working out will decrease the muscles that otherwise would be stronger with vigorous exercise.

              11. “its still acting up”

                The surgery was on his left shoulder. The tightness is in the other shoulder.

              12. “you dismiss the whole rehab process and want the soreness to be phantom pains”

                Nope. Using surgery on his left shoulder to explain tightness in the right is what I’m dismissing.

              13. Jack, when Kaep was throwing the ball into the ground, it was apparent that something was wrong. He had 3 surgeries, and you make it sound like he drove the car in to have a tune up and everything should be working fine and dandy.

                Not so fast. Rehabbing after surgery is tricky, and there are only rare cases when everything goes smoothly. Sounds like kaep over worked his shoulder, and it caused soreness. Grant pointed out that Kaep was shaking his right arm, so his observation points out that his arm was not 100%.

                Do not think they need to amputate, but going slow and steady may be the best course of action.

              14. Common sense would seem to dictate two things:

                1. He wasn’t using his throwing shoulder when his non throwing shoulder was in a sling or physically limited. Atrophy set in and his throwing shoulder is not back to the physical rigors of football. He was skinny looking when he was doing his demanding training programs, after an offseason of rehab he looks like a Somalian refugee. That’s how his left shoulder affects the right.

                2. There is no incentive for him to play for the team and he feels he is better off getting 100% healthy so that he can pick his next destination during free agency, knowing that they won’t pay his salary or play chicken with another failed trade debacle.

  36. One of the targets of criticism by commenters on this blog is Baalke. I hold him responsible for the failure of some of his draft choices to develop and the resulting lack of talent on the roster, but I’m not buying the notion that he’s out if Chip’s first year record isn’t good. That’s wishful thinking by his detractors, it won’t happen that soon.
    I also notice from the tenor of the comments that some here feel like they could draft better. “Well, so&so was still available when he picked Bozo…” Yeah well we all post reams of opinions before and after the draft and I have yet to find anyone on here, including myself, who exhibits any genius in that area.
    Yesterday I saw where the Titans traded DGB to Philly for a backup OL. Today Justin Hunter, a former 2nd rounder, acknowledged that he’s fighting for a roster spot this summer. My point is that there were some serious draft crushes around here for DGB and Justin Hunter and remember Stephen Hill? Margus Hunt? ‘We gotta move up to grab Justin Gilbert’ or Markevious Mingo. ‘We shoulda drafted Martavis Bryant’ (suspended). BB The Guru has had some draft underachievers as well.
    We’re all pretty critical and keep score and emphasize Trent’s misses while conveniently forgetting our own. I’ve said it before, I’ve got a Black Belt in hindsight.
    Oh, and also under the “Give it a rest” heading: Blame ownership for their failures, they deserve the criticism, but it ain’t going to change. The Yorks aren’t going anywhere, wishing, demanding change of ownership is like complaining about the weather; useless. There, I guess I’ve had enough coffee now.

  37. Speaking of trades, I think the Niners should trade Tony Jerrod- Eddie to the Broncos for Shaquil Barrett.

    Broncos need D line help due to injuries, and Vonn Miller would advocate strongly for his Bro. Barrett is versatile and could even line up next to Navorro Bowman. It would be a win-win for both teams.

  38. Stairway to heaven. Its early yet but music to my ears.

    “Seattle’s overhauled offensive line struggled after a decent debut last Saturday against Kansas City. Russell Wilson played the entire first half and was sacked four times, getting pulled down awkwardly on the last sack. Wilson was 5 of 11 for 77 yards.”

    1. Did you see Pete Carroll saying “they had to get the ball out faster”? After the NFL article reviewed the tape, 3 of 4 sacks were on Wilson.

    2. UC,

      That makes my day, thanks.

      I would’ve never thought it possible, but the Seattle OL could be worse this year than last.

      Also, look for Rawls to come back to earth. Now that the NFL has tape on him, I don’t think he’ll be quite as impressive as he was in the second half of the season, last year.

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