When Jim Harbaugh told his dad he was going to draft Kaepernick

In July 2011, HBO Real Sports did a feature on the Harbaugh brothers.

At the time, they did not air a clip of Jack Harbaugh talking about the moment his son, Jim, told him he was going to draft Colin Kaepernick. Here is that clip, and a transcript as well.

JACK HARBAUGH: “Jim, can you tell me? Tell me. Tomorrow you’re going to draft a quarterback. Who’s it going to be?”

And it goes dead silent. Not a word. I can just hear him breathing on the phone, I can actually hear him breathing.

He said, “Dad, will you pledge that you will not share this information with anyone? You can’t even talk about it with Jackie. Will you promise me that you will keep this totally secret?”

I said, “Jim, you have my honor, you have my word.”

And then he mentioned that Colin Kaepernick was going to be the guy that he was going to draft.

And I said, “Jim, that’s the guy.”

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