Why did Gore only get 10 carries against AZ last Sunday? “It was the game plan,” he says.

SANTA CLARA – Both Greg Roman and Frank Gore answered questions this afternoon regarding the measly ten carries Gore received last Sunday against the Cardinals.

Here’s what they said.

Q: Last Sunday against the Cardinals, you guys went up 19-7 in the third quarter. A lot of us were thinking you were going to turn to your running game at that point. It didn’t happen that way, and now everyone’s wondering if there’s something wrong with Frank Gore. Why go with a predominantly passing game plan?

ROMAN: Now wait a second – a couple weeks ago you guys were complaining that we were running it too much. Now you’ve flipped the switch, huh? Every week it’s different. The strategies are what they are. I’m not going to get into strategy.

Q: Were you told that Frank wasn’t available for his usual number of snaps?

ROMAN: All conversations are kept internal.

Q: Do you regret that Frank only got 10 carries in that game?

ROMAN: I don’t have regrets. I’m always moving forward. That’s the answer to that one.


Q: So you weren’t on the injury report yesterday.

GORE: Nah, for what?

Q: You tell us. Why didn’t you get more than ten carries last Sunday?

GORE: It was the game plan. Me and Kendall were in and out of the game.

Q: After the very first play of the game you left the field and sat down on the bench. Were you injured?

GORE: No I just had to go get my mind right. I was good, I was good man. I kind of landed funny.

Q: On your arm?

GORE: Yeah, my arm.

Q: Is sharing carries with Kendall designed to keep you fresh for the playoffs?

GORE: I feel that any back in this league at this time of year should share carries here and there and remain fresh. Last week the game was called, different personnel – Kendall’s personnel got called pretty much, you know? But I’m fine, I’m fine man.

Q: Are you feeling any soreness in your hip this deep into the season?

GORE: Nah, man.

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