Who was better in his prime – Moss or T.O.?

While we’re waiting, here’s something to chew on. At their height, who was the better wide receiver – Randy Moss or Terrell Owens?

They both have 153 career touchdown receptions, and they’re two of the greatest receivers ever. Which guy was better?

I say Terrell Owens. Moss has always been a one-trick pony, although he does his trick better than anyone ever. The trick is to run fast straight down the sideline, jump up and catch the deep pass.

Moss is the greatest deep threat of all time. But he never liked running over the middle of the field, he’s not much of a blocker, and he takes plays off.

Owens was always the more complete receiver. He was much more physical than Moss. He was very fast too, but he didn’t only run go routes. He could do other things, too. He could take a slant, break two or three tackles and out run everyone to the end zone. Moss couldn’t do that.

Moss is a better option for the Niners right now than Owens because he’s healthier and few years younger, but in their primes, I’d take Owens over Moss.

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