Who is Tom Gamble and what would the 49ers lose if he leaves?

Tom Gamble, the 49ers’ Director of Player Personnel, is being courted around the league to become a general manager. He’s already interviewed with the Jaguars, and the Jets, Browns and Chargers are reportedly interested in him as well. About a year ago, the Raiders expressed interest in him, too.

Gamble has a great reputation in the NFL. He was a college scout for the Indianapolis Colts from 1998 to 2004. Since 2010, Gamble has overseen both NFL and college scouting for the Niners, while Trent Baalke has been in charge of the roster.

Gamble stays behind the scenes. He does not talk to the media like Trent Baalke occasionally does.

We don’t know much about Gamble. Does anyone know anything they can share about him?

We do know that freshly-hired general managers tend to want to hire their own coaches. If Gamble does get a GM job, do you think he would hire any of the 49ers assistant coaches? Do you think Gamble would hire Greg Roman to be head coach, or John Morton to be offensive coordinator, or Jim Tomsula to be defensive coordinator? Do you think Gamble would sign Alex Smith if the 49ers cut him?

If another team hires Gamble, how much would the 49ers lose?

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