When monkeys fly….

That’s when the Raiders and the 49ers will share a stadium. A story in Wednesday S.F. Chronicle said Jed York of the 49ers and Amy Trask of the Raiders have indicated there has been an on-going dialogue between the franchises about sharing.

The idea has been floating around for a while but just think of all the reasons it simply can’t work.

The 49ers want to sign a contract with Al Davis? This is ludicrous. No one wants to sign a contract with Al because there will be a lawsuit somewhere in there. All it would take is one season in which the 49ers would outdraw the Raiders and Al would lawyer-up, claiming stadium operators, concessionaires, et al, are not living up to their end of the bargain.

I can’t imagine a Raider fan and a 49er fan sharing anything. I also can imagine a Raider fan leaving a little something on the seat for the 49er fan the next Sunday, Sure, the Jets and Giants share a spot but that rivalry is milquetoast compared to this one.

A shared stadium would dilute the total “brand” represented by the two teams.

And what would happen to The Black Hole?

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