Whitner: “It could have went either way at halftime.”

CHARLOTTE – Here’s what Donte Whitner said after the game about the 49ers’ two goal line stands against the Panthers.

Q: What is the mindset on the two goal line stands?

WHITNER: They’re not in until they’re in. We understand that they had a couple of good guys, but the character of the guys we have up front, our front-seven, they really wanted to show they were the most dominant front-seven in the National Football League.

Q: Do you think the game turned after that?

WHITNER: I do think the game turned. Those were two big stops. You expect a good running football team like that to get at least one of those in the end zone. But those guys came and they penetrated and we got off the football field.

Q: Did you feel the air go out of the stadium after those stops?

WHITNER: Oh yeah, we felt a lot of the air go out. But this is a good football team. It could have went either way at halftime. We made up our minds at halftime that we were going to come out and force our will and win this football game, and that’s what we did.

  1. Impressive work, and I think the Panthers got geeked up too early and expended too much energy. That’s why at halftime, I was hoping they’d come out and establish the running game.

      1. The Panthers got out muscled out executed and had no composure compared to a better Niner team that looked very composed…..almost like they go to the NFC championship game every year …..

      2. You are such a hater Grant..Ban me do whatever but you are a bitter little Niners hater and it’s obvious the Niners are a great team who according to you are just “lucky”..

    1. It occurred to me during the game that the intensity that Boldin was playing with, his RAC and blocking and ferocity reminded me of Mike Ditka when he played. Like a bull in a china shop after the catch.

      1. Boldin is intense, kind of surprised with all all of his trash and smack talking, but you got to love him. Gore slow too, and without either one of these guys, we would not be in the playoffs.

    1. Mr.Glass will not practice until friday, play a hand full of snaps, then leave due to some obscure injury after one Donte Whitner hit!

  2. Seattle won’t sell tickets to anyone with a credit card in CA… That should be illegal… What a bunch of insecure chumps.

    1. exactly! Their little “gimmicky ” cheap wood and aluminum college style stadium, with the artificial noise bouncing off the amplifier/ rain cover ( that dosent really keep anyone dry, since it rains sideways 330 days a year there ) will seem like a joke to this “ROAD WARRIOR ” version of the 49ers (having just beaten a Packer team in their house in -13 degree/windchill weather) that is destine to complete a long journey to claiming their 6th Lombardi trophy

  3. This game was an example of coaching dominance by both Rombaugh and Fangio. Great game plans and great half time adjustments.

    1. Great point. There was a moment there in the 2nd quarter where I momentarily had my doubts. It was then that everything changed! Great coaching and great adjustments!

  4. Grant, curious whether you think the Niners are confident about next week’s game, cautiously optimistic, or wary. I have a feeling the Niners may feel better about their chances up there than a lot of fans.

    1. This fan thinks the Niners have a great shot in beating the Sea Cheats, and really who cares about the fans, it is the players confidence level that counts, most of us, will be drinking a cold one, in our underwear and scratching our crotch.

    2. I think they should be cautiously optimistic…they’re on fire right now but let’s hope they don’t get geeked up…they need to play like they’ve been there before, because they have…

    3. i agree! we just beat Seattle a few weeks ago in our house, the monkey on Kaps back is winning up there ( you better bet hes eager to get it off), Wilson has not looked good recently and they have looked vulnerable lately (losses to us and Arizona as well as close wins) and the loss to them early in the year seems like a lifetime ago….no Crabb, no V.D….no QP

    4. i like it (hilarious, Neal), and I like the fact that we’re coming out of this game pretty healthy. Hopefully Tukuafu gets patched up.

      1. Fesnyc,

        We have the makeup of the New York Giants a couple of years ago, odds against and we win the Super Bowl, maybe we will play New England, and it will be a sequel.

      2. Neal that’s a very good call…part of me keeps hoping the old 80′s Niner offense will break out but Harbaugh likes that Bo Schembechler/Ditka pound-em approach, and that was the NYG formula as well.

        On sun night, our guys have to remember it’s a 60 minute game and to keep pounding the Seahawks for the whole time. I think we can take em, but it’s going to be another tough game.

    5. This team and the true 49er fans are more than confident in our ability to go to Seattle and beat them. We just have to play smart football. Coaches must adjust and prepare this team mentally to deal with the noise. If we can score early and knock out Russell Wilson a few times it should shut the crowd. We need to play good football as a team, offense, defense and speical teams. Go Niners

  5. Half time for DEN\S.D. and it final. A great day for the 9ers and even a better day for the old coaches wallet. I had the 9ers in a single bet and a sizable win on a parlay card and I don’t even have to sweat the 2nd half.

  6. Cohn, Are you freakin serious?
    When Eric Reid and Vernon Davis went out of the week 10 game, it was “Panthers knocked them out of the game! ”
    When Mikell goes out, it’s ” Panthers pass suffered when Mikell went out” and ‘Boldin beat a blown coverage”. Boldin’s 8 catches for 138 yards are because of blown coverage and Panthers pass D “suffering” without Mikell? Why can’t you suck it up and give credit where it’s due? The Niners kicked the vaunted Carolina D right in the teeth! Just stay in Charlotte ya little Niner Hater! Niner fans don’t want to hear your lame drivel anymore!

    1. Exactly..I know you don’t have to be a fan of a team you cover but that little tool Cohn just wants to see the Niners fail..His act is old.

  7. Hey Seattle Fan,
    What’s up with the cheat-hawks not selling tickets to CA (majority of 49ers fans) residents.

    Are you guys afraid that because we 49ers faithful travel so well, that we might steal some of your seahawks fans thunder at the stadium come Sunday?

    Seattle Seahawk fan says:
    January 11, 2014 at 6:06 pm
    “Seahawks are in a slump but still beat Saints. If they can do that in a slump wait till they get out of it next week. Be very afraid 49ers or Panthers.”

    Ahh Seattle Fan, what does not selling tickets to CA/49ers fans tell you about who is really afraid?
    Panic in Seattle!!!

  8. I expect the 49er offensive line to handle the Seahawks defensive front now that they have vanquished the better Panthers front.

  9. I think Boldin LIKES playing with the niners…..and so hopefully we can get a good deal negotiating another season with him. He’s getting plenty of Love, certainly. That’s worth something.

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