Who’s going to win NFL conference championship games?

Let’s take a brief break from all the 49ers coach and GM hypotheticals. We can come back to that game later. For now, let’s focus on the real games we’ll watch this Sunday.

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  1. Grant, I like your Falcons score and prediction. I think McCourty is the guy the Steelers have to game plan around, and I agree with the Patriots winning. Big Ben looks as though his skills are beginning to erode….

      1. Just saw your column. So you picked the game winners but you missed on the spread. Glad I didn’t listen to your final score predictions. $$ – )

  2. I think the SB will be Packers vs Steelers. Roethlisberger rarely has two bad games in a row (neither does Brady to be fair), and when running smoothly that Steelers offense is hard to stop. And the Patriots are without Gronk and Bennett and Amendola are carrying injuries.

      1. Rodgers is in hot form, and I think the Falcons are a great regular season team without a lot of lift in them (though last week does make me question that thought as they lifted against the Seahawks).

        1. The Falcons are a much more physical team than I gave them credit for, and that’s another reason I think they emerge victorious….

    1. I know this is hard for you to believe, but I actually like the Shanahan hire as how many times did Matt Ryan throw for 300 yards? To see the 49ers passing again would be great.

  3. Regarding Gus Bradley:

    Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 7h7 hours ago

    Matt Barrows Retweeted Alex Marvez

    Bradley has a son who will be high school senior QB in Jacksonville in the fall. A complicating issue.

  4. I’m going to ignore the “facts” and stick my neck out. It’s the Falcons time. Pittsburgh v. Falcons in SB. Pittsburgh scores field goals (like KC game) but Ryan delivers touchdowns. Falcons win big. As far as scores go I think we’ll all be surprised by the games. Time for a change.

    1. Thanks Darren. Rush Limbaugh likes the Steelers and Packers? Good to know.

      I was going to say that this blowhard is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but somehow that doesn’t seem like a good analogy considering the number of fat cells Rush has between his ears. Let’s put it this way …… Rush has an IQ of 2 and it takes 3 to grunt. I’d say there’s way too much green grass between his goalposts, and if dumb was dirt, he would certainly cover more than a football field.

      Falcons – Patriots Superbowl!

      1. Then again, even a broken clock is correct twice a day. I am pretty sure Rush doesn’t believe in evolution which is ironic considering that he’s proof evolution can work in reverse.

        Go Falcons!

  5. Falcons.

    Their 3rd ranked O vs. the 32nd ranked D will be no contest.

    Ryan, Devonta Freeman running those Texas patterns like Roger Craig, Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu (who the 49ers debated drafting), are an NFL symphony in action, guided by the master, Shanahan.

    Falcons 45-24.

    1. I agree with both outcomes but Falcons will blow out the Packers 41-24. Packers barely beat the Cowboys and the Cowboys are not as good as the Faclcons. Falcons have way too many weapons for Green Bay’s defense to keep up with.

      Pittsburgh wins by a last minute field goal.

    1. Are Prime’s and others dreams coming true so quickly ?

      1. 49ers change for the better so quickly. 2. Tomsula, Jarryd Hayne and Kap headed for the Toronto Argonaughts. 2. Seb, following closely in aircraft ?

      No, it’s a dream. Wake up–snap out of this parallel universe, a dimension of analytics, 7th round picks, idiocracy movie, be dammed, your the star.


    Getekust has joined Wolfe in withdrawing from consideration as GM, after Patriots OC, McDaniels did the same thing.

    It’s easy to conclude that no one wants to work for the 49ers or that something in the interview process is creeping them out.

    Reports are that the 49ers are giving Kyle shanahan the power, but how much power ?

    The GM interviewees above certainly know the answer


    1. I called it before then, and I don’t even have sources like Rapport, Grant, or the others.

  7. 49er 1st pick possibility:

    Isaiah Ford has had an impressive career at Virginia Tech. As a Hokie, Ford has put up some tremendous numbers starting off with a strong freshman year. In his freshman year, Ford caught 56 catches for 706 yards and six touchdowns.

    He followed this up with an outstanding sophomore campaign. One in which he set VT school records in receiving touchdowns and receiving yards. That year, Ford hauled in 11 touchdowns with 1,164 receiving yards on 75 receptions.

    In 2016, Ford proved that his sophomore year was no fluke. He again crossed the 1,000-yard mark by posting 1,094 yards on 79 grabs for seven touchdowns


    6′-2″; 190 Lbs; 4.53/40 yds.

  8. Michael Silver Verified account 

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    Michael Silver Retweeted Ian Rapoport

    I would now regard Vikings exec George Paton as the favorite for Niners GM job

    Hesterly ‏@NHesterly · 7h7 hours ago

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    @MikeSilver @RapSheet isn’t he the last one left

    DenverDrew ‏@DenverDrew44 · 7h7 hours ago

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    @MikeSilver @49ers the job people with options don’t want. When does Jed realize Paraag is an impediment? #FailTheFaithful #PureYork

    DenverDrew ‏@DenverDrew44 · 7h7 hours ago

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    Packers GM, Wolfe and Gutekunst

    @NJsportsguy17 bro, a new deal to stay a assistant. He passed on running the show, this ain’t good. But keep pretending this ain’t #PureYork

    Ryan Haws ‏@Thr33pntthr3at · 5h5 hours ago

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    @DenverDrew44 @NJsportsguy17 Amen brother! Something is scaring these candidates away and it’s at the top either Paraag or @JedYork

    DenverDrew ‏@DenverDrew44 · 5h5 hours ago

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    @Thr33pntthr3at @NJsportsguy17 @JedYork it’s someone having Jed’s ear. Singletary, Harbs, Nolan all talk to other coaches. Words out

    Ryan ‏@rmg4949 · 7h7 hours ago

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    @MikeSilver Jed and Paraag just can’t get out of the way! You watch, Shanahan will be next.

  9. Robert spontak

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    Robert spontak Retweeted Tim Kawakami

    Tim do you think anyone around JED has the sense to tell him to keep paraag out of this?

    Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 6h6 hours ago

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    Tim Kawakami Retweeted Robert spontak

    Marathe is the only 49ers person around Jed these days.

    Brent Jones Talks about 49er GM search and to keep Paraag out of football operations/coaching offices


  10. When Thompsen retires. Wolf becomes number one and gutty becomes number 2.

    I’d stay as well. Get a raise. Keep my family in place. And peacefully wait for another GM job that’s more desirable.

  11. Wolf and shamahan we will give you 8 million dollars each a year. Wolf has ultimate say so over draft, contracts and 90 player roster. Shanahan you will keep his draft picks from the current year on the team but otherwise you can pick your 53 players.

    Mr paraag will help you guys kill the contracts and stay under the salary cap cause he is a studmeister at this stuff. Otherwise he will stay out of your hair.

  12. Falcons in a blowout! 45-20
    Gb hangs around in the first half, and their defense (weak I must add) will be begging for the game to end.
    Dallas was overrated and not battle tested. Atl defense is fast and get after the qb. Rodgers can’t beat fast defenses that pressure him. Never has. I don’t care how hot he is.

    I agree with the second score and result. Pitt doesn’t impress me that much. They played solid in a hostile environment. And used the same old blue print on Alex smith. Make him throw to receivers outside. And once again like the NFC title game vs NY he missed an open receiver for an easy touchdown that probably would have been the difference.
    The pats are at home, and their defense looks mean. They hit, and will
    Match the entensity brought by the Steelers defense. Going with the home team in a close one. 23-17. Pitt blows the last drive to win it.

    Falcons beat the patriots in Houston. By two scores and lifts their first Lombardi Trophy.

  13. Matty Ice is going to be clutch in a playoff championship? History is not on his side. Green Bay vs Pittsburg. I had NE losing at the start of the season in the championship and Green Bay winning the super bowl, so I’ll keep those predictions.

  14. A couple of weeks ago I predicted a Falcons vs Chiefs SP with the Falcons winning the trophy.
    Well the Chiefs are out but the dirty birds are still in.

    Why they will be the Pack.
    Better RB’s – Freeman and Coleman may prove to be the winning formula in this game.
    Falcons O-line will give Matty just enough protection to get the job done.
    Packers best pass-rusher is Clay Matthews and he is not what he was a couple of years ago. GB’s pass rush will need to come from the interior DL and they will get burned by said RB’s.

    Rogers has been incredible, but with Jordy Nelson out the GB receivers will have a hard time getting past the Falcons fast CB’s.
    Vic Beasley and Deion Jones will pressure Rogers and have the speed to keep Rogers from rolling outside the pocket to make the miracle pass.

    And finally, Matty “ice” gets his redemption after the heartbreaking loss to the 49ers in the 2012 championship game.

    Rogers’ “run the table” motto comes to end!

  15. I got burned last week by betting against Rogers’ magic, but I’m going to try again. AR is on an incredible run, but his team is so depleted by injuries that the Falcons are a better team and at home and they were feeling it last week and played well.
    Similarly, it’s crazy to go against Brady, but Pitt’s pass rush has been coming to life and they’ll be able to run the ball a bit to try to play keep-away. If Pitt can contest the middle of the field against TEs and Slots……maybe Pitt.
    So, gulp, Atl and Pitt

        1. He might’ve posted “No” once.

          Of course, he probably followed that up with a War and Peace length post on Kipling, The Art of War, or both.

    1. Razor,
      No big names playing.
      Etc, etc ec.

    1. Well…. Time for grant to ask the question, if Kyle Shannahan will go to colts instead. If he does, we are kicking rocks

  16. Falcons over Packers; Steelers over the Pats.

    Shanny Jr gets a bit more time to ponder the job while Jedraag does just enough in their idle time to F this up… Maybe then Jed will be forced to hire a respected president of football ops to fix this mess that Jedraag created.

  17. On Rotoworld:

    NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports coach Chuck Pagano’s job is “believed to be safe.”
    Owner Jim Irsay made a run at Jon Gruden and has been looking at other coaches for weeks. The Colts fired GM Ryan Grigson but it sounds like Pagano will get another year. Pagano has been on the hot seat the last two seasons and is entering a make-or-break 2017. The Colts haven’t made the playoffs since 2014.

  18. Cooper Rush had a decent day. He dropped a pass over the LBs and in front of the safety. Saw a couple where the WR could have made the catch. I think he will be a good late round selection.

    1. Cooper Rush’s may be as pro-ready as any QB in recent years, as he is a fifth-year senior quarterback with 4 years experience running a pro scheme with multiple formations, motions and protections. The Chippewas’ QB has over 10,000 career passing yards in a pro-style offense that features manifold concepts and relies on its signal-caller to call the signals, instead of looking to the coaches on the sideline for pre-snap answers. That’s a big advantage for a QB trying to make the big leap from a college football conference that features the likes of Toledo, Akron, Bowling Green, and Ball State. Unfortunately for Cooper, his arm talent isn’t up to the standards of a starting NFL QB.

      Here is a very accurate scouting report on Rush, IMO:


      1. I am not too worried about arm strength. I think he is accurate, and he can bulk up and work on his arm strength while sitting behind Kaep, studying and learning for a season or 2.

  19. One of you, it might have been Wilson or Mid, mentioned how these games are good for evaluating the later round picks. Due to the fact that all the first round prospects are sitting, the lesser level talent is getting showcased.

    Looks like this draft will be deep in RB, so the Niners will be able to concentrate on defense early, and still get a quality back later.

  20. Razor,
    The guys playing today are likely 4th – UDFA’s – and that’s only half of them.
    Not trying to disparage any player but when Mike Mayock touts players like Alek Torgersen, Trey Hendrickson and Fabian Moreau, I have a hard time getting real excited about the game.

  21. Razor,
    The guys playing today are likely 4th – UDFA’s – and that’s only half of them.
    Not trying to disparage any player but when Mike Mayock touts players like Alek Torgersen, Trey Hendrickson and Fabian Moreau, I have a hard time getting real excited about the game.

        1. They are now talking about him in the first, but maybe the second. If the Niners have multiple seconds by moving back, he could be taken by one of them. They are thinking McCaffrey may fall to the second. He was 30th on one draft board.

  22. Maiocco’s saying the 49ers expect to have a new GM early next week regardless of what happens tomorrow. Reasoning seems sound as long as KS doesn’t back out.

    “Regardless of the outcome of Sunday’s game, the 49ers will be allowed to interview Shanahan next week – most likely, Tuesday in Atlanta. Shanahan will be involved in the process to hire the next general manager. Minnesota assistant general manager George Paton appears to be the favorite. The 49ers expect the general manager position to be filled early in the week.”


  23. 38-24 Atl – I think the Falcons are playing well and are much more physical than the Packers right now, and GB’s injuries will lurk.

    31-27 Toss a coin on Pit/NE, but I think Pit squeezes out a close one as they are playing better than NE over the last month.

    I am surprised we haven’t heard more about who may be on Shanny Jr’s staff at this point……….. certainly he must have some tight bonds after the length of time he has served in the league.

  24. It would say a lot if Caserio interviews for the Colts job, Pioli too. If Paton and McDonough schedule interviews with Indy we will be in trouble. Paton and McDonough would have some leverage, Kyle would still have a ton of leverage, and Jed would have none.

    Chuck Pagano should be our DC if he is ends up getting fired.

    1. Riddick is the guy in the group that desperately wants the hot bartender. She’s totally out of his league but his buddies keep telling him to go for it. Listening to everyone tell him he’s got a chance he approaches her but of course she wants nothing to do with him. Now hurt, he’s gotta save face to his buddies and tell them she was dumb.

      1. CFC,
        I wouldn’t call the 49ers a hot bartender – they are more like the girl sitting at the end of the bar looking haggard with a few teeth missing.
        Hard to believe, but she actually looks a little better than the Cleveland girl sitting next to her.

      1. Most adults know there aren’t any guarantees in life, but there are ESPN fan boys that will appreciate his condescension….

      2. Not really saying much though. Being a good anything doesn’t always mean you’ll also succeed in a promotion but it certainly increases the odds versus someone who wasn’t successful. Typical T.V. analyst, plenty of words that don’t say anything that you don’t already know.

  25. Shows Riddick was only in McDaniels camp. Funny how Riddick dismisses McDaniels failure in Denver and with Rams. Also I think Kyle has a bit of an advantage because he has his dad to lean on–maybe Mike doesn’t like Riddick too. Anyway I’m excited but think we’ll be waiting a couple more weeks for the hire to happen.

  26. Got the best coaching candidate.

    But botched the gm hire.

    50% for awesomeness is not bad for Jed.

    I bet his overall percentage is awesomness hovers around 1.3% so 50% is pretty amazing.

    We will also have some holes for assistant coaches. Maybe awesomeness drops to 39% because of that.

    1. But botched the gm hire

      It’s a process of attrition, and the last man standing is often the strongest. Paton is familiar with the Mighty Quinn, and by extension, Shanny Jr….

        1. Not sure what you mean. Trump applied for a job against 17 other candidates, and one by one, they dropped out. Some need to give excuses because their egos cannot cope with their perceived public humiliation of losing….

          1. Trump applied for a job against 17 other candidates, and one by one, they dropped out.
            No, that’s not how an election works.

            What I mean simply is that the process of attrition doesn’t always leave you with the best candidate if the person doing the culling is using flawed reasoning.

        2. Only if you’re familiar with the person that picked you last. Hehe!

          We can’t say that the gm hire was not botched.

          Now you can argue to get Shahahan that this was the only way to do it. But it’s not an argument without its flaws.

          If they were straight out picking the best gm without considering the coaching situation. I would bet that we wouldn’t just be left with one candidate. With a plan to maybe interview some other people if needed

          1. One final point I’d like to make on this “botched” GM topic. Let’s say York had a favorite going into the process, but through interviews and thought processes, it became apparent that the best man for the job was someone else….

            1. Sure. I’m open to that idea. I just doubt that was the case.

              Also even if that happened- I do worry about his decision making skills.

              Not as much as some other people. Because I do think he is well advised behind the scenes. But he hasn’t demonstrated the strongest track record of making decisions about people.

              1. I’m no fan of York, but I’ve got to give him credit for blowing it all up. The fact that he recognized that was the best way forward, gives me a sliver of hope for the franchise….

        1. Dr. Henry Edwards is Harry and a Sociologist, not Henry and a psychologist or psychiatrist. We go back to his freshman year at San Jose State when I was his dorm mother for two years.

  27. Tarter might end up staying here to become D.C. He’s under contract still.

    Will Pioli get a shot at GM now too? He’s in ATL as Asst GM

    Either way I like Paton and McDonough the more I read about their solid backgrounds –much improved over Baalke!

    1. From the outside it’s like a strobe effect view. Things keep changing unexpectedly from frame to frame. Hard to catch any trends.

    1. The logic behind it is pretty simple;

      1-He’s better then then the free agent choices
      2-He’s a better choice to start then a rookie draft pick.

      Pay him the top money but do it with an early out for the team. We’ve got plenty of cap space but create a contract that lets us cut ties on the cheap after 2 or 3 seasons as a safety net.

      1. I agree, and what’s funny is my latest mock/franchise plan from Grant’s homework assignment a couple weeks ago, was exactly that. Sign Cousins, but I had McVay as the HC….

          1. Probably right, however, I would point out the McCloughan philosophy is to not devote large amounts of cash to one position….

            1. They’re going to keep tagging him until they at least make it through to the divisional round or he starts to show signs of plateauing or even regressing. Top starting QB’s are all 18M+ now, whether McCloughan wants to pay that money or not is about whether or not he wants a top QB. Since he does I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Kirk gets his contract from them.

  28. Mike Lombard always sounds good on the Radio & TV, but I don’t know about his actual track record with the Raiders & Cleveland on drafting? He left Raiders in 07 so I don’t know if he drafted JaMarcus Russell or not -but that’s a negative if he did. Further, Browns drafted Manziel in 14 and I don’t know if Lombardi left before that or not?

  29. Two great games with four great NFL quarterbacks. To think of what we have would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. Let’s hope we can join the club sometime in the near future and get back to playing Forty Niner football with a bonafide quarterback like we’ll watch today. It starts with the quarterback in the NFL. That’s not hate blogaholic, that’s reality. I’d like to attend at least one more WINNING Super Bowl before I depart this life. I’m afraid that won’t happen with, as Prime puts it, “Old wind up!” Enjoy the games today.

    1. I don’t. Hate the Packers/Patriots/Steelers. Can’t afford to have any of those teams add another Lombardi Trophy to their cases. Falcons all the way, baby! Besides, dramas are my favorite genre, and it will test Shanny Jr.’s devotion with the addition of the Colt’s entering the sweepstakes….

      1. I thought Isray came out and said Pagano was their coach in 2017?
        Let’s get this rebuild started. Shanny get to work Tuesday! Go Pack!

  30. Go ATL — I don’t mind waiting for Shanny Jr. ATL is the only team left that could stop Green Bay from getting five Super Bowl, New England from getting their fifth Super Bowl and Brady from getting the fifth Super Bowl, and Pittsburgh from getting their seventh.

        1. Players know who win or lose games. All that offense has to do is score a bunch of points today and the players will feel the same way about him in that locker room whether he has the ring or not.

    1. Well if Wolf and Gute were better at their jobs the Packers would have more talent on that team. Who’d want those losers, if it wasn’t for Rodgers they’d be picking at the top of the draft too. :)

      1. CFC – That is an ignorant comment. The Packers secondary is totally depleted and beset with injuries. No matter who they put out there is not a good match-up. At least have some intelligence to your posts. Are you in the bitter barn because Wolf and Gutekunst dropped out of the faux GM job derby?????

  31. Having a great receiver like Jones is definitely a must but even more important is having a QB that knows where he is on the field, what the defense is doing to disrupt where he is on the field, and being able to actually hit him accurately with the football. This we lack.

  32. Since 2011 the Packers have only drafted two RB’s. They haven’t drafted one in the past 3 drafts. That’s biting them in the ass the today.

  33. As great as Rogers is, it’s tough to win Championship games with a one dimensional offense. Atlanta’s defense is doing a great job of exposing the Packs deficiency and daring the Pack to run the ball, which they can’t. 24-0! Well, Rogers is my fanduel QB so hopefully he’ll start racking up the points in the second half.

  34. True & Atlanta defense is much better than back then too. Shanny Jr is just exposing Wolf & Brian Gutekunst why he doesn’t want them here:)

    1. What surprises me is that Capers still has a job. I thought after the back to back lost to the Niners in the playoff and getting embarrased in San Francisco that he is gone. And watching their Def again today and last week, I think their fans wll be calling for his firing.

  35. So, Shanahan is putting on a clinic. Not only did he rip apart the Seattle defense last week, now he’s ripping apart the Packer defense. And he’s, presumptively, the next 49ers head coach.

    Lot of fans and sportswriters are going to have to eat a lot of ****ing crow if we do actually land him…

    ‘Cause, remember the conventional wisdom, nobody who’d be qualified to run an NFL would want to work for Jed… Kind of like how your daddies all said the same thing back during Eddie’s 4-coaches-in-4 years period…

    1. Dont count your chickens before they hatch. Nobody has signed anything. A better opportunity may come around.

      KS has gained a bunch of leverage.

  36. Dang, KS is making the offense look unstoppable. Wonder if that new GM will still want Pagano. If KS can rehabilitate Ryan, imagine what he could do with Luck.

    Sure like what I saw. WCO concepts prominently displayed. KS has an offense that can actually use a fullback. 3 drops or they might have scored more. KS is smart enough to utilize Ryan’s mobility. He should be able to do the same with Kaep, but I am not going to be too optimistic. KS must be looking like gold to Irsay.

    1. And when KS comes on board in SF, he’ll readily identify the fool’s gold that is Kaep. Don’t delude yourself any further. Rehabbing pretenders will not be part of the WCO master plan.

      1. Bill Walsh was visionary when he picked up Steve Young from the scrap heap. He saw that a mobile QB gave the offense one more weapon. BW would know how to utilize him properly, just like I think KS will do the same.

        And dont give me the inaccuracy garbage, Kaep threw for 400 yards, so he can sling the ball.

          1. SY got the luxury of sitting for years and learning behind the GOAT.

            Kaep, despite the selective amnesia, actually had some nice games. He will benefit from throwing ot his receivers during OTAs and TC this upcoming season, and I see you are perpetuating his lack of study time screed.

            1. Steve has addressed this multiple times in his KNBR show. To paraphrase, “Kaep has the hardware (physical abilities) but doesn’t work on the software (playbook, game plan). He is so gifted athletically that doesn’t see the need to work on the other part”.

              1. Kaep went to Arizona after the 2014 season, and studied with Kurt Warner to improve his QB skills. that totally deflates your argument. Chip never mentioned that Kaep needed to study more. In fact, he elevated Kaep as soon as he could, and never said he had to dummy down the playbook.

          1. The fact that he tried to learn from a pocket passer was the important part. Kaep did try to study to improve.

            The question about changing his delivery is another matter. It would be like trying to change a pitcher’s delivery. Sometimes it will mess him up even more, instead of fixing the problem or improving his delivery.

  37. Those DB blitzes are lighting up Rodgers. He must be shell shocked.

    Atlanta is looking formidable. Solid in all phases of the game. Smart play calling. Few mistakes. They could go all the way.

  38. So like I said at the top of this thread, not sure Atlanta has that lift factor for big games… :-P So much for that theory. Packers are no match for them.

    1. Packer pass D was rated 28th, and it shows. Brilliant move to do play action. Make them cover the run so the receivers are one on one. Ryan is carving them up like a turkey.

    2. After what they did to Carrol’s defense, I never doubted their ability to drop a 40 burger on Dommy Capers’ defense….

  39. I’m going to need some mercy points for this blowout i called.
    Just think In two maybe 3 seasons our offense can look like this. Getting the qb and two receivers will help. Lol

    I will say this big name players might want to be a part of this offense

  40. GB was not ready to play this game, especially defensively. I think Mike McCarthy has 9 lives in GB. If he didn’t have Aaron Rogers, he would have been fired years ago!

  41. Don’t worry Andes, Kyle will not waste his time with Colon. Everybody knows that. Well, almost everyone. His offense depends on an intelligent, disciplined, accurate QB with the know how to read a defense on the fly, adjust accordingly while going through his progressions, knowing how his receivers have adjusted to the defense, and then delivering the ball accurately. All “must have” ability’s of which Colon does not possess. Never has, and never will. Kyle knows this. He see’s what we all see, and has more football knowledge in his baby toe nail then, well, you know. I guess when he does discard Colon, he will be called a hack also, like Greg Cosell, Tim Ryan , and anyone else who discharges the truth about Colon. LOL, what a joke.

    1. I’m not in the least concerned and you expressed that quite nicely, JuanH. This otherwise astute blog needs to be done with sophomoric athlete obsessions and broken-record cliches. The once-glorious 49ers may well be on the threshold of a New Era,

    2. KS is going to kick you haters in the teeth by declaring that Kaep is the starter, and that he will be confident to able to utilize his skills.

      Ol’ brain dead Kreuger is pontificating that the Niners do not have a QB, but as of right now, Kaep is the only QB on the roster.

      Selective amnesia is allowing you to forget that Rams game, when Kaep was clutch and a leader, willing himself into the end zone for that 2 point play that won the game.With the proper support, Kaep will take the league by storm, again.

      Kaep could do all the same things if he had Jones to throw to. I noticed that KS had Ryan running naked bootlegs, something I have been begging the Niners to do. He also would run better than Ryan, he would skip into the end zone, instead of stumbling in.

      1. I just don’t see it happening Seb. A recent report says Kap is expected to exercise the opt-out option clause in his contract, essentially making him a free agent in 2017. And according to the report, Kap will almost assuredly leave the 49ers if they do, in fact, hire Kyle Shanahan as their next HC, which is unofficially official.

        Why? If Colin decides to opt-in, he will likely want assurance that he will be the 49ers starter in 2017, and I simply don’t see Kyle making that kind of offer. Colin is not a good fit for Shanahan’s style and West Coast Offensive scheme. Shanahan places a high value on accuracy and reading defenses, two areas where Kaepernick has struggled mightily throughout his career.

        And then, of course, there is the money issue. If Kaepernick decides to excersize his opt-in and stay, the 49ers will be on the hook for his $14.5 million base salary in 2017. And if the 49ers opt to cut him, they would clear nearly $17 million in salary cap space. If Colin becomes a free agent, perhaps the 49ers could offer to bring him back for less money, however, IMO, it makes more sense for him to pursue offers from other, quarterback needy teams. The Jets and Bills both seem to be better fits for Colin.

        Let’s face it, Colin is a lightning rod in terms of public relations. In terms of my personal feelings in regards to Colin, even though I initially supported his protest, I had mixed emotions about whether or not his individual protest was appropriate while in uniform, and part of a large team sport. And while I think Colin means well, I think his actions came across as rather selfish. However, after investigative reporting uncovered the fact that Colin has never even registered to vote. And Colin admitted that he’s never voted in any election, essentially ignoring a large part of what great men like Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders fought for, and died for. In doing so he revealed himself to be a confused and misguided individual. While I step back my statements about Colin being a fraud, but I think he set himself up as a pawn to be used by his opponents who have called him out as a hypocrite, and someone whom is only looking to take the spotlight away from others to shine it upon himself. In doing so he has actually set back the civil rights movement, and that’s a stigma I no longer want associated with the football team I love with a passion, and have supported through the good times and bad.

        For Colin’s sake, the teams sake, and the sake of progressive’s who agree with his core message, I hope he steps a way from football for now, and concentrates his efforts into understanding who he is, and what he stands for. And if that means turning his undivided attention into being a political and civil rights activist ( which I support), he needs to understand words mean nothing if you aren’t willing to participate in the process.

        It would be one thing if Colin actually evolved as an NFL quarterback and proved he isn’t simply a gimmick who caught the league off guard, one found some success before the league adjusted and caught up to the zone/read schemes he ran with such success early on in his career. But he hasn’t, and he no longer carries the kind of respect necessary to effectively carry his message.

        1. Or carry an offense for that matter, especially an offense centered on West Coast schemes.

          Time to move on Colin and find yourself. I wish you the best, I really do.

        2. 49, so you do not want Kaep to be the 49er QB because he did not vote?

          Kaep is still the Niner QB, and he could have declared he would be a free agent if he wanted to on Jan 2nd. Kaep himself has said that he wants to play here, and if KS is the coach, Kaep would be delighted to finally have a coach smart enough to utilize him properly. Sue am glad JMD did not become the HC because he likes guys like Tebow.

          If KS can rejuvenate Ryan, he can do the same for Kaep.

          The whole salary thing is all in the Niner’s favor. If Kaep left, it would probably be for less. The Niners have 90 mil in cap space, so they can easily afford Kaep, and the 16 mil salary is actually a good deal because he will make less than QBs like Cutler and Brock.

          1. Did you simly read one sentence of my post seb.

            Let me repost the parts you missed Seb: Colin is not a good fit for Shanahan’s style (i.e.) West Coast Offensive schemes. Shanahan places a high value on accuracy and reading defenses, two areas where Kaepernick has struggled mightily throughout his career.

            It would be one thing if Colin actually evolved as an NFL quarterback and proved he isn’t simply a gimmick who caught the league off guard, one found some success before the league adjusted and caught up to the zone/read schemes he ran with such success early on in his career. But he hasn’t, and he no longer carries the kind of respect necessary to effectively carry his message, or an NFL offense.

            1. 49, no, I read it all, and I wish to disagree with your contention that Kaep could not fit in a KS offense. Those dump off passes to the RBs that Ryan did is exactly what Kaep did many times this last season. Kaep threw the ball to Bruce Miller many times, too, in the previous 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons, so he can utilize the FB like the Niners did during the Glory years.

              The fact that you were disparaging him for not voting means you are not educated on why he did not vote. Kaep explained that the system is broke, an he felt as though he would be supporting the system if he did vote, because he felt both candidates were flawed. As an American, it is his inherent right to vote, but also his inherent right NOT to vote.

              1. Seb, of course it’s his inherent right to vote, or not to vote. However, in my world, you don’t get to bitch and complain about things if you aren’t willing to be part of the democratic process. How is the system going to get fixed if people who care strongly about issues aren’t willing to vote? How old is Colin, 29? Colin has NEVER voted, meaning he passed up an opportunity to vote for the country’s first black president, right? Yet, people are supposed to take him seriously when it comes to the civil rights of people of color?

                The single biggest advancement of civil rights is the right to vote for both women and persons of color. MLK understood this fundamental fact, and is likely rolling in his grave upon hearing that Kaepernick, the supposed “knower of all that is inherently wrong with civil liberties in this country” never felt the need to vote for any candidate who supports his positions (aka policy makers) civil rights initiatives, climate change initiatives, marriage equality, etc.

                Shame on Kap!

              2. 49, back there again? Some would applaud Kaep for staying out of politics and concentrating on football. They sure dissed him for advocating for social justice.

                Shame on Kaep? No, he is exercising his right not to vote. The US is not a totalitarian state that forces everyone to vote with a ballot with one name on it.

                I will agree, however, that his message would be stronger if he did vote, but perfectly understand why he did not wish to participate in this farce where the minority vote getter is declared victor.

              3. Seb, I like you. Sometimes it seems like you are arguing for the sake of arguing.

                I like Colin. I also think he means well. I agree with Colin’s core message about police brutality and their lack of accountability. I also applaud his charitable contributions.

                However, you’re never going to convince me that, when it comes to civil rights and civil liberties, Hillary wasn’t a better choice than Trump. And you’re never going to convince me that Obama wasn’t a better choice than Romney. Same when it comes to voting on important issues like marriage equality, women’s rights, environmental issues, and the rights of the LGBT community.

              4. 49, whoa, I have never said that Trump is better than Hillary, and for the record, I have voted for every Democratic candidate since Carter. Maybe that turns off a bunch of republicans, but I will stand tall and proclaim to the world that I want liberty, peace and justice for all, and that goes beyond political parties.

                I concede, I can tend to be argumentative just for the sake of arguing, but that is just my debate training.

                I can return the favor. I do like you, and although your impassioned posts on Cook tended to be long, they were well thought out.

                All I want is to be able to calmly and civilly discuss the Niners, a team I love, with like minded Niner fans. While perusing the other sites, I find out that they are trite, and too rah rah. I find this site is one that really discusses the strategic and organizational dynamics that acutely affect the team.

              5. I am not buying Seb. Did you vote? I’ll bet you did.

                What Colin said is that he didn’t vote for either President-elect Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Election Day because “he thought it would be hypocritical of him to submit to an oppressive system”.

                Voting, according to Colin, is a form of submission to an oppressive system. Can you really defend this statement? Would Martin Luther King Jr. defend this statement?

                Colin takes a knee during the national anthem to bring awareness to racial injustices in America. Yet The Voting Rights Act of 1965, which was the crowning achievement of the civil rights movement in an era when social injustice was far more prevelant than it is today. In fact, some people sacrificed everything they had, in some cases, even their lives, to fight for their right to vote. And The Voting Rights Act had an immediate impact. Within months of its passage on August 6, 1965, one quarter of a million new black voters had been registered, one third by federal examiners. Within four years, voter registration in the South had more than doubled. In 1965, Mississippi had the highest black voter turnout–74%–and led the nation in the number of black leaders elected. In 1969, Tennessee had a 92.1% turnout; Arkansas, 77.9%; and Texas, 73.1%.

                President Lyndon B. Johnson: “Many of the issues of civil rights are very complex and most difficult. But about this there can and should be no argument. Every American citizen must have the right to vote”

                Yet, according to Colin Kaepernick, voting is an act of submission to a repressive system. SMH. To take Colin on his word, voting for the first Black President of the United States was a form of submission. Voting for womens equality, marriage equality, LGBT rights, environmental protections, access to affordable health care and a fair tax system, all simply a form of submission to an oppressive system, according to your boy, Colin Kaepernick.

                Not saying Colin is a bad person, but he’s clearly confused. Honestly Seb, I don’t know how you can defend this way of thinking.

              6. 49, I cannot convince you that Kaep is well within his rights NOT to vote, but please tell me that you believe me when I said that I voted for Hillary, not Trumpty Dumpty.

              7. Of course I don’t think you voted for the compulsive liar of a man-child Seb. I have read enough of your posts to know your not Trump supporter.

                And I am not saying Colin doesn’t have a right not to vote. I am only saying his excuse is bogus, misguided, and disappointing, IMO.

                Like I said, I like Colin, and I support the core of his civil protest. I simply don’t think he’s a very good QB and I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to bring him back next season.

              8. 49, well I agree with you with the fact that Kaep would help his message by being more engaged politically and voting, and he should vote to help make change.

              9. The elections over, so let me make one final point Seb.

                If civil rights were as important to Colin as he says, why wouldn’t he vote? After all, nothing is going to change if people don’t feel empowered by voting, and excersize that right. Are you honestly telling me Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are equal on the civil rights issues to Donald Trump, the House Rebublicans, and the swamp monsters he’s bringing into his cabinet?

                This is a Republican Party that has actively lobbied and passed legislation to limit the voting rights, and disenfranchise the very people Colin wants to represent, under the bogus pretense of so called “voter fraud”, which has been thoroughly debunked time and time again?

              10. Fair enough Seb, thanks for allowing me to vent my frustrations. I think we see things more similarly than it sometimes appears. Let’s agree to make this the last post about politics for now, and concentrate on X’s and O’s.

                I made the mistake of defending Baalke during this last offseason, but Kyle Shanahan gives me hope again! GO NINERS!!! Good night for now.

              1. Yes they do.
                One game doesn’t make someone accurate or inaccurate… every time you say 398 someone else can say 4. A bigger sample size is needed to make these judgements.

  42. I am not as concerned as some others about KS going to the Colts. Irsay gives Jed a run for the money as the worst owner in the NFL, additionally, he has said he is going to get more involved with the team. After watching Snyder muck around with his Dad I would think he would stay away from Irsay.

    1. Dont they almost have to trade him? I would think Tom Ace has at least 3 more years in him and losing him for nothing makes no sense as well as, why would he want to be a back up for another 2-3 years?

      1. I agree with you Prime (as usual). I am not sure Jimmy would be willing to sit quietly behind Brady for another 3 years. And you are right, this offseason is the Patriots best chance to get something for Garoppolo before he hits free agency after the 2017 season. However, the price tag is expected to be at least a first-round pick — just based off the quarterback market. Probably more like a first and a fourth or fifth. Also, does anyone know how they truly feel about Brissett?

        The Eagles got a first and fourth rounder for Sam Bradford, even though many teams weren’t willing to touch him due to unreliability in terms of play (despite his talented arm), and long history of injuries going all the way back to college.

        I’d be willing to give up quite a bit for Garoppolo, but not the #2 pick overall. Maybe the 49ers can trade back, and then offer their first rounder, but I would rather not give up more than a second and fourth.

        How much would you be willing to give up Prime?

        1. If Brady wins the Super Bowl he will ride off into the sunset. He would nothing else to prove as he would surpass Bradshaw and Montana as the winningest QB in NFL history.

  43. Dang it. One two point conversion and a missed extra point and I’m off by a couple. If GB scores a TD and Atl gives them mercy that is. Lol
    45-20! And Matty Ice won’t come through some said? We aren’t signing our coach until after the suoerbowl win.

  44. I’m not too worried about Kyle and the Colts. Just slightly. Irsay has already committed to Pagano publicly, for what that’s worth. Though we’ve seen owners make CS moves before, I think (hope) were safe. If it were to happen though, and he did fire Pagano in order to get in on the KS sweepstakes, put yourself in Kyle’s shoes. He would have a bonafide NFL QB in Luck vs. whoever he will sign free agent wise (Colon the magnificent is not a choice) and also most likely draft, though those prospects are thin this year. Purely on the personnel question, Indy looks like the better choice. Scary.

  45. Would like to see ATL drop > 50 on the GB Rodgers. Without Rodgers GB would have been lucky to even make the playoffs over the years since Favre

  46. “maybe he’ll do the same with Kaep.” LOL! You could bring in Walsh, Shanahan, Gruden, Lombardi, Madden, and probably Jesus all together and they couldn’t help Colon. Were looking to WIN a Super Bowl, not make a lousy quarterback mediocre. Our sites are set a little higher. Think big my man.

    1. It doesn’t require much lucid analysis as what KS will do when he takes charge, if he actually does. His first priority will be be to sweep the mediocrity off the roster. That absurdly misinvested 15 mil annum in CKdud will be reallocated toward either signing Cousins (add 10 mil mas, + or -) to a multi-year deal, or in securing Garoppolo via trade. After 2 or 3 key FA acquisitions he will move on to the all-important draft. I would expect him to keep the ex-Viking QB on the roster at a reasonable number and to draft a rookie project. But they’ll be no time wasted in trying to “rehab” a 29 year old QB who’s won 4 or 5 games in his last 25 starts. The major housecleaning to come will sweep the deadwood out.

      1. Cousins will be signed by Washington because they know how not having a franchise QB will doom a season.

        Tom Brady may get so beat up, Garropolo may play in the SB.
        One thing I know, is that Bellichick is smart, and will not go with a 40 year old QB with no competent backup.

        Ponder, the house painter? He threw against the scrubs, and a couple passes looked like the DB was the intended receiver.

        By keeping Kaep, they will not have to spend a high draft pick in the draft, and can afford to spend those first few picks to improve the defense, which is the real problem.

        Defense wins championships, and a lack of defense like GB showed, is a big reason why they are going home.

          1. I’ll always like Kap because he’s from my area near Turlock, but after showing that he is not capable of becoming a viable NFL (3 HC’s could not improve his mechanics) QB, the team should move on without him.

            1. AES, I can accept your opinion, and concede that Kaep could get better, but at least you back up your criticisms with realistic assessments and do not go full hate like some others do.

      2. I’m not a big fan of Kurt Cousins, to be honest. I think he’s a serviceable, game manager type, and I think we’ve seen the best he has to offer, which isn’t good enough to win the NFC conference, let alone a Super Bowl. I am more intrigued by Garoppolo, though I am certainly not willing to give up the #2 pick in the draft to pry him away from the Pats. That said, I’m not completely sold on JG either.

        However, I do have 100% confidence that KS can identify a quality QB whom he can develop into a Super Bowl caliber player, whether that guy is already in the league, or on their way into the league. I’ll say it again ……. DeShone Kizer could be that guy. IMO he’s got everything Kyle needs in terms of potential. Or maybe that guy is planning on declaring for the draft in 2018. Whomever it is, Colin Kaepernick certainly ISN’T that guy.

    2. Are you seriously saying JESUS couldn’t help? He’ God fercryinouloud! He could take Ty Detmer to the Super Bowl! (he would just send him a ticket, ha ha)

    1. Irsay says he didn’t pursue Gruden for a coaching position. Not sure if you can believe him but that’s what he said.

  47. The Niners were in their last Super Bowl because of their defense and running game. This is indisputable. The Niners lost their last Super Bowl because of their quarterback. This is also indisputable. They’re are no awards for getting to the Super Bowl. Just ask Joe and Steve.

    1. I’d argue they lost the last SB because of crappy play calling – how many .passes to Crabtree on the last set of downs? If they called a run by Gore or Kaep on just 1 of them, maybe…

    2. I dispute it. Obviously, you imagined that the defense was stout and did not give up any scoring drives. You forgot about that ST TD, that was the difference in the score. You totally beleive that the refs were not biased at all, did not swallow their whistles or blow any calls. You forgive JH for calling a time out just before Kaep strolled into the end zone.

      Kaep passed for over 300, and ran for 66, a feat no other QB has ever done except Joe Montana. Kaep mounted a furious comeback, and came within 5 yards of winning it all.

      Keep bringing up supposedly indisputable facts so I can refute and dispel the myths.

    1. If Shanny Jr already gave his word, which seems likely given the announcement, I highly doubt he goes back on it. Colts are a day late and a dollar short, I think. Plus, we’ve got Mike on our side….

  48. Is Irsay any better of an owner to work for than York? Sure Indy has a better team/QB, but maybe KS would prefer a bigger challenge and our “clean slate” ;)

  49. I like this result. Lil Shanny’s getting Super Bowl experience.

    I’m not nervous waiting another few weeks. In the (unlikely) event he rejects the 49er job, its an indication the 49ers have FO issues he could not have resolved anyway.

  50. Andrew Luck is a huge X factor

    Hope we can lock Shanny JR down

    Maybe Shanny SR will go to the. Colts instead

    Can’t trust Irsays words –look what his dad did to Baltimore

    1. I wouldn’t sweat it. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. I want someone that feels a sense of history and pride in this franchise, and a deep rooted desire to restore it to its former dominance….

    2. Bandit

      What is it that everyone keeps saying that Andrew Luck is such a huge X factor ? Since college, what has he won ? To my mind, only the sweepstakes for the highest paychecks….No SB’s, No conference championships, crap, even Kaep has a more impressive resume (finger down throat). I would like to pick up the best journeyman QB available, start trading back for numerous picks, and draft Kizer in the third, and Rush in the fifth….WE’RE NOT GOING TO THE SB NEXT YEAR EITHER !!

    1. The way his contract is structured, he’s probably working for free. How ever you feel about his HC stint, the man loves coaching.

  51. Joe or Steve would have seen Vernon Davis in the left corner of the end zone left wide open on the last play to MC. Vernon is actually waving his hands over his head. Watch the replay. I have it. As usual, Colon focused in on the one receiver that the play called for because that is Colon. Baltimore knew this. Everyone knew this. The entire defensive backfield of the Ravens shifted to Crabtree because they knew that’s where the ball was going once they saw Colon’s eyes focus on MC. They knew he had virtually no ability to look off to another possible receiver. Vernon was more than wide open and Joe, Steve, Ryan, Brady, Rodgers, or Rothlisburger, not to mention a few other quality quarterbacks in the league, if they were our quarterback, would have hit him and the Niner’s would have their sixth SB trophy. They lost because they had a mediocre quarterback on a great all around team.

    1. Hey, before the game, I advised Kaep to face one way, while looking in another direction, so dont blame me if he did not do that.

      Maybe you should blame Crabtree. He was so selfish, he kept telling Kaep to throw him the ball. Listen to the SB audio in the huddle.

  52. Did you know that Colon was a darn good pitcher, with a fastball in the 90’s. Fireball arm. He would have been a valid prospect. He should have chosen a baseball career. More longevity. The irony is he actually is a baseball pitcher on a football field. He throws to only one target.

    1. Didn’t Hogan have a stint in 49ers training camp?
      NE seems to find players (that don’t fit on other teams) that could fit into their system.

      There’s a young WR at Cal that the 49ers should be eyeing – Chad Hansen can run nice routes and make the acrobatic catch as well. Hansen had 92 receptions for 1249 yrds and 11 TD’s on a poor Cal team in 2016.
      He has declared for the upcoming NFL draft and would be a “Hogan Type” WR for any team in the 4-5 rd. This guy has some skills.

        1. Thx Hammer.
          So this guy has been bounced around the league for a while.

          The Patriots Way seems to provide success for almost any player who is signed.
          This bodes good for the player while they play in NE – but the success doesn’t always follow the players when they sign on with another team.
          Case in point:
          I admit that I would be concerned if the 49ers really made a push for Gorrapolo.
          Does he have good skills or is he a product of the Patriots Way ala the afore mentioned QB’s?

              1. Maybe he’s on here so much because he’s such a crybaby that his family and neighbors won’t talk to him.#SebbieDowner

  53. If Freddy had yelled at Joe to throw the ball to him (the play was actually designed to go to him) do you think he still would have left his primary target and hit Dwight cruising across the back of the end zone (a play they practiced)? I think so. If it was Colon on that play, he would have passed the ball to Freddy and maybe he catches it, or maybe it gets knocked down or intercepted. Maybe the Niner’s don’t go on to beat Dallas. Same play in the Super Bowl. Colon should have known that Baltimore knew where he was going and turned and lobbed the ball to Vernon. If Joe was there, I have no doubt that we would have been celebrating.

    1. If Frank Gore had picked up the pass rusher, maybe Kaep would have had more time to make a better pass. I the ref had seen correctly, he would have seen the defender leading with the crown of his helmet that hit MC in his ear hole for a helmet to helmet hit.

      You think I have not minutely studied that sequence before? Please do not make absurd generalizations and speculate in on what ifs, when we all know it is done, and over with. Solely blaming Kaep for that loss is specious. There is plenty of blame to go around.

    2. The good news Juan is that Shanny won’t tie his fortunes to Kaepernick.
      On today’s broadcast Troy Aikman said Kyle Shanahan needs a smart, decisive and student of the game type player to make his offense successful. Knowing what we know of Kap the last 5 years, he does not have what the alleged new coach needs.

  54. Oh there’s no doubt Prime. Everyone knows he’s not in the equation. I just like to ruffle Waldorf’s feathers. His denial is amusing. I know you or I or anybody will ever convince Wally that Colon stinks. If he stays for another year, he’ll gloat and say they listened to him. LOL. If he goes, he’ll say they made a mistake. LOL! In the unlikely event that he plays for another team and stinks, he’ll say they didn’t utilize his still unknown skills correctly (a familiar argument), or if he plays non stinkish, he’ll say I told you so. You can’t win. So I’ll continue to tell the truth about Colon. I know it annoys the Wall man. I understand. The truth hurts. He’s put all his chips in the pot and has a lousy, stinkish hand. LOL!

    1. So you admit to trolling. Good for you. Its OK with me, because I get to enumerate all the salient facts about Kaep.

      Personally, I like SB QBs.

    2. Could not have said it better myself Juan. Frodo only seeks attention on here. A new era awaits and that’s sans old wind up!

  55. Vernon was WIDE open in the end zone. Nobody around him. By himself. In your study, did you ever just say, “Colon, throw the f……..ing ball to Vernon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” My best friend who was there, who I traveled with to the first 4 super bowls, was definitely yelling that. He talked about it for years. But as the “hack” Greg Cosell has said many times, Colon can only see one half of the field. He never saw Vernon. Never bothered to even glance. Probably in part because he had no clue where Vernon would be anyway. Cosell correctly has pointed out that during the course of this atrocious season that Colon missed numerous wide open receivers in Kelly’s offense, not just by inaccurate passes but because he just never saw them.

    1. Wow, you sure are desperate to whine about the SB 4 years ago. You kinda sound like a broken record.in your desperation to diss Kaep.

    1. Torrey is gonna have to change his game somewhat. He will be required to go over the middle and run multiple routes.
      He will also have to grow a pair as he played soft last year.

  56. That’s the only “salient” fact I’ve ever witnessed reading your nonsense. You’ve never put forth even a childish argument of Colon’s still unheard of skills. Still waiting. Just saying he was the losing QB in a Super Bowl isn’t enough silly. I’ll ad “salient” to my New Years resolution. Oh what the hell, let’s ad “indubitably” also. That must be quite the thesaurus you have. I’m building one. Are you George Will?

    1. Still name calling, which defines you as a hater. I am very comfortable defending Kaep. Right now, he is the starting QB of the San Francisco 49ers, and all your childish diatribes cannot change that fact.

      By dissing the starter, it sure sounds like you are not much of a fan.
      Personally, I want the Niners to win more rings, and kaep gives them the best chance to win one. You are so clueless, you want the Niners to get rid of Kaep, with no viable alternative presented. Cousins? In your dreams. Niners need to spend their cap money on the defense and WRs.

  57. Ok. I grow enervated of this rudimentary amusement. Your a congenial diversion Seb. Sleep tight and don’t let the Cimex lectularius bite!

  58. Cousins? Who said Cousins? Not me. I was thinking more like the starter for Cardinal Newman or Analy. I’d take either one over Colon Kaeperstink. You have not defended Colon by the way, other than to say he’s the starter and he went to a super bowl. Is that it? How about addressing even one of the multitude of criticism’s laid out by too many professionals to even list. Just one. Come on. Still waiting. Pathetic.

    1. Juan you will be waiting for days. Don’t hold your breath! There is no defense. We’ve been down this road all year.
      You’ll get starter, SB participating QB, a few 400 yard passing games and that’s about it!

    2. Bah, tell me how many faults did you see when he led the Niners from down 2 scores in the 4th quarter. Kaep looked clutch. He looked like a leader. He was accurate, and won the game with his legs. I did not see any balls thrown into the turf. He made all the reads. When he rolled out and did a pump fake, I felt like he read my posts. He won the game by rolling out, too bad it took the coaches 16 weeks to learn that fact.

      Kaep was everything you and your ilk professed he could not do.

      I cannot wait until KS kicks you and all the so called experts in the teeth when he declares that he likes Kaep and wants to rehabilitate him like he did with Ryan. I bet he will say it is his job to make every player better, no matter who it is. and that he feels comfortable in his ability to maximize their potential.

      I never said that he will be handed the starter position. Right now, he is the starter because he is the only QB on the roster. However, it should be a fair competition, and if some one can out compete Kaep, I will root for him to lead the Niners to victories, like I did for Gabbert. I just think that naturally, Kaep will win because he is faster than the safeties, and most of the other QBs are only faster than the linemen. His arm strength is undeniable, and I have seen him put nice touch on some of his throws.

      So go ahead, keep up your screeds. Prime bloviated hateful diatribes since Kaep was rehabbing before the draft. Prime kept calling for Kaep to be cut, all through TC and the pre season. He even thought Kaep would be cut after they played the final game.Prime just showed how profoundly wrong he has been all this time, and how misguided he will be in the future. You and Prime are like 2 peas on a pod. One track mind, with a broken record that keeps skipping.

      Gnomo, keep trolling away, but your hate filled rants are falling on deaf ears. Yours and Prime’s hatred towards Kaep is disturbing, with hidden messages. If anything, you should at least keep quiet to preserve his trade value. But no, you diss him so no prospective team would want him. I wanted Chip to stay because I thought he was smart, and he played Kaep as soon as he could. Sounds like KS is even smarter than Chip.

      Thanks again for giving me this opportunity to counter your hate.

  59. A friend has family over to watch the games. He just texted me that his new niece-in-law just asked:
    “So who is this Toe Nail Holmes guy?”

  60. Well like I said yesterday. Falcons vs New England in the SB. I’ll stick with my prediction of an Atlanta win, 34-31. I don’t think it will be a blowout. It should be a good one. I want Brady and the Patriots to win. After all, he is from a school (Serra) in the same league (WCAL) as the HS I attended. I’d try to fit in a Colon joke but enough of that inconsequential, insignificant, nonessential, irrelevant, unimportant, negligible, trivial, slight, de minimis afterthought.

  61. I know Prime! You’ve had him dialed all year. I can indubitably profess with confidence that Wally is not an attorney!! The layout of his case is without substance. Not just with Colon by the way, but with conversation involving the prospective coach, GM, etc. Absolutely no commitment and therefor no argument.

  62. I Brady to die a slow death through an attrition of relentless hits, and I want them to break Blount’s legs. Hit him immediately before he can get a head of steam, and hit low and hard!

      1. Different, sure but that doesn’t mean they were better. Gronkowski didn’t start the first 4 games of the year missing the first two completely and even though they also didn’t have Brady they still managed to go 3-1. Then after losing Gronkowski in week 12 they win every game and then score a couple of blow outs in the playoffs. At what point do you suspect they’ll suddenly be crippled by the loss of Gronkowski?

    1. Martellus Bennett 55 receptions, 12.7 avg., 7 TDs

      #2 in reception yardage for NE. While he’s not Gronk, I don’t think they’re hurting as much as you think they’re hurting. Those are still solid numbers from a guy who wasn’t the starter.

  63. Is anyone else completely tired of the 9ers coach/GM never ending no results endless loop? All that really matters is who will be the QB, will there be one viable WR. Coach doesn’t matter a whole lot as long as they can put up some viable NFL talents at these key positions. Belichik himself could not make Kaep to Kerley a playoff combo. We’re really screwed basically.

  64. Actually, Kaep could work. For the 1st half. Who runs the team for 2nd half is where there is Zero right now. In the history of the NFL has there ever been a 1st Half/2nd Half platoon? Maybe first time here!

  65. I hear the Santa Rosa Rattlesnakes are looking for a quarterback. Maybe those coaches can make the necessary adjustments to help Colon become a mediocre minor league QB. He should check it out after Kyle shows him the door. He might need help with the resume. Let’s see.
    Accomplishments: Took the best team in the league to the Super Bowl and lost. Led team as starter to a scintillating 2-14 record in 2016. Can throw a 90+ fastball. Offers babysitting for teammates wives or girlfriends. Can run really fast. Good at causes. Ummm, took best team in league to Super Bowl and lost. Oh, did I already say that? Oops.

  66. I pretty sure Sebastopol has a team if the “Rattlers” cut him. The West County Trailmixers I believe, or is it the Trailmix. Either way. Perfect for Colon. I think he would fit in real well.

  67. Please Coach Quinn, no zone defense against the Patriots. Bump and run. Stay in their face and hit them off the line….

      1. Giving up the number 2 pick and next years 1st rounder is too much for Cousins. We might be able to get Garoppolo for pick 34.

        However, I will support Kyle’s decision if he trades for Kirk. He’s a good QB and he knows Shanny’s offense. I would recommend signing Pierre Garcon as a security blanket.

        1. “We might be able to get Garoppolo for pick 34.”
          That’s a fairly large assumption at this point. We have no idea beyond a first and a fourth of what it’ll take to get Jimmy. People keep assuming that the team will come down from that asking price, I wouldn’t assume that.

      1. Mostly true, still depends on the asking price though. If Garappolo is going to pull a first rounder plus a mid round then what makes Cousins not worth two firsts? An unproven backup versus a proven starter.

    1. At this point getting a new ‘franchise’ QB, by any route, wouldn’t be the wisest move. We’d only wreck him because we’re missing way too many pieces.

      At the bare miniumum we need: A new NT. We need two new OLBs. We need a new corner and to move Ward back to safety. A new OC, a new OG, a #1 WR, a competent back-up HB.

      And we’ll be losing players to FA during the rebuild period so we’ll have to replace them, too. It’s not an over-night fix. Especially as neither the draft, or FA, is a guarantee.

    2. Grant is wrong. Reggie McKenzie didn’t build up the roster before taking Carr. Carr was part of the draft that rebuilt the roster. You need a QB to compete in this league and if you have a chance to get one you explore it. I don’t know if Cousins is worth what it would take to get him but if the new HC felt he was worth it, then I’d be ok with that.

      1. McKenzie waited until his third draft to spend a high pick on a QB. That’s what the 49ers should do. Trading for Cousins would be idiotic.

        1. He didn’t build up the roster before taking a QB. That is the point you erred on. The first two years he was trying to get the cap in order and filling roster spots with beyond their prime vets. It wasn’t until he drafted Carr that the true rebuilding of the roster began.

            1. He made 16 actually and of those 16 draft picks in 2012 and 2013, 5 remain on the roster. By my count 11 players from the 2013 roster (the roster before Carr was drafted) remain on the team. The current roster was built the year Carr was drafted and beyond.

              I don’t know if trading for Cousins would be the way to go or not, but it’s not idiotic to consider when if it works out, you have the most important position filled for the next 5-10 years.

              1. The philosophy was to build the roster through the draft before bringing in a franchise QB. That’s the correct philosophy. Trading two first-round picks for Cousins would be the antithesis of that philosophy. Totally idiotic. Would set back the rebuilding effort for years.

              2. I would say the 49er have a decent offensive line in the right scheme. Basically they are a #1WR and back up RB away from being a good offense. Add Kirk Cousins and Mike Williams and its set.

              3. No the philosophy was to build the roster through the draft period. It was also to tread water while taking cap medicine. If a QB like Carr had been available in the second round in 2013, McKenzie would have taken him. 2013 just happened to be one of the worst QB draft classes ever. Nobody is going to purposely pass on a Franchise QB because they don’t feel the rest of the team is good enough yet.

              4. Trading two first-round picks for Cousins would be the antithesis of that philosophy. Totally idiotic. Would set back the rebuilding effort for years.

                I wouldn’t trade two first round picks for him either, but let’s say Shanahan and whoever the GM is did just that. To get a franchise QB chances are they will need to use a 1st round pick at some point, so that means a trade for Cousins would net them the QB and they essentially would be giving up one 1st round pick that could have been used somewhere else. Not having a 1st round pick the following season would not set the team back years. The only thing that would set the team back would be if Cousins didn’t work out and you take a higher risk of a QB not working out if you draft him. Cousins at least has shown he can play at a high level in this league.

              5. The team needs to fill a lot of holes through the draft. Cousins would delay that process and would lose a lot of games in the meantime while earning a ton of money. Idiotic.

              6. Kirk Cousins isn’t available for a 2nd-round pick and he is not a franchise QB.

                Stay on point. You said McKenzie built up the roster before drafting Carr and that was not the case. He did not purposely hold off drafting a QB so he could build up the roster first. His first draft was a washout because his first pick didn’t come until the end of the 3rd round and his second draft featured a terrible QB class, even then he took Wilson in the 4th. If a good QB would have been available with his first pick in 2013, there is no question McKenzie would have taken him.

              7. Cousins did finish 3rd behind Ryan and Brees in DYAR, or Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement. Minimum 200 passes, and he finished with a QBR rating of 72.1

              8. The team needs to fill a lot of holes through the draft. Cousins would delay that process and would lose a lot of games in the meantime while earning a ton of money. Idiotic.

                He would take up one extra 1st round pick. One 1st round pick is not going to keep them from building the roster. He also could speed up the rebuilding process if he played as well as he has in DC.

                The money is irrelevant. This team has ample Cap room and a need at the position. It’s interesting you are so adamant that he’s not a franchise QB when he’s been ranked in the top ten the past two years. If I’m looking at using a first round pick on a QB or trading it for a top ten ranked QB, it’s a no brainer. If I have to give up a second 1st, that makes it difficult but it’s still something you have to consider.

              9. He would cost two very high picks and he isn’t even worth one. He couldn’t win with a stacked offense around him in Washington. He would be a huge bust here.

              10. He would cost two very high picks and he isn’t even worth one. He couldn’t win with a stacked offense around him in Washington. He would be a huge bust here.

                So winning is totally based on the QB? He was the 7th ranked QB overall and led the #3 offense in yardage this year. Meanwhile the Redskin defense was 28th. How does that equate to Kirk Cousins not being able to win?

                Matt Ryan went 18-30 over the previous 3 seasons and now is likely going to be the MVP along with playing in the SB. You are looking at this in black and white terms and you can’t if you want to assess it properly.

              11. He was ranked 7th largely because he had great players around him on offense. He wouldn’t have that in SF. He would be a bust. Surely you can see that.

              12. I think Cousins was a big reason that offense was so good. It helps to have players around you, but nothing works if you don’t have the QB. If the Niners don’t improve on any of the skill positions, he would struggle n doubt. The great thing about the NFL however is you have a chance to improve the roster through FA and the draft. Add to that the fact he already knows Shanahan’s offense and it could be a pretty fast rebuild on the offensive side of the ball at the very least.

              13. The offense was stacked with weapons and ranked 12th in points scored. And you want to mortgage the future for Cousins. OK Rocket.

              14. I’m pretty sure I said above that I wouldn’t trade two #1’s for him Grant. I’m simply making a case for why it wouldn’t be idiotic if that is what Shanahan decided to do.

              15. Yea, I’m not sold on the Redskins having all these great players. Reed is the only elite skill position on offense. Jackson’s skills are declining and Garcon is an aging above average player. No real running game to speak that I’m aware of….

              16. The supporting cast at the Redskins is significantly better than the one Cousins would inherit at the 49ers.

                However, Grant, you keep avoiding the point that McKenzie had no choice regarding his philosophy. The Raiders were in a bad cap situation and it took two to three years to get to the point they could use FA to supplement their draft picks. They had to rely on the draft. Once they had cap room, they spent it.

                The one good thing Baalke did was take this team to rock bottom with minimal forward liabilities. New GM can start from pretty much a clean slate, so can get started on the rebuild year 1. Doesn’t have to spend the first few years clearing out the roster of high priced flops.

              17. The supporting cast at the Redskins is significantly better than the one Cousins would inherit at the 49ers.

                Significantly? It’s better but it’s not THAT much better with respect to the skill positions on offense.

                Hyde is better than what they have at RB
                Smith and Jackson are close.
                Reed is significantly better than VMac
                Garcon is better than anybody else we have at the position, significantly so far. Smelter, Kerley, Streeter and the kid from Canada could be productive enough in Shanny Jr’s offense

              18. Brotha, I’ll take your word for it. Williams(LT) is the only guy I’m aware of and I figured Staley is a push with him. I’m sure they have a better Center…;>)

              19. Grant,

                Your style of arguing reminds me of Kellyanne Conway / Sean Spicer. Why can’t you just admit when you’re provably wrong?

                Unless Rocket misstated the facts regarding McKenzie’s rebuild of the Raiders roster, you were off when you claimed that the roster was built up prior to drafting Carr. Why do you persist in not just admitting when you’re wrong?

                I do agree with you that paying two first round picks for Cousins would be too high a price to pay.

                BTW, I’ll bet a lot of people also had the misimpression the Raiders had added much more talent before drafting Carr. Nothing wrong with being wrong, just admit it, would you please?

              20. My point is McKenzie didn’t draft a QB his first year. He could have drafted Kirk Cousins, but didn’t. McKenzie wanted to build up the roster before he brought in a QB. That’s a smart philosophy.

              21. Using McKenzie as the example doesn’t take into consideration the very different circumstances of the two teams.

                McKenzie needed to dismantle a roster before he could properly rebuild it. The Raiders in 2014 were pretty much what the 49ers are in 2017 – salary cap in hand with a mostly young and inexperienced roster and a gaping hole at QB and WR.

                The Raiders in 2012 had a lot of old vets on big contracts.

              22. He didn’t take a QB his first year for a couple of reasons including:

                Not having a draft pick until the end of the 3rd round
                A couple of vets and a young QB already on the roster

                The first year was spent trying to figure out how to get out of cap hell and to see who could be kept as part of the rebuild. He tried to rework the QB position in year two when he traded for Matt Flynn and drafted Tyler Wilson, but it didn’t work out

          1. The whole roster was rebuilt with those yearly high draft picks like Mack and Cooper.

            He also had to clean up all the dead wood. Getting those aged free agents did not help to build for the future.

        2. If Washington allows Cousins to become a FA then the 9ers should sign him. They should not trade for him but trading back and then drafting a QB from the late 2nd to the 5th round would be a good move. I would love to see them end up with 5 or 6 picks in the first 3 rounds. I still believe that Ponder is the best place holder out there, I would love to see what Shanahan could accomplish with Ponder.

          1. Yea, not sure what there is to love about Ponder, even with Bill Walsh. If York did McCloughan a favor (perhaps reference/assistance), and someday, and that day may never have come, but he might now ask for a favor in return…;>)

            1. Razor,
              I don’t really love anything about Ponder that is what makes him a place holder\#2 QB and not a starter. He is mobile and knows how to move in the pocket and that is valuable when you are building an O line.

  68. Grant’s analysis is pretty much on target seems like. Plus, since no obvious guy at #2 that is at a level to build the franchise around, trading back supports idea of the roster build now, roster flash later. But O man this will be a very dull next 2-3 years. 2-3 yrs of not being relevant, after the last 2-3 years….of not being relevant. That’s a long string of irrelevance. ;(

    1. Atlanta started 3 rookies, and look at how well they did. If Baalke had spent some of that 43 Mil, the Niners could have signed enough FAs to have helped the team. With 90 mil in cap space, and the second pick, the Niners can revamp the team so at least they can be competitive. Looks like the Seahawks and Cards are headed on a downward swing, so the division tittle may not be too far out of reach.

  69. Razoreater I know that you’re not from around here so I think you might like to know this.

    Dr. Henry Edwards is Harry and a Sociologist, not Henry and a psychologist or psychiatrist. We go back to his freshman year at San Jose State when I was his dorm mother for two years.

    Harry was also prominent in organizing the Black Hand salute at the Mexico City Olympics.

      1. Yeah. It reminds me of Donald Trump raising his fist during his inauguration address.

        Although I guess that would be an Orange Power Salute….

    1. Thank you, Htwaits. I’m willing to wager Dr. Edwards has plenty of experience in counseling players, executives, and coaches during his time with the 49ers….

      1. That’s why Walsh brought him in.

        The last time I spoke with Harry we happened to meet on the street one night in San Jose. I was on my way to Bangkok and he warned me to be careful but he didn’t mention what was going to happen in Mexico City, or that he was now Dr. Harry.

        1. I thought you were going to say he warned you to only stop for the best;>) I was in San Jose once, seemed like a tough town back then….

          1. I lived in San Jose when I returned to college – 1956 through 1975 with two year visits to Thailand and Germany. Parts of East San Jose became dangerous during the later part of that time period.

            We bought our first house in an area of East San Jose that is still a solid area to live in, but just North of there things are still rough.

            1. I was at Spartan Stadium in May of 1987 for an Iron Maiden concert, and when I was walking around afterward, I came across a group of guys beating the piss out of another dude. Not sure what part of San Jose that was….

              1. That area near the Spartan Stadium is old (pre-subdivision) San Jose. What sort of a crowd did Iron Maiden attract? ;-}

  70. Good call on the two games Grant. Your analysis was mostly right on. The only thing you got wrong was the ability of Pittsburgh’s defense to stop Brady. I have realized that the only teams who have beaten New England in the Brady era have been the ones who could put pressure on Brady and knock him about. Example: Denver last year in the AFC championship game and to a less extent Houston a week ago. If Houston had a halfway decent QB they would have had a legitimate shot to upset the pats last week. Pittsburgh has a weak secondary and a one man pass rush (Harrison). Once the Pats neutralized Harrison it was pretty much all over.

    Atlanta does not have a great pass rush and (as Rodgers showed) they can be beaten through the air. Their way of winning has been by outscoring their opponents. Belichick is a master at neutralizing pocket passers like Ryan. I think the Super Bowl will not be close.

    Patriots: 34 Falcons 20

    1. Atlanta does not have a great pass rush

      Pretty sure the Falcons have the leading sack artist in Mr. Beasley….

      as Rodgers showed

      Brady is no Rodgers on the move. Rodgers is much more dangerous, and I would argue more difficult to defense….

  71. Washington has Tomsula for D-line coach, promotes Manusky to DC. Too bad. I’d be perfectly fine with Manusky as DC. He was between jobs last year during the last 49er DC recruitment.

  72. Source: Colts also have requested an interview with Vikings assistant GM George Paton, who is top choice for 49ers job. – Tom Pelissero

    Maybe Jed’s taking the whole “GM/HC have to be best buddies” thing a bit too far.

    Maybe its time to hire a GM with a good temperament and people skills, then get out of the way.

    1. Maybe Jed should hope Paton and Shanahan DON’T get along during the Friday interviews. Hire Terry McDonough for GM.

    2. Tough choice for General George — to work for Jed or Irsay. One’s drunk with a sense of entitlement, or the other who’s just drunk…

  73. Interesting thing to note regarding the GM search.

    The narrative after the GB loss to atlanta is that outside of Aaron Rodgers the Packers are devoid of talent. I don’t fully agree but that defense is bad, the wide outs without Jordy are pretty weak and the Running Backs and the Oline is average at best.
    So if that is the case… why were both Wolf and Guty thought so highly of?

      1. I posed the same question a few weeks back. Most cited the “Wolf GM tree” and track record of Packer FO staff when they go to other teams.

        I agree. Packer drafts have been ho-um. Terry McDonough has a better recent draft track record.

      2. Shoup,

        Draft is hit-or-miss for all GMs. IMO, good GMs and good F.O.s have to judged by their track records of 5-8 years so that there is some averaging. These good GMs supplement lean drafts with FAs. I agree that its tough to evaluate young Wolf and Gutey — here you are going by faith that blood line and connection to a solid front office is a good thing. Ted Thompson is good because he took Rodgers at QB as BPA in first round before Favre declined. He understands the importance of the QB. He probably would have done the same thing in the next draft had Rodgers been a bust.

        I’m beginning to think that hiring a good GM is probably even more difficult than hiring a good coach because there are fewer of them qualified to handle such a broad role that can affect the team for a decade or more.

    1. 49ers have been delusional about how attractive they are as a job destination for years. Remember Singletary’s OC recruitment?

      1. Singletary could have had a competent OC in Scott Linehan but the latter ran away from the building after Singletary warned him that he would lean on the run and dropped his pants for stressing the point.

    2. Shoup,

      The Packers were dealing with a ton of injuries. They are a team that is truly draft and develop and they were playing with 4th and 5th string players at times this year. They were missing multiple starters and still made it to the NFCCG. They know what they’re doing.

      1. Yes they were but even healthy they are lacking quite a bit on defense. And I think the main reason they made it to the playoffs is because Aaron is just that good.

        1. If they had everybody healthy, they wouldn’t be lacking that much on defense imo. They continually lose players in FA without signing many back and just keep plugging in draft picks. They do it as well as any team in the league. Rodgers helps obviously, but the Packers have put a good team around him almost exclusively through the draft.

      2. Their defense hasn’t been SWISS cheese for years now. They get no pass on the injury excuse. Nobody is stopping ATL btw

  74. If you take for ever to make a decision and think creating a perfect match is more important than qualification-you might get left at the alter.

    The Colts job is a no brainer choice over ours because the QB is in place & though the owner is a bit wacky-he is in control and has shown more patience with his coaches & gms.

    Like it or not our situation is not that great other than cap space and location. However I believe these potential candidates see Jed, Prague and the parents as a multi headed problem. Any singular owner is much easier to deal with especially if a QB is in place.

    1. I think you guys are getting a little too caught up in the drama. Let it play out. So far, so good. If Shanny Jr changes his mind and elopes with Irsay, oh well! He’s the best candidate out there, however, if he leaves you at the alter, why in the hell would you get upset? You sure wouldn’t want to be married to someone who is willing to pick up and leave as soon as the next best thing comes along. I’d feel grateful I was spared from making that blunder. Nope, see ya! At that point, you hire a GM and let him find the next HC….

      1. Remember, KS’s first choice was Denver, so he was not totally on board with the Niners to begin with.

        Irsay, by shucking Grigson, just ninja’d the Niners.

        His timing was impeccable.

        1. The Broncos first choice was Joseph. So the fact that the 49ers have been dating Shanny Jr exclusively for the past two weeks, and it’s been announced to the Falcons staff and players that they’re engaged, says all you need to know about how the 49ers feel. I maintain that Irsay is only a yellow belt and he can’t ninja anybody….

          1. If KS gave his word, and intends to keep it, I will be jumping for joy.

            However, if he looks at Jed, who promised Chip 3 years, then saw him being dumped after one year, KS may not trust Jed’s word that much.

            1. I cannot speak for you, Seb or Shanny Jr, but where I come from, you discuss all that stuff waaaay before you get engaged….

              1. No, even though I called it before the end of the year, I will be sad because I know that the Niners are just about as low as they can get.

                I will expect more losing, but hope Jed grows up and starts acting with class. The very first thing he should do is shut up, and quit inserting his foot, that he shot off.

                Including Paraag in the interviews was more than brain dead, it was imbecilic.

              2. Fourth time is the charm? Maybe we should be thinking that it is the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.

                Maybe KS has enough leverage to have Jed put in writing that he has the job for 3 years, and also in writing that Jed will purge the leaker, Paraag, from the facility.

              3. He can have his own bathroom and bistro if he wants, but I’m sure all those concerns have already been breached….

        1. I just don’t get all the handwringing over the GM search at this point. It’s obvious they want Shanahan to be the HC and that took priority over the GM. It remains to be seen if that was the right thing to do, but the HC is extremely important and imo more important than the GM if starting from scratch as the Niners are. What they need to do now is find somebody who can work effectively with Shanahan. It doesn’t matter to me who has final say, as much as how they work together to acquire players. I’m guessing that is why they want the prospective GM’s to meet with Shanahan before making a decision and that makes sense to me. I don’t like reading about people dropping out, but without truly knowing why, I can’t throw my hands up and blame the process the team is taking either. They have to get this partnership right and if that means they hire Paton or McDonough great. If it means they interview a couple more candidates suggested by Shanahan as has been rumored, that’s fine too. The bottom line is getting a strong Coaching and Personnel staff in place and working together which wasn’t the case under Baalke.

          1. Rocket: I agree with you in that I also feel the HC position is more important at this time.

            The concern is that we might lose Shanahan with two weeks of “dead” time before he can sign. I know the Colts have said Pagano is safe, but they can change their mind and make a push for Shanahan.

            1. Cubus,

              I would be shocked if that ever happened. Both because Shanahan appears to have agreed in principal to become the Niners HC and the fact that the Colts HC job would seem to be less than attractive if the owner fired the current guy right after ensuring his job was safe.

  75. Not worried-I’m still hopeful, but I’m just making observations as I see it. At this point if either of the top two remaining GMs or Shanny Jr is not landed this will be a failed offseason and show what others think of the Yorks. If they land either then it will show as positive.
    All the other strong coaches are gone, so it’s kind of obvious if they lose him it will be a failure. I do understand though that the extra two weeks does allow for second guessing & worry. But the Yorks of set themselves up for this second guessing because they tell you exactly what they are doing and who they are Interviewing.

  76. Here is why Kyle Shanahan is not coming to the Niners, and I will switch to a clown avatar for a month if he decides to come here:

    1. The firing of Jim Harbaugh. We all know how successful Harbaugh was. Yet The Weasel fired him at the end of an 8-8 season because they didn’t get along. Harbaugh was a handful, but that was because he was so intense on winning. The Weasel is not about winning.
    2. The firing of Chip Kelly after only one year. The Weasel said publicly that Kelly would be here “for a very long time” or words to that effect. And Kelly appeared to get along with The Weasel. The Weasel is unstable and unpredictable.
    3. Paraag Marathe. The Weasel’s senior football representative is his ever-present eye on the GM and HC, always lurking in the background. No one with any options needs that.
    4. Levi’s Stadium. The stadium is designed to encourage fans in seats to linger away from them. It doesn’t provide a home advantage.
    5. The lure of the Super Bowl ring. Shanahan may win a Super Bowl ring this year. If he does, he’s likely to want another one. If he doesn’t, he’s likely to want to return to the Super Bowl next year. Atlanta has the players to be a Super Bowl contender for the next several years. That’s hard to turn your back on.
    6. The Niners are years away from a Super Bowl.
    7. The importance of Shanahan to Arthur Blank. Blank is no fool and will do everything he can to keep Shanahan with him.

    Bottom line: The Niners’ ownership and senior management (Marathe), their stadium, and their relative lack of talent are all impediments to landing a top-notch HC. We have already seen both Green Bay guys say no to the GM position. In addition to these factors and the fact that Shanahan is well-positioned where he is, he will decide to stay there.

    1. Left out one small detail. An announcement to the Falcons team and staff has already been made that he’s taking the job….

      1. Hello Razor. I read about the announcement but it’s not over yet. It could be that The Weasel’s offer to Shanahan is so compelling financially and/or with promises Marathe will step away, that Shanahan will come. But remember that Shanahan has been extremely preoccupied. Over the next two weeks he’ll probably make his final decision, or he may wait until after the game.

        1. George, where I come from, you don’t announce prior to your decision. But we’re a little slow out here in Indiana…;>)

            1. Dan Quinn reportedly announced to the team and Coaches that Shanahan was going to take the Niner job George. Of course anything can happen including Shanahan changing his mind, but as of now he is the next HC of the 49ers.

              1. If indeed he declines, it would be a monumental disaster for this franchise.
                This hire is either going to propel the 49ers for the next 5 years, or basically dismantle them for the next 5. TBD

              2. Meh, if we get him, That’s Grrreat! If we don’t, I don’t think it’ll be a situation where dogs and cats are living together…;>)

              3. rocket, I researched this a little. The information was attributed to Mike Silver, and this is what he said:
                “I’m told that when the 49ers essentially offered Kyle Shanahan the job – they’re not allowed to formally offer but told him, ‘you’re our guy’ – that all the coaches were in a room together finding out, and Dan Quinn kind of announced it to the group.”

                I don’t know what “kind of announced it” means. Anyway, I’m going with my gut.

              4. That’s your prerogative George and nothing is final until the announcement is made of course, but right now it appears Shanahan has accepted the job and they have moved on to finding a GM to work with him. Hopefully your gut feeling is day old sushi.

        1. Prime, I have never had a clown avatar. Remember, you were too timid to bet me.

          George graciously voided the bet between us because all the preconditions were not met.

  77. It’s good that Shanny is headed to the Superbowl — it’ll be a good experience for his future career. Hope the Falcons win. The game will showcase the evolution of the WCO into two different branches.

    1. I don’t just want them to win, I want them to destroy the Patriots. I want them to hit Tom Brady so hard, he briefly contemplates retirement!

      1. Belichick isn’t going to get destroyed in a SB. If the Falcons win it will be a close hard fought win over a defense that will take away Julio Jones.

        1. And Donald Trump will never be president. Is it likely, Rocket? No, is it possible? You’re damn right it is and I will be rooting for the Falcons to destroy and embarrass the Patriots, and in so doing, pound Brady into submission! Btw, you catching Maiden again this year? Like to meet up if you are….

          1. Ha ha yes you are right, anything is possible. I just don’t think Belichick will ever be outcoached in a game of this magnitude. The Falcons can win, but they will have to adapt to losing something offensively because that is what Belichick does.

            I’d love to catch a Maiden show with the Metal Maniac from South Bend but I’m sure what my plans are at this point. I’m recovering from back surgery and have no idea how things will play out.

            1. BB will try to erase Jones, which means those backs, wide outs and tight ends will need to catch everything. Meanwhile, I think the Patriots might be surprised at how fast the Falcons LB’s are.

              Get well, Rocket and keep me apprised!

              1. I was wondering if BB might take a different approach and focus on making Ryan his #1 target to smother. So he’s way ahead of me on how he might do it, I guess involving pressures, but it would be a cross-up on blanketing Julio (who will be his #2 target.) A pressuring D can also mess up a run game, but better get there.

                Just speculating.

          2. Razor,
            You and I may differ on the desirability of Trump as Prez, but we definitely are on the same page on wanting to see BB humiliated! Go Birds!

      2. I do not want Brady to win another SB and pass Joe. I hope they bludgeon Brady like they did Rodgers.

        However, I will still consider Joe the GOAT because he never threw an interception in the SB, and has PERFECT record.

  78. Pats were one run play away from going for losing a 4 th straight SB. I keep hearing if it wasn’t for Eli miracles the Pats would have 6 SB. I say if it wasn’t for a field goal kicker and Pete Carrolls crappy play call -the Pats & Brady may be the Buffalo Bills. Especially if you take the video tapes away against the Rams.

    Call me when Brady wins 55-10 against a HOF QB or 38-16 against another:)

  79. Jed York has turned the once great 49ers into the NFL’s biggest joke

    TomD’s Response: Josh McDaniels doubled down, saying no twice to Jed/Paraag; Green Bay’s two Front office heads said no; the 49ers went with Tomsula in ’15 because everyone turned them down.
    In ’16 it’s more of the same–all turn downs. There’s still 2 weeks left for Shanahan to call Wolfe, Harbaugh and other to get background on Jed/Paraag, but that’s not necessary when Brent Jones, and beat writers with inside information a phone call away.

    Rippping off the Girl Scouts of America during SuperBowl week; stiffing a local beat writer (Tim Kawakami) on his dinner bill, then having the police intimidate him by calling his home after he reported annual 49er profits, via Green Bay Packer public disclosure law; haggling with the Santa Clara Mayor on who waters the lawn, and when she asks for the water bill record your legal staff refuses to hand over the documents forcing her to sue
    for them says it all, Jed/Paraag. No one will work for you until you sell the team ! The words out !


    1. Bad decision by Watson imo. I read on MMQB this morning that he would have been playing for the South Coached by none other than Hue Jackson. That would have been a great opportunity for Watson to get to know the Browns Coaching staff and to try and convince them he was worthy of being one of their 1st round picks.

      1. Sorry to disagree, but after winning the national Championship, he should let that feat speak for him.

        If DW goes to the Senior bowl and does not shine, he could drop out of the first round and lose millions. The injury possibility factor is also huge.

        1. There is a very real possibility he isn’t viewed as a first round pick right now. He would have had a great chance to try and change that perception by showing up and playing well in the practices. The only players who should ever skip the Senior Bowl are guys who are recovering from injuries or sure fire top ten picks who have nothing to prove. Watson is not in either group.

          1. I would think Watson agent has done the cost benefit analysis. I think they made the right decision. He will go in the first round because QBs and pass rushers are at a premium and teams will “overdraft” proven winners like Watson.

            1. Very possible Mood, but I don’t think NFL talent evaluators are viewing him that way. Some maybe, but I don’t think Watson is seen as a 1st rounder on a lot of boards. Regardless of how he performed in the Senior Bowl, he’d still have the pro days and individual workouts to redeem himself if he struggled. I doubt he would struggle anyway as the defenses they play in the game are purely vanilla and set up to exhibit the skill players.

              1. #80,

                Good example. It helped Wilson too. It even helped some QB’s who turned out to be busts like Ponder and Locker. As I said I would understand it if Watson was a no doubt lock for the top ten, but I highly doubt that’s the case.

              2. #80, its very important for guys that are considered mid to low round prospects. Impress at the Senior Bowl and you can raise your draft stock considerably.

                Not the case for a guy like Watson.

              3. Scooter,

                It depends on where teams have Watson slotted. I imagine the discussions about Watson are similar to the ones that are had on this blog. Some like him, some don’t, but it’s almost unanimous that it would be a reach to take him with a top 5 pick.

                His biggest question mark is if he can run a pro style offense with pro style passes. If he chose to play he could be the first pick. Not playing virtually ensures that Garrett will be the #1 pick.

          2. Could be he wants to go away and work on drop backs and working under centre before being thrown in the deep end at the Senior Bowl. While he may stand to solidify his spot in the first round with a good week, he could also stand to weaken his spot in the first round with a bad or even average week in a system he isn’t accustomed to.

            1. I’d imagine combine, pro days and most importantly, interviews will be enough to raise his stock to his satisfaction….

            2. I’ve got an interview question for him at the Combine:

              Me:So I understand that you decided to no play in the Senior Bowl

              DW: I wanted to go work on my drop backs and taking snaps under center.

              Me: So you’re saying that the QB’s that did attend are more developed then you in that department?

              DW: …Can I change my first answer?

              1. He is hardly the first high profile prospect not to go to the Senior Bowl, and its usually because they don’t want to expose themselves unnecessarily to potential criticism while playing in a system they aren’t accustomed to. More QBs fail to impress at the Senior Bowl than impress, and it isn’t surprising given how reliant the position is on reps and understanding the system.

                The Senior Bowl is an opportunity for guys that are mid to lower end prospects to open some eyes. For guys that are already considered high end prospects there isn’t a long way up to go.

              2. Daryl Ruiter ✔ @RuiterWrongFAN
                Clemson coach Dabo Swinney told @richeisen moments ago he’s not happy QB Deshaun Watson isn’t getting 1st round draft grades
                For someone who isn’t getting first round grades a good week of practice at the Senior Bowl could go a long way to pushing up that grade.

              3. Sure, if he has a good week.

                Risk vs reward. He thinks he is better off skipping the Senior Bowl and focusing on the other activities in the lead up to the draft. He’s probably right.

              4. Teams like QB’s that are confident. This move only backs up his lack of first round grades.

              5. Same. And I think everyone pretty much agrees in that regard.

                People have question marks WRT to how well he handles dropping back and his deep ball accuracy. And while I would have loved to see him at the Senior Bowl it was probably a smart move on his part not to go into an environment where he’ll be surrounded by guys he’s never thrown to before and being asked to work within a system he isn’t used to. More chance for things to go wrong than right. He’s better off waiting for his pro day. I wouldn’t be surprised if he skips a lot of the drills at the combine as well.

              6. I think a lot of it will come down to how astute his football mind is, memory retention and data processing in his team interviews….

              7. Scooter_McG January 23, 2017 at 5:22 pm
                Does anyone doubt Watson’s confidence?
                Does it show a lot of confidence to not show up for a week of practices with NFL coaches because you’re afraid of having a poor showing?

              8. Afraid? I doubt he’s afraid. More like he weighed up the risk vs reward and figured it really wasn’t worth it. Honestly I’m surprised so many people think he’s making a mistake skipping the Senior Bowl.

              9. Not sure about the experts, but as a hack, I can speak for myself and assign the Senior Bowl a minuscule portion of my evaluation process….

              10. Playing or not playing in the Senior bowl is not going to decide where the player is drafted. What it can do however, is give you a chance to compete and interact with teams at the same time. It also could elevate your stock if it is in question as I believe Watson’s is. There is also the possibility of dropping your status if you don’t play well, but teams don’t put much emphasis on the game anyway. It’s more about the practices and getting to know the players.

                Declining is just another reason for a team to question your commitment and compete level. Sure they’ll over look it if you are clearly the best at your position, but the opinions on Watson are all over the place so he’s hardly guaranteed to be viewed as the best QB or a sure fire top of the first round pick for that matter.

    2. Interesting that the Browns want to see Watson in the game. Are the Browns showing their hand with such a request?

      Seems that most of the draftniks have been touting Myles Garrett going to the Browns with the #1 overall pick for the past couple of months, so this request by them tells me that the Browns have not settled on Garrett or perhaps are working on trading out of the #1 pick to acquire more picks. Trading out of the #1 pick makes more sense because I definitely don’t view Watson as a player worthy of the number 1 overall pick in the draft.

      Also, I don’t see not playing in the Senior Bowl being any detriment to Watson’ draft status because he beat arguably the best defense in college football. Not sure he needs to play in this game to prove himself any further.

  80. Regarding my post above, I am rethinking what avatar I will use if I am wrong that Shanahan is not coming. I’m thinking about wearing the head of a weasel and changing my name to Mommy’s Boy, but just for a month. Can we take a vote on this? Your thoughts, please.

      1. I’m not asking you to bet against me, just to say what you prefer as the avatar — a clown named George or a weasel named Mommy’s Boy.

        1. George, I am kinda old school, so a Bozo the clown would be fine with me.

          Not that I would ever consider you a clown. I think you are bold to declare how you think this scenario will unfold, and I thank you for keeping things light.

          Hope your ticker is ticking away, and looking forward to more of your posts

    1. George
      Remember that Grateful Dead album cover with the goody guy slamming an ice cream cone into his forehead? That one gets my $.02.

    2. George,
      I believe that Shanahan’ eventual signing is a done deal and the only block at the moment is waiting for the Falcons season to end.
      Jed does not want to muck this one up. He has likely promised KS some huge leverage and a contract that will blow away any competitor.

      Having Shanahan sit in on this weekends meeting to interview potential GM’ is a big endorsement for KS.
      I wish the SB was played this weekend so Shanahan can get to work on rebuilding my 49ers right after the game!

    1. B2W,

      Good read thanks for the link. He will be the best OC we’ve had since his Father, but the bigger question will be how he does leading a team as the HC. I think he’s worth gambling on to find out.

  81. Most on this site disagreed with me about Jed not watering the lawn.

    Grant even wrote an article on this after Harbaugh pulled his team from an unsafe, Levi Stadium turf in front of a crowd of Jed’s Silicon Valley wine sipping exectutives and was reprimanded for it.

    I remember Grant writing that the 49ers spend lots of cash on watering the lawn, quoting the owner (Jed) in this regard.

    Well, Grant, Jed pulled one over on you. It wasn’t “the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me god.”

    It was Jed’s (the York’s) truth–their business model–the whole slimy mess.

    Let me explain. Jed did tell the truth–he spends losts of cash watering the lawn….Just not his own, which is why the Santa Clara City Mayor, Lisa Gilmor, is in court suing the 49ers over the “who waters the lawn caper, documents.”

    The Yorks revel in screwing folks over, then tweet about how bad a deal Kap got, after they got through with him….

    Which is why when Kyle Shanahan has time, he will research his offers via other NFL coaches’ experiences with Jed/Paraag and say no.

    1. One last Jed/Paraag incident which happened a few days ago.

      After saying: “Gutekunst is McCloughan without the drinking problem.”

      Leaking employees personnel files and their personal problems contained theirin, is bordering on lawsuit territory.

      If Kyle Shanahan wasn’t aware of how Jed treated employees–Harbaugh, and Kap (ridiculing Kap for signing such a pitiful contract they designed), then he’s aware now, after the leaked employee file drinking incident…..Does anyone think Shanahan is going to tarnish his SuperBowl coach image allowing this gang do scratch his Teflon coating ?

      Not a chance, they won’t get within handshaking distance of this slimemold crew.

  82. I think everything depends on the outcome of the SB. If the Falcons win, KS will feel the job is complete and look for a new challenge and opportunity. Coaches have mighty egos and he is no exception. He has to feel he can turn this, or any other organization around or he wouldn”t be in the business to begin with. However, if the Falcons lose, that changes everything. I think he will withdraw his name and stick with Atlanta another year to finish the unfinished business of not winning it all. It’s a win win for him. The Indy situation, as said before, could also throw a huge wrench in the process. Given the choice of the two, and his possible desire to leave Atlanta and become a sucessfull HC, I think the choice is obvious. Not good for the Niners. As far as Paraag, he’s not going anywhere. Jed wouldn’t be involving him in all the interviews, unless you believe that he’s introducing him to prospective HC’s as the guy that not going to be involved or even be around anymore. Doubt that. That’s naive, wishful thinking.

    1. It’s a done deal Juan. Kyle Shanahan will be the 49ers next HC. The only reason it isn’t official is due to league rules. Until the Falcons are no longer playing the 2016-17 season, the 49ers cannot officially sign him to a contract.

      However, the 49ers have a deal in principle in place with Kyle. Kyle has already made a commitment. And, contrary to a lot of the noise out there, the 49ers current situation is not considered toxic. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, and that’s the reason they were able to land the top HC condidate on the market.

      The 49ers are offering the most desirable situation for a HC (Kyle in particular) because they are willing to give the HC a “blank check” so to speak. Kyle will have an inordinate amount of power within the 49ers power structure, and, although the roster lacks talent in many areas, they have a great draft position, plenty of draft picks, and a ton of money to spend in free agency. Also, the 49ers will allow Kyle to have a say in the the hiring of their new GM, and find a role for his father, which is important for Kyle.

      1. To rebuild the team the right way, it would take Jed getting totally out of the way, with no Paraag. If that’s part of the offer, I might have to wear the clown clown, but I still think Shanahan will stay in Atlanta — unless Pagano is fired or demoted and Irsay offers him the job with a similar deal or Shanahan really likes their new GM.

        1. What few 49er fans realize is that Paraag is thought of very well in NFL circles. If he were fired, he’d have his pick of which organization to work for. If players really have a problem with some guy in a tie sitting in on meetings, then they are soft and shouldn’t be in the NFL. Let me know when Paraag is on the field coaching Buckner on how to separate from O-lineman. That goes down, I’ll have a problem…otherwise, he’s just a nonsensical target. RE your post George on why Shanahan won’t take this job — there’s probably 30 million reasons that he will. I don’t know what he’s making now, 1.5 million perhaps? I bet Jed pays him at least six million for five years.

          1. Fairweather fans just like to use Praage as a scapegoat coat and lame excuse for all the shortcomings.
            The problems that the 49ers have dealt with the last 4 years are inn order: poor drafts, poor QB play and poor coaching.

          2. pbb, I’m not doubting the York’s salary offer is substantial. Draw a line down the middle of a page and put money on the left. Under money add a bump-up to head coach, better weather, high draft picks for at least the next two years, and plenty of cap to spend. Now on the right side of the page put bad ownership and, under that, each of the other factors I numbered in my post. That’s what he has to weigh (the left column vs. the right column). I think he’ll stay in Atlanta for at least another year.

        2. George,

          I’m starting to worry about Indianapolis poaching both Shanahan and Paton. If the money and structure is right, which HC and GM candidates wouldn’t want to have Andrew Luck as their QB?

  83. http://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/102932-maiocco-shanahan-49ers-likely-want-start-over-quarterback/

    MAIOCCO: “I just don’t see it (bringing Colin back) being a realistic option – or I should say a realistic conclusion – that a new coach coming into a situation that is attractive to him because it’s a tear-down, a new general manager coming into a situation that’s attractive to him because he’s matched with a head coach and it’s a teardown, you have a lot of draft pick capital, you have a lot of cap space, around $80 million, and you’ve been told you have carte blanche to organize this thing however you want, assemble your own staff, both coaching staff and player personnel, you have carte blanche on the roster – I just don’t see that two new people coming in would say, ‘Okay, we’re tearing it all down, but we’re going to keep the quarterback”

    “I would think they would want to go out, find what’s available, whether it’s in the trade market, free agency, add somebody in the draft. I think that is probably the more likely scenario that they kind of start new at the quarterback position.”

    AMEN Matt!

    1. Redskins are not stupid. They saw how the lack of a franchise QB doomed their season a few years ago, so they will sign him to a 5 year deal, and work on improving their defense.

      If they traded him away, who would they get as their starter? Glennon, Fitzpatrick, Shaub, Sanchez, Hoyer, Cutler? RGIII?

  84. I think that is the opinion of not just some, Reasons, but every football analyst on the planet. You have to cut out the cancer if you want to have a chance of curing the patient. Colon is not the only cancerous tumor, though, there are others. They will also be gone. The purge will be humongous. To rebuild a house, you have to start with the foundation. This is a complete rebuild. Why would any sane contractor start a rebuild with rotten wood? They wouldn’t. The same applies here.

    1. There you go again. Kaep was voted the Eshmont award winner. Sounds like he is a leader, and admired by the locker room.

      1. Kaep isn’t rotten wood, he’s more like pine. We’re not using pine in this rebuild. We’re looking for mahogany….

      2. I’ve met Kap, he’s a kind and gracious young man. But being popular among his teammates does not translate to the playing field or more to the point – does not win games.
        I would be very surprised if Shanahan believes he can pin the hopes of the teams future on Kap.

    1. Nice article #80.

      In summary, a Super Bowl caliber QB’s most important quality is the ability to win from the pocket. No question that this is still the most important quality for success as an NFL QB. Of course, it’s also true that a strong running game to complement their work as a pocket passer is also vital to their success.

      That said, being athletic enough to escape pressure, buying time for your receivers to shake lose from defenders, as well as punishing teams who aren’t disciplined enough to contain a QB who can pick up first downs with his legs, has always been, and always will be, a plus.

      In other words, I’ll take a big, strapping mobile QB who excels from the pocket, over a pure pocket passer who’s equally adept at winning from the pocket, but not athletic enough to win with their legs, any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  85. It’s got nothing to do with Jed or Parag there bud. It’s Shanahan who decides who he wants his GM to be. That’s why Kyle is meeting with multiple GM candidates on Saturday to determine who he wants to work with. Patton will consider the colts because he will have more say on the roster. This will be Kyles team going forward.

      1. Nick, we don’t know what there leaking. It seems like the Bay Area media like to stir things up when it comes to Jed and Parag. A lot of it(most of it) is Jeds fault.. As long as we come away with Kyle as our coach it’s massive success for this franchise. The GM position is obviously important but the last time we gave complete control of the roster to the GM how did that work out. I think the Niners will get a quality candidate to accept the job. Patton or Mcdoungah would be soild pick ups.

  86. I hate to break this to you Sebby but I have a direct connection to the team. As I said before, the award is a majority vote. Though Colon won by a majority, a fact that I have stated, it was barely by a majority. Past Eshmont award winners were unanimous. Divided locker room. He is hated as much as he is admired. Bank on it. It still wouldn’t matter though. This is what you do not understand or want to accept. Colon is not a good NFL quarterback. He’s mediocre at best. Your lack of argument as to his attributes is clearly evidence that you know this, but because you have painted yourself into a corner backing him with nothing more than minimal evidence to support your argument, I understand. He stinks. That’s what matters.

        1. That “honesty” is an excellent example of cherry picking.

          So is a lot of the criticism he receives. I’m in the start over camp when it comes to the QB position on this team, but CK isn’t nearly as bad as some on here try to make him out to be. Much of it is frustration over the poor play of the team in general and then there is the group who despise him for the protests. Whatever the case, he is a mid level player who needs a great defense and run first scheme around him to succeed much like the guy he replaced.

          1. Most of the criticism has visual evidence to back it up. I agree Kaepernick is not as bad as some think, but he is a limited athlete trying to play the QB position. It should also be noted the writer of that article clearly has a bias.

          2. While I agree that Colin isn’t as bad as some people suggest, I will say this: I have never seen a QB miss as many wide open receivers as Kap. I don’t mean miss, as in inaccurate passing, I mean miss as in TUNNEL VISION, not seeing the entire field, and simply not seeing open receivers. WIDE OPEN RECEIVERS! I’ll never forget the play against the Rams where the 49ers were backed up to their goal line and Colin had Torrey Smith split out wide to his left, COMPLETELY UNCOVERED, jumping up and down trying to catch Colin’s attention. Colin never even looked up to survey the field. A rare sight at the NFL level!

            Colin simply doesn’t have the field awareness required of a good NFL QB. He rarely get’s through more than his second progression. His pocket awareness is poor, often misjudging where the pressure is coming from, often leaving the pocket prematurely all together, and rarely stepping up into the pocket to avoid pressure. To make matters worse, when he does roll away from pressure, he’s more often looking for running lanes as opposed to open receivers.

            Colin should probably have opted for MLB, although he has certainly made his share of money playing in the NFL.

            Bottom line: With the dearth of quality NFL QB’s, if Colin was good enough to win consistently, it wouldn’t even be a question as to whether or not the 49ers should bring him back next season.

            1. Shanahan would be a fool to start a rebuild with a guy he would have to rebuild from ground zero. Can’t see it happening.

              1. I couldn’t agree more Prime. If the 49ERS are truly planning to his the reset, why would they bring back the highest priced, most polarizing player on a team that hasn’t won many games over the last few years?

                That would be a humongous mistake of gigantic proportions!

              2. Forget the onfield performance for a minute.
                A new coach and GM will want to build a new culture, fresh paint wall to wall. Those protest questions won’t go away next year if he is still in the building. And what if Shanny can’t get him to play well in his offense? Aikman said in yesterday broad cast that Shannys offense is a lot of verbage, requires hours of study, accuracy and ability to make quick decisions. Kap struggled in a dummy down version of Geep Chyrst’s offense.
                It’s a no win situation for both guys.
                Kap should want to go to a new team and start over. Pretty sure KS and the GM will convince him of that.

            2. Colin’s a competitor, I’ll give him that. And when he get’s those long legs rolling, he’s a hell of a runner, and picks up a lot of yardage before you know it. As confused and misguided as he seems to be, I don’t dislike the kid personally. In fact, I like him. But I’ve just never seen the type of growth I was hoping to see. Colin isn’t a much different player now than he was when he entered the NFL, but defenses have changed. The league figured out how to slow down the zone/read schemes that Colin excelled in during his first couple years.

    1. Juan,
      Unless you are willing to reveal who your “direct connection” I dont want to hear about your inside knowledge.

        1. Come on Juan, anybody can say they have “direct connections” to the 49ers. It doesn’t make it so. Like Coach said, unless you are willing to divulge your connections, nobody’s buying what you’re selling.

    2. Gnomo you are a liar. First you lie about Kaep stealing girlfriends, then you lie about Kaep barely winning the Eshmont. No other player displayed as much courage as Kaep. No other players were assaulted with death threats, but Kaep would not back down in front of all that hate, so the team voted him the Eshmont. Who cares if a few disgruntled reactionaries voted against him. Keap won, so the team gave him the honor. No team mate withdrew from the team in protest to his winning it, so your hateful screed is untrue. Even if what you said was true, the team would not want that information divulged, so you are another mouthpiece of the front office. a shrill shill, a loathsome toady, a simpering sycophant. Wormtongue incarnate.

      Try somewhere else to spread your lies. They are not welcome here.

  87. I want you, Seb, to pretend that your Colon’s agent and present your argument to this blog for your client to remain as the starting quarterback for the San Francisco Forty Niners. I expect a detailed, descriptive analysis of his accomplishments, his strengths, as well as his weaknesses and his plan to take the team to a SB championship. That should be a good read. Put your money where your mouth is.

    1. Gnomo, I do not need to do that. You, and your hate filled rants do my job for me. Name calling may seem to you as witty and sharp, but it just classes you as the lowest of low. It really defines you, and, as many caution me on this blog, self awareness seems to be lacking in all your screeds.

      Keep attacking all you want. Soon you will have to crawl back under your rock. You will never make me do something i do not want, or need to do. Like Prime before you, you seem to need to learn your lesson. Engage me and suffer the consequences. Kaep does not need me to defend him. He has his body of work to show his achievements and potential. Granted, he could improve, but dissing him for this year is like a blind man inspecting an elephant’s anus. Last year he was injured, but you are the kind of person who will diss an injured player.

      You think NFL people are stupid, and will cavalierly discard diamonds.. No, they will not devolve into immature petty tantrums, and will calmly, maturely assess the situation and the players. Kaep has worth no matter how much you disavow that statement.

  88. I was under the impression a QB’s ultimate measure is wins? Kaep has a lifetime losing record. On the upside, there is no argument from me Kaep may be judged the best rushing QB in 49er history. A modern day Bobby Douglas.

    1. Wins are very important but it’s not a clear indicator of how a QB is playing. Take Matt Ryan’s 18-30 record over the previous 3 seasons prior to this one. Was he a lousy QB during that span? Not likely. Football is the ultimate team sport and if you don’t have answers at a number of key spots, you are going to fail.

  89. Nick, are you really putting forth a biased statistically based argument for Colon Kaeperstink? LOL! Come on! Anybody who has coached even a 7th grade bowling team understands that statistics are deceiving. Will the team end up with this piece of human garbage when the smoke clears? Possibility. As you stated, he is under contract for another year. Maybe KS decides he will allow Colon to compete for the job against whoever he drafts and signs as a free agent. That very well could happen. But knowing what I know, it won’t. Bet on it. He’s gone.

    1. Wow, Juan…
      You sound like a reasonably intelligent guy, you make many good football observations, and then you go and refer to a man as a “piece of human garbage”.
      Does being even a lousy quarterback qualify Kap as what you refer to him as?
      I am no fan of his, but my God, doesn’t he deserve at least the respect you would accord any other human being?
      I hope that if you are a parent, no one ever refers to your offspring as human garbage, especially if their only infraction against humanity is sub-par athletic ability.
      Come on, man.

    1. I’d be stoked if the Browns took Watson #1. Good draft for the Niners although I’d go Jarrad Davis with the second pick if things fell that way.

        1. Razoreater January 23, 2017 at 3:39 pm
          Would you take both first round picks and a 3rd from the Titans for Garrett?
          I’d say yes so fast the Titans GM would probably hesitate wondering if he was making a mistake.

            1. 1. It simply is not enough to move the needle. Garrett is being classified as a once-in-a-generation prospect, so a team wanting to trade up for him would probably have to give up more than three picks, two of which are first round picks.
              2. I expect the Browns to trade the top pick to another team who wants Garrett.
              3. Why would the Titans want Garrett over Morgan or Orakpo? The main need for the Titans is a #1 WR.

              1. 1 will suffice, and was what I assumed your line of thought was. It was merely a hypothetical and no reasoning went into making the Titans the team other than their ammo….

              2. Sorry Razor. I did not mean for my post to lack tact. I would love if there could be some way for the Titans to want to trade with the 49ers; I even did such a trade in my first mock draft. However, there does not appear to be a way to make the trade that would make sense.

      1. Someone is going to fall in love with him, but you’re right. I’d really be surprised if he fell out of the first round. I think Mahomes could go at the top of the second and maybe sneak into the first as well. Kayaa might be the one still around at the top of the 3rd, and might be a bargain prospect to Shannytize!

  90. What do people think about going after Jason Pierre-Paul?
    He is only 28 years old. He has been very good and can be very disruptive. He would upgrade the D-Line, give it a veteran presence, who teamed with Buckner, Armistead, Dorsey and Williams could make the Defense line a strength of the team instead of a weakness.
    To get a top player the Niners will have to over pay him. The Niners can pay him a yyyuge signing bonus as they have the cap space and charge it off this year. They could pay him $25 million in a signing bonus and set his salary starting at $7M per year increasing $1M a year for 6 years and still have lots of Cap space
    They could then either draft Myles Garrett if the Browns don’t take him or try to trade down a few spots and pick Reuben Foster. These moves would strength the defense and would not cost any draft picks.

    1. Inconsistent player, production is nothing special.
      Sack total by year:

      2010: 4.5
      2011: 16.5
      2012: 6.5
      2013(11 games): 2.0
      2014: 12.5
      2015(8 games): 1.0

      He’s appeared in 95 games and has 50 sacks. That’s essentially 1 sack every 2 games. If he wants to sign cheap with a prove it contract I’d be ok with it, otherwise, pass.

  91. Razor: Understood, but JPP does not cost a high draft choice.

    I also think the Niners should try to sign Steven Hauschka. Excellent kicker and hurts the Seahawks; what more can you ask for?

  92. No it’s Colon, as in Ahole. Do you get it? Jeesh! Rocket, I agree with you completely. He is and always will be a mid level player. I’ve said that to the point of naucia. Mediocre. I’ve also stated quite often that it’s a quarterback league. We all know this. The Niners made it to the SB on the strength of their defense and their running game, including Colon’s running. But when it came time for a highly skilled, clutch NFL quarterback to win the SB, we didn’t have one, unlike previouis SB’s. Everybody knows this. It’s time to move on. I don’t know about you, but my goal is for the team to not only reach, but win another SB. Is there any reasonable, unbiased Niner fan out there that thinks we can do that with Colon as our QB? I don’t think so. Do you? I certainly don’t think our future coach and or GM will think so. They are in the know. Come on. Whether you believe I have a connection is beside the point. I don’t need that to argue that Colon will not lead us to where we want to go. He’s a devisive figure on a team where the new coach and gm will be starting from scratch. Do the math.